Bowshooter Adventure ‘Apex Construct’ Launches on PSVR Today, Coming to Vive & Rift March 20th

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Apex Construct (2018) , the single player bow-shooting action adventure from indie studio Fast Travel Games , is now available on PlayStation VR. First revealed at Paris Games Week (PGW) last year, Apex Construct is the Stockholm-based Fast Travel Games’ first-ever title.

GDC 2018: Apex Construct Dev To Show Gear VR Port With Inside-Out Tracking


Offering a full campaign with an entire world to explore, Apex Construct is the kind of VR game you wouldn’t think was possible on mobile platforms. Titled ‘ Achieving Console-Like Experiences on Mobile with Apex Construct ‘, this session will see the pair detail tips and tricks for getting the most out of mobile VR platforms. Tagged with: Apex Construct , GDC Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

Hands-On: Apex Construct Is Exciting Proof That Full VR-Only Games Are Nearly Here


I had a hunch about Apex Construct the moment I laid eyes on it. Apex Construct takes one of VR’s more tried and true mechanics — firing a bow and arrow — and builds an entire game around it. More than anything, Apex Construct looks to be rock solid proof.

Apex Construct Review: A Fitting Showcase Of VR’s Triumphs and Turmoils


From frantically firing your bow and arrow to traipsing through an impossibly twisted world in wonder, Apex Construct is a great example of how far VR development has come in the past two years. And, in practice, Apex Construct gets a lot of this very, very right.

VR and AR Could Revolutionize Construction, But There Are Still Big Challenges


The global construction market will hit $10.3 But augmented reality can change that, which is why construction is one of the first industries starting to explore the use of AR in day-to-day work. The architecture, engineering, and construction fields are likely pioneers of AR.

This Photo Shows A Year of Construction Progress on ‘Star Wars’ Themed Area Coming Soon to Disneyland


In the summer of last year, Disney announced that a Star Wars -themed Land would be added to both Disneyland and Disney World resorts and the company even debuted a 360-photo of the construction site , giving people a small tease at the future possibilities.

Step Inside Music Lets You See How Your Favorite Songs Are Constructed With WebVR


The individual components can be turned on or off at will, allowing the user to puzzle out the song’s construction for themselves. We live in a culture where music is made to be consumed, not analyzed or appreciated.

Construct Studio are on the cutting edge of VR storytelling with The Price Of Freedom.

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Recently had the opportunity to check out a preview of Construct Studios upcoming interactive VR experience "The Price Of Freedom". The Price Of Freedom is Construct's first interactive room-scale VR storytelling experience.

This Is What A Mixed Reality Hard Hat Looks Like


A Microsoft-endorsed hard hat solution lets construction workers use holograms on site. On the other hand, selling this technology as an everyday working tool in places like construction sites, offshore facilities and mining projects means making it robust enough to be used as such.

The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 02/18/18


One big release saves the day this week; there’s only two releases all-told but Apex Construct is the one many of us have been waiting for. Apex Construct, from Fast Travel Games. Tagged with: Apex Construct , new releases , PSN Store Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

Cinematic VR production – Constructive Critique paper.

RealVision VR Filmmaking

A document on observations based on Youtube snippets of upcoming Cinematic VR movies under production by JauntVR. Disclaimer: This document is for educational purposes only and is based off observations from a less than ideal evaluation platform (screen grabs from a youtube video). Any insights gleaned should be taken as seed ideas only, to extrapolate and learn from. Credit to JauntVR for their pioneering work underway, in the field of Cinematic VR production.

15 New PSVR Game Trailers From Paris Games Week

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Apex Construct. Apex Construct] takes place in a shattered but beautiful post-apocalyptic future filled with merciless robots, where two powerful AIs are locked in a drawn-out conflict.

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Trading Birds & Bullets For Bows: How Fast Travel Games Became One Of VR’s Most Promising Developers


Two years later, the team is preparing to launch its debut game, Apex Construct, on PSVR in just over a months’ time, and it’s looking like they’ve pulled it off. million to work on Apex Construct last year].” Experiences Gaming Apex Construct Fast Travel Games

Training to Craning in 60 Minutes: Putting My VR-learned Skills to the Test with a Real 22 Ton Crane

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Feature VR in Industry VR Simulation crane simulator crane vr eric liga iti virtual reality iti vr virtual reality crane vr construction vr crane simulator

PIXO VR releases gas meter inspection training system


PIXO plans to expand its platform with additional modules for those working in industries including utilities, nuclear facilities, manufacturers, construction, and first responders.

4 Tips for Ensuring Worker Safety on the Job


The same is true for any workplace that makes use of any machine, from computers, big machines in factories or machines and equipment used in construction. Especially for hazardous work areas like factories or construction sites, worker safety entails that everyone entering the area should wear gear such as face masks, gloves or helmets, and safety boots. The post 4 Tips for Ensuring Worker Safety on the Job appeared first on Construction Marketing Association Blog.

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Bechtel Partners with ITI to Expand VR Crane Training Capabilities

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Bechtel will also expand its subscription to ITI’s training program, which the company uses in its workforce development programs on construction sites across the world.

VR device options for architects

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Virtual reality has experienced rapid growth within architecture, engineering and construction industries over the past three years. What started as a curiosity has now become increasingly commonplace in architecture, real estate development, and construction.

Make BI Applications More Intuitive With Search Like GUI

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Most business intelligence (BI) applications are constructed using point-and-click drag-and-drop graphical user interfaces (GUI), but still require end user training and long ramp up times, although not to the extent of learning and writing SQL code.

Watch: Forestry’s Procedural Mesh System Offers Unique VR Crafting & Destruction

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Procedural mesh destruction and construction underpins Decoder VR’s first title, Forestry , which just launched on Steam. Built for Vive, Rift and PSVR, the game’s fully destructible world presents a vast forest for the player to cut to pieces, which can then be used to create new objects.

