AR Fashion Show In Iran Features Invisible Models


Created with the support of Lotus, Iran’s first fashion & art magazine, the event featured computer-generated models strutting their invisible stuff up and down of a real runway in some of Iran’s hottest clothing and apparel. The real question, however, is whether or not this can provide a positive impact on Iran’s fashion scene. The post AR Fashion Show In Iran Features Invisible Models appeared first on VRScout.

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U.S. Ranks 59th Globally for Covid-19 Vaccinations, Just Behind Iran

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covid-19 vaccination rate has slipped to 59th in the world, right behind Iran and Sri Lanka, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University. The U.S.

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Iran Bans Crypto Mining After Months of Blackouts

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Iran banned bitcoin mining this week, after four months of continuous blackouts partially due to what officials say is a huge energy suck from illegal mining.

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Hey, It Happens: Iran Just Sunk Its Own Fake Aircraft Carrier

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whoops iran navy irgc qassem soleimani war military technologyThe Iranian military accidentally sunk a target barge used as a mockup U.S. aircraft carrier in recent exercises while towing it back to port, according to a report by Forbes , causing a major sea-lane hazard. Read more.

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Hackers Derail Iran's Train System, Post Supreme Leader's Phone Number as Help Line

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Cyberattacks reportedly disrupted Iran’s railway system on Friday, causing “unprecedented chaos” at stations throughout the country, according to state media.

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Signal Blocked by Iran as Encrypted Messaging App's Popularity Explodes

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With great popularity comes great scrutiny. Following WhatsApp’s controversial announcement of changes to its privacy policy, users have flocked to the encrypted messaging app Signal.

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1,000-Year-Old Precursor to Stainless Steel Found in Iran, Surprising Archaeologists

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Chromium steel, commonly referred to as stainless steel, is thought to be a recent manufacturing innovation, but new evidence suggests ancient Persians stumbled upon an early version of this alloy some 1,000 years ago, in what is a surprise to archaeologists. Read more.

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Iran's Supreme Leader Puts Out Animated Video of Donald Trump Getting Droned

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Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, recently posted an animated video to his website depicting former President Donald Trump getting nailed by a drone strike.

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YouTube bans over 2,000 Chinese accounts for ‘coordinated influence operations’

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The search engine giant also banned several channels linked to Russia and Iran. News Social Media breaking twitter China Google YouTube

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I’m An Enemy Of The State In Blindfold VR – Day 1

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If you want to keep up with my recent goings on around the web be sure to follow me on these social sites: Experience Oculus Uncategorized VR Blindfold Enemy Of the State Ink Stories Interogation iran journalist oculus rift oculus rift cv1 oculus rift games Oculus Touch oculus vr Prison virtual reality vr game vrgamerdude vrspiesOver the years I have done a lot of VR experiences that have had me a bit anxious but Blindfold has taken that anxiety to a whole new level!

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U.S. Destroys Mock ICBM in Space During New Anti-Missile Test

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new cold war missiles war icbm icbms raytheon us navy navy aegis aegis bmd missile test north korea japan china iran donald trump president trump ftm 44 sm 3 block iia sm 3 block iia us missile defense agency missile defense agency mdaThe U.S.

It Was 103 Degrees in the United Arab Emirates—In November

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Qatar, Oman, and Iran also reportedly approached national records. Meteorological winter is less than a month away, but you wouldn’t know it in the United Arab Emirates. The country hit 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius) to start the week, a November record.

Iranian Chat App Gets Its Data Wiped Out in a Cyberattack

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A startup in Iran recently suffered a large data breach in which millions of its user records were exposed to the internet and then subsequently destroyed by a cyberattack involving a bot.

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DOJ Seizes Middle East News Sites for Allegedly Spreading Disinformation

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Department of Justice seized 36 domains associated with news outlets in Iran, Yemen, and Palestine on Tuesday, according to a press release from the DOJ. The U.S.

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Telegram Says It Shut Down "Hundreds Of Public Calls To Violence" From US Channels Last Week

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software operating systems communication software cross platform software instant messaging clients alt tech technology telegram zello pavel durov telegram in iranIn the weeks since Trump-sympathizing rioters laid siege to the U.S.

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Report: Trump Gave CIA Free Rein in Cyberspace

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central intelligence hackers cia white house iran cybersecurityAn explosive Yahoo News report out Wednesday describes the Trump administration’s efforts to expand the Central Intelligence Agency’s power in 2018 to launch offensive cyberattacks against America’s foes. Read more.

Trump's New Facebook Ads Claim He's Peacenik Who Also Loves Assassinations

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donald trump facebook ads president trump iran elliott abrams dwight eisenhower facebook cold war graphic design social media new cold war

Stuxnet Documentary ‘Zero Days VR’ Wins an Emmy

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” Here’s Scatter’s description of Zero Days VR: Early in the Obama administration, the United States created plans for a crippling cyber attack against Iran in the event that diplomatic efforts to constrain the Iranian nuclear program were unsuccessful.

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Sundance 2021 Will Host Its New Frontier Program In VR


All 14 submissions will be available remotely via a custom-built virtual platform.

E3 2020 Cancelled Over Coronavirus Concerns

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COVID-19 has now spread to 114 countries and territories, with China, Italy, Iran, and Korea seeing the greatest number of cases so far. E3 2020, the major games industry conference, has been cancelled over Coronavirus concerns.

