Sony To Talk PS5 System Architecture Tomorrow


After months of silence regarding its next console, Sony will talk about PS5’s system architecture in an update tomorrow. For now, we do know that Sony is prototyping a new headset and that the current PSVR will work with PS5.

Sony Patents Valve Index-Like VR Controller With Finger Tracking


A recently-published patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that the company is working on a new VR motion controller, similar to those for the Valve Index. In fact, we’ve seen other patents from Sony for a similar product sporting an entirely different design.

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Sony Researchers Unveil Knuckles-style Prototype VR Controller with Full Hand Tracking

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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) researchers unveiled a prototype motion controller recently which showcases experimental techniques into full hand tracking using machine learning and capacitive sensors. News Sony sony sony interactive entertainment sony vr sony vr controller

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Sony Sold 4.2 Million PSVR Headsets


Sony officially cleared a new sales milestone of 4.2 Sony is the only wired VR headset manufacturer to release actual sales figures. We last heard Sony cleared 3 million headsets sold in August 2018. A Sony livestream today announced a series of new VR games coming to the system in the next few months, including No Man’s Sky and Five Nights At Freddy’s. We’re of course curious what the future holds for Sony’s VR system.

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Sony Licenses ‘Advanced Haptics Patent Portfolio’ For ‘VR Controllers’


Haptic feedback technology company Immersion Corp signed an agreement with Sony to license their “advanced haptics” patent portfolio. The company stated that Sony can use this to leverage their technology for “gaming controllers and VR controllers.” We’ve seen a glimpse of what such controllers might look like in Sony’s own patents. PSVR PlayStation VR sony Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Sony Files Patent For Wireless PSVR Device


Sony looks to cut the cord on console VR. . According to a new patent filed by Sony, the company is looking into wireless functionality for the next iteration of their PSVR headset. Image Credit: Sony. Image Credit: Sony. Image Credit: Sony.

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Will PS5 Support VR – Everything We Know About Virtual Reality On Sony’s Next Console


In less than a year’s time Sony’s next console, the PlayStation 5, will be with us. As we all know, the PS4 introduced Sony’s first VR headset, PlayStation VR (better known as PSVR). Very little has been said about Sony’s future with VR beyond PS4, however.

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Sony to Nearly Double the Total Number of PSVR Games by End of 2018

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According to a report by Silicon Era , Sony expects to increase the number of PSVR games from 150 to 280 over the course of 2018. However Sony says they’ve sold more than 12.2 SEE ALSO Sony Releases PSVR's Top 10 Most Downloaded Games of 2017, 'Job Simulator' Tops the Chart.

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Sony Announces ‘Smurfs’ Mixed Reality HoloLens Game


Sony’s latest edition to the Smurf reboot anthology, Smurfs: The Lost Village hits theaters today once again bringing the iconic 80’s characters back from the dead much to the delight of children and nostalgic adults everywhere.

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Sony Announces 2 New PSVR Bundles Coming This Month

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If you were wondering what Sony’s next big hardware bundles were going to be, wonder no more. Description : Step on to the course like never before in the most immersive Everybody’s Golf experience yet!

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VRecap #5: Void Meets Avengers, Sony Buys Insomniac, Win The Tower 2!


First up, Sony acquired one of the biggest VR developers out there, Insomniac Games. Elsewhere, we’ve got an update from The Void that confirms the company is working with both Marvel and Sony Pictures on new location-based VR projects.

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Could Sony’s Next Headset Finally Crack the VR Gaming Market?

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If anybody can do it, it’s probably Sony. Ever since the Playstation was first launched – if, like myself, you’re old enough to remember it, you may pause a moment here to consider your own age and mortality – Sony has been in the business of reinventing gaming.

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Sony’s Shawn Layden: ‘We’re Seeing Progress Towards VR 2.0 Games’


Sony’s Shawn Layden says the VR industry is starting to move into its second generation of content. Sony Japan’s 2018 PSVR-exclusive platformer stole people’s hearts with its engaging gameplay and inventive use of VR. We know that Sony London Studio is working on Blood And Truth , but past that we’re not sure what else is coming to the headset this year. Of course, we’re also excited to see what’s next for PSVR itself.

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Sony Is Still Recruiting For An AAA PSVR Game From A New Studio


Much of Sony’s 2019 PSVR line-up remains a mystery. Sony established this studio all the way back in 2015 when PSVR was still known as Project Morpheus. Of course, Sony already has a VR developer in London. We asked Sony if there might be any overlap between the two teams, but have yet to hear back at the time of writing. Hopefully, Sony will reveal all later this year because we’ve been looking forward to this one for a while.

