Udacity Launches a ‘Learn ARKit’ Course Created in Collaboration with Unity

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With ARKit already baked into the mobile operating system of “ hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads, ” the massive potential install base means there’s plenty of reasons for developers to start making new augmented reality apps for Apple’s App Store.

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Flurry of New Apple ‘AR/VR’ Job Listings Point to New Products on the Horizon

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A flurry of new job listings for Apple’s secretive ‘Technology Development Group’ suggests that the company has reached a new phase of turning its years of AR/VR R&D into actual upcoming products.

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Apple Stores Will Soon Host AR Art Tours And Developer Sessions


Yesterday, Apple announced Today at Apple , a new AR-based program designed to expose Apple Store visitors to next-level augmented artwork developed using the companies Swift Playground platform. Pipilotti Rist’s “International Liquid Finger Prayer” / Image Credit: Apple.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.04.27): Magic Leap’s new course, Fortnite rocks with concerts and much more!

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With a long post on Magic Leap’s blog, in the end Rony Abovitz has admitted that the company is not going that well, and has announced a new course, that should eventually lead to Magic Leap 2.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.05.17): Apple Glasses are sleek, UE5 rises hype, NVIDIA releases CloudXR SDK, and more!

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Apple glasses are coming in 2021–2022 and they are incredibly sleek. Apple glasses are coming. This week, the analysts Ming-Chi Kuo has teased that Apple Glasses are coming in 2022 at the earliest (2022–2023 timeline). Apple is really good at selling stuff.

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Apple Reportedly in Development on Combination AR/VR Headset


Apple could soon be dominating the immersive market as rumors swirl around their unannounced AR/VR headset. A recent Cnet report has the the immersive industry in a tizzy as rumors regarding Apple’s still yet-to-be-announced combination AR & VR headset have begun circulating once more.

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Apple’s AR Glasses Will Probably Be Powered And Controlled By Your iPhone


An extensive patent application filed by Apple could provide insight into their plans for AR glasses. Notorious Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also reported today that the glasses would be an iPhone accessory. Apple’s biggest advantage in AR could be the ubiquity of its iPhone. The phone, which Apple fully controls the hardware and software for, has roughly 45% market share in the US. Apple Engineering.

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Apple iOS 11 Rolls Out Today, Augmented Reality Apps Now Showing Up on App Store

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Apple is rolling out iOS 11 today, its mobile operating system that’s compatible with “hundreds of millions of devices” including iPhones going back to the iPhone 5s, and a variety of recent iPads. Complete Anatomy 2018 +Courses (iPad only). image courtesy Apple.

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Apple’s Latest Patents Mark More Territory in AR Headset Hardware and Software

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This week however, the company was granted two patents that establish basic hardware and software solutions not only pointing towards a prospective Apple AR device, but marking out some fundamental territory in the process. Apple v. Samsung, Apple v. Microsoft, Apple v.

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Apple Granted Patent for High Field of View AR Display

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Apple has just been granted another AR/VR related technology patent, to add to their growing list. Apple’s absence from the flourishing virtual and augmented reality stage is felt more strongly with every passing day.

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Recent Apple Patent Hints at a Future of Autonomous VR Cars


According to a patent filed by Apple in 2017, some very fun road trips could be on the horizon. Patent and Trademark Office published several Apple patent applications submitted September 2017, leading to some very interesting speculation towards the company’s vision of VR in the future.

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The 10 Coolest Things Being Built with Apple’s ARKit Right Now

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Apple’s ARKit has been out for developers since it was announced last month. Apple, with a single flip of the wrist, has however started down the path of farming AR applications for whatever device it has planned next.

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.22): Oculus working on AR glasses with Luxottica, Apple glasses FOV discovered and much more!

The Ghost Howls

We may know the field of view of Apple AR headset. Of course, since he has not an Apple HMD, the only thing he could obtain was the screen splitting in two on his phone, showing that view that we XR developers know very well. Another week, another roundup of amazing AR/VR news!

