‘Rangi’ is a VR Puzzle Game from Ex-Ubisoft Devs That Lets You Explore Mythical Africa


In the fervor of the holiday season surrounding the release of PlayStation VR and Google Daydream, followed by the Oculus Touch controllers and the never-ending onslaught of new games and experiences on the Steam marketplace, it’s easy to forget about Samsung’s Gear VR.

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The Best VR Experiences From Raindance Film Festival 2018


My Africa is a project by Conservation International to educate audiences about Reteti, a community run Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya, working to save elephants, reknitting an ancient coexistence between people and wildlife.

Is VR the Future of News?

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Your guide through this complex experience is BBC Africa Correspondent Alastair Leithead. Your guide through this complex experience is BBC Africa Correspondent Alastair Leithead Click To Tweet. “As Marvin is the BBC’s newest foreign correspondent, and you can get inside his head.

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Tribeca Film Festival’s Virtual Arcade Steps Up VR Game For 2018


MY AFRICA. Narrated by Lupita Nyong’o, My Africa is a 360-degree documentary short dedicated to covering the impressive efforts by Northern Kenya tribes to protect African wildlife from poachers.

‘Operation Apex’ Takes You to the Great White’s Delicately Balanced Ocean Ecosystem, Now Available on Vive

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Curiscope created Operation Apex under the guidance of South Africa-based research and conservation organization Oceans Research.

Building Empathy: ‘Under the Net’ Malaria Documentary Shows the Art and Power of VR


The campaign is focused on providing protective nets to the people of Africa, where mosquitoes pass Malaria to people at night. Tagged with: africa , documentary , malaria , nothing but nets , under the net.

AdTech versus MarTech – evolving with a changing demographic and environment

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All General adtech future ad africa marktech martechIt seems like I’m not the only person questioning the difference between AdTech and MarTech (or MarketingTech), as I’ve found dozens of resources discussing the [.]. The post AdTech versus MarTech – evolving with a changing demographic and environment appeared first on Immersive Authority.

National Geographic and YouTube are creating three VR video projects


Called “The Okavango Experience,” this VR series will take viewers through the Okavango Delta in Africa, following a NatGeo team across 1,500 miles over the course of four months.

Discovery and Google Announce VR Travel Series ‘Discovery TRVLR’, First of 38 Episodes to Arrive in November

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Chapters for North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia consist of six episodes each, while the chapter for Antarctica features two episodes, for a total of 38 episodes in the series.

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Experience The Extraordinary Life Of Nelson Mandela In VR


Very few individuals have managed to live a life as influential and accomplished as South Africa’s Nelson Mandela. Celebrate the 100th birthday of one history’s most influential figures in this immersive VR experience for the Oculus Go. Philanthropist. Revolutionary. President.

How Mixed Reality Will Bring Us Industry 4.0

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Driven by the ambition of cities such as Dubai to push for innovation, the market for VR and AR in the Middle East and Africa is booming, and is expected to reach a massive $6 billion by 2020, according to international analysts International Data Corporation (IDC).

UNAIDS Launches Educational 360-Degree Series Ahead Of World AIDS Day


South Africa alone currently has 7.2 The program is currently being implemented in schools, clinics, and communities all across South Africa. UNAIDS partners with Google & Makhulu Media for a series of VR films about HIV testing.

Upgrading VR Storytelling

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My Africa allows you to become an elephant keeper and care for Dudu, an orphaned baby elephant, nursing her back to health. This year’s Raindance Film Festival in London showcased an amazing selection of immersive stories.

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African Folklore-inspired VR Puzzler ‘Rangi’ Hits PSVR Today

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Inspired by African tribal art, ancient architecture, and colorful landscapes, Rangi presents the player with a different artistic style for each level which is said to combine Africa’s diversity in terms of cultures and influences.

BBC Launches New VR Studio with Documentary about the Nile


BBC Africa correspondent Alastair Leithead even says this disagreement could potentially lead to a war over water. Explore the Nile in this immersive VR documentary released by the BBC’s new VR Hub.

