Udacity Launches a ‘Learn ARKit’ Course Created in Collaboration with Unity

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Now Udacity , the for-profit online education site that was spawned from free Stanford University computer science classes, has created a course that says will take you one month to complete so you can start making your own AR apps for iOS.

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‘VRChat’ Virality Runs Its Course After 3M Installs, Healthy Concurrent Usership Remains

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The post ‘VRChat’ Virality Runs Its Course After 3M Installs, Healthy Concurrent Usership Remains appeared first on Road to VR.

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SteamVR Tracking Courses Begin, Already Completed by 50 Developers

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Valve opened up their SteamVR tracking technology for third-party development in August, and since then, 50 developers have completed the mandatory training course provided by Synapse, the first company to enter the field.

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Bethesda Gives a Peek into ‘Fallout 4 VR’ in Crash Course Intro to Game Mechanics

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Charting the Course for Mobile VR


The post Charting the Course for Mobile VR appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. This week, we’re excited to share our latest milestone on the road to truly compelling mobile VR.

VR Golf Online Review – Par for the Course


It’s still in Early Access, but has more courses (over 13,000 player created ones from the non-VR edition of the game) and delivers a more realistic golfing experience overall. Future updates will include new courses.

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The Tower Is An Awesome VR Obstacle Course Built For Room-Scale Rift


From here you can see the gauntlet laid down right in front of you; the course winds and weaves its way up through the buildings, reaching further than you can see. My first trip up The Tower took 45 minutes that I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.

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Adr1ft Dev Three One Zero Has ‘Run Its Course’, Adam Orth Joins First Contact


Three One Zero, the developer behind one of the most anticipated games of the Oculus Rift launch, has “run its course”, according to its founding member.

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Learn To Create Full VR Experiences In Unity With Our 10-Week Intensive Night Course


Learn More About The 10-Week Course And See The Syllabus. We are offering a 10-week intensive night course at our campuses in both San Francisco and Los Angeles to teach you how to create full VR experiences from the ground up in Unity.

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These University Courses Are Teaching Students the Skills to Work in VR


I actually came here to teach a course in VR, but then it sort of went to sleep, until about four years ago when it came back with a bang.”. But what should those shopping around for a VR degree course be looking for? “I’ve been in VR for a long time,” says Rob Catto.

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Udacity creates a nanodegree course to push VR forward


As wildly popular as virtual reality might have become, and as now widespread it may have been, thanks to the likes of Google Cardboard, the content available for the technology has barely scratched the surface.

Learn VR Filmmaking With Our Online Video Course

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If you are a filmmaker who wants to learn how to produce immersive video content for virtual reality headsets, then we have exciting news for you: we’re building an online video course ! Are there things you would like us to include in the course?

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Oculus reverses course, drops DRM

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Oculus has released an update to its software yesterday, allowing its games to run on other headsets. “We continually revise our entitlement and anti-piracy systems, and in the June update we’ve removed the check... Briefs Oculus Rift Oculus VR

5 Revolutionary Educational and Professional Uses for Virtual Reality


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San Francisco's Make School academy debuts VR development course

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San Francisco-based academy Make School has introduced a new track dedicated to VR to its summer course schedule. The programme has been curated with the assistance of Tony Parsi, one of the founding members of the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML

Facebook Expands to Enable 360 Photos in News Feeds


The fastest way there, of course, is through your phone.

U.S. Olympic Athletes Are Using Virtual Reality to Train for Events

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According to the association , both 360 video and VR are being used “in multiple ways in competition, from inspections of the race course, helping athletes learn the lines they will race through, to helping athletes rehabilitate from injuries.”

Celebrate the Year Of The Dog with a sale on Stunt Corgi VR

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With your inventory of props, set up the course and choreograph your corgi's routine. It is very easy to learn but also allows for insane course construction that will satisfy the most demanding imaginations.

