Iceland Skewers Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse With New Tourism Ad

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Iceland released a new tourism ad on Thursday, poking fun at Facebook’s (sorry, Meta ’s) recent promises for how we’re all going to live in the future. But Iceland’s version of Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want to sell you on visiting the sci-fi dystopia that we were all warned about for decades.

Long-Dormant Volcano in Iceland Awakens in Fiery Eruption

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A long-dormant volcano erupted on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula on Friday, shooting a fountain of lava that lit the night sky roughly 19 miles (30 kilometers) southwest of the nation’s capital, the Icelandic Meteorological Office reported Friday.


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Ring in the New Year in Iceland — virtually

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Most of us will be stuck at home for New Year’s Eve, but that doesn’t mean we can celebrate at a concert in Iceland — virtually, at least. The party will also be broadcast live on Iceland’s national TV network RUV and streamed online. (Image courtesy OZ.).

Netflix's Icelandic Sci-Fi Movie Katla Looks Absolutely Baffling in the Best Way

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Iceland’s giant volcano Katla is overdue for a very, very large eruption. It’s kind of terrifying, but Netflix ’s first-ever Icelandic movie, which is also titled Katla , manages to make the volcano look much more dangerous and infinitely creepier, as this first trailer shows.

Testing Mars exploration drones on Icelandic lava flows

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Using the lava flow fields of Iceland to test out drones and rovers to explore Mars. How do you test a machine that's designed to operate on another planet? News breaking twitter Drones Mars space

Why Iceland's eruption is so gooey and thrilling

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Icelanders recently played volleyball as lava poured from the ground behind them. The new Icelandic eruption is relatively small and non-threatening for a volcanic eruption. Why so carefree?

Iceland Tourism Video Mocks Meta’s Connect Keynote With ‘The Icelandverse’

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I don’t think Iceland has Beat Saber, though, so it’s give and take.

Video Livestream of Iceland's Erupting Volcano is Oddly Soothing

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A volcano in Iceland is currently spewing molten lava after roughly 800 years of sitting dormant. southern peninsula igneous petrology fagradalsfjall entertainment culture volcanism of iceland ixcanul bjorn steinbekk reykjanes volcanic belt reykjanes volcanoes bjork geologyAnd thanks to the wonders of technology, anyone with an internet connection can watch it happening in real time.

Feast your eyes on gorgeous shots of fresh lava from Iceland's new eruption

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The Icelandic Meteorological Office reported Friday evening that lava started flowing out of a fissure on the island's Reykjanes peninsula, after months of quaking in the region. The Icelandic musician Björk, for example, is stoked. Earth's grandeur is spilling out.

Flight Sim’s Nordics World Update Tackles Iceland And The Lego House

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Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are all getting a makeover in this update to the VR compatible game. It’s time for another stunning update to Asobo’s brilliant Microsoft Flight Simulator, this time tackling Nordic regions.

Scientists Cook Hot Dogs in Lava From Iceland's Erupting Volcano

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Scientists on-site at Iceland’s erupting volcano near the capitol city of Reykjavik cooked up some hot dogs on Sunday. What were these scientists studying with such a wacky experiment? The lava dogs weren’t part of their experiments, sadly enough. The scientists were just hungry. Read more. lava volcano hot dog earth sciences world cuisine barbecue grill volcanism ulvar kari johannsson petrology volcanology geology hospitality recreation

Iceland ran the world's largest trial of a shorter work week. The results will (not) shock you.

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From 2015 to 2019, Iceland ran the world's largest trial of a shorter working week. Iceland's test consisted of two trials run by Reykjavík City Council and Iceland's national government. An analysis of the results was finally published this week, and surprise!

Lava photos from the newest Iceland eruption show a wild, oozing flow

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Molten rock likely from miles underground is flowing out of a newly opened fissure in the ground on Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula. The lava is flowin'.

Coronavirus Antibodies Can Last at Least Four Months, Large Iceland Study Finds

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A new study from Iceland provides reassurance that our antibodies to the coronavirus that causes covid-19 can last at least four months—assuming that we produce them in the first place.

Bjork Teleports Fans to Iceland With New Virtual Reality.


Bjork Teleports Fans to Iceland With New Virtual Reality Experience via Variety Bjork is taking fans around the world on a journey to her home country: The Icelandic music icon debuted a new virtual reality experience called “Bjork Digital” in Sydney, Australia this week. bjork vr virtual reality iceland river studios

Minecraft Earth Early Access Begins, Available In New Zealand And Iceland


The game is now available for download for users in New Zealand and Iceland only , with more countries available soon. New Zealand and Iceland are relatively small countries and large companies often roll out new software first to only a small percentage of the market to test out stability of their systems. Starting today, we will begin to roll out early access from country to country, starting with: New Zealand Iceland Not a citizen of either land?

You win, internet. Iceland's Eurovision contestant finally covers Netflix's 'Eurovision' novelty hit

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It's no surprise, then, that people have been clamoring for Iceland's real Eurovision 2020 contestant Daði Freyr to cover the tune. If you haven't yet watched Netflix 's Eurovision , first of all: What are you doing? Do you hate joy?

Within Releases First In A Series Of CNNVR News Documentaries


Exploring the frozen landscapes of Iceland in Iceland is Melting // Image Credit: CNNVR. The last two documentaries are Iceland is Melting (June 20), which will allow users to tour the melting glaciers of Iceland, and Toro Bravo (July 6), which drops users into a live bullfighting pit in Pamplona, Spain. Iceland is Melting ,” – June 20. From May 9th to July 6th, VR media app Within will release five unique CNNVR documentaries.

Drone pilot melts his machine for stunning volcano video

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News drone drone pilot drone video Drones IcelandKeen to get some amazing shots, this pilot flew his DJI drone so close to a lava-spewing volcano that part of the machine melted.

