Within Releases First In A Series Of CNNVR News Documentaries


Exploring the frozen landscapes of Iceland in Iceland is Melting // Image Credit: CNNVR. The last two documentaries are Iceland is Melting (June 20), which will allow users to tour the melting glaciers of Iceland, and Toro Bravo (July 6), which drops users into a live bullfighting pit in Pamplona, Spain. Iceland is Melting ,” – June 20. From May 9th to July 6th, VR media app Within will release five unique CNNVR documentaries.

Google Doodle honours Pre-Raphaelite muse Fanny Eaton

Mashable VR

Today's Google Doodle pays tribute to Jamaican-British artist muse Fanny Eaton. The timing of this Google Doodle — visible in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Iceland, and Greece — is significant.

Peru 83

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How to transfer your Apple iCloud Photos to Google

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Transferring your iCloud photo library to Google is easier than you think it would be. Apple has launched a handy service that allows users to transfer a copy of photos and videos linked to their Apple ID to another platform like Google Photos.

Google-backed Magic Leap Reveals Mixed Reality Music App


They invited a reporter from Pitchfork, an online music magazine, to its offices to check out a new mixed reality app Tónandi created in collaboration with Icelandic band Sigur Rós. From the description of the app, it seems clear to me that they are still on what they’d originally started making – a headset, something in the same realm as Google Glass, HTC VIVE, and the Lenovo Jedi Challenges headset.

Björk Launches Traveling VR Exhibition


The Icelandic music icon is taking her VR album on tour, starting in Sydney. Now the artist is again teleporting fans to her native Iceland with the Björk Digital exhibition, launching on Friday in Sydney, Australia, with Björk herself expected to DJ at the event. Eventually all the experiences will be available for download on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR and mobile apps for Google Cardboard.

CCP Games Ending VR Efforts After Building Its Biggest Titles


The Iceland-based creator of EVE Online is one of VR’s biggest proponents and earliest developers, producing some of the industry’s most prominent titles including Rift-first space battle game EVE: Valkyrie, mobile VR turret shooter Gunjack and PlayStation-first sports game Sparc. The company is closing its Atlanta office and selling its Newcastle office, according to a report by the Iceland Monitor.

EON Reality recognized as Top 100 Company Supporting Education Excellence by OCBJ and IPSF

EON Reality

On the Top 100, EON Reality is joined by organizations such as Google, The Hoag Foundation, and Kia Motors America, Inc. EON Reality has been recognized by the Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) and Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ) as one of the Top 100 Companies Supporting Education Excellence.

ProtonVPN review: A highly secure service that's best for non-Mac users

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My favorite feature from Plus was its secure core feature — routing traffic through protective dating centers through their safe locations in Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland.

Hands-on: Dell Mobile Connect Brings Your Smartphone into VR With a Few Caveats

Road to VR

While blowing the screen up to an impossibly large size and playing the mobile version of Fruit Ninja sitting in a photogrammetry scene of the Icelandic countryside , it struck me just how much I’d missed the sheer capability of my phone in VR.

The Road Ahead in VR and AR Will Have Two Steps Forward, One Step Back


Google just launched its Daydream mobile VR headset, and it is getting behind VR and AR in major ways. Joe Kraus of GV (Google Ventures) said he took heart from this commitment, as the platform owners can fill any disappointment gap with their own money and engineering efforts. Perhaps the craziest of VR firms was CCP, the Iceland-based company that dove in head first with the VR games Eve Gunjack and Eve Valkyrie.

Sick of AirPods? OnePlus Buds Pro get almost everything right.

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There are a handful of white noise choices, including birds chirping in a forest and an Iceland-themed one, which you can choose in the device settings in a OnePlus phone or the HeyMelody mobile app on iOS or Android , if you don't have a OnePlus device.