VR Pioneer Dr. Jacki Morie Joins Upload As Vice President Of Education


In her role, she has been developing a new slate of hands-on courses for future leaders in VR, AR, and AI. On February 19th, Upload will launch its one-week intensive Introduction to AR course, designed for those looking to enter the world of AR development and build their professional network. Later this year, Upload will add courses focused on WebXR, Immersive Performance, XR + Artificial Intelligence, XR + Blockchain and The Business of XR. VR Development Night Course.

Multiplayer zany racing game ‘Sprint Vector’ on PC VR Feb 8th, Feb 13th for PSVR

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As the show’s dynamic athletic personalities—the fastest sprinters “recruited” from across the universe—players must navigate colorful but deadly obstacle courses full of twists, turns, traps, boosts, power-ups, shortcuts, and platforming elements.

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VR & AR Goes For Gold At 2018 Winter Olympic Games


Fans will have the ability for a unique experience that lets them control how they experience the Olympics with 360° VR cameras at various points on ski courses to being transported to the stands. You can experience the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in entirely new ways.

Lenovo's Star Wars — Jedi Challenges Now Lets You Battle Other Lightsaber Users in Augmented Reality

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Of course, there's no haptic feedback to give you the sense that the lightsabers are working weapons.

Earn A Bachelor’s Degree In Virtual Reality


Looking at the long list of college courses and making the usual decisions? The University of Advanced Technology (UAT) in Arizona is bringing back older courses that are back in trend. Marking, Business, Computer Science or Engineering? Bla Bla, how about Virtual Reality?

‘Sprint Vector’ Gets February 8th PC Launch Date, Feb 13th for PSVR

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A dozen complex race courses full of obstacles, alternate paths, and game-changing power-ups make for endless replay value. Run the course at your own pace and learn the ropes with customizable solo game settings. Nine challenge courses :?

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Creating Personalized Virtual Experiences

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Yolanda Wilcox Gonzales – the 10 th Grade History Teacher responsible for the course the project stemmed from – recalls the experience that first showed her the power of VR to engage students through creating an empathetic bond with the experience.

FUNNY MULTIPLAYER MOMENTS | Cloudlands VR Minigolf (HTC Vive Gameplay)

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Cloudlands is a mini golf game that let’s you play on crazy courses high above the clouds. The best thing about this title is the fact you can download a custom golf course created by the community and play it with friends.

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Olympic Athletes Are Using STRIVR To Train For 2018 Winter Games


Crucially, STIRVR’s 360 degree video, filmed on the actual course to be used in the games, allows the team to visit the slopes they’ll be tackling as many times as they see fit in order to get a feel for the course.

VR Golf Online

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Step onto one of the 36 realistic holes, with additional courses planned for the near future. When Golf meets the limitless possibilities of Virtual Reality, the green is only inches away! Practice your swing and develop your techniques to improve your handicap.

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ARCore 101: How to Create a Mobile AR Application in Unity, Part 3 (Setting Up the App Controller)

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Of course, this is at least partially due to its heavy adoption by Unity, the most widely used engine for AR development. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of programming languages and variations of those languages that exist.

Dating Lessons

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Dating Lessons is a VR dating course with a comprehensive program presented by a professional couch teaching dating skills. 12 lectures and 8 practical interactive sessions will give men tools to enhance their power of attraction and develop behavior patterns that women find irresistible.

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Worlds First VR Tracked Cat! Vive Tracker VR Pet HackingIt’s a.


The aim is to give players a warning of unpredictable pets/children when they enter the space, and the potential to of course – actually see their companion in games. Worlds First VR Tracked Cat! Vive Tracker VR Pet Hacking It’s a two part project, one part code, another craft.

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How VR and AI Will Supercharge Learning

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alpine team recently turned to VR to allow American racers to memorize the hill and take hundreds of virtual runs down a fast, tricky course in preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Summer Lesson PlayStation VR English Version Coming Early 2017


Of course, if you are able to speak in Japanese this makes understanding what she says more difficult. Summer School was available on PSVR on October 13, where you play as a teacher working with a student Hikari Miyamoto.

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