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Sony Acquires Insomniac Games, Delivering a Strategic Blow to Oculus Studios in the Process

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Sony Interactive Entertainment announced Monday that the company is acquiring Insomniac Games, a storied game studio and one of the most experienced in VR development anywhere in the world. This of course all depends on who owns the Stormland IP.

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Sony Patents VR Headset That Combats Simulation Sickness With Eye-Tracking And More


A new patent from Sony suggests the company’s next PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset will take the fight to simulation sickness. It’s an interesting approach to solving the simulation sickness issues; many hardware and software developers are trying to reduce sickness through intelligent design but this patent suggests Sony may come up with a system that accepts people get ill in VR and tries to help them when they start feeling nauseous. PSVR VR Industry News sony

Next-gen PlayStation Will Support Current PSVR, Sony Confirms

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Sony revealed the first details of its upcoming console today in an exclusive interview with Wired. While Cerny wasn’t ready to say whether or not the company is planning a new PlayStation VR headset to go along with PS5 (or whatever Sony ends up calling their next-gen PlayStation console), considering the company’s year’s-long investment in building one of the most successful VR ecosystems out there, it seems likely they will want to continue.

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New Patent Suggests Sony Is Working On Vive-Like Tracking For PSVR


Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) is a great headset, but tracking quality is a common complaint from users. Could that suggest that Sony is also working on a wireless version of PSVR? Tagged with: PSVR , sony , tracking , Vive. PSVR Sony VR Industry News sony tracking Vive

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Sony Announces 4.2 Million PlayStation VR Units Sold

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Sony today revealed its latest PlayStation VR sales milestone of 4.2 Sony announced today that it has reached 4.2 Data courtesy Sony, chart by Road to VR. And Sony’s push for more quality PSVR content doesn’t seem to be waning. Sony has been totally silent.

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Sony Helps You Swing for the Green With Everybody’s Golf VR


It is the first of three 18-hole courses planned. Tagged with: Everybody's Golf VR , golf , PSVR Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Sony Helps You Swing for the Green With Everybody’s Golf VR appeared first on UploadVR. Sony VR Industry News Everybody's Golf VR golf PSVRSince the days of Nintendo’s Wii, there has been a promise of video games being able to replicate the actual movement of sports.

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Sony Announces 4 Asia-Developed PSVR Titles Are Coming West

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Sony today announced four new titles for PlayStation VR at the annual ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai—all of which have been confirmed to make it over to Western audiences. The post Sony Announces 4 Asia-Developed PSVR Titles Are Coming West appeared first on Road to VR.

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Sony Announces Tetris Effect For The PSVR


This morning was particularly exciting however as Sony made its first VR-related announcement of the conference in the form of Tetris Effect for the PSVR. Of course the experience would be nothing if it were all style and no substance. Image Credit: Sony Playstation.

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Sony AR Patent Hints at Stereoscopic Headset Capabilities

Peter Graham

Recently a Sony patent appeared indicating plans for upgrades to PlayStation VR, adding features like inside-out tracking and wireless capabilities. Of course, what’s a Sony patent without a hint of PlayStation somewhere in there.

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Launching Tomorrow, Sony Reveals How Farpoint’s PS VR Aim Controller Came to Life

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Sony has published details of the design decisions that drove development of one of the oddest looking gaming peripherals ever built. Farpoint, Image Courtesy Sony. Of course, as with most modern consumer electronics, a device’s form factor is not one which is executed lightly.

Sony Reveals Skyrim VR PSVR Bundle, New TV Spot


It makes sense, then, that Sony is bundling the game with new headsets. It includes the base game, all of its DLC, an updated PSVR demo disc and, of course, the PlayStation Camera and two Move motion controllers.

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New PSVR Bundles Start From $250 For Sony’s Days Of Play Promotion


Sony’s enticing new PSVR bundles are getting a tasty price drop right out of the gate. You can, of course, pick up other essential hardware too. Good thing Sony isn’t showing anything this year otherwise it might have its hands full. Tagged with: Days of Play , PSVR bundles Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post New PSVR Bundles Start From $250 For Sony’s Days Of Play Promotion appeared first on UploadVR.

