Leap Motion Teases Prototype ‘Collapsible’ User Interface for AR Headsets

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Leap Motion, the company behind the hand-tracking depth sensor, recently tweeted out another through-the-headset view of a prototype UI, this time centered on how some simple elements might work in the “augmented office” of the near future.

Leap Motion Announces Open-Source AR Dev Kit ‘Project North Star’


If you’re looking to add accurate hand-tracking technology to your VR or AR experience, there are few options outside Leap Motion technology. The post Leap Motion Announces Open-Source AR Dev Kit ‘Project North Star’ appeared first on VRScout.

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Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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You probably have heard about Leap Motion’s Project North Star , that should be able to offer people affordable augmented reality. Notice a Leap Motion sensor installed on top of it. To develop for the Leap Motion North Star, you can use Unity or Unreal Engine.

Leap Motion Teases ‘Augmented Office’ With Project North Star AR Dev Kit


With Leap Motion’s Project North Star set to hit the streets in the coming months, the American-based hand-tracking depth sensor manufacturer has officially begun teasing the various ambitious design concepts made possible by the open source AR development kit.

Qualcomm’s Standalone VR Is Getting Embedded Leap Motion Hand Tracking


HTC and Valve do this with their Vive controllers that are super low latency and extremely accurate and Oculus does this with their touch controllers and their extremely natural ergonomics. The real improvements are increased performance, power savings and support for Leap Motion.

Leap Motion’s ‘Interaction Engine’ Unlocks More Natural Human Input for VR

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Leap Motion has announced it’s to early access to the beta of its Interaction Engine , a set of systems designed to help developers implement compelling, realistic and hopefully frustration-free input with just their hands.

VR Prototyping for Less Than $100 with Leap Motion + VRidge


63 for the Leap Motion Controller and VR Developer Mount , now on sale in our web store. Additional latency. You will “feel” the latency in ways that you wouldn’t on a full setup. Setup your Google Cardboard with Leap Motion Controller.

ResearchVR Episode 29: Did Somebody Say Hand Interaction? Round-table With Alex Colgan


This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into Leap Motion with Alex Colgan , lead writer at the startup. Then we move on to our guest, the person with the overview of what Leap Motion is cooking up, their experience, and best practices to date.

Our Journey to the North Star


Putting this headset on, the resolution, latency, and field of view limitations of today’s systems melt away and you’re suddenly confronted with the question that lies at the heart of this endeavor: What shall we build?

Introducing Orion: Next-Generation Hand Tracking for VR


A lot has been going on behind the scenes here at Leap Motion. It comes with a huge increase in the general capabilities of our tracking technology and a profound shift in the reliability guarantees of markerless motion tracking systems. We’ve unlocked lower latency. Because the shift is so stark, we’re making the software available today for Windows on the Leap Motion Controller. Augmented & Virtual Reality Leap Motion Team Orion

3 Robots About to Break Into Your Everyday Reality


At Leap Motion, we’ve seen our fair share of impressive motion-controlled robots that will one day bring about the robocalypse. (We’re At this stage, he says, bringing the latency down will be an important step in reducing sim sickness. Happy Halloween!

Top 8 Questions from CES 2017


This week we hit the CES showfloor in Las Vegas with two missions: share our Mobile VR Platform with the world and play “spot Leap Motion in the wild.”. What is Leap Motion? It features high accuracy, low processing power, and near-zero latency.

Featured Platform: Building the Metaverse from Today’s Web with JanusVR


But that was a different and earlier wave, and at that time people were using things like cyber-gloves, magnetic motion trackers, giant helmets with stereoscopic displays… just kind of attached to them. Augmented & Virtual Reality Leap Motion Team integrations janusvr metaverse

How to Upgrade to the Orion Core Unity Assets


Delete the current Leap Motion assets from your project. Visit Assets/LeapMotion/Scenes/Leap_Hands_Demo or Leap_Hands_Demo_VR to verify that the Orion Core Unity Assets are functioning correctly. Augmented & Virtual Reality Code Leap Motion Team Orion Unity

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Augmented reality is reaching a mature state according to Gartner

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Some of this infrastructure and requirements will be ushered in by the arrival of low-latency, wireless networking (5G will serve as an enabling tech), while others are still being developed. Header image by Leap Motion).

Varjo Unveils Human Eye-Resolution VR Headsets With Hand And Eye Tracking, Available Now


For more natural hands-on interactions, Varjo’s VR-2 Pro features built-in Ultraleap (formerly Leap Motion) hand-tracking technology that removes the need of physical controllers and letting users engage with the VR environment using their own two hands.

Report: Apple AR Headset Could Rely on iPhone for Rendering & Connectivity

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SEE ALSO Report: Apple Nearly Acquired Leap Motion but the Deal Fell Through. Kuo doesn’t mention whether this connection will be a wired or wireless at this point, although the latter would require a compelling leap in streaming tech to say the least.

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10 Projects That Have Us Excited About the Next Generation of VR & AR

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Leap Motion North Star. Image courtesy Leap Motion. The last time we went hands on with the headset was when it was introduced with motion controllers in 2017.

