Mobile AR Game Minecraft Earth Is Now Available In The United Kingdom


This time, it’s the United Kingdom’s turn to get building. Early access has arrived in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom joins New Zealand, Iceland , Australia, Mexico, Sweden , Canada, South Korea and the Philippines as launch countries. There is still no word on a United States launch, but given that the UK is one of the bigger markets that the game has launched in, a US launch might be coming soon.

Alex Garland's Next Project Is a Low-Budget Horror Film Set in the United Kingdom

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alex garland devs protests horror united kingdomSound familiar? Read more.


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UK Celebrates Covid 'Freedom Day' as Boris Johnson is Forced to Self-Isolate

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boris johnson impact of the covid 19 pandemic on politics sajid javid united kingdom stewart wood english people british people covid 19 pandemic in the united kingdom british mps

Here are the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winners

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From spawning fish and ravenous grizzly bears to battling reindeer and kissing ravens, the year’s best wildlife photography will leave you breathless. Read more.

United Kingdom and South Africa Teams of EON Reality Demonstrated the Benefits of the AVR Platform During UNIDO General Conference

EON Reality

Their most recent project H2O Maghreb , also in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), FESTO Didactic, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and Morocco’s State Secretariat for Water and National Office for Water and Electricity (ONEE), aims to improve industrial and municipal water management practices in Morocco and the rest of the Maghreb region.

A New Plastics Complex Would 'Desecrate' Cancer Alley

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Why Are UK Gas Prices So High, and Could It Affect the U.S.?

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Europe’s energy market has descended into chaos. A gas shortage has sent prices spiraling to shocking highs with knock-on impacts on everything from electricity to meat production. Read more.

The 64th BFI London Film Festival Announces LFF Expanded, A New Strand Of XR, And Immersive Art


News All Kinds of Limbo AR BFI London Film Festival Europe Immersive LFF Expanded London National Theatre United Kingdom VRThe BFI London Film Festival, in partnership with American Express, today announces LFF Expanded: the Festival’s new dedicated strand of XR and Immersive Art.

UK Prime Minister: ‘We Cannot Continue With Christmas as Planned’

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With only days left before Christmas, millions of people in the United Kingdom received disheartening, though not unsurprising, news on Saturday. coronavirus covid 19 united kingdom health lockdown

Despite Spread of Infectious Delta Variant, Amazon to Stop Testing Warehouse Workers

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The coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. must be over because otherwise, Amazon’s decision to end free testing for warehouse workers might seem rather reckless. Read more.

Singapore Gives Up Goal of Covid-Zero Despite High Vaccination Rate

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An Iceberg Wall Collapsing at the Titanic Museum Feels Like a Metaphor, But for What?

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Joe Biden's Offshore Wind Plan Is Radically Ambitious and Wholly Achievable

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joe biden offshore wind power energy jeremy firestone outline of wind energy environment wind power sustainable development raul grijalva wind power in the united kingdom wind farm doug besette articlesIf President Joe Biden has his way, the U.S.

Is Your Raspberry Pi Phoning Home to Microsoft?

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technology internet raspberry pi computer architecture operating systems computers microsoft arm architecture octoprint robot operating system computer science education in the united kingdomA new update to Raspberry Pi OS, previously known as Raspbian, has put open-source fans on edge.

Jeff Bezos Meets With Boris Johnson on Sidelines of UN General Assembly

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Political leaders from around the world are meeting this week at the United Nations in New York.

California Just Can't Quit Fracking

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Timothée Chalamet's Wonka Prequel Just Bagged a Factory-Load of Stars

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There’s no golden ticket needed for Warner Bros. The studio is finally going ahead with its origin story for Roald Dahl’s mysterious, marvelous confectionary king in Wonka , which is celebrating the beginning of production by casting what feels like half of England in the process. Read more.

New Expedition Will Inspect Deteriorating Wreck of the Titanic

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Soon You May Get to Watch Major Supreme Court Cases Broadcast Live on TV

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For the first time in more than a decade, a legislative effort to capture Supreme Court hearings and other federal court proceedings on camera has cleared the Senate committee. Read more.

Go Full Retro-Photography Geek With This 3D-Printed, DIY Camera

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equipment computers ruha cheng adafruit industries viewfinder raspberry pi chen arm architecture science and technology computer science education in the united kingdom ping hsun hospitality recreationAs far as DIY projects go, building a usable street camera sounds pretty daunting.