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Apple’s ARKit 2 Adds Shared Experiences


Apple showed some major updates to its AR platform and revealed that ARKit 2 in iOS 12 includes shared experiences. Demos offered on stage during Apple’s developer conference included one from Lego that promised up to four players who could see the same digital environment. It will be interesting to see how well the Apple feature works and if it functions without an Internet connection. AR apple

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New York Times Debuts Location-Based Air Pollution AR Visualization for Apple iOS Devices

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After establishing itself as a leader among media companies in augmented reality in journalism over the course of 2018, The New York Times pulled back from the technology this year.

Report: Apple Nearly Acquired Leap Motion but the Deal Fell Through

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According to a report from Business Insider , earlier this year Apple was on the verge of acquiring Leap Motion, but the deal fell through days before it was expected to close. SEE ALSO Apple Acquires AR Optics Startup Akonia Holographics.

Report: Apple Targeting 2020 Release For Wireless VR/AR Headset


Just yesterday we highlighted a new patent from Apple for eye-tracking in a VR/AR headset — the latest in a long string of breadcrumbs from the company indicating spatial computing continues to be an area of extreme interest. Today, a report from CNET writer Shara Tibken , citing an unnamed source, suggests Apple is targeting a 2020 release for what sounds like a combination AR/VR headset “that would be untethered from a computer or smartphone.” AR apple

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Apple is working on an AR/VR headset for 2020: my thoughts over this news

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On Friday, a report on CNET shook a bit the XR community revealing that Apple is working on an AR/VR headset for 2020. An article that has become pretty popular, since every time that Apple makes something in an industry, it for sure changes all the market dynamics.

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Why is Apple Buying NextVR?

AR Insider

Why is Apple Buying NextVR. Two such companies apparently found ports in the storm last week: NextVR reportedly is being acquired by Apple, and 6D.ai Apple and NextVR. The obvious question is: what does NextVR have that could be worth $100m to Apple?

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Cool AR apps to try with Apple’s new phones

Hypergrid Business

Apple has lagged behind in the virtual and augmented reality race so far. ” Apple software and services could gain $9 billion in revenue by 2020 as a result of operations related to augmented reality because there will be about 3.6

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Apple Should Be Very Worried About Google’s Pixel


These facts have me considering jumping ship from Apple seriously for the first time since 2007. While I’m deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem, Pixel tempts me more than ever before to consider leaving Apple behind completely. Just how embedded am I with Apple? Google knows running out of storage on an iPhone is one of the most annoying moments for an Apple owner, and it already solved that problem through Google Photos.

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What Apple’s Dual Camera iPhone Means For Augmented Reality


Is this a hint of Apple’s future plans for VR and AR? The rumored iPhone 7 Plus with a dual-lens camera system finally made its debut at Apple’s September product presentation Wednesday. iPhone 7 Plus depth sensing demo during Wednesday’s Apple keynote presentation.

Will Apple’s Wearables Success Accelerate AR?

AR Insider

In Apple earnings last week, he didn’t pass up the opportunity for this perennial AR shout-out — this time zeroing in on the tech’s breadth of applicability. As you may have read, Apple’s fiscal Q1 saw iPhone sales of $55.96 Header image credit: Apple.

Tim Sweeney On Apple AR: ‘There is Going to be an Incredible Rush of Developers’


Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney thinks Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 update, arriving this fall, will be a huge boost to the emerging AR industry. There have been tools developers could use before, but Sweeney thinks Apple’s support for AR could accelerate adoption.

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Apple AR: Room Racer Revs Its Augmented Reality Engines on iPhones

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The game also offers a track building tool for players to create their own courses. The old school staple of many US homes with children, the remote control race track, has been given new life in augmented reality thanks to the Room Racer app for iPhones and iPads.

