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THE FAMOUS ICELANDIC ECCENTRIC EMBRACES VR. To announce this European premiere, Björk held a press conference and beamed herself in (from Iceland) via a psychedelic motion-captured avatar churning with colors (because why not?). Series A round led by Atomico, along with Speedinvest, Y Combinator (of which the company is an alumnus), Dawn Capital, and notable individuals such as the founder of Unity and the former VP of engineering at Netflix and YouTube.

Excerpt: Four Stories From Blake Harris Book The History Of The Future


In fact, using Unity, he had already spent the past six months creating various levels for a retro-inspired, Arkanoid-style brick-breaking game he called Proton Pulse. had originally been built using Unity, it only took two days to get their port working. Reykjavík, Iceland. “I The new book The History Of The Future is out today in hardcover, ebook and audiobook. The narrative written by Console Wars author Blake Harris charts the 2012 founding of Oculus.

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The Road Ahead in VR and AR Will Have Two Steps Forward, One Step Back


John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies, predicted that tech journalists would start gleefully writing that the virtual reality revolution is over because sales of VR headsets fell short of expectations, and analysts are in the midst of shaving back their predictions. John Riccitiello (left), CEO of Unity Technologies, and Mike Capps, former president of Epic Games.