Google Earth VR Adds Search and Oculus Rift Support


Some new locations include Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Table Mountain in South Africa, Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, Mt Lassen in California, Palermo in Italy, and more. VR’s killer app just got a major update.

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Acer Unveils New Business-friendly Windows VR Headset with Detachable Display

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Acer says the OJO 500 will be available in North America in November, starting at $400; and in Europe, Middle East, and Africa in November, starting at €500. Acer today announced a new Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headset.

Google VR Film Explores Artisanal Gold Mine In Democratic Republic Of The Congo


” Gold is a particularly contentious resource in the DRC and throughout central Africa, and the Nyamurhale Mine is among many which have experienced high rates of criminal activity like smuggling and unlawful mining.

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Watch These Schoolchildren Discover the HoloLens for the First Time


“Especially compared to Africa, which was much larger than I thought.” For the first time in Norway, students at a primary school have experienced one of the Microsoft HoloLens’ greatest applications — education.

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Learn a New Language in VR


Mondly , a successful language app with over 20 million downloads, and named Facebook’s “Europe, Middle East and Africa App of the Year” for 2017, looks to use this idea to make learning a new language a lot easier in VR with the launch of Mondly VR for Google Daydream.

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Man Proposes In Zero Latency’s VR Zombie Arena


It was then that Kelly was transported to a painstakingly recreated version of her favorite place in the world, her grandparent’s home in South Africa. I’m not crying! You’re crying! Everyone loves a good proposal story.

This Mom Used VR to Open Up New Worlds for Her Son


He immediately began musing on all the places in the world he could now virtually visit, naming off all the places he wants to see: Antarctica, Africa, and Paris, to see the Eiffel Tower—before chuckling and stopping. “I’m

Dubai Brings Conservation Efforts To Life With VR Zoo


Wevr’s theBlu featured at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

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Explore All Seven Continents in VR With Discovery’s ‘TRVLR’


Over the course of 38 episodes spread throughout seven chapters, you will travel throughout North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Antarctica in the first virtual reality series to cover all seven continents.

Experience The Toughest Mudder Endurance Event Via 360 Video


VRTually There’s episode including Toughest Mudder also covers a bit of history on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats along with the teams needed to maneuver them, and takes viewers on a brief tour of the Out of Africa wildlife park to meet some baby bears.

Get A Glimpse Into Conditions Filmmakers Braved To Create ‘ClimbEverestVR’


Noel and Lynn Hanna, Northern Ireland natives currently living in South Africa, are the first couple to reach the summit of Mount Everest on both sides and serve as the guides for the upcoming ClimbEverest VR.

‘Beat Saber’ Could Be Oculus Quest’s Killer App


Many owners of Beat Saber on PC have modded the game to allow for custom tracks ranging from a-ha ‘Take on Me’ to Toto’s ‘Africa’, or even the Super Mario Bros theme song. No VR game so far has quite captured public attention as much as Beat Saber – the musical experience where the player slashes incoming blocks to the beat of a song using lightsaber-like energy blades.

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Wevr’s theBlu Lets Dubai Aquarium Visitors Go Beyond The Glass


In addition to the CG experience, live action, 360 degree footage will also showcase life both above and below the ocean in Uganda, South Africa, Maldives, Egypt, Australia and Mafia Island. The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo now lets visitors go beyond the glass and having an astonishingly intimate encounter with sea life thanks to the HTC Vive.

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Samsung Brings Multiple Video On Demand Apps To Gear With PhoneCast VR


Africa TV. Gear VR’s dedicated Netflix app is a great showcase of how traditional 2D content can work inside VR, but it sadly only works for one video service. However, a new app from Samsung itself is bringing similar apps into the headset. The company this week launched a Beta version of Samsung PhoneCast VR. Developed by its American research lab, this free app places users in a 360 degree environment with a 200-inch relative sized virtual display.

Discovery and Google collaborate on immersive VR experiences


A total of 38 episodes will be released: six each from North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia, and two from Antarctica.

I Am Because of You Is Impactful VR Created On A $10,000 Budget


I Am Because of You was put together in Africa with only $10,000 and we chatted with Ben Bernstein, the director of the film, along with Impact’s VP of internal relations Emily Anderson about how they managed.

