Apex Construct On Quest Has Outsold All Other Platforms Combined


Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct has sold more units on Oculus Quest than all other platforms combined, despite launching over a year later. Apex Construct launched alongside the Oculus Quest in May 2019, coming in at just under 10 months of availability at the time of writing. But Apex Construct first launched on PSVR in February 2018 and came to PC the following March, giving these versions well over a year’s headstart over Quest.

Apex Construct Sells 100,000 Units, Half Sold After Quest Launch


Fast Travel Games is celebrating selling 100,000 copies of its debut VR game, Apex Construct. Apex Construct launched in early 2018, but the tweet confirms that 50% of copies were sold in its second year on the market. Apex Construct was a launch title on Oculus Quest, which launched in May 2019. Apex Construct pits you in a post-apocalyptic world where war rages between two AI constructs.

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Japanese Students Construct VR Roller Coaster Attraction Inside Classroom


As impressive as that quessadilla was, and it was impressive, it pales in comparison to a project conducted by a group of third-year Japanese students which involved the careful planning and construction of a functioning roller coaster accompanied by a custom-made virtual reality experience. ??????3??????VR????????????????????????????VR??????????????????????

Construction Excavator


This extended reality application featured on the EON Reality AVR Platform is focused on the physical characteristics of a construction excavator. The excavator can be manipulated in its fully constructed form and also be separated by individual component, enabling a more precise understanding of the excavators design. Check out the AVR Platform and experience the construction excavator application. The post Construction Excavator appeared first on EON Reality.

Free Apex Construct Demo Finally Comes To Steam


Yet to try out Fast Travel Games’ excellent 2018 VR adventure, Apex Construct ? In Apex Construct, you explore a post-apocalyptic world ruled by warring AI factions. This demo arrives shortly after Fast Travel revealed Apex Construct sold the best on PSVR. If you’re yet to play Apex Construct we definitely recommend giving the demo a shot. Experiences Gaming Apex Construct demo Fast Travel Games steam

Watch This Guy Actually Walk Through An Apex Construct Level On Quest


Someone playing an entire level of Apex Construct… using only their legs. Of course, most of us won’t have an entire field to play Apex Construct in. Oculus Quest launches tomorrow and Apex Construct will be one of the first games you can buy for it. Tagged with: Apex Construct , Oculus Quest Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Watch This Guy Actually Walk Through An Apex Construct Level On Quest appeared first on UploadVR.

Apex Construct Is Coming To Oculus Quest Soon From Fast Travel Games


Another Oculus Quest reveal for you; Fast Travel Game’s Apex Construct is on the way soon. Apex Construct is a first-person action game. Tagged with: Apex Construct , Oculus Quest Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Apex Construct Is Coming To Oculus Quest Soon From Fast Travel Games appeared first on UploadVR. Experiences Gaming Apex Construct Oculus QuestFast Travel itself confirmed as much in the below tweet.

Check Out 11 Minutes Of Apex Construct On Oculus Quest


Apex Construct, Fast Travel Games’ VR debut, is heading to the Oculus Quest standalone headset this year. The trade-off, though, is that Apex Construct on Quest provides a completely tether-free VR experience and doesn’t need that mightly expensive PC to run. Exactly when Apex Construct will launch on Quest we don’t yet know. Experiences Gaming Apex Construct Oculus Quest

Apex Construct Getting New Content, Boxed Edition


Haven’t picked up Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct, yet? Until now, you could only grab Apex Construct over on the PlayStation Store but, thanks to a partnership with Perp Games, you’ll soon be able to get it on disc too. If you haven’t heard of Apex Construct, it’s well worth checking out. The game offers a full single-player adventure in which players explore a post-apocalyptic world dominated by an AI construct known as Mothr.

Apex Construct Review: A Fitting Showcase Of VR’s Triumphs and Turmoils


From frantically firing your bow and arrow to traipsing through an impossibly twisted world in wonder, Apex Construct is a great example of how far VR development has come in the past two years. But, just much as it demonstrates how far we’ve come, Apex Construct is also a great case study for how much further we have to go, too. And, in practice, Apex Construct gets a lot of this very, very right. For now, though, Apex Construct will do just fine.

Apex Construct Update Improves Locomotion And More


It’s been a week now since Fast Travel Games launched the PC VR version of Apex Construct on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets, and in that time the community has given plenty of feedback on how to improve the game. We gave Apex Construct a higher score on PC than we did the original PSVR version thanks to improved control options, so if you’ve been on the fence this patch might push you over. Tagged with: Apex Construct Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

From PC To Standalone: Apex Construct Studio Goes In-Depth On Quest Development


Fast Travel Games is working on a port of its popular debut title, Apex Construct, for Quest. Apex Construct has big, open levels with the occasional vista and plenty of interactive items. Tagged with: Apex Construct , Fast Travel Games , Oculus Quest Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post From PC To Standalone: Apex Construct Studio Goes In-Depth On Quest Development appeared first on UploadVR. Experiences Gaming Apex Construct Fast Travel Games Oculus Quest

GIVEAWAY: Win A Physical Copy Of Bow Shooter Apex Construct On PSVR


Apex Construct is one of our favorite story-focused shooters and it does a great job of replicating the feeling of shooting a bow and arrow in VR. We’re hosting a giveaway here at UploadVR to send out five physical copies of Apex Construct on PSVR.