Video 99

Watch this breathtaking drone video of a volcanic eruption

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News Outdoors Photography dji Drones Iceland mavic quadcopters volcanoAerial filmmaker Stefan Forster has created an extraordinary piece of work that captures the breathtaking beauty of a volcanic eruption.

Watch this intense footage of a drone crashing into an erupting volcano

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More about Iceland , Volcanoes , Science , Climate Environment , and Drones. Iceland Volcanoes Science Climate Environment DronesNobody likes to lose a drone, but should the tragic event ever occur, you'd at least hope your plucky metal pal would go down in a blaze of glory.

VR Tour Takes You Up Close With The Shipwreck Of A 17th-Century Dutch Smuggler


360 years ago, a Dutch smuggler ship called the “Melckmeyd” (“Milkmaid”) was traveling illegally up the coast of Iceland when it was caught in the middle of a ferocious storm that would end up sending the craft to the bottom of the North Atlantic. In 2016, the University of Iceland and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands collaborated on a joint operation to continue research on the wreck.

Top 5 Places to Try to Escape Societal Collapse

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low carbon economy environment renewable energy member states of the united nations iceland renewable resource the lord of the rings technological change countries climate change renewable energy technology articles world island countries

‘Waltz of the Wizard’ Studio Aldin Raises $1M to Fuse VR & AI in New Title

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Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, Aldin is an indie VR studio which has been an early innovator in the VR game development space with its first two titles, Trial of the Rift Drifter and Asunder , developed well before the first major VR headsets were launched in 2016. Today Aldin announced that it has raised a $1 million seed investment, led by Crowberry Capital, with participation by Investa and the Icelandic Technology Development Fund.

Two guys in Iceland want to improve how VR games are developed

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I was standing inside a representation of Waltz of the Wizard by Icelandic developer Aldin Dynamics, but I wasn’t in the game itself. I felt like a ghost inside the Matrix. Instead, I was watching someone else play the game from within a sort of pointillistic version of the environment, studying what they do. I was standing in an HTC Vive, watching a virtual version of a virtual world.

DJI shows off volcano video shot with its new FPV drone

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DJI's FPV drone launched in March, the same month that a volcano in Iceland started to erupt. In this video, the two come together with spectacular results. News dji dji fpv drone Drones FPV drone quadcopters

How to change the language on Disney+

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Disney+ offers content in 16 languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch, Cantonese, Icelandic, and Japanese. But how do you change between languages? We explain here. Home Theater How-To Movies & TV Disney disney plus language support streaming services subtitles

Prepare for a chill up your spine with the new trailer for Netflix's 'Katla'

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Something creepy as hell is happening in the Icelandic village of Vik. In a new trailer for Netflix's Katla , the residents of Vik confront the mysterious and spine-chilling disturbances that shake the town after a volcano eruption. Katla debuts on Netflix June 17. Read more.

The World’s Biggest Plant to Suck Carbon Dioxide From the Sky Is Up and Running

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The world’s biggest direct air capture (DAC) plant is set to come online in Iceland on Wednesday.

Magic Leap & Sigur Rós Video Reveals Behind the Scenes Development of Tónandi Augmented Reality Music App

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On Wednesday, the company unveiled a behind the scenes video of how the ethereal music-meets-AR app Tónandi was produced in collaboration with Icelandic music group Sigur Rós. Now that the augmented reality cat is out of the bag, Magic Leap is beginning to open up a bit more about how of some of its work came together in the years and months leading up to the Magic Leap One's release earlier this month.

'Supernatural' for Oculus Quest is a fun cardio game for the exercise-averse

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I’m floating atop a massive lake in Iceland where black and white balloons are flying at me faster than I can process them. No, I haven't become an Icelandic, balloon-fighting wizard. Supernatural. 19/month. View Product. The Good. High-quality graphics • Engaging gameplay.

Netflix's eerie 'Katla' teaser sees a volcanic eruption causing strange happenings in a small town

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After the eerie success of Baran Bo Odar's Dark , Netflix is expanding its European sci-fi/mystery output with a new show from Iceland.

CCP Invents Cross-Reality, Launches EVE: Valkyrie Warzone


Breaking Gaming HTC News Oculus Sony Virtual Reality (VR) Andrew Willans ccp CCP Games CCP Iceland cross-play cross-reality dog fighting Dogfighting EVE EVE Valkyrie EVE VR EVE Warzone HTC Vive Lead Game Designer oculus rift PSVR Valkyrie WarzoneSince its launch, EVE: Valkyrie is one of most immersive VR experiences, a fast paced space combat sim which might serve as a professional training tool for your neck muscles.

Panasonic is introducing an optional four-day work week

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SEE ALSO: Iceland ran the world's largest trial of a shorter work week. In 2021, Iceland reported that the world's largest trial of a shorter work week saw significant gains in workers' happiness, health, and productivity.

Brink Brings Huge 3D Locations To Oculus Quest And PC VR Soon

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The app’s current locations include Arches National Park, Death Valley National Park, Antelope Canyon and Haifoss Iceland among others. Another VR travel app is on its way to Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets. This time it’s Brink Traveler.

VR Fitness Platform ‘Supernatural’ Adds Meditation Coaching, Family Plan


Users can now immerse themselves in amazing destinations, such as Vestrahorn or Iceland, where they can calm their minds and bodies after getting their butts kicked by Supernatural trainer, Leanne Pedante.

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‘BRINK Traveler’ Takes You on Photorealistic Hikes in VR, Coming to Quest & Steam September 9th

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BRINK Traveler is a VR travel app that, thanks to some detailed photogrammetry, offers up realistic 3D locations for you to hike through and learn about along the way. Brink Traveler offers up 18 different places to hike around which span a dozen locations.