Austin’s Rapidly Growing VR Community


Does Austin have the largest VR community outside of Los Angeles? I was familiar with Austin, Texas because of SXSW — having attended with my previous employer, Emblematic Group. The VR community in Austin was a bit of a late bloomer compared to other cities. But while others were gaining legitimacy in the space, organizers of VR Austin were struggling to find attendees for their first event. Michael Dell relocated Dell’s headquarters to North Austin in 1984.

Austin 198

Oracle Ditches Silicon Valley for Austin, Texas

GizModo VR

Oracle is relocating its California-based headquarters to Austin, Texas, making it the latest tech company to decamp from Silicon Valley. Read more


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Tesla edges toward Austin, Texas for Cybertruck Gigafactory

Digital Trends

A deal hasn't been inked yet, but Austin appears to be the frontrunner. Cars News Cybertruck Elon Musk Gigafactory Tesla Texas

The new season of Queer Eye sees the cast changing lives in Austin Texas

Mashable VR

The Fab Five help an amazing new group of heroes in the most impactful season yet

‘AR/VR Austin’ 2017 to Explore Political Climate & its Impact on the VR/AR Industry

Road to VR

AR/VR Austin returns for its third successive year, presenting a mini-conference named ‘Alternative Realities’. Following last year’s celebration of technology innovation, the AR/VR Austin event returns on March 11th with a totally different tone; discussing the implications of the changing social and political climate on these new technologies. Tickets for AR/VR Austin 2017 are available via Eventbrite.

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Virtuix Debuts ‘VR Arena’ Attraction at Dave & Buster’s Austin Location

Road to VR

Virtuix, the company behind the VR treadmill Virtuix Omni , debuted their previously announced VR eSports attraction ‘Omniverse VR Arena’ at the Dave & Buster’s location in Austin, Texas this past week. The location-based attraction accommodates up to four players, and currently features four games at the VR Arena in Austin, with the promise of more coming soon; games are said to last 15 to 20 minutes.

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Watch The Latest From Unity At Unite Austin


It’s about time for another one of Unity’s many, lengthy press conferences, this time coming from Austin, Texas. The next Unite showing kicks off today, and we’re expecting plenty of updates from John Riccitiello and co at the show. You can watch it below at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

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Austin Funeral Homes Regularly Pour Blood and Embalming Fluid Down the Drain

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I mean that Austin funeral homes have been pouring human blood from corpses down the drain along with toxic embalming fluids. There’s blood in the water in Texas. No, I’m not being metaphorical or quoting a country song.

Tesla nabs $65 million tax break to build Cybertruck factory in Austin

Mashable VR

Tesla is officially moving into Austin's Silicon Hills. Following a months-long search for a Cybertruck factory location, CEO Elon Musk this week announced the change of address during the firm's second-quarter earnings call. Musk wasted no time breaking ground on the $1.1

Elon Musk says Tesla’s new Cybertruck factory will be in Austin, Texas

Digital Trends

Musk said the factory will be an "ecological paradise". Cars News breaking Cybertruck Gigafactory Tesla

Go Behind The Scenes Of Austin City Limits With New VR Series


Austin City Limits is back for its 43rd season celebrating music from some of the world’s biggest artists, and you can go behind the scenes with the help of VR. ACL: Backstage is a new 360-degree documentary series from Subvrsive, made in partnership with both Apple Music and Google. As you’d expect, the series is set to take you backstage with some of this series’ artists including Ed Sheeran and Zac Brown Band.

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Designing the User Experience for WebAR, with Google’s Interaction Developer Austin McCasland

XR for Business Podcast

Austin McCasland is a UX prototyper working with Google, and he and Alan chat about the finer points of UX design for AR. Alan: Today’s guest is Austin McCasland, a designer and developer in immersive computing. I’m really, really excited to welcome Austin to the show.

Now's your chance to buy a 3D printed house – Future Blink

Mashable VR

A series of 3D printed homes from ICON are now on sale in Austin, Texas. More about Mashable Video , Icon , Houses , 3d Printing , and Austin Texas. Mashable Video Icon Houses 3d Printing Austin TexasRead more.

Designing the User Experience for WebAR, with Google's Interaction Developer Austin McCasland

XR for Business Podcast

Austin McCasland is a UX prototyper working with Google, and he and Alan chat about the finer points of UX design for AR. Alan: Today's guest is Austin McCasland, a designer and developer in immersive computing. Austin has written multiple courses across VR and AR design and development. Austin employs a user-first synthesis of technical understanding and UX design to create effective and useful products in emerging technology. Austin: That's a good question.

Cybertruck goes to Austin, China goes to Mars, and more | Digital Trends Live

Digital Trends

On this Digital Trends Live, we talk the top tech news of the day, including more on the big Twitter hack. Digital Trends Live Movies & TV Cybertruck dt live messenger rooms Twitter

Sharks With Weird Sores and Lesions Have Appeared at a Popular Malaysian Dive Spot

GizModo VR

sharks environment reef shark whitetip reef shark datuk mohamed shariff mohamed din austin spiji animals ichthyology predators vertebrate zoology sipadan davies austin spiji branches of biology elasmobranchiiCalling all dermatologists. There are some hot sharks who need you.

What it's like to live in a 3D-printed house

Mashable VR

More about Mashable Video , House , 3d Printing , Housing Crisis , and Austin. Mashable Video House 3d Printing Housing Crisis AustinTim Shea went from not having a home to being one of the first people to live in a 3D-printed house.

