Autonomous vehicles set to get their own special roads in Michigan

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Michigan wants to build special roads for exclusive use by autonomous vehicles. Cars News autonomous cars Autonomous vehicles breaking twitter cavnue Michigan self-driving cars

Report: Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Will Finally Be Charged for Poisoning Flint's Water

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Former Michigan governor and certified monster Rick Snyder will catch charges for his role in the Flint water crisis, according to the Associated Press. Y’all.


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Meteorite That Crashed Into Michigan Contains 'Pristine' Organic Compounds

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The rapid recovery and analysis of a meteorite that fell onto a frozen lake in Michigan two years ago is illuminating the pivotal role these rocks played in delivering the basic building blocks for life to Earth.

AR Sports Game Allows Children Of All Abilities To Compete On A Level Playing Field


A team of researchers led by Roland Graf, Associate Professor at the University of Michigan’s Penny W. Image Credit: Michigan Photography. Image Credit: Michigan Photography. Professor Roland Graf / Image Credit: Michigan Photography. Image Credit: Michigan Photography. iGYM was developed by a team of researchers based out of the University of Michigan’s Penny W. Feature Image Credit: Michigan Photography.

Michigan Will Pay $600 Million to Flint Water Crisis Survivors

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The state of Michigan is dishing out $600 million in settlement dollars for victims of the water crisis that exposed the city of nearly 100,000 to unhealthy levels of lead in their drinking water. The people of Flint are finally getting some justice.

8 Inventive Examples Of Immersive Technology In Education


For example, the University of Michigan Football program has created a VR tour that allows students to experience what it would be like to play at their university’s stadium.

Around 1:26 Rudy Giuliani Farts

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If it pleases the court, I submit evidence that on December 2nd, while giving testimony at a Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani farted multiple times. election 2020 rudy giuliani michigan fart farts house oversight committee

University Of Michigan Deploys Augmented Reality System To Aid Testing Of Automated Vehicles via.


University Of Michigan Deploys Augmented Reality System To Aid Testing Of Automated Vehicles via @Forbes [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) June 23, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Militia used Facebook to plan kidnapping of Michigan governor, FBI claims

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In a 15-page criminal complaint released Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation accused six men of a months-long effort — discussed over Facebook and unnamed encrypted messaging apps — to kidnap and possibly murder Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Violent militia groups have long had a thing for Facebook , and a newly foiled violent plot makes clear that hasn't changed.

FOX Sports will offer the Michigan State vs Notre Dame game in social VR


FOX Sports has announced plans to broadcast the Michigan State vs Notre Dame football game in virtual reality, giving fans a very immersive way to enjoy the upcoming game airing on September 23. FOX is calling this a ‘social virtual reality’ experience, saying it will be available through the FOX Sports VR app available for Android, iOS, and Gear VR/Oculus. … Continue reading. Archive Fox sports virtual reality vr

No, There Isn't a ‘Glitch’ in Michigan Election Software That Flipped Thousands of Trump Votes

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2020 election trump trump administration voting voting machines voting infrastructure michiganDispelling every b t election conspiracy that’s inundated the internet this week would be a full-time job in and of itself, but one particularly insidious theory has blown up to such a ridiculous degree that it deserves to be set straight. Read more.

Joe Biden Touts Endorsement From the Guy Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan

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Joe Biden can, once again , f**k off.

How One Man Turned The Busiest International Border Crossing In North America Into The Centerpiece Of His Empire

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detroit michigan central station bridges infrastructureManuel “Matty” Moroun died on Monday at 93 years old. That name might not mean much to you if you’re not from metro Detroit or Windsor, Canada, but around these parts, he was known mainly as the billionaire who owned, among other things, the Ambassador Bridge, which just happens to carry roughly 27 percent of all… Read more.

The Knight Foundation launches $750,000 initiative for immersive technology for the arts

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Smart Label Initiative – Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University. Project lead: Brian Kirschensteiner | East Lansing, Michigan | @msubroad. TC Amazon arkansas articles augmented reality augmented reality technology california knight foundation Marketing massachusetts Massachusetts Institute of Technology michigan Microsoft mixed reality New York Ohio rhode island San Francisco Santa Cruz smartphone Smithsonian Vice President Virtual realityThe John S.

