Watch Tesla’s Cybertruck cruising the streets of New York City

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Watch Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck pickup cruise the streets of NY City on Saturday night -- just hours before Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live. Cars News Cybertruck New York City ny city Tesla

Redditors found a naked dude in the 'world's largest photo of New York City'

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More about New York City , Panorama , Culture , and Web Culture. New York City Panorama Culture Web CultureRead more.


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New York City Cops Suspected of Faking Vaxx Cards, Stripped of Badges

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bill de blasio area policeprivate security liaison desmond morales new york city police department law crime joseph marsellaTwo NYPD officers allegedly faked vaxx documents and submitted them to…the NYPD.

New York City Invests in AR/VR Incubator to Bolster City’s Jobs, Tech Talent

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New York City’s Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development, Alicia Glen, recently announced the selection of NYU Tandon School of Engineering to “develop and operate” the “first government-funded” VR/AR hub for education, training, research, investment and business creation at a 15,000 square foot space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The announcement says the incubator will provide the following: Support New Ventures.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Was a Damp, Fungal Love Letter to New York City

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One of the interesting things about living in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic has been discovering ways to experience the area vicariously through different forms of media (because it’s dangerous to be out and about beyond necessary errands).

New York City Mayor Wants To Be The “Global Hub” For VR/AR With Newly Funded Lab


Coinciding with the growth of the augmented and virtual reality industries, there are tons of new job opportunities. New companies spawned by the tech will be welcoming new employees and established companies will be welcoming new faces as they tackle the new opportunities VR and AR afford their businesses. In New York, the current Mayor has laid out a plan to create 10,000 jobs for middle-class citizens.

Apple Partially Closes Stores in New York City Amid Spread of Omicron Cases

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In New York City on Monday, they were not. In case you needed another indication that covid-19, fueled by the newest omicron variant, is spreading like wildfire in some parts of the U.S., all you need to do is to check to see if Apple Stores are open.

SWINGING Via NEW YORK City AS SPIDER-Man! (Spider-Gentleman VR)


I virtually grew to become Spider-guy in VR! I by no means considered in my existence I would be able to set on a headset and be capable to be my favorite superhero. Crazy things! Hope you fellas … Source.

New Subway Map Just Dropped

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New York may get a reboot of the iconic 1970s subway map, if it likes.

Bird to Offer Accessible Vehicles for People With Disabilities in New York City Pilot

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Bird, the scooter and bike sharing company, is launching a pilot focused on offering accessible mobility vehicles for people with disabilities to rent in New York City this summer.

New York City Hit by Spike of a Rare Disease Spread by Rat Urine

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New York City is dealing with an unusual outbreak of a rare, sometimes fatal disease spread through rat urine, called leptospirosis.

‘I Was Just in Shock’: Mass Bird Death Reported in New York City

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When Melissa Breyer packed up her bag on Monday night for her Tuesday morning volunteer shift with NYC Audubon, she decided to seriously prepare. Read more.

Futuristic flying ambulances might be coming to the skies of New York City

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Not for long if a new deal struck by the Israeli company Urban Aeronautics lives up its promise. Science fiction? News VTOLs

New York City Council Passes Historic Protections for App Delivery Workers

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Delivery workers, accustomed to schlepping burrito bowls past armed robbers for table scraps, were granted some basic rights on Thursday by New York’s city council.

You Can Now Ditch Uber for a Driver-Owned Rideshare App in New York City

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The thank-you banners are down, but New York City residents have a real opportunity to show their appreciation for a population of low-paid, primarily immigrant frontline workers.

Uber's Latest Innovation, Apparently: Yellow Cabs

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Despite contributing to the overall gutting of New York’s traditional cab system, recent reports suggest Uber may be turning to yellow cabs for help.

A Volunteer-Run Website Helps You Find a Vaccine Appointment in New York City's Online Maze

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It’s no secret that New York City, like many other places in the U.S., One of the problems is its messy online sign-up website , which some city officials have denounced as “complex, burdensome, and buggy.”

California’s Dixie Fire Has Now Burned an Area the Size of New York City

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The Dixie Fire is raging out of control in Northern California’s Plumas and Butte counties. After merging with a smaller blaze known as the Fly Fire over the weekend, its flames continued to spread, devastating nearly 200,000 acres as of Monday morning.

Take a look inside Google’s first-ever retail store

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Google first-ever permanent brick-and-mortar store opens in Manhattan, New York City, on Thursday, June 17. Android News Google google store Manhattan New York New York City

Retail 108

A New York City-Sized Oil Spill Is Contaminating the Mediterranean Sea

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A Syrian power plant began leaking oil last week , and now the spill is heading for Cyprus. The effects on marine ecosystems and communities could be devastating as it spreads across the Mediterranean. Read more.

