Man Proposes In Zero Latency’s VR Zombie Arena


Collaborating with one of the largest providers of free-roam multiplayer VR, Zero Latency, soon-to-be kick ass husband Alex invited his girlfriend Kelly to the advanced VR arena for an afternoon of what she thought would be some virtual zombie murdering. I’m not crying! You’re crying!

Zero Latency’s ‘Warehouse Scale’ VR Arena Comes to MGM Grand in Vegas

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Zero Latency’s new installation at the MGM Grand’s massive Level Up gaming lounge marks another positive milestone for the Melbourne-based company and out-of-home VR technology. The post Zero Latency’s ‘Warehouse Scale’ VR Arena Comes to MGM Grand in Vegas appeared first on Road to VR.

Zero Latency Raises $7 Million for Expansion of ‘Warehouse Scale’ VR Tech

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Melbourne-based firm Zero Latency has raised $7 million in venture funding. The technology was recently brought to Tokyo, Madrid and Orlando , and uses Alienware backpack PCs designed in collaboration with Zero Latency.

Zero Latency Is The US’s First Warehouse-Scale VR Arcade


But now, we’ve got a new development as Zero Latency expands from Melbourne, Australia to Orlando, Florida and brings the US their very first warehouse-scale free roam virtual reality facility. For more information, visit the Zero Latency official website.

Outbreak Origins Has an Illusion That Only Zero Latency Has Mastered


Zero Latency’s newest free-roam VR adventure, Outbreak Origins , integrates what Co-Founder and CEO Tim Ruse explains as their “special sauce.”. ” According to Ruse, Zero Latency has seen more than 200,000 plays, with more than 22,000 new plays each month.

Hands-on: Vive Wireless Adapter Debuts With Robust Connection but Latency Too

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Latency. The flip side of the impressive image quality is noticeable latency. It may be subtle enough that some users wouldn’t notice it outright, but they may end up feeling it, since higher latency can cause accumulating discomfort.

Sega Brings Zero Latency’s Wireless Free-roaming VR Experience to Tokyo Amusement Center

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Sega Live Creation , the amusement arm of parent company Sega-Sammy , is bringing the Zero Latency VR experience to the Joypolis amusement center in Tokyo, the chain’s flagship branch.

Xiaomi Unveils Low-Cost, Low-Latency VR Headset with Controller

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Much like Samsung Gear VR, Mi VR features a built-in dedicated motion sensor for low latency head-tracking and only works with a select number of the company’s phones. The post Xiaomi Unveils Low-Cost, Low-Latency VR Headset with Controller appeared first on Road to VR.

TPCAST Claims Vive Wireless Kit Latency Is Less Than 2ms


Previously, a translation of the Chinese group’s site suggested that its solution for tetherless PC-based VR offered at best 15ms of latency, which caused concern for some. The mystery behind Vive X company TPCAST’s wireless upgrade kit for the HTC Vive continues to deepen.

NGCodec Closes $8M Series A Investment, Aiming to Make Low Latency Cloud-based VR a Reality

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NGCodec , a cloud video processing company creating low latency codecs for video and interactive VR, announced the closure of an $8 million Series A funding round, bringing their total funds to $15.9

Zero-latency Rendering


Or in other words, total motion-to-photon latency for the entire screen is now down to around 1ms. VR Hardware VR Software Latency Oculus Rift Oculus Rift DK2 VruiI finally managed to get the Oculus Rift DK2 fully supported in my Vrui VR toolkit , and while there are still some serious issues, such as getting the lens distortion formulas and internal HMD geometry exactly right, I’ve already noticed something really neat.

HTC Promises Less Than 7ms Latency For Intel’s Wireless Vive


Wired VR headsets have barely noticeable motion-to-photon latency. Introducing wireless add-on kits for these devices threatens to risk increasing these latency times, however. We haven’t gone hands on with the kit ourselves just yet, but there should be less than seven milliseconds of latency “in any environment” HTC said as much in a blog post that followed a showing of the solution at the Computex event in Taipei this week.