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Sony’s EU Black Friday PSVR Store Sale Is Ridiculously Good


It seems Sony is going all out with its PSVR headset this Black Friday season. This is one of those games that’s best played with Sony’s PSVR Aim Controller, though, so take note if you don’t already have it. Check back over the course of the next week as we run you through some of the biggest deals. Tagged with: PSVR 2 Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Sony’s EU Black Friday PSVR Store Sale Is Ridiculously Good appeared first on UploadVR.

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PSVR Turns One: A Year Of Frustrating Fun For Sony’s Headset


Sony’s recently been boasting that over 100 games and apps are now available on the platform, too. There are of course major trade-offs to this, but you can’t argue that PSVR isn’t capable of hugely compelling gaming experiences. Editorials PSVR Sony VR Industry News

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E3 2017: Sony Will Show ‘A Number Of’ New VR Games At The Show


For the VR industry one of the most important press conferences happens Monday, June 12th, at 6PM PT; that’s Sony’s press conference and the PlayStation VR (PSVR) is expected to be a big part of that show. Of course The Persistence will likely be shown since we previewed that at a Sony event not long ago and the game isn’t out yet. E3 Gaming PSVR Sony E3 2017The 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is right around the corner.

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Sony Offers More ‘London Heist’-style Cockney Carnage in ‘Blood & Truth’, Teaser Trailer Here

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The post Sony Offers More ‘London Heist’-style Cockney Carnage in ‘Blood & Truth’, Teaser Trailer Here appeared first on Road to VR. News PSVR Games VR Games blood and truth london heist sony london studio the london heist

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Sony Reveals 7 New Titles Coming To PSVR


Here are the latest PlayStation VR games Sony teased at E3. Well according to Sony’s own press conference held last night, it looks as though we now have a plethora of PSVR content to look forward too as well. The post Sony Reveals 7 New Titles Coming To PSVR appeared first on VRScout.

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Sony Is Selling Standalone PSVR Aim Controllers… In Taiwan


Right now the only way to get hold of Sony’s Aim Controller for PlayStation VR (PSVR) is to buy it as part of a bundle with VR first-person shooter (FPS), Farpoint. That’s not dramatically cheaper than the $79 RRP for the Farpoint bundle, which of course also gets you an extra game, but it remains to be seen if an unconfirmed localized release could be any cheaper. We’ve reached out to Sony to ask if this standalone version will be coming to the west anytime soon.

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Sony To Reveal ‘Eagerly Anticipated’ PSVR Games This Week In Countdown To E3


Sony is doing E3 just a little bit differently this year, focusing on four big upcoming PS4 games at its media showcase next Monday. Over the course of this week Sony is going to have several reveals as a way to countdown to its press conference, and three of them will be PSVR related. Sony says an ‘eagerly anticipated game’ will come to PSVR on Sunday 10th June, again at the same time.

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Why One Of Sony’s Biggest PSVR Advocates Risked It All On Going Indie


Dave Ranyard used to head up one of Sony’s longest-running PlayStation developers, working on its most experimental tech, located in the heart of London. Over the course of the past decade, he’s worked on games that spearheaded PlayStation peripherals from the popular SingStar karaoke series to early augmented reality efforts with Wonderbook. The enthusiasm on display is infectious, but I can’t help wonder if it’s worth the trade-off of that Sony safety net.

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.25): Lots of new VR content previewed, Sony acquires Insomniac, Matrix 4 in the works and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Of course, the king has still been No Man’s Sky , that with its Beyond update has added VR support, transforming it in the biggest VR world to this date. Sony has acquired Insomniac Games. The studio will so become part of the Sony Worldwide Studios.

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Beat Saber, Resident Evil and No Man’s Sky: Predicting Sony’s Pre-E3 PSVR Reveals


Between tomorrow and its Media Showcase next Monday, Sony is set to reveal a total of three PSVR games. We doubt this is going to be some giant reveal from one of Sony’s own studios or anything to that effect (Sony would surely save that for its own conference), but we’ll certainly be interested to see it all the same. And, of course, there’s a good chance it’s also something entirely new, which we’d love to see too.

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Astro Bot Director Becomes PlayStation’s Japan Studio Boss


Nicolas Doucet, the Creative Director behind 2018 PSVR hit Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, is now head of Sony PlayStation’s Japan Studio, it’s been announced. An HR announcement from Sony itself confirmed the news this weekend. Of course, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is on the horizon, set to launch this holiday season. What would you like to see Sony’s Japan Studio work on next in VR?

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