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VRARA Holds Annual Education Forum


Retention can be improved when focus is improved, which headsets can also help with, according to Esther Tang, a graduate student in UX studying XR at the University of Michigan. “[In See Also: You Can Take a Free Coursera Course on XR from the University of Michigan. See Also: Can Virtual Reality Improve Science Education?

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Ohio University Launches Virtual Reality and Game Development Major


See Also: You Can Take a Free Coursera Course on XR from the University of Michigan. The McClure School’s graduates are now working for top companies that develop immersive experiences, such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Unity, Apple, and Google. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies.

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The Future of Augmented Reality in Autonomous Driving Technology


The University of Michigan uses AR and other virtual technologies to create a safe space for testing self-driving cars in their Mcity Test Facility. Its graphics might look like a crude version of Google Street View, but it offers a glimpse into quite a complex technology. It has 32 acres’ worth of fake road and infrastructure.

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EON Reality Joins Axelrod for UAE Knowledge Metaverse

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The platform, which is compatible with major immersive tech providers such as Magic Leap, Meta Platforms, Microsoft HoloLens, Apple, HTC VIVE, Ready Player Me, and Google recently provided the University of Glasgow with an EON-XR Centre to train and engage students with the XR tool.

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Google AlphaGo Zero AI started to learn by itself


Google’s DeepMind says it has made another big advance in artificial intelligence by getting a machine to master the Chinese game of Go without help from human players. The post Google AlphaGo Zero AI started to learn by itself appeared first on VR World.

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TransVisionMadrid 2022:Cryonics First Response (CFR) Training


Two new cryonics facilities have started in Australia (Southern Cryonics) and Switzerland (Tomorrow Biostasis) during 2022, following the cryonics centers in China and Russia, and the original facilities in the USA (including the bigger Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona and the Cryonics Institute in Michigan).

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The Best University Courses To Learn Metaverse Skills

Bernard Marr

Basically, if the metaverse is the new internet, then everyone wants to be the new Google - holding the keys to the huge amounts of money to be made from selling advertising there. courses at Michigan State University , U.S., This means that there is undoubtedly a mountain of opportunities for the rest of us, too. BSc, and even Ph.D.

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