VRChat User Has Terrifying Seizure In-Game


I can only imagine the sheer amount of pure confusion this man or woman had after waking up to a group consisting of Uganda Knuckles, a harem of anime girls, Phil Margera and one adorably-concerned Morty.

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Dubai Brings Conservation Efforts To Life With VR Zoo


Wevr’s theBlu featured at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

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Wevr’s theBlu Lets Dubai Aquarium Visitors Go Beyond The Glass


In addition to the CG experience, live action, 360 degree footage will also showcase life both above and below the ocean in Uganda, South Africa, Maldives, Egypt, Australia and Mafia Island. The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo now lets visitors go beyond the glass and having an astonishingly intimate encounter with sea life thanks to the HTC Vive.

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