Head-mounted Displays and Lenses


What this means is that, for most people, it would be impossible to focus on the screens of HMDs (unless the display is ridiculously large ( source )). “It can’t be comfortable or healthy to stare at a screen a few inches in front of your eyes.”

Acer and Starbreeze Announce First Shipment of StarVR Head-Mounted Displays

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and Starbreeze AB announced earlier in the year that their respective Board of Directors had approved the establishment of a joint venture, for design, manufacturing, promotion, marketing and sales of the StarVR® Head-Mounted Display.

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Measuring the Effective Resolution of Head-mounted Displays


So, why do current-generation head-mounted displays appear so low-resolution? It’s a good idea on paper, but the tricky bit is that it tries to measure not what a display objectively displays, but what a viewer subjectively sees.

Accommodation and Vergence in Head-mounted Displays


These are another two (relates ones) of those frequently-asked questions about VR and head-mounted displays (HMDs) that I promised to address a while back. Figure 4: A pair of eyes looking at a virtual object in a head-mounted display.

Vintage VR-4 Head Mounted Display Teardown


Here’s a much more detailed tear down of the Virtual Research VR-4 Head Mounted Display, done by one of the engineers at VR sometime in 1994. The post Vintage VR-4 Head Mounted Display Teardown appeared first on V-Rtifacts. Head Mounted Displays How-To; Teardowns; Tutorials 1994 Helmet HMD How-To Virtual Research VR-4

Apple Granted Patent for High Field of View AR Display

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In this case it’s a transparent, high field of view display which looks to be aimed at the augmented reality sector and, alongside other mounting evidence, could indicate Apple is preparing to enter the immersive technology race sooner rather than later.

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Apple Reportedly Could Have Over 1,000 Engineers Working on AR in Israel

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an Apple patent displaying a phone-based head mounted display. According to UBS analyst Steven Milunovich , Apple could have over 1,000 engineers working on Augmented Reality technology in Israel, mostly at its major R&D centre in Herzliya.

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HTC ‘Link’ Headset Brings 6DOF To Mobile VR In Japan


Labeled the HTC Link , the head-mounted-display will allow users to move freely within a VR space utilizing an undisclosed form of ‘inside-out tracking’ capable of supporting six degrees-of-freedom, a level of tracking previously unheard of in the world of mobile VR. display.

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InvenSense Announces VR/AR Sensor to Combat Discomfort


These proprietary technologies which allow faster refresh rates on video, and tighter alignment of head tracking motion with content, are essential to creating immersive experiences that avoid user discomforts such as eye stress, headache and nausea.

JDI Developing 800 Pixels Per Inch Display That Is Ideal For VR


JDI is a Japanese electronics conglomerate that combines the display enterprises of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi. In a recent press release , the firm announced that it is actively developing new, highly advanced displays for virtual reality, head mounted displays. Acccording to JDI, the new displays will be, “3.42-inch low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT LCD specifically designed for virtual reality (VR) head mount displays.”

Report: Apple Acquires VR & AR Eye-tracking Company SMI

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The company has demonstrated its eye-tracking solution in the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and other head-mounted displays. In SMI has also offered eye-trackers for desktop applications as well as measurement-only head-worn devices for data collection and analysis.

The State Of Consumer VR


And All That Hype Around the World Head Mounted Displays Helmet HMD Hype motion sickness Simulator SicknessTwo milkshakes make the whole issue of virtual reality motion sickness moot.

The VR Fund: Entertainment VR Investments Jump 79% In Second Half Of 2017


Tools and platforms for next-generation reality capture are up 56 percent, and investments in infrastructure for tethered head-mounted displays are up 47 percent. Advancements in display technology are largely responsible for the 47 percent growth seen in the tethered head-mounted display category. Hollywood is embracing augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality (a blend of both) in a big way.

Apple’s Latest Patents Mark More Territory in AR Headset Hardware and Software

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Patent number 9,560,273 , entitled Wearable information system having at least one camera, details a wearable device with a “display attached to his head in front of his eyes” that can use either an onboard SoC or in a wirelessly connected smartphone.

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Global Virtual Reality Industry to Reach $7.2 Billion in Revenues in 2017

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billion globally by the end of 2017, of which, head-mounted displays (HMDs) will account for $4.7 In a new Virtual Reality Industry Report, Greenlight Insights forecasts modest VR industry growth in the short term, growing into a major global content marketplace by 2021.

Samsung’s In-house Incubator to Showcase New VR/AR Experiments at MWC

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Although the Samsung Galaxy S8 may not make its big entrance at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next week, the company will however be presenting a few new VR/AR projects coming direct from their in-house incubator Creative Lab (C-Lab). Just recompense?

New Patent Suggests Sony Is Working On Vive-Like Tracking For PSVR


As reported by CGM , the patent details a “method for determining an orientation of a photosensor of a controller with respect to a projector” which uses beam forming to pick up the location of both a “head-mounted display” like the PSVR and a controller like the DualShock 4.

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Go Super Saiyan With New Dragon Ball Z VR/AR Experience


The experience comes with a sleek, Capsule Corp -themed head-mounted display for your smartphone, a Dragon Ball Z VR mat and two unique hand sensors that translate your movements in VR.

Microsoft HoloLens Patents Let You Change the Color of Your World and Create a Shareable Virtual ‘Anchor’


The first aforementioned patent, “ Color Fill In An Augmented Reality Environment ,” details how wearers of a head-mounted display could holographically change the colors of objects in their vicinity — such as furniture — to customize their appearance in AR.