New iPad Pro Adds LiDAR And ‘Instant’ AR Placement


Apple unveiled a new line of iPad Pros which include a LiDAR scanner and “new depth frameworks” to combine depth information from all the device’s sensors and cameras “for a more detailed understanding of a scene.” AR apple ARKit iPad Pro LiDAR top stories

The XR Week Peek (2020.04.13): iPhone 12 adds depth camera, StarVR One is back to the market and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Well, if the rumor becomes reality, this would mean that all next Apple devices will have both front and back depth cameras, for high-precision Augmented Reality and 3D reconstruction. Well played Apple. The other explanation is that it is there just for decoration, of course.

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Blackmagic eGPU Brings High-Performance VR To The Macbook Pro


Apple furthers its commitment to VR with an external graphics processor that brings high-end, desktop level graphics to the Macbook Pro. In terms of sheer popularity, very few models of laptop computers are able to hold a candle to Apple’s Macbook Pro.

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L.A. Noire, Star Wars And Apple: The 5 Biggest Stories In VR This Week


Apple’s AR Headset In 2020? A new report suggests Apple is currently thinking of a 2020 timeline for its AR headset along with a new operating system meant to run the device. Of course, such timelines are subject to whether the gadget can get slim and sleek enough to meet Apple’s high standards. As the end of the year holidays approach we’re expecting some huge discounts and big game releases, and we’re tracking all of it.

The XR Week Peek (2020.03.30): Half-Life: Alyx breaks every VR record, HP teases Reverb G2, and more!

The Ghost Howls

The old Reverb was already a great headset, with a 2K per eye resolution that was above all the other headsets on the market (with the exception of Pimax, of course). Apple ARKit 3.5 I really can’t wait to see the Apple AR glasses….

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Apple Music Can ‘Steal’, Delete Your Music


Apparently, Apple’s Music service decided to take that to the next level and start to actively match your music to the online catalog, and delete local copies. According to James Pinkstone from Vellum Atlanta, that’s exactly what happened to 122 gigabytes of his music collection : “What Amber explained was exactly what I’d feared: through the Apple Music subscription, which I had, Apple now deletes files from its users’ computers.

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More hints emerge about Apple’s AR effort


While the web is perennially rife with speculation about Apple’s plans to develop a hardware device in the AR/VR space, a somewhat under-the-radar story out of Taiwan may shed a bit more light on the company’s plans. As reported by the Nikkei Asian Review, one of Apple’s supply chain partners, MacBook and Watch assembler Quanta Computer, hinted during their most recent earnings conference call that they may be playing a significant role in the development of an augmented reality device.

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16 Bit Super Mario Receives New Life With ARKit


Developed independently by Vancouver-based Stuart Langfield, Super Mario AR has our favorite plumber hopping around the real-world thanks some impressive use of Apple’s ARKit development platform. News Apple Apple ARkit AR ARKit Augmented Reality Stuart Langfield Super Mario

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Facebook’s Chief Researcher: ‘When The Next Generation of VR Shows Up, It Will Be Because We Did It’


This is, of course, a bold claim. Last month, The Information reported Apple is working on a VR-AR hybrid headset which could serve as competition to Facebook’s Oculus Quest.

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The ‘Wolfe’ External GPU Aims to Make Macbooks VR Ready

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Those with Apple computers may well feel a little left out in the cold when it comes to running the latest virtual reality hardware. But right now there’s just not a single machine out there [from Apple] that supports it. So are Apple computer users SOL when it comes to running VR?

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ARKit Holo App Puts Your Favorite Personalities in the Palm of Your Hand


Now the New Zealand-based company has officially employed the use of Apple’s powerful ARKit platform to bring a whole new level of realistic digital figures to augmented reality. Of course all that technology wouldn’t mean much without any interesting content to play with.

‘No Obstacle’ Stopping Google From Bringing USDZ To Android AR, Adobe Exec Says


Apple announced earlier this month they would adopt the new USDZ file format for 3D content across its AR-enabled iPhones and iPads, which can display illusory, animated images placed in your real surroundings. A new open source file format is helping pave the way for augmented reality.