Survios CTO to Teach Full Semester VR Development Course in a Virtual Classroom

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Now, Survios CTO and co-founder Alex Silkin is set to share his experience by teaching a full semester course on expert-level Unreal Engine VR development. What’s more, the course will be taught in VR, so you can connect remotely and learn from Silkin—virtual face to virtual face.

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FundamentalVR Is Offering A Free Ventilator Course For Health Professionals


This allows students to exercise their skills at home while in isolation using the company’s @HomeVR system which was launched two weeks ago for standalone VR headsets such as Oculus Quest and HTC Vive Focus Plus.

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Oculus & Unity Release Free VR Development Course with 20 Hours of Content

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Then you may be interested in Oculus and Unity’s new intermediate level VR game development course, which is not only free, but can get you some valuable feedback from Oculus on your creation. Design, Develop & Deploy for VR with Oculus & Unity.

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Your Definitive Guide To Oculus & Unity’s All-In-One VR Development Course


Learn the ins-and-outs of Unity development and have your project reviewed by Oculus experts. The roughly 20-hour course is broken down into 11 individual lessons, each taught by expert developers from both Unity and Oculus. Image Credit: Oculus, Unity.

Course 232

Bored During Lockdown? Get an Intro to Quest Development in This Live Online Workshop

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An upcoming online workshop by XR development educator Circuit Stream will teach developers the basics of building applications for Oculus Quest. The company says the class is open to beginners; Unity experience and an Oculus Quest are both recommended but not required.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.04.27): Magic Leap’s new course, Fortnite rocks with concerts and much more!

The Ghost Howls

With a long post on Magic Leap’s blog, in the end Rony Abovitz has admitted that the company is not going that well, and has announced a new course, that should eventually lead to Magic Leap 2. Maybe Oculus planned to showcase Del Mar at GDC.

Course 238

Axon Park To Offer Expert Level In-Headset VR Design Course


Survios CTO Alex Silkin will teach a semester-long course called Unreal Engine VR Master Class. Have you ever wanted to attend a course on VR software design from the comfort of your own headset?

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Dev Shares Crash Course on VR Game Optimization for Oculus Quest & Mobile Hardware

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Optimization is no easy task, especially with the limited resources of mobile hardware like the Snapdragon 835 processor in the Oculus Quest. In nine minutes, this crash course offers up an indie-dev focused overview of optimizing VR games built in Unity for mobile hardware like Oculus Quest.

Course 178

The Tower II Is A Sequel To An Excellent VR Obstacle Course


Oculus Rift and HTC Vive still felt relatively new and developers were making all kinds of crazy experiments for them. Developed by, this was a curious little VR obstacle course. There will also be parkour missions with eight courses in for different worlds.

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Oculus & Chloë Grace Moretz Serve Up A Six-Course VR Meal


Facebook’s Oculus teams up with actress Chloë Grace Moretz for an “omakase” dinner straight out of a science fiction novel. Image Credit: W Magazine / Oculus. The post Oculus & Chloë Grace Moretz Serve Up A Six-Course VR Meal appeared first on VRScout.

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Oculus reverses course, drops DRM

Hypergrid Business

Oculus has released an update to its software yesterday, allowing its games to run on other headsets. “We continually revise our entitlement and anti-piracy systems, and in the June update we’ve removed the check... Briefs Oculus Rift Oculus VR

VR Gets A Degree As London University Launches Specialized Course


The course will place a focus on VR content creation and storytelling, teaching techniques to develop immersive experiences across film, gaming, animation and sound. A new classroom dedicated to VR is being opened for the course, including access to Oculus Rifts, the HTC Vive Pro, mobile VR headsets, motion capture suits, a green screen and PCs running the Unity engine. The course kicks off next month and has places available still.

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‘Rec Room’ Reveals New Virtual Obstacle Course Mini-game ‘Stunt Runner’

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Social VR activity hub Rec Room today introduced a new mini-game called ‘Stunt Runner’ Looking a bit like Sprint Vector , the game will have players speeding through a virtual obstacle course.

Course 159

Global Spine Congress to Host Cadaver-Less Training Course for 100 Surgeons Using Oculus Quest

Peter Graham

As part of the three-day event, orthopaedic surgical training specialist Precision OS will be hosting a unique virtual reality (VR) training course involving 100 orthopaedic surgeons from around the world. News Education Oculus Quest Orthopedic Precision OS Training VR surgery

VR Golf Online Review – Par for the Course


It’s still in Early Access, but has more courses (over 13,000 player created ones from the non-VR edition of the game) and delivers a more realistic golfing experience overall. Future updates will include new courses.

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‘VRChat’ Virality Runs Its Course After 3M Installs, Healthy Concurrent Usership Remains

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And while raw downloads, daily concurrent user numbers, and Twitch views gives us a good idea of how VRChat is performing, it doesn’t specify the breakdown of what devices players are using, as VRChat supports both traditional monitors and VR headsets such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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Bethesda Gives a Peek into ‘Fallout 4 VR’ in Crash Course Intro to Game Mechanics

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The post Bethesda Gives a Peek into ‘Fallout 4 VR’ in Crash Course Intro to Game Mechanics appeared first on Road to VR.

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Adr1ft Dev Three One Zero Has ‘Run Its Course’, Adam Orth Joins First Contact


Three One Zero, the developer behind one of the most anticipated games of the Oculus Rift launch, has “run its course”, according to its founding member.

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The Tower Is An Awesome VR Obstacle Course Built For Room-Scale Rift


In The Tower, available now on the Oculus Rift, you stand on a conveyor belt that ascends a sprawling complex of ancient buildings with traps littered along the path. The Tower is available now on Oculus Home for $4.99.