Chinese State Media Releases Video Mocking Western Fears of Huawei

GizModo VR

huawei fred flintstone edward snowden politics espionage austin powers james bond james pond underwater agent xinhua news agency wayne campbell mike myers julian assange james pond smartphones telecommunications the national security agency

Video 80

Marvel's New Halloween Disney+ Special Might Have Just Recruited a Nevers Star

GizModo VR

One last trailer for Scream sets up the sequel’s interesting subversions. A new Peacemaker clip sees John Cena’s unlikely hero wrestle with the events of Suicide Squad. Plus, a look at what’s coming on Superman & Lois and Naomi. Spoilers, away! Read more.

Totally Baseball Hits Oculus Quest This Week And Exits Steam Early Access

Upload VR

Totally Baseball is a single-player game at launch but the Austin, Texas-based studio behind the game, Viewer Ready, is testing multiplayer and hopes to have it released by the end of the year. Are you ready to round the bases in VR?

Pentagon Orders US Airlines Provide 18 Planes to Help With Afghan Evacuation

GizModo VR

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has ordered 18 aircraft from U.S. airlines be delivered to the Department of Defense to help with the effort to evacuate Americans and Afghan refugees from Afghanistan according to a press release last Sunday.

Last Action Hero Is an Underappreciated Time Capsule of Meta-Movie-Magic

GizModo VR

“ Last Action Hero is a joyless, soulless machine of a movie. An $80 million-plus mishmash of fantasy, industry in-jokes, self-referential parody, film-buff gags, and too-big action set-pieces.”

Run The Jewels Star In New 360 VR Documentary Series ACL: Backstage


According to a prepared statement, “The series, shot in 6K 360° Video and created by SubVRsive and ACL, in partnership with Google and sponsored by Apple Music, gives an up-close look at some of the season’s most iconic performances and takes viewers backstage to hear from the artists before they step under the lights at Austin’s famous Moody Theater.” Tagged with: ACL , Austin City Limits , Rune the Jewel Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

Chatting With The Developers Of Tactical VR Shooter ‘In League’


While Williams is still working with Nye at Potato Face Games over 3 years later, his attention is focused on running the Austin Virtual League , a local LAN-party organizer that hosts VR events and tournaments in and around Austin, TX. ‘In News Austin Virtual League HTC Vive In League steamvr Tactical VR Windows Mixed RealityPick your avatar, customize your loadout, and extinguish your rivals in this homegrown jailbreak-themed shooter.

Austin 182

Star Wars: The Old Republic Developers Look Back on 10 Years, and What's Next

GizModo VR

Star Wars ’ Expanded Universe has lived on in myriad ways since it came to an official end in 2014 , when Lucasfilm and Disney wiped the slate of continuity clean.

New 'SNL' comic James Austin Johnson kicks off Season 47 as Joe Biden

Mashable VR

But James Austin Johnson, who joins the show's cast of "featured players" thanks in large part to his viral Trump impressions , made his debut playing a different U.S.

The 11 Scariest Monsters in Christmas Movies

GizModo VR

Everybody loves a Christmas horror movie —and there are more than enough to fill up every night of December.

As Star Wars Brings Back Boba Fett, His Ship Name Might Be Left Behind

GizModo VR

For decades, the infamous Firespray-31 of Boba Fett—and his father before him, Jango— has been known as the Slave 1. But as Boba himself is thrust back into the Star Wars spotlight , that name might not be coming with him, thanks to a policy that’s recently been made rather prominent itself.

Pentagon Is Surveilling Americans Without a Warrant, Senator Says

GizModo VR

lloyd j austin iii james clapper central intelligence agency proposed reforms of mass surveillance by the united states united states intelligence agencies ron wyden intelligence agencies government defense intelligence agency mass surveillance espionage united states department of defense

Researchers Are Trying to Create an Unhackable Computer Processor

GizModo VR

cyberwarfare cyberattack todd austin cybercrime security hacker hacker computer network security technology internet computer security data protection cryptography computing data security simon morpheus

The Pentagon Wants to Know if Employees Have 'Havana Syndrome'

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havana syndrome international relations 911 conspiracy theories lloyd j austin iii in cuba every soldier cubaunited states relations christopher miller foreign relations

Watch 2 Terminators Transform in Front of Your Eyes

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creative works stephen andrade entertainment culture english language films science fiction weapons time travelers cuyler smith t 1000 io9 lenticular printing fiction terminator 2 judgment day films uncle bob austin nanotechnology in fiction piece terminator

House Republican Falls for Joke Article by 'Dick Scuttlebutt' at Hearing on Extremism in Military

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On Wednesday, the House Armed Services Committee held a hearing with expert testimony on extremism in the U.S. military after dozens of veterans and at least two active duty troops were involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Star Citizen Developers Fed Up After Being Expected To Work During Devastating Texas Snowstorm

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star citizen austin texas cig owlchemy labs aspyr media kotaku direct communications video games telecommuting certain affinity cloud imperium chris roberts creative works video game development virtual economies

Texas 83

Updates From Sonic 2 and the CW's Next Big DC Crossover

GizModo VR

James Gunn teases a little more of a gun show from Peacemaker. The Kindred adaptation adds more to its cast. Plus, what’s next on What We Do In The Shadows and Y: The Last Man , and Riverdale. something is happening on Riverdale. To me, my spoilers! Read more.

DC 60

Lady of the Manor Is Uneven, Despite Its Supernaturally Good Cast

GizModo VR

lady of the manor nia luis guzman entertainment culture hannah philippe wadsworth max justin long bible melanie lynskey actresses actors judy greer tamara austin the walking dead max ryan phillipe zelda

Tesla Cybertruck factory could land in Texas after more incentives offered

Digital Trends

Austin is the current frontrunner as the site for Tesla's new Cybertruck factory. Cars News Cybertruck Gigafactory Tesla Texas

Texas 95