Photorealistic VR Tour ‘Nefertari: Journey to Eternity’ Takes You Deep into a 3,000 Year-old Egyptian Tomb

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BBC Launches New VR Studio with Documentary about the Nile


Currently, there is contention between Egypt and Ethiopia over the potential damming of the largest river in the world, the Nile River. And Egypt considers it a threat to its sovereignty. Explore the Nile in this immersive VR documentary released by the BBC’s new VR Hub.

‘Twilight’ VR Ride Coming to Lionsgate Theme Park


Gods of Egypt , while a flop at the domestic box office, will take advantage of a larger international fan base and debut a VR ride of its own at the park. The 237,000-square foot indoor theme park will be located in China. Brings Comics To Life With New AR/VR App Narrated By Stan Lee


The book mixes LA gang culture with Egyption mythology and, yes, zombies to shine a light on what’s happening to communities in the US. Black Eyed Peas member

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Is VR the Future of News?

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Marvin is the BBC’s newest foreign correspondent, and you can get inside his head.

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51 Free VR Downloads for the HTC Vive


Discovr Egypt: King Tut’s Tomb. It’s been a few months since the HTC Vive began shipping to consumers and already content available on Steam VR is approaching 350 titles, excluding Steam Greenlight content.

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Serious Sam Coming to VR


Serious Sam Singleplayer Levels - Serious Sam is sent back through time to ancient Egypt to battle, explore and seek wisdom in 15 huge Egypt levels that also have over 80 secrets hidden and waiting to be discovered, in what is considered to be one of the most visually enjoyable VR experiences!

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Classic ‘Serious Sam’ Gets “Full Locomotion” VR Version ‘The First Encounter’, Next Week

Road to VR

Old School, New Engine – Hordes of enemies and non-stop action set against the expansive and visually stunning backdrop of ancient Egypt.

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Wevr’s theBlu Lets Dubai Aquarium Visitors Go Beyond The Glass


In addition to the CG experience, live action, 360 degree footage will also showcase life both above and below the ocean in Uganda, South Africa, Maldives, Egypt, Australia and Mafia Island. The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo now lets visitors go beyond the glass and having an astonishingly intimate encounter with sea life thanks to the HTC Vive.

Kid Friendly VR Games For HTC VIVE


Discovr Egypt: King Tut’s Tomb – And when it comes to travel, who doesn’t want to see King Tut’s tomb. Among all the content we regularly demo on Steam VR, there’s a good amount to choose from.

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Virtuix Cancels International Shipments Of Its Omni Locomotion Product


On Kickstarter, assembled units started at $349, with projected shipping costs as low as $40 in countries like China and as high as $700 in Egypt, though many territories had projected costs around $100 – $250.

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Thanks to VR, Teachers Could (Finally) become Millionares


Teachers in the Middle East , Egypt and UAE have shown a particularly keen interest and they are “very passionate” about using this technology. Robot classroom assistants and virtual reality learning could see “celebrity teachers” make millions, experts claim. Technology is set to play a vital role in helping the 263 million children globally who are not in school, delegates at the annual Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) heard.

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High Fidelity Takes Us Dancing In A Virtual Reality Club


We’ll start going on virtual trips with tour guides, so the teacher can take you through the pyramids in Egypt. I’m looking forward to Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film based on Ernest Cline’s virtual reality sci-fi novel Ready Player One.

Educators make lemonade with Virtual Worlds

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Architecture students from Egypt and the United States meeting in Second Life. Image courtesy Jon Brouchoud.). Educators are using virtual worlds, but not in the way they had used them in the past, and not in the same numbers.

5 Killer Markets for Your Virtual Reality Startup


Field trips to museums may still be popular with primary school children, but they will soon have to compete with trips to Egypt to explore the great pyramids, or with visits to the barren surface of Mars. Actually, students in the San Francisco Unified School District and Polk County Public Schools in Florida have already taken virtual tours of both Egypt and the red planet, thanks to Nearpod VR virtual reality lessons.

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 05/28/17


It’s Egypt 1943 and Primal Reign has you exploring ancient tombs where Nazi’s tampering with time has ended with devastating, prehistoric results. Sorry for the absence, our release lists are back now!

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How Nokia Broke Into Virtual Reality With Its Ozo Camera


If something goes crazy and the pyramids in Egypt are destroyed, we’ll never see them again. Nokia has been searching for new businesses to break into ever since it retreated from the smartphone business. And after a few years of research, the Finnish company decided to move into virtual reality 360-degree capture cameras. The company launched its groundbreaking Ozo in March for $60,000, and then it cut the price to $45,000 in August.