5G’s Secret Weapon Will Be Low Latency, Empowering Next-Gen VR


But 5G’s secret weapon will actually be ultra-low latency, a concept that’s easily understood but hard to market. Verizon , Vodafone , and Huawei have spent the past month demonstrating how low latency will radically improve wireless video, video games, and VR, focusing on just a few of the industries 5G will transform over the next few years. Latency means responsiveness — think of it as the time gap between a request and a response.

High bandwidth, low latency from 5G promise virtual reality experiences via @techgoondu.


High bandwidth, low latency from 5G promise virtual reality experiences via @techgoondu [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 5, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Free-roam VR Zero Latency unveil world’s first 8-player game via @Blooloop.


Free-roam VR Zero Latency unveil world’s first 8-player game via @Blooloop [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 3, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Notes from the Zero Latency Free-Roam VR Gameplay


I spent this past weekend in Australia working with Sensics customer Zero Latency towards their upcoming VR deployment at SEGA's Joypolis park in Tokyo. Zero Latency has been running this experience for quite some time and have had nearly 10,000 paying customers do it.

TPCast Aims to Bring up to 8K Resolution with New 2.0 Wireless VR Solution

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The company claims their improved system can ‘easily adapt’ to VR headsets as high as 8K resolution, while reducing the latency to 1ms. employs a “new generation ultra-low latency codec technology and an upgraded TPCast ??real-time

JDI Developing 800 Pixels Per Inch Display That Is Ideal For VR


” The final hurdle JDI hopes to overcome through this new project is system latency. VR system latency is the time in-between “the moment the motion sensor recognizes the start of the user’s movement and the moment the image is displayed on the VR-HMD.” ” If this latency is overly significant it can lead to immediate motion sickness inside of a VR experience. Tagged with: industry , japan , JDI , latency , resolution , screens.

Zero Latency and Sega Live Creation bring free-roam VR to Japan


Zero Latency and Sega Live Creation have announced that they are teaming to bring the first free-roaming multi-player VR game to Japan. The Zero Latency experience is launching in celebration of the Tokyo Joypolis 20th Anniversary.

Sega is taking Zero Latency's multi-player virtual reality gaming to Japan

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Australian virtual reality startup Zero Latency has received rave reviews, including from Mashable, so it seemed only a matter of time before it went global.

Octane Raceway To Open $800k VR Arena


As if Octane Raceway wasn’t cool enough, the famous high speed go kart facility has teamed up with Australian location-based VR company Zero Latency to add yet another attraction to it’s facility in the form of an advanced multiplayer virtual reality arena.

Android N gets a low-latency VR mode

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Android N, the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, will feature a special mode for VR apps. This new mode gives VR apps exclusive access to the device’s processor cores when they are in the foreground

Futuremark Explains Why VR Benchmarking is About More Than Just Numbers

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Therefore, it was inevitable that once virtual reality reached the consumer phase, the company would take an active part in VRs renaissance, in fact with immersive gaming came lofty initial hardware requirements and a necessary obsession with low latency visuals and minimum frame rates of 90FPS.

How Does VR Create the Illusion of Reality?


17:29 — Effects of high display (“motion-to-photon”) latency. VR Hardware VR Methods 3d displays accommodation Calibration Display Latency Eye strain Head tracking HMD Lag Motion Sickness Stereo

OSVR Roadmap: Creating an Ecosystem of Interoperable VR Hardware and Software


Below, I describe my personal perspective on the road ahead for the OSVR software along several paths: interfaces and devices, game engines, low-latency rendering, operating systems, utilities, and high-level processing. game engine latency open source operation systems OSVR roadmap

Sega Bringing This Multiplayer VR Arcade to Japan


The basketball court sized multiplayer VR arena is called Zero Latency and Sega is bringing it to Tokyo. The real-life zombie apocalypse experience has only been open for close to 10 months now and has already seen 10,000 participants walk through the Zero Latency warehouse doors.

