The cost of everyday fertilizer: Toxic flood threatens Florida

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Officials in Florida ordered residents of Manatee County to evacuate a few square miles around an abandoned phosphate plant after a leak was discovered in a massive pond containing toxic wastewater. More about Florida , Pollution , Science , Climate Environment , and Food.

Florida man accused of changing Florida Governor's voter registration

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The Florida Governor ran into some trouble when he attempted to cast his ballot Monday, reports the local NBC affiliate , and police are pointing the finger at another Florida man. Officials have accused 20-year-old Anthony Steven Guevara, a resident of Naples, Florida, of altering DeSantis' primary residence in the Florida voter database and thereby changing his polling place. More about Cybersecurity , Florida , Election 2020 , Tech , and Cybersecurity.


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Rebekah Jones, Fired Florida Data Scientist, Raises $100K After Cops Stormed Her Home

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data rebekah jones florida government jones ron desantis covid 19

Magic Leap To Host Developer Days At Its Offices In Florida


” Magic Leap also announced LEAP Developer Days, which will run at Magic Leap headquarters in Florida in May. The post Magic Leap To Host Developer Days At Its Offices In Florida appeared first on UploadVR.

Passwords of Florida County Election Officials Temporarily Exposed

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Login credentials belonging to several Martin County, Florida, election officials were inadvertently exposed by what an election security researcher says was an unsecured backup database that had likely been publicly accessible since 2017.

Eta Is a Hurricane (Again) as It Threatens Florida (Again)

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make it stop hurricane season hurricanes floridaLast week, I kindly asked then-Tropical Storm Eta to go away because it was clearly drunk. It did not listen. Read more.

Disney World Is Still Reopening This Weekend as Florida's Covid-19 Cases Skyrocket

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Florida is nearing a breaking point. However, that hasn’t stopped Florida leaders from defending Disney’s decision to reopen Disney World Resorts , calling it a “safe environment” for park guests—even though… Read more.

Florida's voter registration website failed miserably on night of deadline

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Florida's secretary of state Laurel M. More about Florida , Voter Registration , 2020 Election , Tech , and Politics. Florida Voter Registration 2020 Election Tech Politics

Magic Leap is Giving Away More Hardware Soon, Dev Conference Coming to Florida HQ in May

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The company additionally released dates for its developer conference, LEAP Developer Days, which will be held in May at Magic Leap’s headquarters in Florida. The post Magic Leap is Giving Away More Hardware Soon, Dev Conference Coming to Florida HQ in May appeared first on Road to VR.

Florida Sheriff Bans Masks As State's Covid-19 Death Toll Breaks New Daily Record

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Billy Woods, the sheriff of central Florida’s Marion County, banned masks for all deputies and visitors to the sheriff’s office starting Tuesday, according to a new report from the Ocala Star Banner —a strange decision to make in the middle of a pandemic that’s still wildly out of control.

Doctors Excited to Find 'Rare' Forked Uvula in Florida Man

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Doctors in Florida made an odd discovery in a 20-year-old patient: a bifurcated uvula, perhaps better known as that dangly thing in the back of your throat.

The Biggest Smalltooth Sawfish Ever Measured Washed Ashore in Florida

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Two sawfish washed ashore dead in the Florida Keys over the past week; one of those fish is the largest of its species to ever be measured, clocking in at 16 feet long and weighing as much as a horse.

Anti-Mask Idiots Rally at Florida Restaurant As State Becomes Covid-19 Epicenter

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Anti-mask advocates rallied over the weekend at a restaurant in Florida, the current covid-19 capital of the world, insisting that no one should wear a mask to fight the spread of the deadly disease. coronavirus covid 19 pandemic idiots florida masks public health

The Crisis at a Florida Wastewater Reservoir Show the Risks of Our Weak Infrastructure

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On Saturday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency over fears that a leaking wastewater pond in Manatee County could collapse imminently, triggering a “real catastrophic flood situation.” Officials have ordered more than 300 households to evacuate the area, warning that the looming disaster… Read more.

Nearly Two Months After 'Reopening,' Florida Hits 9,000 Coronavirus Cases in a Single Day

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Florida is witnessing a major spike in confirmed covid-19 cases roughly seven weeks after Gov. the sunshine state florida covid 19 coronavirusRick DeSantis announced plans to reopen the state following consultation with the White House.

Florida Bans Sale of Invasive Reptiles as Iguanas and Snakes Take Over

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is clamping down on invasive reptiles, making it illegal for Floridians to breed or sell these problematic creatures except in special circumstances.

Florida Records 15,000 New Covid-19 Cases in a Day, the Most for Any State During the Pandemic

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Florida broke the nation’s covid-19 single-day case record on Sunday, reporting 15,299 new infections, the most new cases ever reported by a state during the pandemic. coronavirus covid 19 florida texas health

Oh Great, Now Florida Has a Mosquito That Can Carry Yellow Fever

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Scientists in Florida have confirmed that there’s a new breed of mosquito in town that can carry a very dangerous set of diseases, including yellow fever.

