Highlights From New York City’s Upcoming VR In The Sky Event


Different markets are catering to these new experiences to varying degrees and New York continues to make significant efforts. One example of the increased exposure in New York City is VR In The Sky, a two-day event focused on the ads, brands, and media communities in the city.

Unity used to create Ghostbusters VR experience

Hypergrid Business

Press release: THE VOID Launches Ghostbusters: Dimension, an Immersive Hyper-Reality Experience Powered by Unity Technologies 3D engine at Madame Tussauds New York New York City, NY & San Francisco, CA—Unity, the largest global development... Briefs VR & AR The Void Unity

Unity 92

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AR+VR Weekly: Facebook AR glasses, 350,000 Snap experiences & NYC’s RLab

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Finally, New York City officially opened a city-funded AR/VR Lab in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard called RLab complete with an accelerator program. New York City RLab launches with accelerator program for AR/VR startups ( Adweek ).

First Look Inside ‘The Void’ Ghostbusters: Dimensions, Opens July 1st

Road to VR

The Void are one of the first mixed reality experience specialists and their first big experience opens to the public July 1st at Madame Tussauds New York. We’ll be going hands on with the new Ghostbusters experience at the press showing tonight and will report back soon.

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2018 Highlights: Award-winning VR gloves, global customers, and a growing team


A new generation of HaptX Gloves. Weeks later, we traveled to Park City, Utah to debut our HaptX Glove prototype at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. This new industrial-grade system offers the most realistic haptics experience to date.

VR Animator Tyler Hurd on Igniting Your Career with a ‘Just Start’ Mentality


Tyler left a comfortable job at renowned video game studio Double Fine Productions to pursue a career making music videos and short films in New York City, but the grim reality of that path became abundantly clear rather quickly. “My To make a living, Tyler took up commercial character design and animation, working for a handful of advertising firms in the city, but the work left something to be desired.

Oculus and Kaleidoscope Announce DevLab VR Art Incubator


The new initiative will help independent creators incubate original VR projects. Originally started in 2015 as a traveling VR film festival spanning 10 cities in North America, Kaleidoscope has really come into its own this year.

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XR Podcast Hosts Unite, with Voices of VR Podcast's Kent Bye - Part 1

XR for Business Podcast

See what the power of this new medium is. Kent: Well, first of all, virtual and augmented reality as a medium is a new paradigm of computing: spatial computing. In the future I expect to see a lot more information visualization, data visualization, finding completely new ways to analyze data, symbolically and spatially. So I feel like there's all these different specific contexts that they each are going to teach us something new about what it means to be human.

Top 26 VR/AR Events, Expos and Conferences to Attend in 2018


There are many VR events, conferences, expos and film festivals worth attending, and we've handpicked the best ones with agenda & venue, as well as social media information attached. Give this a read and pick out your favorite ones to visit!

Making Holograms a Reality Through Volumetric Capture, with Intel's Raj Puran

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Through a collective ecosystem of compute-focused processing, storage, sensing technology, data processing, content creation solutions, and new innovations in the area of wireless VR, AR, 5G, artificial intelligence, volumetric capture, and immersive sports available from Intel. The last time we saw each other was at the Mixed Reality Marketing Summit in New York City, which was a really amazing conference. The RealSense cameras are not new, by any stretch.

Building a Better 360 Camera from Consumer to Pro, with Insta360's Michael Shabun

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Beyond that, I mean, you're able to create completely new 2D videos from the 360 perspective. But we're now re-integrating it into a completely new technology that's coming out. But for everybody that's listening, that's new to 360, we don't look at our resolutions the same as a flat normal camera. We know that folks in the professional film, the traditional industry, they're so busy that it's often difficult to take on these new tools and figure out the workflows.