Udacity Launches a ‘Learn ARKit’ Course Created in Collaboration with Unity

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Now Udacity , the for-profit online education site that was spawned from free Stanford University computer science classes, has created a course that says will take you one month to complete so you can start making your own AR apps for iOS.

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Golfshot Mobile App Chips in AR Mode for Measuring Shots on the Course

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A new update to the Golfshot mobile app brings new AR features to iPhones and iPads designed to help golfers determine shot distances during course play. The app uses GPS to determine course distances, with more than 40,000 golf courses supported.

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VR Gets A Degree As London University Launches Specialized Course


The course will place a focus on VR content creation and storytelling, teaching techniques to develop immersive experiences across film, gaming, animation and sound. A new classroom dedicated to VR is being opened for the course, including access to Oculus Rifts, the HTC Vive Pro, mobile VR headsets, motion capture suits, a green screen and PCs running the Unity engine. The course kicks off next month and has places available still.

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SteamVR Tracking Courses Begin, Already Completed by 50 Developers

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Valve opened up their SteamVR tracking technology for third-party development in August, and since then, 50 developers have completed the mandatory training course provided by Synapse, the first company to enter the field.

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‘VRChat’ Virality Runs Its Course After 3M Installs, Healthy Concurrent Usership Remains

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The post ‘VRChat’ Virality Runs Its Course After 3M Installs, Healthy Concurrent Usership Remains appeared first on Road to VR.

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Gran Turismo Sport Gets Another F1 Car, Microtransactions, New Course In July Update


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Half of SteamVR Tracking Course Attendees Using Tech for Non-gaming

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From his experience teaching the SteamVR Tracking course, Bruey has an inside view on what companies are doing with the technology and when we might begin to see the fruits of their labor. Road to VR: How many students went through the SteamVR tracking training course?

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Oculus & Chloë Grace Moretz Serve Up A Six-Course VR Meal


On July 31st, a group of lucky guests gathered on the rooftop of Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel in NYC where they were treated to a six-course dinner unlike any they’ve experienced before. The post Oculus & Chloë Grace Moretz Serve Up A Six-Course VR Meal appeared first on VRScout.

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VR Golf Online Review – Par for the Course


It’s still in Early Access, but has more courses (over 13,000 player created ones from the non-VR edition of the game) and delivers a more realistic golfing experience overall. Future updates will include new courses.

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Intel to 360 Livestream PGA Tour at TPC Sawgrass Golf Course on Gear VR

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Broadcast during all four days of The Players Championship starting May 11th, 360 video will be livestreamed from the famous 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass golf course. The post Intel to 360 Livestream PGA Tour at TPC Sawgrass Golf Course on Gear VR appeared first on Road to VR.

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Danger Room VR Is Like A Room-Scale Obstacle Course Coming This Week For Free


Tagged with: Danger Room VR Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Danger Room VR Is Like A Room-Scale Obstacle Course Coming This Week For Free appeared first on UploadVR. A new game from Barcelona-based The Game Forger promises to help you rediscover the joy of room-scale VR.

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‘Cloudlands: VR Minigolf’ Level Editor Makes Building New Courses As Easy as Legos

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Cloudlands: VR Minigolf’s new level editor makes creating and sharing new courses a snap. Cloudlands: VR Minigolf has launched a level editor in their latest update, allowing users to pick, place, and snap together course segments with incredible ease.

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Learn To Create Full VR Experiences In Unity With Our 10-Week Intensive Night Course


Learn More About The 10-Week Course And See The Syllabus. We are offering a 10-week intensive night course at our campuses in both San Francisco and Los Angeles to teach you how to create full VR experiences from the ground up in Unity.

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The Tower Is An Awesome VR Obstacle Course Built For Room-Scale Rift


From here you can see the gauntlet laid down right in front of you; the course winds and weaves its way up through the buildings, reaching further than you can see. My first trip up The Tower took 45 minutes that I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.

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These University Courses Are Teaching Students the Skills to Work in VR


I actually came here to teach a course in VR, but then it sort of went to sleep, until about four years ago when it came back with a bang.”. But what should those shopping around for a VR degree course be looking for? “I’ve been in VR for a long time,” says Rob Catto.

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Adr1ft Dev Three One Zero Has ‘Run Its Course’, Adam Orth Joins First Contact


Three One Zero, the developer behind one of the most anticipated games of the Oculus Rift launch, has “run its course”, according to its founding member.

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Learn VR Filmmaking With Our Online Video Course

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If you are a filmmaker who wants to learn how to produce immersive video content for virtual reality headsets, then we have exciting news for you: we’re building an online video course ! Are there things you would like us to include in the course?

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Charting the Course for Mobile VR


The post Charting the Course for Mobile VR appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. This week, we’re excited to share our latest milestone on the road to truly compelling mobile VR.

Oculus reverses course, drops DRM

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Oculus has released an update to its software yesterday, allowing its games to run on other headsets. “We continually revise our entitlement and anti-piracy systems, and in the June update we’ve removed the check... Briefs Oculus Rift Oculus VR

Udacity creates a nanodegree course to push VR forward


As wildly popular as virtual reality might have become, and as now widespread it may have been, thanks to the likes of Google Cardboard, the content available for the technology has barely scratched the surface.

