Half of SteamVR Tracking Course Attendees Using Tech for Non-gaming

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From his experience teaching the SteamVR Tracking course, Bruey has an inside view on what companies are doing with the technology and when we might begin to see the fruits of their labor. Road to VR: How many students went through the SteamVR tracking training course?

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Intel to 360 Livestream PGA Tour at TPC Sawgrass Golf Course on Gear VR

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Broadcast during all four days of The Players Championship starting May 11th, 360 video will be livestreamed from the famous 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass golf course. The post Intel to 360 Livestream PGA Tour at TPC Sawgrass Golf Course on Gear VR appeared first on Road to VR.

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Charting the Course for Mobile VR


The post Charting the Course for Mobile VR appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. This week, we’re excited to share our latest milestone on the road to truly compelling mobile VR.

These University Courses Are Teaching Students the Skills to Work in VR


I actually came here to teach a course in VR, but then it sort of went to sleep, until about four years ago when it came back with a bang.”. But what should those shopping around for a VR degree course be looking for? “I’ve been in VR for a long time,” says Rob Catto.

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Learn To Create Full VR Experiences In Unity With Our 10-Week Intensive Night Course


Learn More About The 10-Week Course And See The Syllabus. We are offering a 10-week intensive night course at our campuses in both San Francisco and Los Angeles to teach you how to create full VR experiences from the ground up in Unity.

SteamVR Tracking Courses Begin, Already Completed by 50 Developers

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Valve opened up their SteamVR tracking technology for third-party development in August, and since then, 50 developers have completed the mandatory training course provided by Synapse, the first company to enter the field.

VR Golf Online Review – Par for the Course


It’s still in Early Access, but has more courses (over 13,000 player created ones from the non-VR edition of the game) and delivers a more realistic golfing experience overall. Future updates will include new courses.

‘Cloudlands: VR Minigolf’ Level Editor Makes Building New Courses As Easy as Legos

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Cloudlands: VR Minigolf’s new level editor makes creating and sharing new courses a snap. Cloudlands: VR Minigolf has launched a level editor in their latest update, allowing users to pick, place, and snap together course segments with incredible ease.

Adr1ft Dev Three One Zero Has ‘Run Its Course’, Adam Orth Joins First Contact


Three One Zero, the developer behind one of the most anticipated games of the Oculus Rift launch, has “run its course”, according to its founding member.

Udacity creates a nanodegree course to push VR forward


As wildly popular as virtual reality might have become, and as now widespread it may have been, thanks to the likes of Google Cardboard, the content available for the technology has barely scratched the surface.

Learn VR Filmmaking With Our Online Video Course

PurplePill VR

If you are a filmmaker who wants to learn how to produce immersive video content for virtual reality headsets, then we have exciting news for you: we’re building an online video course ! Are there things you would like us to include in the course?

San Francisco's Make School academy debuts VR development course


San Francisco-based academy Make School has introduced a new track dedicated to VR to its summer course schedule. The programme has been curated with the assistance of Tony Parsi, one of the founding members of the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML

Valve to Sell Base Stations Directly, Lower Barrier to SteamVR Tracking Development

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Valve is also making it easier to develop new tracked products and accessories with SteamVR Tracking by removing the requirement of a $3,000 introductory course. Today, Valve says the course will no longer be a requirement (though it will still be available).

Crytek’s ‘The Climb’ is The Best Selling Rift Game To Date

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That, of course, means that the game is one of four titles which the company recently confirmed have made at least $1 million on the Oculus store alone.

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Watch: This Mobile VR Crane Simulator Showcases the Future of Industrial Training

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ITI provides real-world training courses at seven training centres in the United States and Canada – the mobile crane operator courses are capped at 12 students to ensure decent seat time in the crane for each trainee, and attention from the instructor.

Report: Public VR Awareness Almost Doubling Annually with PSVR & Gear VR Leading the Way

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We know that Samsung has confirmed more than 5 million Gear VR units are now in the wild for example, and of course the headlines of Sony surprising themselves with PlayStation VR’s early sales figures – approaching 1 Million going in to 2017.

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SteamVR Tracking HDK Now Available for Anyone to Buy

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Earlier this week Valve announced they would no longer require attendance of a $3,000 intro course in order to begin using SteamVR Tracking technology (formerly known as Lighthouse) for product development. Higher volume of course would mean lower price.”

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Super Mario Bros Recreated As Life Size HoloLens Experience


tasking players with crushing Goomba’s and collecting coins as they navigate the familiar course. All the classic Mario level elements are present, from breaking coin-filled bricks, to jumping various pits spread throughout the linear course.

These 8 Game Developers Are Working on Unannounced VR Titles


We of course know about several VR games in development for The post These 8 Game Developers Are Working on Unannounced VR Titles appeared first on UploadVR.

A Look at the World’s First Interactive Mixed Reality TV Show


Of course if they are driving something, they see the environment like you would on any motion simulator platform today. The Norwegian program uses MR to bring competition to life; letting viewers play along.