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This All-Female Founders Pitch Event Was Held in VR


Women and allies from Canada to Latvia to South Africa joined in on the festivities. Hailing from 26 countries across the world, people came together in virtual reality to cheer on these top female founders in the XR industry.

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Battlefield V is Battlefield 1, a World War I Epic Shooter


Watch this intensive trailer and see what are we talking about: The Official Reveal Trailer shows battlefields in Europe and Africa, and who knows – EA probably won’t stay away from the controversies of WWI, such as Gallipoli, Armenian Genocide, usage of napalm and chemical weapons.

The Gallery And Vive Pro Take Home Top Honors At 2018 VR Awards


Vision3 – My Africa. The 2018 VR Awards just wrapped up! Whether you watched it live with us here at UploadVR or decided to check things out for yourself in VR using Altpsace VR, all the announcements have officially been made.

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Explain VR Is Like An Encyclopedia Brought To Life


They’ve even worked with schools from India and Africa and are considering designing it for their curriculum in the future. It remains to be seen just how large a part education will play in the VR industry, but there have been interesting developments recently. For example, an entire facility has been fitted out for AR and VR education in Oklahoma.

Get Down With 360 Breakdancing Championship Stream This Weekend


The show is hosted by Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew and Africa Islam of the Universal Zulu Nation. I’d try and write this news sounding like I’m utterly hip but, let’s face it, I’ll fail miserably. So let’s stick to the facts; grab a mobile headset this weekend and prepare to be dazzled by some of the world’s finest breakdancers.

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Virtuix Cancels International Pre-Orders for Omni VR Treadmill

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based customers, while shipping fees topped out at $250 to ship to Western Europe and up to $600 for the Middle East and South Africa.

HTC Vive GM on the New Vive Tracker & Privacy in VR

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I had a chance to catch up with HTC’s Dan O’Brien , who is the Vive General Manager of America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

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AI Chatbots are rapidly changing the ways of banking in the world


In Emirates bank, NBD their is ‘EVA’, the region’s first voice-based and chat-bot Virtual Assistant for banking in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The biggest Hong Kong bank, HSBC Holdings , is starting the New Year with a new chatbot. Chatbots are computer programs that typically use text-based live chat as an interface to carry out tasks for customers on behalf of the business. Now they are emerging as an inexpensive way to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) in banking.

Tribeca Film Festival’s Arcade Includes World Premiere VR Content


My Africa. Stand in the midst of a thundering wildebeest migration, witness a lioness snatch her prey—and meet a community dedicated to saving Africa’s wildlife in My Africa. New York’s Tribeca Film Festival will include more than a dozen world premiere VR and AR experiences this year. As part of the festival, a Virtual Arcade will be there featuring 20 immersive projects from five countries. This Virtual Arcade takes place at the Tribeca Festival Hub from April 20-28.

Marvel VR: Every Hero, Villain And Location Explained


Wakanda – A technological marvel hidden within Africa, Wakanda is the home of the Black Panther. Ever wanted to be a superhero? Better yet, how about a Marvel superhero? With Marvel Powers United VR you can do just that.

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Uber’s Competitor Didi Chuxing Rauses $4B more for AI


based Lyft, Southeast Asian firm Grab, Middle East and North Africa’s Careem and Brazil’s 99. China’s Didi Chuxing, the country’s ride-hailing giant , said today that it has raised $4 billion in new capital to proceed with their international expansion. In that way, they are posing a direct challenge to its U.S. rival Uber in its efforts to branch out overseas. Just eight months ago, the company raised $5.5 billion, and in 2016 they raised raised $7.3

2018 VR Award Nominations Highlight Skyrim, Beat Saber, Coco, And More


Vision3 – My Africa. Nominations are in for the 2018 VR Awards which is put on by VR Bound and judged by an expert panel. As of today there’s a shortlist of nominees for 12 different categories including headset of the year, VR game of the year, and even best marketing. Last year marked the first-ever VR Awards with Rift taking home best headset and Raw Data securing VR game of the year — among a long list of winners.

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