Rudy Giuliani (almost definitely) farted while flailing to overturn Michigan election results

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First, all credit must be given to the good folks over at Gizmodo , who first heard the flatulence and clipped video from a long hearing in Michigan about the 2020 election that Trump lost. A simple truth: Farts are funny.

Trump's Favorite Covid Adviser: We're Really Not Doing Enough to Collaborate With the Virus

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The Trump administration’s pseudoscience advocate on the White House coronavirus task force, Dr. Scott Atlas, is urging the population of Michigan to, uh, stage some sort of rebellion in solidarity with the novel coronavirus.

Magic Leap & AT&T Team Up to Bring Fans 'Fantastic Beasts' AR Movie Experience in Chicago

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Don't Miss: The 5 Most Innovative Augmented Reality Products of 2018 The special experience, which is only available to the public at AT&T's Michigan Avenue store in Chicago, was revealed by Magic Leap on Sunday via Twitter. Despite less than glowing reviews from critics, the latest installment from the Harry Potter spinoff movie series, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, is winning at the box office.

What It's Like to Live With a Giant Brain Cyst

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In June 2017, Michigan doctor Jennifer De Longpre published a report in the New England Journal of Medicine detailing a highly peculiar case she had come across in 2016: a then 26-year-old man with a brain cyst so big that it took up half of his skull and had started to cause neurological problems, including seizures. Read more.

Disaster Fatigue Is Real—and the Coronavirus Could Make It Worse

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Rains overwhelmed unmaintained dams in Michigan. Hurricane season has begun with a roar. The West is threatened by wildfires. Arizona is blanketed in a heat wave. At the same time, we are living through a combined health, political, economic, racial, and climate crisis. Read more. disasters coronavirus covid 19 disaster recovery hurricanes wildfires

Therapy center wins $30K for VR treatment innovation

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Michigan’s VR Therapy and Counseling Center has won a total of $30,000 in Comcast’s Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs contest. The therapy center has found success treating patients that suffer from PTSD, social anxiety, and phobias using virtual... Briefs

5 critical things disease experts got right about COVID

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destinations left Pfizer's Michigan plant this past weekend. To cheering crowds, the first vaccine-packed trucks bound for U.S. Elsewhere, planes ferrying COVID vaccines have landed. The vaccinations, similar to vaccinations that rid the U.S.

Watch people cheer as trucks carrying COVID vaccines depart Pfizer plant

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That's right, coronavirus vaccines are officially en route to distribution centers and airports across the United States, and their departure from a Pfizer plant in Michigan at around 8:25 a.m. Coming to a distribution center near you: vaccines.

Watch Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker Live In VR Today


You’ll get a front-row experience with 3D video streamed like from the Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo (that’s in Michigan, not Russia, I had to look it up). Here’s an early festive treat for the anti-Scrooges among us; NextVR is going to be streaming the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker in VR later today. The show will be airing via the NextVR app and Oculus Venues at 7pm ET/4pm PT on both Oculus Go and Gear VR.

University apparel emblazoned with 'CUM' is a chaotic internet mystery

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Delighted and embarrassed students and other internet users shared on TikTok and elsewhere that a private Lutheran school, Concordia University of Michigan, appeared to have recently debuted a rather unfortunate and/or glorious new line of athletic wear.

Trevor Noah takes a deep dive into the disturbing world of U.S. militia groups

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Following last week's news about the FBI stopping a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer , Trevor Noah has taken a closer look at the rise of militia groups in the U.S.

Grassroots Student Initiative Brings XR To The Midwest


Michigan students Michael Zhang and Matthew Kosova successfully hosted over 70+ attendees at their homegrown XR Midwest Conference on April 7, bringing companies like Ford to share VR/AR projects with a nascent but optimistic young audience. Zhang and Kosova have worked tirelessly on the creation of the ARI ( Alternate Reality Initiative ), a student-led organization that the two established together in late 2017 at The University of Michigan.