Apex Construct Gets A New Mode, Improved Locomotion In Fresh Update


It may be approaching a year on sale, but Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct continues to get updated with plenty of new content. Specific changes weren’t detailed but a press release states: “Whether you use Free Locomotion or Teleportation as your primary way to navigate the shattered world, you will now have a much more seamless experience when playing Apex Construct.” Experiences Gaming Apex Construct

GDC 2019: Apex Construct, More Win Big In Third Annual Viveport Developer Awards


Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct was one of the big winners in HTC’s third annual Viveport Developer Awards. Apex Construct took home the prize in the PC Entertainment section. Tagged with: Apex Construct , Fast Travel Games , htc vive , Viveport Developer Awards Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post GDC 2019: Apex Construct, More Win Big In Third Annual Viveport Developer Awards appeared first on UploadVR.

Apex Construct Gets Free PSVR Demo Today


Still on the fence about picking up Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct? We’re quite fond of Apex Construct; the game offers a full single-player campaign that’s truly built for VR. Tagged with: Apex Construct Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Experiences Gaming Apex ConstructMaybe a free demo will help you make up your mind.

VR and AR Could Revolutionize Construction, But There Are Still Big Challenges


The global construction market will hit $10.3 But augmented reality can change that, which is why construction is one of the first industries starting to explore the use of AR in day-to-day work. For a summary on the state of AR in construction and what’s coming next, I talked to Amir Rubin, founder and CEO of Paracosm. Paracosm offers mobile reality capture for construction teams, and they’ve built both the hardware and the software to power it.

Fast Travel Games CEO: Apex Construct Selling Better On PSVR Than PC


A series of tweets from the CEO of Fast Travel Games, Oskar Burman, offers a breakdown of the sales of Apex Construct across PlayStation, Steam and Oculus. Apex Construct released in early 2018 as a great “full” VR game on the three storefronts supporting 6DoF motion controllers. Here are the tweets condensed into a single block of text: So, this is the current split in Apex Construct sales: PSVR: 58% Steam: 23% Oculus Store: 19%.

GDC 2018: Apex Construct Dev To Show Gear VR Port With Inside-Out Tracking


Offering a full campaign with an entire world to explore, Apex Construct is the kind of VR game you wouldn’t think was possible on mobile platforms. Titled ‘ Achieving Console-Like Experiences on Mobile with Apex Construct ‘, this session will see the pair detail tips and tricks for getting the most out of mobile VR platforms. Tagged with: Apex Construct , GDC Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

‘Apex Construct’ Gets Free PSVR Demo, Now Available on US PSN Store

Road to VR

Now, Apex Construct (2018) developers Fast Travel Games have released a demo on the PSN store, which ought to tip the balances a bit. Launched PSVR in February, and followed by Vive and Rift in March, Apex Construct puts you in the shoes of the only remaining human on the planet, where you’re dropped into a world where two powerful AIs are locked in a drawn-out conflict. News Bits PSVR Games VR Games apex construct apex construct demo apex construct vr

Apex Construct Quest Review: A Port Worthy Of This Enjoyable Adventure


Apex Construct is one of the games I expected to have some troubles fitting onto Oculus Quest. Apex Construct is a great example of what developers can achieve when porting their PC VR games to Quest. Apex Construct’s visual downgrades serve to maintain the core experience and Fast Travel has absolutely pulled that off. I found it easier to spin around as enemies circled me and get more lost in Apex Construct’s chaotic brand of action than I ever have before.

Apex Legends’ Launch Increased Apex Construct’s Steam Views 4000%


When I heard the name Apex Legends, I first thought how similar it was to Apex Construct. Since Apex Legends’ launch on February 4th Apex Construct has seen a 4000% increase in Steam page visitors. Apparently, Apex Construct sold more in China over the last week than it did throughout all of 2018. Of course, Apex Construct is not Apex Legends and a lot of people only realized this after buying it.

Bowshooter Adventure ‘Apex Construct’ Launches on PSVR Today, Coming to Vive & Rift March 20th

Road to VR

Apex Construct (2018) , the single player bow-shooting action adventure from indie studio Fast Travel Games , is now available on PlayStation VR. First revealed at Paris Games Week (PGW) last year, Apex Construct is the Stockholm-based Fast Travel Games’ first-ever title. Check out Apex Construct on PSN for PSVR and Steam for Vive & Rift.

Hands-On: Apex Construct Is Exciting Proof That Full VR-Only Games Are Nearly Here


I had a hunch about Apex Construct the moment I laid eyes on it. Apex Construct takes one of VR’s more tried and true mechanics — firing a bow and arrow — and builds an entire game around it. As your surroundings fade into view you’re greeted by the sultry voice of Fathr, an AI construct that serves as your guide through this brave new world. When you’re not battling baddies, though, Apex Construct still has plenty to offer.