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Vive Wireless Adapter Expected to Launch by Late Summer, Battery Detailed

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Davis told me that either the game or the room’s lighting may have been impacting the latency at the CES demo, and he didn’t believe that the adapter was part of the issue.

Exclusive: How NVIDIA Research is Reinventing the Display Pipeline for the Future of VR, Part 1

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This process introduces ‘latency’, which is the time it takes to update frames with new user input taken into account. For an action title to feel responsive, latency needs to be under 150ms in a traditional video game, so keeping it reasonably low is a challenge.

NVIDIA Demonstrates Experimental 16,000Hz AR Display

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That means that the researchers have been able to achieve this ultra-low latency interpolation without requiring that the source input achieve 16,000FPS to match the 16,000Hz display, which would be computationally impractical for real world scenarios.

HTC Addresses Skepticism Over Vive Wireless Upgrade Kit


The most common concerns are about possible latency issues. A wired Vive offers low latency head-tracking and position-tracked controls to ensure a comfortable and immersive experience. An older web page had listed latency of at least 15ms.

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Understanding Predictive Tracking and Why It’s Important for AR/VR Headsets

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One common use of predictive tracking is to reduce the apparent ‘motion-to-photon’ latency, meaning the time between movement and when that movement is reflected on the display. Sources of Latency. Latency can come from multiple sources, such as: Sensing delays.

HTC Partners to Stream VR Games to Vive in China, Cutting VR-Ready PCs Out of the Equation

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HTC Vive China Regional President Alvin Wang Graylin admits however some latency is to be expected, saying it would be “ok for most non-twitch apps.” Yes, some minimal added latency, but ok for most non-twitch apps.

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5 Companies Aiming to Cut the Cord on High-end VR Headsets

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Today’s most immersive virtual reality systems, like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, rely on a bothersome tether to send power and high fidelity imagery to the headset at low latency. We believe that our latency overhead is close to optimal, but only the customers will be the judges.

AMD Acquires Valve-invested Wireless VR Company Nitero

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Nitero is somewhat unique as the company has been designing its own chips that are specially made to enable high bandwidth, low latency wireless AR and VR solutions.

Book Review: Experience on Demand

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The book walks that fine line very well by focusing primarily on the human experience, so that whether or not you know what terms like latency, rendering, tracking or lag mean, you should come away with a better understanding of what Virtual Reality actually does.

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Hasbro Jumps Into AR With Iron Man Hero Vision Toy

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Since the toy’s AR function is accomplished through a single pass-through camera (another point of latency), and not two, it also can’t provide a correct stereoscopic view, making it even less appealing to long-term usability.

TPCast Business Edition Raises Bar With 4-Person Wireless VR


First announced last year , TPCast’s Business Edition adapter made the promise of delivering low latency, multi user VR experiences to businesses across the U.S. The first tetherless multi-user VR experience hits North American market, but is it everything we were promised?

The HTC Vive is heading wireless with official support from HTC at CES 2018


The WiGig solution offers a premium VR wireless experience that operates in the interference-free 60Ghz band, which means lower latency and better performance. Announced today at CES 2018, HTC will be releasing a wireless solution for their HTC Vive VR Headset (Regular and Pro versions.). The Vive Wireless Adaptor features Intel’s WiGig technology that offers high-speed data connections over short distances.

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HoloLens 2.0 to Put a Custom A.I. Chip at the Heart of Its On-board Processor

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Microsoft has undoubtedly been working on the next version of HoloLens, the company’s AR headset, but now we know a little more about what’s going into the next iteration: a Microsoft-built custom AI chip designed to carry out low-latency computer vision tasks.

My first taste of Virtual Reality in China

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The Potato 9000 headset immediately shown its most important features: – Cheap LCD display; – Motion to photon latency that was super-high; – No integrated audio. Hello everyone from Qingdao, China!

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