UK Defense Chief Says Army Could Have 30,000 Robots by the 2030s

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robots united kingdom army killer robotsThis is not a movie; this is real life. It is not a drill. In about a decade, we might see a ton of robots working alongside humans in the UK army.

I Hate Recycling

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Canada Slaps Proud Boys With Terrorist Designation

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How One Wealthy Brit in 1930 Imagined the Home of 2030

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2030 british mps ad covent garden knights bachelor the metropolitan opera al jolson frederick edwin smith the jazz singer winston churchill house of commons of the united kingdom f e smith 1st earl of birkenheadWhat will homes of the year 2030 look like?

Error Found in the NFT of Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web Code

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Scientists Now Worried the UK Coronavirus Variant Is Deadlier

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sars cov 2 variant of concern 20201201 covid 19 pandemic in the united kingdom coronavirusUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an unsettling announcement on Friday about B 1.1.7,

Data 97

Tim Berners-Lee Sells NFT of the Source Code for the World Wide Web for $5.4 Million

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tim berners lee berners lee world wide web tim berners science and technology in the united kingdom knights commander of the order of the british empire andrew bonneau non fungible token computing jack ethereum awards sothebysThe foundation of the web is worth $5.4 million, apparently.

Lumi Keys Is a Delightful Way to Learn Piano Basics Without a Piano

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piano lumi ipad musical instruments entertainment culture calvin harris piano pedagogy keyboard instruments music lesson music musical keyboard van halen music education roli iphone midi controllers manufacturing in the united kingdom

American Airlines Cancels Hundreds of Flights Through Mid-July

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airlines islamic terrorism in the united kingdom us airways niagara falls international airport stacy day american airlines group war on terror aviation a320 islamic terrorism in the united states low cost carriers

The AstraZeneca Vaccine Can't Catch a Break

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Italy 92

Edgar Wright's Last Night in Soho Looks Like a Dazzlingly Nightmarish Trip Through Time

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last night in soho edgar wright matt smith krysty wilson michael ajao films entertainment culture diana rigg karlsen rita tushingham anya taylor cinema of the united kingdom thomasin harcourt mckenzie jojo

The World Wastes 1 Billion Tons of Food a Year, and It’s Frying the Planet

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People toss more than 1 billion tons of food in the trash every year, according to a new United Nations report. If you’ve ever overstuffed your fridge and let some leftovers go bad in the back of it, you’re not alone.

Kristal Hansley Wants to Empower Black Baltimore With Solar Energy

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energy kristal hansley solar energy environment renewable energy alternative energy photovoltaic power station energy conversion community solar farm articles solar energy in the united states solar power solar power in the united kingdom

Neighborhood Hero Builds AI-Powered Device That Automatically Compliments Dogs Walking By

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arm architecture computers dog megaphone ryder human interest technology raspberry pi science and technology computer science education in the united kingdomIf you’ve ever wasted an afternoon (or all of 2020) looking at cute dog pictures online, then you already understand what inspired Ryder from the YouTube channel Ryder Calm Down to build an AI-powered machine that can recognize dogs walking past their home and automatically shout compliments to their owners. Read more.

Apple’s dangerous path

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Hello friends, and welcome back to Week in Review. Last week , we dove into the truly bizarre machinations of the NFT market. This week, we’re talking about something that’s a little bit more impactful on the current state of the web — Apple’s NeuralHash kerfuffle.

Apple 97

Snapchat's Body Tracking AR Tech Lends Hand for Organ Donation Education

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While our Facebook news feeds were filled with references to 311 Day, March 11 is also World Kidney Day, the United Kingdom's National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) used the occasion to educate its constituents about organ donation.

Can VR help treat schizophrenia? Researchers launch trial with more than 400 patients.


More about Virtual Reality , Vr , Mental Health , United Kingdom , and Mental Health Treatment. Virtual Reality Vr Mental Health United Kingdom Mental Health TreatmentA major clinical trial for mental health treatment just kicked off in the UK — and it involves virtual reality. Organized by VR therapy outfit gameChange, the government-funded program seeks to find out if VR can help people affected by schizophrenia and other mental health conditions.