Face The Post-Apocalypse In Apex Construct From Game Industry Vets At Fast Travel Games


The game, Apex Construct, will be coming to PlayStation VR (PSVR) first, followed by Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Microsoft’s VR Headsets after that. Apex Construct is poised to be a high-quality action-adventure title that’s set in the far future in a world where robots have overtaken civilization. We’ve made sure to do this in every moment of Apex Construct, whether that’s pulling back on a bow, throwing a grenade, or rummaging through old buildings.”.

‘Apex Construct’ Studio: Big Boost in PSVR Installs Thanks to Recent Increase in Headset Sales

Road to VR

Now, Fast Travel Games, the studio behind the multi-platform bow-shooter Apex Construct (2018) , maintains their VR game saw a marked increase in sales on PlayStation Store as a result of strong PSVR headset adoption in 2018. Fast Travel Games CEO Oskar Burman tweeted recently that Apex Construct derived an overall 58% of sales from PSVR, with the remaining 42% coming from both Steam (23%) and the Oculus Store (19%).

Moss Debuts In PS Store Charts, Apex Construct, Knockout League And More Absent


Apex Construct , the debut VR title from Fast Travel Games, is surprisingly nowhere to be found in either chart. Tagged with: Apex Construct , moss Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Experiences Gaming PSVR VR Industry News Apex Construct mossThe PlayStation Store charts for February are in, and Polyarc’s fantastic exclusive, Moss , seems to have performed pretty well. On the European version of the Store, Moss came in second place, while it ended up in seventh in the US.

These unfired recycled bricks are building a revolution in sustainable construction

Mashable VR

K-Briq, their flagship product created during research at the Heriot-Watt University , is a construction brick made from 90 percent construction waste. More about Social Good , Design , Sustainability , Construction , and Carbon Footprint. Social Good Design Sustainability Construction Carbon FootprintKenoteq is a closed loop circular economy company looking to recycle, reuse and make new innovative and sustainable building products.

Feel the Heat! Construct A Water Heater in AR/VR


Construct A Water Heater in AR/VR appeared first on EON Reality. This lesson on the water heater created wholly on EON XR, now lets you get up close and rebuild your own machine in AR/VR! Created by the University for Business and Technology in Kosovo, the lesson provides an overview of the key components of a virtual heater. Learn how these individual parts function and how they work together to keep the water hot.

Microsoft HoloLens Concept Eliminates Need For Construction Blueprints [Video]


Experiences hardware Microsoft HoloLens martin bros scope ar

Railway Construction Exposes Iron Age ‘Murder Mystery,' Among Other Finds

GizModo VR

Preparatory work for a high-speed rail project in Britain has resulted in some interesting archaeological discoveries, including a 2,000-year-old skeleton thought to be a murder victim. Read more. skeletons iron age iron age britain science

This Photo Shows A Year of Construction Progress on ‘Star Wars’ Themed Area Coming Soon to Disneyland


In the summer of last year, Disney announced that a Star Wars -themed Land would be added to both Disneyland and Disney World resorts and the company even debuted a 360-photo of the construction site , giving people a small tease at the future possibilities. The image on the left is from November 15th, 2015, prior to construction starting, and the image on the right is from September 22nd, 2016, just about two months ago.

Apex Construct Is A Cool VR Experience But Still A Bit Rough Around Some Edges

VR Spies

So today I am finally taking a look at the new futuristic action/adventure bow shooter from Fast Travel Games Apex Construct. Overall I was impressed at first with Apex Construct but once I got into the game I noticed it had some glaring problems that made it seem a bit frustrating at times. The next issue that kept cropping up in Apex Construct was with the interaction systems in the game.

Step Inside Music Lets You See How Your Favorite Songs Are Constructed With WebVR


The individual components can be turned on or off at will, allowing the user to puzzle out the song’s construction for themselves. We live in a culture where music is made to be consumed, not analyzed or appreciated. We’re often swept up with emotion when listening to our favorite songs, but we rarely stop to look at why music makes us feel a certain way.

16th-Century Child Skeletons With Coins in Their Mouths Found at Construction Site in Poland

GizModo VR

Road crews in Poland stumbled upon a lost 16th-century cemetery, in which the vast majority of graves belong to children. Incredibly, some of the skeletons still have coins in their mouths, a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Read more. anthropology skeletons mass graves death rituals history science

Construct Studio are on the cutting edge of VR storytelling with The Price Of Freedom.

Cats and VR

Recently CatsAndVR.com had the opportunity to check out a preview of Construct Studios upcoming interactive VR experience "The Price Of Freedom". The Price Of Freedom is Construct's first interactive room-scale VR storytelling experience. You may be familiar with the previous work of two of the founders of Construct Studio "Imago" from my post on how that 360° experience made me cry.

Resolve On Oculus Quest Allows Teams To Review Huge BIM Files In VR


The app is aimed at design and construction teams, allowing them to review models and designs on their projects while together in VR. InsiteVR is encouraging design and construction teams with access to Oculus Quest headsets to get in touch and request Early Access through the Resolve site. A new meeting and collaboration app, Resolve , is available in Early Access for the Oculus Quest.

Oculus 188