Course 197

Pro Putt By Topgolf Review: Authentic, Accessible Oculus Quest Golfing


Much like Eleven Table Tennis before it, Pro Putt by Top Golf on Oculus Quest offers an accessible, authentic and immersive take on a popular sport that’s hard to find too much fault with. Aside from convincing physics, of course, which Pro Putt has down to a tee.

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Oculus For Business is now available for all companies

The Ghost Howls

Oculus has gained in these years always more success in the consumers’ landscape, and now with the Oculus Quest , thanks to an affordable device running great content , it is making strides in the market. What is Oculus For Business? Oculus Quest and controllers.

Oculus 409

Danger Room VR Is Like A Room-Scale Obstacle Course Coming This Week For Free


Danger Room VR, which I assure you isn’t an X-Men VR game, is releasing this week on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for free. A new game from Barcelona-based The Game Forger promises to help you rediscover the joy of room-scale VR.

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Intel to 360 Livestream PGA Tour at TPC Sawgrass Golf Course on Gear VR

Road to VR

Broadcast during all four days of The Players Championship starting May 11th, 360 video will be livestreamed from the famous 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass golf course. The post Intel to 360 Livestream PGA Tour at TPC Sawgrass Golf Course on Gear VR appeared first on Road to VR.

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Oculus Quest Store 2020 Stats: 170+ Apps And Strong Cross-Buy Support


Almost a year after launch, the Oculus Quest’s store features 170 apps/games, 82 of which support cross-buy between Quest and the Rift platform. Many games that previously released on other platforms have been ported over to the Quest across the course of the year.

Oculus 254

Oculus ‘Actively Thinking About’ Non-Store Option For Quest Applications


The Director of Content Ecosystem at Facebook’s Oculus, Chris Pruett, gave details on the Oculus Store curation policy for Oculus Quest in a Twitter thread today , along with teasing a potential official way for distributing Oculus Quest apps outside of the Oculus Store.

Oculus 284

Jason Rubin: Oculus Cloud Rendering More Than 5 Years Out


In an interview with Protocol , Facebook gaming VP Jason Rubin suggested that cloud streamed Oculus VR is more than 5 years out. Standalone VR headsets such as Oculus Quest open up room scale VR to beyond those lucky enough to own a gaming PC.

VR Dev Releases Custom Oculus Rift S Flip Hinge Modding Guide For Developers


This interesting mod makes that a reality on the Oculus Rift S, but only for a certain set of users. If you’re not experienced with modding hardware, we strongly suggest you don’t make this your first project; you don’t want to end up with a broken Oculus Rift S.

Oculus 270

B-Team Is Coming To Oculus Quest Later This Month


Developer Twisted Pixel’s next Oculus Quest game isn’t a port of Wilson’s Heart or Defector, but instead an update to its Oculus Go launch title, B-Team. The Quest version will, of course, come with enhanced six degrees of freedom (6DOF) controls.

Oculus 264

Pro Putt By Topgolf Brings Realistic VR Golfing To The Oculus Quest


Tiger Woods meets Mario Golf in Pro Putt by Topgolf on Oculus Quest. Using a single Touch controller, you can practice your swings before making your final putt; by squeezing the grip input, you’ll activate a visual overlay outlining the best route for each course.

Oculus 198

Oculus Makes Improvements to Iteration Time for Unity Quest Developers

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Oculus has introduced three changes to significantly speed up the iteration process for developers building Quest applications with Unity. SEE ALSO Dev Shares Crash Course on VR Game Optimization for Oculus Quest & Mobile Hardware. Image courtesy Oculus.

Unity 194

Oculus Quest Unity SDK References Shared-Space Colocation API


Code found by VR developers in the Oculus Unity Integration reveals Facebook’s shared-space “colocation” API for Oculus Quest. Colocation means having multiple Oculus Quests sharing the same playspace.

Unity 283

Oculus Quest for Business: An Enterprise-focused Overview of Capabilities & Caveats

Road to VR

Last month Oculus released the Oculus for Business program for enterprise customers. I have been working with Oculus for Business, preparing my client to deploy VR at large scale and integrate it with internal solutions. What is Oculus for Business ? Image courtesy Oculus.

Facebook Cancels In-Person Plans For Oculus Connect 7


Oculus Connect 7 won’t be held physically this year. Facebook posted a blog explaining the change, quoted below: Every year, Oculus Connect brings together developers, content creators, marketers, and more to celebrate the VR industry’s momentum and growth.

First Look: Oculus Venues and Oculus TV


These apps hope to make the Oculus Go your next entertainment device. The $200 standalone VR headset from Oculus has finally arrived. the Oculus Go is part of Oculus’ larger goal to getting one billion consumers into VR. Oculus Venues. Oculus TV.

Oculus 199

Oculus Quest Dev Settings Suggest Cross-Buy With Oculus Go


UPDATE: We reached out to Facebook and a representative issued the following statement: Oculus Quest will have a different store and requirements than Oculus Go and Rift. As they are different devices with different inputs there are no plans to implement cross-buying from Oculus Go to Oculus Quest at this time. The Oculus Platform SDK settings indicate that the upcoming Oculus Quest could have cross-buy with Oculus Go.

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GUIDE: How To Sideload Content On Oculus Quest Using SideQuest


There’s been a lot of buzz over sideloading apps onto the Oculus Quest recently. This guide will run you through all the steps required to start sideloading content on your Oculus Quest. The Oculus Quest launched in May 2019 as a standalone headset.

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How to Tell if Your PC is Ready for Oculus Link

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Oculus Link, the feature which turns Quest in a PC headset, is now available in beta. If you’re wondering whether or not your PC has the specs to handle it here’s a breakdown of the Oculus Link recommended specs and what you’ll need to use Quest to play Rift games on your PC.

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