AR Specialist Zappar Nets $3.75m in Funding, Aims to “Democratize Augmented Reality”

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With this round our established institutional and trade investors lend further credence to this future as we continue towards AR delivering a digital discovery channel through mobile devices and head-mounted displays.”

Valve Confirms More Headsets In The Works Compatible With SteamVR Tracking


The system could be critical to the adoption of VR in 2017 and the comment indicates additional head-mounted displays compatible with the SteamVR Tracking “lighthouse” technology are in the works.

Virtual Reality (1991) – “Many Believe It Will Revolutionize The Way We Live”


And All That Hype Game Systems Head Mounted Displays In the Movies On TV VR Companies Where Are They Now? ABC Primetime covers the VR scene in Sept.

W-Industries Unscripted


Around the World Game Systems Head Mounted Displays How-To; Teardowns; Tutorials VR Companies 1992 Virtuality W IndustriesW-Industries (Virtuality) always seemed to have a PR person riding herd on any video material that was released about the company or products.

Oculus DK2 Lens – Characteristics


However, since the display emits moderately narrow bands red, green and blue, we perceive good chromatic aberration correction. Head Mounted Displays How-To; Teardowns; Tutorials acrylic lens Oculus DK2 Oculus DK2 lens polycarbonate lens

Possible Apple AR Headset Surfaces Once More In Patents


The patent discloses a method of displaying points of interest in the real world using AR. The patent goes on to describe these images as showcasing ‘semi-transparent’ screens for a head-mounted display as an example of a ‘state of the art’ application of its technology. The points of interest are shown on the display and a user can move a finger to overlap the corresponding annotations to interact with them.

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Microsoft Opens Up HoloLens Pre-orders In 6 Countries


Developers are charging forward with various entertainment and productivity applications (over 80 in the Microsoft store to date) and businesses are finding new ways to utilize the head mounted display as well.

Qualcomm VR HMD gets Snapdragon 835, Leap Motion hand-tracking


GDC and MWC are just around the corner, and Qualcomm is diving head-first into virtual reality with a new dev-kit and hand-tracking technology. The chipmaker may be best known for its smartphone processors, but that same silicon is just as much at home in head-mounted displays.

The 6th Stage of Grief


Head Mounted Displays Psychology VR Companies VR Now Godwin's Law Helmet HMD Oculus ParodyParody! – In under four minutes all 5100 /r/oculus posts are neatly summed up. Godwin’s law kicks in big time! The post The 6th Stage of Grief appeared first on V-Rtifacts.

Microsoft’s Direct Reality Is VR’s Answer To DirectX


Speaking to Giant Bomb during last week’s event, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer clearly outlined exactly what this trademark pertained to. Just ahead of Microsoft’s E3 conference last week the company filed a trademark for Direct Reality.

AMC Theaters Buys Into VR With Dreamscape Immersive Deal


Much like other popular location-based VR arenas, such as The Void or IMAX VR, Dreamscape uses head-mounted displays combined with computer-mounted backpacks to allow for free roaming VR.

Nintendo Switch Patents Reveal VR-Style Headset Add On


NeoGAF user Rösti posted the patent online complete with various images and descriptions that match the new device, which allows games to be played either at home on a TV or on the go with a screen mounted to two handheld controllers. Nintendo continues to play with our emotions.

The Crazy VR World of China Joy 2016


From all-in-one mobile VR headsets to tethered head-mounted displays (HMDs) with hand-controllers that looked eerily similar to brands we already report on, one thing’s for sure, there was no shortage of VR and AR hardware on the show floor.

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Adobe’s Project SonicScape Visualizes Audio For Easier 360 Editing


The tool could make it easy for creators to enhance how immersive the sound is in their 360-degree projects, so when you turn your head in different directions while wearing a head-mounted display the audio seems to come from the right spot.

Second Life Studio Invites Creators to Social VR Platform


Sansar is intended to democratize VR as a creative medium, empowering people to easily create, share, and ultimately monetize their own interactive social experiences that can be enjoyed in VR with head-mounted displays like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, as well as via PCs.

AR Glasses Company ODG Raises $58 Million Series A Round


ODG makes augmented glassess with see-through displays that resemble sunglasses, which could have big potential for uses like manufacturing and construction where you can access checklists or instructions without removing your hands from the work. ODG was originally founded in 1999 as a tech incubator, but is now focused on head-mounted displays for government and enterprise.

‘HOLOSCOPE’ Headset Claims to Solve AR Display Hurdle with True Holography

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Holograms are so bamboozling that the term often gets used colloquially to mean ‘fancy-looking 3D image’, but holograms are actually a very specific and interesting method for capturing light field scenes which have some real advantages over other methods of displaying 3D imagery.

The Cart Before The Horse, Once Again – Project Glass


Google has been tearing through the bandwidth over at the Patent Office in defense of Project Glass , April’s much touted announcement of Google’s entry into the world of augmented reality and head mounted displays.

Documenting the Evolution of VR Headsets with Zenka’s Sculptures

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Here’s a video of some of Zenka’s recent AR installations: Here’s a picture from the 2014 IEEE VR conference of a collection of head-mounted displays curated by NASA’s Stephen Ellis.

Seeing the Eye in a New Light


Head Mounted Displays How-To; Teardowns; Tutorials 3D eye anatomy Helmet HMD How-To StereoscopicThere’s been an enormous resurgence of DIY HMDs in the VR hacker community recently, some quite impressive. Understanding how the eye works is the key to these inventions.

HTC Invests in 26 More AR/VR Startups in Vive X Accelerator

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Combining light field rendering and head mounted displays, hospitals can bring surgeons a solution that is superior to traditional imaging systems like microscopes while saving costs and improving patient outcomes.