Blindfold Is A Disturbing VR Tale About The Torture Of Journalists

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

It’s short but urgent, a snippet of what it’s like to be a journalist in Iran who’s being forced to confess to crimes by an oppressive regime. Lajevardi was an actual prison warden of the infamous Evin Prison in Iran, and at the end of the game, I saw a photo gallery of journalists who had been killed for reporting on their governments. “It To do so, Ink Stories partnered with the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).

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SW : I love the music and embedded texts you sometimes include in your work, in particular your own writing on your experience in Iran during the 1979 Islamic revolution. SUPERWORLD (SW) : We are thrilled to have you featured as a SuperWorld Artist-in-Residence!

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9 best spy movies on Netflix for a high-stakes watch

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Inspired by a stranger-than-fiction CIA scheme, Argo follows an imaginative agent (Affleck), who goes undercover as a sci-fi movie producer, so he might rescue Americans from the Iran hostage crisis of 1979. A special brand of excitement can be found in spy movies.

9D Virtual Reality Cinema: VR Multiplayer Entertainment Solution

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Factory price, factory shipment. Virtual reality cinema equipment. Owatch's new product has a cool UFO appearance. 9D chairs with 10 seats, virtual reality theme park preferred. Small footprint and high return on investment! 360° immersive entertainment.

The best VPNs for staying anonymous and secure on the web

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Aside from the few countries that have restricted or outright banned them (including Belarus, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Oman, Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and the United Arab Emirates), VPNs are perfectly legal in most of the world.

Huge Promotion for 9D VR Chair Cinema/Simulator and VR Park

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Wholesale High-Quality 9D VR Cinema Price Products from Owatch / 9D VR Simulator Price VR Park for sale, China Factory. Worldwide Shipping! Stock Sale! China professional 9D Virtual Reality Price Rides & VR Game Machine Suppliers Factory.

GOOD NEWS! Owatch August BIG SALE, UP TO 20% OFF!

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Everyone who wants to start a business will think so. ” What is the most profitable business right now? How much does it cost to start a VR business? “ If you want to start your VR business, then you can’t miss the best discounts that Owatch will launch in August! Buy more and save more!

Become the Virus in Zero Days VR: A Revolutionary Immersive Documentary


Zero Days VR is a documentary about cyberwarfare, particularly a virus called Stuxnet, which was developed by the United States and Israeli governments to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities,” said Technical Director Elie Zananiri. I’m not sure what I was expecting to experience when I sat down to try Zero Days VR in Sundance’s VR Palace, but when I took the Oculus off, my mind was spinning.

Hand interactive VR Game Simulator, the latest One-stop Arcade Unattended VR Machine

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Owatch Launched the New VR Plus Series! Hand Interactive VR Game Simulator !!! Unique Interactive VR Coin-op Game set to take the market by VR WOW! Owatch Interactive Simulator Ride.

What is 5D/7D Cinema?

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5D Cinema is a form of film art expression developed on the basis of 4D Cinema. It contains all the functions of 4D theater. 5D theater uses seat effects and environmental effects to simulate lightning and thunder, wind, frost, rain and snow, and explosion impact.

Scale Learning and Teaching for the Online Classroom

EON Reality

At EON Reality, we are working at lightning speed to help classrooms around the world transition safely and effectively to an online classroom. As we shift towards preparing for tomorrow it is now more important than ever to build resilience into our online classrooms.

EON Reality Presents at Nordic VR Forum

EON Reality

At the 2018 edition of the Nordic VR Forum, EON Reality Norway didn’t just attend Hamar’s distinguished virtual reality conference but also presented the “ Jesper on Wheels ” project to an eager crowd. With hundreds of attendees from 10 different nations and even more viewers following along with the event’s livestreams online, the annual event proved successful in every way.

15 best thriller movies on Netflix to add a little intensity to your life

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Inspired by a stranger-than-fiction CIA scheme, Argo follows an imaginative agent (Affleck), who goes undercover as a sci-fi movie producer so he might rescue Americans from the Iran hostage crisis of 1979.

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Top 5 Best Racing Simulator or Virtual Reality Racing Equipment

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We pick the best racing simulator for different budgets and needs. This list will help you choose the racing simulator best suited to you and your equipment. Racing Simulator Games.

Owatch Virtual Reality: Canton Tower XR Rides Cinema is located in Guangzhou, China

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With the continuous maturity of virtual reality technology, the development of virtual reality equipment is becoming more and more rapid. You may be able to see VR in large shopping malls and commercial circles. Currently, VR is not yet popular. But the market for VR is still very broad. Nowadays, VR cinema is the new direction of VR development. It has broken through the traditional movie viewing mode through VR virtual reality technology. 9d virtual reality equipment.

Now Recruiting: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Enthusiasts of Dubai, UAE

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EON Reality and EAIT (Emirates Advanced Investments Trading) have partnered to form EON Reality UAE LLC , an Interactive Digital Center (IDC) focused on vocational skills training and higher education utilizing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The IDC houses an Entrepreneur School, which teaches the skills needed to be successful in creating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content and applications for industry and training.

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Scale Learning and Teaching for the Online Classroom


At EON Reality, we are working at lightning speed to help classrooms around the world transition safely and effectively to an online classroom. As we shift towards preparing for tomorrow it is now more important than ever to build resilience into our online classrooms.