InsiteVR grabs $1.5M in seed funding to bring 3D models to life.


million seed round to tap into the architecture and construction markets and make early visions of projects more accessible to these industries’ clients through VR. InsiteVR grabs $1.5M in seed funding to bring 3D models to life in VR InsiteVR just raised a $1.5

Celebrate the Year Of The Dog with a sale on Stunt Corgi VR

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It is very easy to learn but also allows for insane course construction that will satisfy the most demanding imaginations. In Stunt Corgi you are the parent of one daring corgi that dreams of being the most famous stunt pet in the world!

All The PSVR Trailers And Videos From Sony’s Pre-Paris Games Week Conference


Apex Construct. Sony amped it up today with a slew of new PSVR announcements as well as a bevy of trailers and videos showing off the new games coming to PlayStation VR. Don’t worry if missed any of the action from earlier today — we’ve got you covered. Blood and Truth.

‘League of Legends’ and ‘Lego’ AR Experiences Coming to Android

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The famous construction toy has a strong background in virtual spaces, with the discontinued Fusion sets , the more recent Lego Brickheadz Builder VR for Daydream , not forgetting the many successful Lego video games.

Oculus Gets Down to Business With New Rift Bundle Aimed at Commercial Use

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A new commercial-focused hardware bundle including Rift headset, Touch controllers, three Sensors, and three facial interfaces was revealed at Oculus Connect 4 this week.

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Solidhaus Uses ARKit To Preview Virtual Houses In The Real World


While yesterday brought us an intriguing AR manual app , today we’ve got what could be a revolution for the construction industry. You’ve heard the use case a thousand times by now; home owners might want to look at their new house before it’s built, or construction workers might want a better idea of how to put the piece together. This looks like the future of architecture, engineering, & construction, thanks to #ARKit.

Build and Race on Your Own Tiny Racing Track with ‘Tiny Wheels’

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The days of setting up ludicrously long Hot Wheels tracks and launching the tiny diecast metal cars straight into the side of a hastily constructed LEGO fort are all but over—not when you can practically revisit the glory days in the cheap but serviceable Tiny Wheels (2016) for HTC Vive.

VR in the ’90s: Bootstrapping the Commercial VR Industry

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In 1995, she became a VR evangelist at Silicon Graphics where she helped to sell VR into enterprise VR applications including engineering, architecture, construction, medicine, military training, automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment manufacturers, and oil and gas companies.

VR Game Release Highlights this March

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Games covered in this article include: ARK Park Bravo Team Quar: Battle for Gate 18 Apex Construct ARK Park oVRshot Stunt Corgi VR The American Dream Apex Construct ARK Park Ground Runner: Trials oVRshot Rise of Insanity Rise of Insanity The Wizards The Wizards Hatsune Miku VR Hatsune Miku VR.

SteamVR Home Gets Major Customisation Improvements, New Boxing Mini-game

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New tutorials are available for the creatively-minded, explaining the basics of how to construct a custom environment, with more detailed tutorials to come.

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‘Ascension VR’ Launches First Expansion and Adds Oculus Touch Support


Honor is the game-winning resource that is accrued as you hire heroes, build constructs, and defeat monsters. The new expansion, dubbed War of Shadows, introduces a night/day mechanic and powerful new heroes and constructs that require spending of both types of resources.

Microsoft Expands HoloLens Availability, Hard Hat Option Coming Soon

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Despite HoloLens being now almost two years old, Microsoft isn’t showing any signs of slowing down its plans for the AR headset.

Ditch the Tape Measure—This App Lets You Make Floor Plans in AR


And PLNAR is not limited to construction and home improvement. “And the construction industry will be one of the key beneficiaries of the technology.”. Coming off of the heels of Apple’s iOS 11, PLNAR makes creating a floor plan easier (and more fun) with an iPhone.

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Check out the winning gaming entry from the MIT Media Lab Reality Virtually Hackathon

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Action Bear is a puzzle game set in a bankrupt 1950's toy factory where you play as an unfinished prototype trying to gather human body parts to become a person.

The Best Videos And Trailers From This Week


Apex Construct Announcement Trailer. Fast Travel Games revealed Apex Construct at PGW, an “action-adventure title that’s set in the far future in a world where robots have overtaken civilization.”

Toyota’s New Experimental Humanoid Robot Uses HTC Vive for Remote Operation

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Toyota recently revealed T-HR3, the company’s third-generation humanoid robot.

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The Minnesota Vikings Become First NFL Franchise to Launch Virtual Reality Application for Oculus

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Content from various phases of throughout the construction of U.S. The Minnesota Vikings are the first team to launch a virtual reality application for Oculus. Titled “Vikings VR” and available in the Oculus store, the app takes fans directly inside U.S.

SVVR Keynote: Historical Context of VR + Elemental Theory of Presence

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It traces the history of the science and philosophy, and shows how VR is providing a direct experience of how much of our reality is subjectively constructed with our entire bodies.

The awesome VR physics-based puzzle game Bounce developed by Oakland CA based Steel Wool is on sale now and has a free demo.

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With moving obstacles, laser gates, gravity wells, and multi-floor levels obstructing the path of D1G-B, players will have to use their creativity to construct solutions Bounce is a VR physics-based puzzle game for HTC Vive for Oakland CA based developers Steel Wool Games.

StarDrone VR Is PSVR’s First Game Of 2018


It might not be the biggest PSVR release but hopefully it will tide fans over until the release of The Inpatient and Apex Construct in just a few weeks’ time. We hope you had a good Christmas haul because 2018 sure has been quiet for PlayStation VR (PSVR) so far.