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5 Revolutionary Educational and Professional Uses for Virtual Reality


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San Francisco's Make School academy debuts VR development course

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San Francisco-based academy Make School has introduced a new track dedicated to VR to its summer course schedule. The programme has been curated with the assistance of Tony Parsi, one of the founding members of the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML

All you need to know about the leaked Valve VR headset: is Half-Life 3/2 coming?

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Of course you are, because you know that I will use the word “Half Life” in the article… so keep reading! In subsequent comments, 2flock clarified that someone just dropped these photos in his inbox and that of course, he has shared them to the whole VR community.

Magic Leap Releases Series of Video Sessions from Inside the L.E.A.P. Conference

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conference was free to all who registered in time, but if you weren't able to make the trip to Hollywood, the company just released video of some of the sessions that took place over the course of two days. Magic Leap's recent L.E.A.P.

Facebook Brings Augmented Reality Ads to Its News Feed

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Of course, the experiences can also be captured and shared with. Facebook is preparing to make augmented reality experiences for brands more visible in its mobile app with Tuesday's introduction of augmented reality ads in its News Feed.

Diving Into VR Without a Headset

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So the holy grail for achieving a truly immersive experience is, of course, for it to just happen all around you – just like real life. The holy grail for achieving a truly immersive experience is, of course, for it to just happen all around you Click To Tweet.

Facebook Expands to Enable 360 Photos in News Feeds


The fastest way there, of course, is through your phone.

Magic Leap Reveals Partnership with Oscar-Winning Effects Studio Behind Marvel's Biggest Hits

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We are storytellers at Framestore, first and foremost; innovation courses in our veins,".

VIEW Conference 2018 will host amazing XR talks and workshops

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Of course the other ones are pretty cool and pretty inherent to AR and VR, too (for instance all the talks about graphics can be useful also for the graphics of XR applications, of course). If you are a journalist, of course, you can try asking for a press pass.

Magic Leap's Unity Conference Presentation Uncovered Many New Details, Here's What We Found Out

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During its presentation at Unite Berlin, Magic Leap gave attendees a crash course in developing experiences for Magic Leap One (ML1), we found out quite a bit more about how the device works and what we can expect to experience with the device.

Building Spaceships with Mixed Reality

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Over the course of their AR deployment, the team achieved an astonishing 95% reduction in the time it takes technicians to interpret drawings and text instructions and 85% reduction in overall time for training.

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HTC Vive Focus launched worldwide: an enterprise standalone headset, starting from $599

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The store for Vive Wave programs is Viveport M, that is of course also the store of the Vive Focus. After a long wait, finally, the Vive Focus is ready to exit from its home country.

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Apple AR: Room Racer Revs Its Augmented Reality Engines on iPhones

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The game also offers a track building tool for players to create their own courses. The old school staple of many US homes with children, the remote control race track, has been given new life in augmented reality thanks to the Room Racer app for iPhones and iPads.

Donald Greenberg: virtual reality is still a baby, we’ll need 20 years for photorealism

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And after some hours, he also made a public talk, that I of course attended and that I found incredibly interesting. AN: of course I would… he is a genius, he would discover a lot of amazing stuff and benefit all the virtual reality community!).

Lenovo's Star Wars — Jedi Challenges Now Lets You Battle Other Lightsaber Users in Augmented Reality

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Of course, there's no haptic feedback to give you the sense that the lightsabers are working weapons.

My predictions for Oculus Connect 5

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Of course, we still don’t know exactly what will be announced by Oculus/Facebook. Of course, we were all hyped by it, but we all know that the Half Dome is not a short-term plan for Oculus. Of course, there will be a lot of other interesting stuff like : A lot of demos.

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Experiencing Epic Storytelling in VR

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and Game of Thrones, and had previously worked with Connely on Snow White and the Huntsman and collaborated with him on Dragonflight (which of course made perfect sense given her GoT experience). “I Entertainment industry heavyweights partner up to bring Renaissance plot to room-scale VR.

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Magic Leap One first impressions review: it’s not a leap, but a step

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Yes, of course: all the computational units are in the external computer, not in the headset , that’s why it is so light. It is the classic Angry Birds experience, that is of course very enjoyable, ported to your room.

How Mixed Reality Will Bring Us Industry 4.0

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Of course it was a staged demo scenario, but the principle stands. More sectors are realizing the potential of immersive technology to dramatically maximize efficiency and profits.

View Conference 2018: What does holophonic, ambisonic and spatialized audio mean?

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Usually, ambisonics has 4, 9 or 15 channels and the higher the number of channels, the higher is the resolution and quality of sounds (and the higher is the file dimension, of course). 6 DOF audio is the future , but of course it is very complicated to be produced in a realistic way.

ARCore 101: How to Create a Mobile AR Application in Unity, Part 3 (Setting Up the App Controller)

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Of course, this is at least partially due to its heavy adoption by Unity, the most widely used engine for AR development. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of programming languages and variations of those languages that exist.

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A crazy night at the discotheque with the virtual reality app Beat Reality

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The organizers of the event, of course, had been informed and were very happy to feature such an original thing inside the experience they offered. Of course, I know, the drinks (and maybe also something else) that these people had during the night helped in making them happy.

Vive Focus 6 DOF Controllers dev-kit specifications: ultrasound-based tracking, 180° horizontal FOV

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And that’s it for what we have learned today… of course, we still need to know some info like battery duration, release date, and price … but at least now we have some info more on this interesting devkit! Of course, I’ve already subscribed, I want one immediately!