Saturday: Watch Real Madrid vs. Chelsea Live in VR


Jul 30 – 3pm ET: Real Madrid vs Chelsea at Michigan Stadium. You can now watch world-class soccer live in virtual reality with NextVR. Soccer fans, rejoice. NextVR and Relevant Sports are broadcasting the 2016 International Champions Cup (ICC), a preseason tournament between some of Europe’s top clubs. Using the NextVR app you get to watch the best players in the world from the stands, on the field, and behind the goal without leaving your house or paying a dime.

VR Teaches Oregon Residents How To Pump Gas


The Michigan-based software recently premiered its VR training programs for emergency management and first response teams at the Concordia University Summit this past November, where it joined four other companies in demoing their VR-based training projects. As more and more Oregon gas pumping jokes pour in, the VR industry takes its own light jab at the “game-changing” new law.

Oregon 241

How a bunch of high school students are using VR to help kids with autism


A group of students from Kent Career Technical Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has created a VR experience that aims to help students with autism practice social interaction. Virtual reality may finally be having a moment, at least for one community. It's far from a finished product, but was polished enough to make it to the final round of Samsung's nationwide Solve for Tomorrow invention competition last month.

10 protests that have defined 2020 so far

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Small protests also emerged during the earlier months of the pandemic in states like Michigan and Virginia as conservative activists demonstrated their opposition to the science-backed stay-at-home orders meant to slow the coronavirus' spread. You'll likely tell your grandkids about the protests you attended in 2020. Future historians, too, will toil over the twists that emerged on what felt like a daily basis throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

4 ways to be an ally to bisexual people

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Beach revealed the truth to friends and curious classmates at her/their suburban Michigan high school. Mashable is celebrating Pride Month by exploring the modern LGBTQ world, from the people who make up the community to the spaces where they congregate, both online and off. Dr. Lauren Beach was 14 years old when she/they first came out as bisexual. The reactions varied, but not many were affirming. "I I experienced a lot of people who eroticized my attraction to femme people.

Wohl Hits Wall

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The office of the Attorney General of Michigan announced felony charges on Thursday against far-right conspiracy theorists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, saying the world’s least dynamic pro-Trump duo was behind tens of thousands of robocalls attempting to intimidate voters.

9 Must Have Skills To Become An AR/VR Developer (With Course Recommendations)


Mixed Reality Here is a course from the University of Michigan. This course from the University of Michigan focuses mainly on developing XR apps with WebXR, Unity & Unreal — Developing AR/VR/MR/XR Apps with WebXR, Unity & Unreal Skill 5?—?Machine

Eminem Arrives On Oculus Headsets In Marshall From Detroit


But as any native would tell you, Detroit, Michigan is one hell of a place to call home.”. Felix & Paul Studios’ Eminem project is now available on Oculus headsets. Marshall From Detroit is a 21-minute look into Marshall Mathers aka Eminem and his origins in Detroit. You can grab the 8 GB download for free on Oculus Go , Rift and Gear VR. Marshall From Detroit premiered at the Sundance Film Festival with the release of the above 360-degree trailer. “In

XRSI Releases 45-Page VR/AR Privacy Framework Due To Urgent Industry Need

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The XRSI is working with liaison organizations — including Open AR Cloud, the University of Michigan, and the Georgia Institute of Technology — to further develop the Framework beyond its current “version 1.0”

Neurosurgery Patients Take A VR Tour Of Their Own Brains


Michigan State University’s Marissa Brandt, who studies VR trends told PBS , “I think that there’s a lot of potential benefit, but we don’t want to be premature about it solving a lot of problems.”. Brain surgery can be a terrifying process; this VR tour of your brain could help ease anxiety. Catherine Kumpitsch was talking with her doctors about recent unexplained headaches, dizzy spells and other sensations she had never felt before.

Ohio 313

GDC 2017: Eyes-On with IMMY’s 60-Degree AR + VR Optics


IMMY consists of a 15-person team out of Michigan. While content, toolkits and software is always a big focus for the Game Developers Conference, there was an abundance of hardware and tech shown off at this year’s show, as well. At UploadVR, we’re confident that both virtual reality and augmented reality will be ubiquitous in the not-too-distant future, and the most prominent devices will likely be integrated AR/VR units that can easily switch back and forth between each.