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Samsung Gear VR Internet app gets WebVR support


While there are, of course, a few mobile VR apps around, a good number of VR content is out of reach because they are available only in other places, like web … Continue reading.

Racing Game “Sprint Vector” is an Intense Workout with VR Locomotion that Just Works

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Sprint Vector is an “adrenaline platformer” racing game that relies upon a unique locomotion technique of swinging your arms in order to run through an obstacle course.

Upload Continues to Grow with 20,000 Square Foot VR/AR Coworking Space


We’ll be ramping up new programs and growing our course catalog as 2017 progresses, but we’re hitting the ground running right away with a night course in Unity VR development. Check out the full course description for more information.

Marketing meets VR and gets creepy

Hypergrid Business

Marketing experiences tend to short, well-produced, and, of course, well marketed. In general, I believe that marketing is advertising is great for promoting virtual reality. Plus, no company wants to make potential customers sick,... Maria's Worlds AliBaba marketing P&G

Volkswagen Group, One of the World’s Largest Companies, is Building VR Apps to Help Employees Collaborate Across the Globe

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Apps in the platform already include VR logistics training, realistic workshop environments created using photogrammetry, and VR spaces for exchanging best practices—all of course with avatars so employees can talk face-to-face.

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Super Mario Bros. Level Recreated In AR By HoloLens Developer


Singh put it together over the course of about a month. This is so cool. Developer Abhishek Singh recreated a life size Super Mario Bros. level and played it wearing HoloLens in New York’s Central Park.

‘Strange Beasts’ is a Sci-fi Short About Augmented Reality in the Vein of ‘Black Mirror’

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“Of course, I have seen those videos where people are running around everywhere chasing Pokémon, and that definitely inspired the film.

HTC Vive Headset Nearing 100,000 Sales, Steam Data Suggests

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To put this into perspective, Oculus sold some 175,000 Rift DK1 and DK2 development kits over the course of their lifetime offering (August 2012 – October 2015).

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Facebook Spaces Now Lets You Broadcast Live from VR to Any Facebook-capable Device

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In the promo video, Facebook is suggesting the new Live feature would be valuable for when the video’s contents could be useful to many people, like during office hours for a college-level course.

Udacity offers VR ‘nanodegree’

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Udacity, an online platform for college courses, is now offering a VR development course — with no previous programming experience necessary. The class costs $199 per month, and runs for six months. Those who... News VR & AR Google Cardboard HTC Vive Oculus Rift Udacity

ARKit is a Goldmine for VR Developers


And of course, as use cases in the commercial space grow, brands will want to get in on the game, and companies like Vertebrae can help developers monetize their projects.

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Group of Men “Marry” Anime Characters in a VR Wedding Ceremony

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The marriages were performed privately (besides the one shown in the video above) and lasted around 5 minutes per wedding—of course sealed with a virtual kiss which was simulated by an attendant with a pair of rubber lips on a stick.

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‘Blade Runner 2049’ VR Experience to Debut at San Diego Comic-Con This Month

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This is How NOT to Shoot 360 Video, According to YouTube

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YouTube tells budding VR film-makers what not to do when shooting an immersive 360 in this excellent crash course in this fledgling but ever more popular form of content. YouTube is of course owned by Google, with the latter digging deep on 360 video.

Watch: ‘TO THE TOP’ is an Exhilarating Climbing Game With Great VR Locomotion

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The premise is simple: reach the end of the course with your limbs unbroken. That course takes the form of bright, vibrant and vertiginous trail, marked our with coloured tracks, hand holds, pipes and so on.

Tim Sweeney On Apple AR: ‘There is Going to be an Incredible Rush of Developers’


I believe this is truly the start of the mainstream VR and AR revolution that we at Epic have been striving for, and building for, over the course of many years. Of course, there are still major technical challenges to overcome.

Google Daydream Labs tackle virtual reality’s social problems


Of course, there are attempts at making VR a more social experience, but, as the Internet has proven time again, adding more, sometimes anonymous, humans in a virtual space … Continue reading.

You Can Watch This Week’s ‘Dota 2’ International Championships With Friends in VR

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If running from within SteamVR, Dota VR will automatically boot when you choose “Play in VR” You can of course also catch the action via traditional desktop livestream here.

Tyler Hurd’s Psychedelic VR Music Video ‘Chocolate’ to Launch August 17th on Vive and Rift

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I previewed Chocolate during its showing at Sundance earlier this year and found that it got me moving to the beat and kept my attention over the course of the music video; it also compelled me to show several others so they could experience the crazy and colorful visuals and the toe tapping beat.

Kopin Reveals “Smallest VR Headset” With 2k x 2k Per Eye Resolution @120Hz

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Of course, the other major statistic of interest for VR headsets is the expansiveness of the field of view (FOV) or, how much of your peripheral vision is encompassed by the image.