Highlights From New York City’s Upcoming VR In The Sky Event


Different markets are catering to these new experiences to varying degrees and New York continues to make significant efforts. One example of the increased exposure in New York City is VR In The Sky, a two-day event focused on the ads, brands, and media communities in the city. The Foundry will be debuting new updates for their 3D compositor Nuke and you must RSVP to attend.

NYC Taxi Drivers Win Ability to Not Have Lives Ruined by Exploitative Goons

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A hunger strike that had stretched into its fifteenth day ended in victory for New York City taxi drivers on Wednesday after they received hard-won concessions from the city around relieving the crippling debt they have been saddled with for generations.

Why the New York Subway Keeps Flooding—and What to Do About It

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The New York metro area turned into a lake on Wednesday night following a 1-in-200-year-plus rainstorm from Hurricane Ida’s remnants. The streets were flooded, but underground was even worse. Read more.

NYC Garbage Canal Reclaims Its Essence

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disaster_accident neighborhoods in new york city geography of new york city brooklyn gowanus brooklyn port of new york and new jersey carroll gardens brooklyn cobble hill brooklyn gowanus canal park slope superfund united states environmental protection agency garbage barge

3 reasons why a Google Store in New York could succeed where Microsoft failed

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Microsoft ultimately shuttered its physical stores, but the Google Store in New York City could succeed where Microsoft failed. Android Computing Health & Fitness Home Theater Mobile Opinion Smart Home Wearables google store Google Store New York City Google Store NYC

New York City Doubles Down on Tech-Focused Jobs, Plans Launch of Virtual and Augmented Reality Hub.


New York City Doubles Down on Tech-Focused Jobs, Plans Launch of Virtual and Augmented Reality Hub via @govtechnews [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) June 28, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

New York Faces Blackouts as Extreme Heat Strains the Grid

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On Wednesday afternoon, New Yorkers’ phones started shrieking as an emergency alert warned them to conserve power or face the prospect of widespread blackouts.

Andrew Yang, NYC mayoral candidate, doesn't know what a bodega is

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Case in point: The 2021 New York City mayoral race. For one, he moved to the city 24 years ago but has never voted for mayor , according to Board of Elections records obtained by City and State. Politics New York City Mayor Andrew Yang Culture

John Mulaney's pandemic-era NYC musical on 'SNL' is hilariously nasty

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John Mulaney's fourth time hosting Saturday Night Live brought yet another exceptional sketch filled with Broadway musical parodies coated in the grimy nastiness of New York City's underbelly. New York City Musical Saturday Night Live John Mulaney Entertainment

Judge Tells NYPD the Vaccine Is Not Optional

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Oh no—some of New York City’s, uhh, finest may be forced to join their rage-quitting compatriots over in Washington state and stop being cops rather than get the coronavirus vaccine, as on Wednesday a Staten Island judge ruled against the New York Police Department union’s effort to stop a mandate for municipal… Read more.

Famed NYC clock is now counting down to Earth's climate change 'deadline'

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Anyone who has walked through New York City's Union Square and managed to look up has seen it: A large, multi-numeral digital clock embedded on the side of a sky scraper. More about New York City , Climate Change , Science , Climate Environment , and Activism.

Fake Bomb In Stolen Tesla Was Planted By Radical Right A **e, NYPD Says

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New York City police discovered suspicious-looking devices — very much intended to look explosive — on a stolen Tesla outside a Queens shopping mall early Monday morning. new york city nypd tesla bomb

Taxi Medallion Loan Shark Duped Investors by Planting 'Illegal' Positive News Stories, SEC Says

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taxi medallion thestreetcom medallion bank human activities huffington post richard best andrew murstein taxis of new york city securities fraud medallion financial corp securities and exchange commission articles business finance lyft uber taxis american people of german descent

NYPD's 'Shrek Bus' Is Fake, Not a Bus, and Should Be Avoided at All Costs

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Take a look at this bad boy, expanding police presence throughout the city. Here’s a surprise gift from your dear friends at the NYPD: a “GAME TRUCK,” containing video game consoles, as spotted by WNYC/Gothamist reporter Gwynne Hogan.

I Rode Specialized’s Fancy New E-Bike, and Now I See the Light

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mixed terrain cycle touring land transport cycling micromobility garmin transport electric bicycle hospitality recreation citi bike cycling in new york city bicycleIt’s clear e-bikes are having a moment. Sales in the U.S.

NYC Advises Orgy Goers to Get Vaccinated ASAP

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The New York City Department of Health wants the next few months to be a #hotvaxsummer just as much as everyone else.

NYCC and SDCC Set Their Sights on Returning to In-Person Cons

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New York Comic Con takes place October 7-10 and it just announced its full panel, guest, and exhibitor list along with details on… Read more.