Making of ‘Sun Ladies VR’, the Story of Former ISIS Sex Slaves Who Form an All-Female Fighting Unit

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The Sun Ladies VR is an amazing story about a group of Yazidi women from the Northern Iraq community of Sinjar, who escaped as sex slaves and started an all-female unit to fight the terrorist organization ISIS. Celine Tricart.

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Photogrammetry Preserves Iraqi Artifacts Destroyed By The Islamic State


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VR Documentary Explores The Horrors Of War From A Soldier’s Perspective


See the effects of PTSD first-hand in this hand-illustrated recollection of one Iraq War veteran’s haunting memories. Over the past couple of years post-traumatic stress disorder among military personnel has gained more national attention than ever before.

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VR and Post-Traumatic Stress with Bravemind and STRIVE


This was the reality of our troops during deployment in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Combat. Injustice. Attacks. Isolation. Barren and desolate terrain. With close family members who served, I know firsthand how challenging the return to “normal” can be.

Bringing War Home

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This means that urban conflict accounted for 70% of all civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria. VR makes you choose between life or death for a family facing the horrors of urban conflict.

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Every Choice You Make Is Life Or Death In This Daydream Impact VR Experience


Put simply, urban conflict accounted for 70% of all civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria during that time. How would you react when faced with the starkest of choices? Most of us have been lucky enough to have never experienced urban conflict first-hand.

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Introducing “RecoVR Mosul”, The Economist’s first VR.


Introducing “RecoVR Mosul”, The Economist’s first VR experience ON FEBRUARY 26th 2015, the militant group known as Islamic State posted a video online showing the destruction of antiquities in and around the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq.

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PTSD Exposure Therapy in VR: Importance of Storytelling & Emotional Presence in Healing Trauma

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VR is used to incrementally trigger an embodied sensory experience in PTSD patients by placing soldiers within the virtual sights, sounds, feelings, and smells of common combat scenarios in Iraq and Afghanistan.

AR Project ‘Terminal 3’ Adds Deeper Understanding to Trump’s Travel Ban


And as president, he did as he promised and implemented an executive order that would restrict travel from seven Muslim-majority countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. Terminal 3 , an AR experience released at Tribeca Film Festival, allows users to become a U.S.

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How VR is Changing the Way We Think About Therapy


Virtual Iraq VRET was developed from 2005-2007 as an answer to the military’s problem at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies. Over time, Virtual Iraq VRET advanced and morphed into project BRAVEMIND , which yielded exceedingly positive results through clinical trials.

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Weekend Downloads: New on Gear VR and Oculus Rift


This app will provide access to virtual-reality content from the world’s most influential news publication, and features experiences such as RecoVR: Mosul, a collective reconstruction – Take a tour of the Mosul Museum in Iraq, destroyed by militants from Islamic State but now recreated in VR.

Top 5 VR Healthcare Solutions: How Is Virtual Reality Helping People?


Similar to exposure therapy for curing phobias, VR is being used to ease Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, primarily suffered by military veterans upon returning from war zones like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why Smells Are So Difficult To Simulate For Virtual Reality


Having served with the US military in Iraq, Kenya and Djibouti, one of his key research interests is getting former soldiers to don VR headsets so they can face up to, and overcome, their traumatic memories. How do you think virtual reality will improve over the next few years?