Florida Whistleblower Rebekah Jones Turns Herself In 'to Protect Her Family' From Local Police

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Rebekah Jones, the Florida data scientist turned whistleblower who accused state authorities of manipulating covid-19 data, turned herself in to local police on Sunday night to, as she put it , “protect her family” from ongoing police harassment.

A Hunter in Florida Got a Rare Brain Infection From Feral Hogs

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A man’s habit of hunting feral pigs exposed him to a rare brain infection, doctors in Florida say. In a recent case report, they detail how the man developed a serious kind of infection that’s mostly disappeared in the U.S., caused by Brucella bacteria. Read more.

DeSantis Will Ban Vaccine Passports Because Things Are 'Normal' in Florida

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Today in why, Florida: why is this unmasked six-piece cover band doing “With a Little Help from My Friends” at a signing ceremony at the Florida state Capitol?

WTF: A hacker tried to remotely poison a Florida city's water supply

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The Florida city of Oldsmar was on alert Monday after authorities revealed that someone — it's not at present clear who — remotely accessed the local water treatment plant and attempted to dump dangerous amounts of chemicals into the water supply.

Hacked Florida Water Plant Reportedly Had No Firewall and Poor Password Security

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The water plant in Oldsmar, Fla. targeted by a hacker in a horrifying cyberattack last week is said to have exhibited very weak IT security practices. Recent updates from government authorities claim the facility did not have some basic network protections—including a firewall. Read more.

Generators help grids stay up through Florida hurricane

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Several OpenSim grids using a Florida-based data center for their hosting have been able to stay up during Hurricane Irma with the help of backup generators. View of Hurricane Irma from space. Image courtesy NASA.). The grids include DigiWorldz, Great Canadian Grid , Genesis Metaverse , The Encore Escape , 3rd Rock Grid and Baller Nation , DigiWorldz founder Terry Ford said in an announcement.

Teen Hacker Charged with Paralyzing Miami Schools in Embarrassingly Simple Cyberattack

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A Florida teenager allegedly used an embarrassingly simple program to launch a series of DDoS attacks that helped shut down one of the nation’s largest school districts for its first three days of virtual classes, the Miami Herald reported this week.

Miami 114

Someone Hacked Into a Florida City's Water Supply and Tried to Poison It

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Authorities in Oldsmar, Fla., are investigating after someone hijacked the computer system at the city’s water treatment facility and tried to drive up the water supply’s sodium hydroxide content to poisonous levels.

Epic Games sued by Florida museum over Fortnite destination

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The lawsuit comes after Epic started its own legal war against Apple and Google. Gaming News Epic Games Fortnite

Florida residents protesting mandatory masks is like a 'Parks and Rec' fever dream

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A handful of folks in Palm Beach County, Florida have some. ideas. about not wearing masks. And those ideas touch on everything from "devil love," to the constitution, to Bill Gates needing to be jailed for entirely unclear reasons.

Florida online voter registration deadline extended after website crash

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Read more. More about Cybersecurity , Election 2020 , Tech , and Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Election 2020 Tech

A Florida university is making Quidditch a (virtual) realityI.


A Florida university is making Quidditch a (virtual) reality I hold in my hands what looks and feels like a wand from a Harry Potter film. The game—and the wand—were developed by Pat Starace , director of the digital fabrication course at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. But this isn’t one of the cheap replicas you can buy in a souvenir shop. It was 3D-printed right here, in the high-tech workshop where I’m standing.

Lockheed Martin Is Getting Sued for Creating an 'Environmental Nightmare' in Florida

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On Monday, lawyers filed two suits against Lockheed Martin. They allege that the weapons manufacturer spawned an “environmental nightmare” by exposing people to toxic chemicals in Orlando. Just in case you needed another reason to fight the military industrial complex. Read more.

Florida will release gene-edited mosquitoes into the wild, despite outcry

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Critics call it a 'Jurassic Park experiment' in action. News gene editing mosquitoes

Virginia Tech, University of Florida, HaptX win $1.5M NSF grant to create full-body haptic feedback for VR and robotics


Blacksburg, Virginia and San Luis Obispo, California – A research team including Virginia Tech, University of Florida and HaptX won a $1.5 The post Virginia Tech, University of Florida, HaptX win $1.5M

It's Iguanas-Falling-Out-of-Trees Cold in Miami

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The weather forecast for South Florida is sunny with a chance of stunned iguanas. weather is happening florida igunas cold

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Florida based Outer Brain Studios has released their indie VR horror game just in time for the season

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Florida based development studio Outer Brain Studios have released their VR survival horror adventure ORGAN QUARTER. The title is available on Steam (for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift) now. Organ Quarter is a 5–8 hour adventure taking place across a large, nightmarish urban environment.

Contact Lens-Removing Robot Requires More Faith in Technology Than I'll Ever Have

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A Florida man has invented a robot that can insert and remove contact lenses for someone who can’t, although seeing it in… Read more. robots florida man inventor contact lenses health medical gadgets tech consumer tech

Gatorade Created a Wearable Patch That Tells You How Much Gatorade to Drink

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gatorade pepsico sweat perspiration dietary supplements wearable technology biology branches of biology sports drink ion channel florida gatorsIf you thought wearable devices were limited to smartwatches and AR glasses, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.