North Korea Debuts ‘New’ Augmented Reality Education Tool


North Korea has unveiled a “new intelligent playground equipment for children” that seems to be an AR sandbox, according to a video out last week from the state-run TV news broadcaster, NK News reports. “It

Visit North Korea’s Pyongyang in VR With SceneThere


The platform he speaks of is one that transports users to Pyongyang, North Korea, a place that is especially inaccessible to tourists at current times. Tagged with: North Korea , SceneThere Facebook Twitter Reddit More. 360 North Korea SceneThere

Take an Immersive Drive Through the World’s Most Secretive Country

Road to VR

North Korea is one of the most secretive states in the world, but one man received permission by the nation’s strict regime to capture a drive through its capital Pyongyang.

Kim Jong Un Visits China: Tries Virtual Reality


Kim Jong Un experiences new realities outside North Korea. Overnight, North Korean and Chinese media confirmed a meeting took place between the countries’ leaders, Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping at the Chinese Beijing capital. News China Kim Jong Un North Korea Xi Jinping

China 216

Interactive VR Memorial Honors Victims of Atomic Bombs


With pressure building between North Korea and the rest of the world, nuclear war specifically has become a major concern among many countries. . The first-of-its-kind VR experience incorporates real testimonies and photogrammetry to highlight the need for global nuclear disarmament.

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow Review – Lowering The Bar For VR Wave Shooters


Tensions between the United States and North Korea earlier this year had the world’s collective breath in limbo, with threats of nuclear annihilation suggesting that the nuclear apocalypse could arrive sooner than we expected.