HTC Vive Pro Is Getting Finger Tracking


Some businesses already use the ‘Leap Motion’ finger tracking add-on , which works on all PC VR headsets, but HTC’s solution should work out of the box. Back in April, HTC launched the Vive Pro , a higher-end HTC Vive PC VR headset which added a 2nd outward-facing camera alongside a boost in display resolution.

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Hands-On: Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Feels Great, But It’s Not Perfect


There would either be some latency issues with the fingers and hands, or the headset would just lose track altogether, causing the VR hands to flip or spin backward as the headset attempted to recalibrate. That’s a pretty big leap for VR, and hand tracking pushes us even further.

Stereo Labs Unveils ‘Linq’ – A Mixed Reality Headset For The Living Room


However, we did notice more motion-to-photon latency than any of the consumer headsets, but we were told that that’s to be expected for using combining 3rd party components to create a proof-of-concept device.

OSVR Roadmap: Creating an Ecosystem of Interoperable VR Hardware and Software


Since the OSVR launch in January this year, nearly 250 organizations including Intel, NVIDIA, Xilinx, Ubisoft, Leap Motion, and many others have joined the OSVR ecosystem. In the above example, these devices would be products from Leap Motion, NOD, YEI and Softkinetic.

Get up Close and Personal With VR Escape Room Specialist Entermission

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There are several companies tackling this issue from several directions, Zero Latency , for example, provides large warehouse-scale spaces to run around in, while Virtuix compacts the experience via its omnidirectional treadmills and VR Arena.

Tracking Your Hands Using Flex Sensor Technology with Manus VR

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At GDC, Manus VR strapped an HTC Vive controller to the back of my wrist, and it gave a lot more consistent tracking of the location of my hands as a result; I didn’t have to worry about keeping my hands within my field of view like I do with optically tracked solutions like Leap Motion.

VR Bound Announces Nominees For Inaugural 2017 VR Awards


Leap MotionLeap Motion. Zero Latency. Zero Latency – Zero Latency. An evening dedicated to celebrating the past years VR accomplishments.

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Google’s Standalone Headsets Use Snapdragon 835 VR Platform


There the company stated that its new processor was designed specifically for VR, boosting areas like visual fidelity and audio while combating other areas like latency. It featured a 2560×1440 AMOLED display, 6DoF tracking, eye tracking, foveated rendering and and even hand-tracking by way of Leap Motion integration.

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These are the Nominees for VR Bound’s First VR Awards


Leap Motion. Innovative VR Company of the Year : Zero Latency. Zero Latency – Zero Latency. As we reported last February , VR Bound- along with sponsors, including AMD and HP- are organizing the inaugural VR awards in London on September 23rd. VR Bound announced the shortlisted nominees for the awards’ twelve categories earlier this weekm and you can see them below. VR Headset of the Year : HTC Vive. Oculus Rift. Razer OSVR. Sony PlayStation VR.

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Bigscreen Brings Your Desktop Into Virtual Reality


Bigscreen takes your screen and quite literally makes it bigger. With the help of Virtual Reality of course. Bigscreen allows you to project your regular desktop into your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive in any number of customizable ways.

Hands-on: Gloveone’s Newest Haptic Glove Has Impressive Tracking Tech

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At E3 2016 I got to see the latest prototype version of Gloveone, a haptic motion input glove designed for virtual reality. The latency of the input was also quite impressive.

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Designing VR Tools: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


At a recent Designers + Geeks talk , Jody Medich and Daniel Plemmons talked about some of the discoveries our team has made (and the VR best practices we’ve developed) while building VR experiences with the Oculus Rift and the Leap Motion Controller. Latency, taking camera control from the user, moving horizon lines – these are all things that can cause sim sickness. Here’s what we’ve learned building menus for Leap Motion.

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Dexmo force feedback gloves show the future of hands presence in VR

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Theoretically they could work also via Bluetooth, but Bluetooth communication would add extra latency to the haptics system. One of the most interesting encounters I had in my trip to Beijing has been with Dexta Robotics , the company behind the Dexmo force-feedback glove s.

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VR Dev nDreams Estimates There Are 4.5 Million High End Headsets


“I strongly believe that nearly every VR headset being used in 2025 will have both 6dof inside-out tracking and either 6dof controllers or Leap Motion style hand tracking,” O’Luanaigh explained. I also think most headsets will use 5G cloud ‘edge’ rendering by 2025 to deliver console quality visuals on very cheap headsets/glasses with sub 10ms latency from moving your hand to seeing an image.”

Intel’s Project Alloy Round 2: RealSense Hand-Tracking and Optimized Software


I only tried the hand tracking briefly and haven’t tried a comparable sculpting demo with Leap Motion, but Intel’s controller-less VR hand tracking showed some of the smallest movements of my finger resulting in notable change in the shape of the tube.

All you need to know on Oculus Connect 6: the most important news in one single article!

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According to Ars Technica , the frames don’t get sent as a whole, but in little horizonal slices there are continuously streamed, so that to reduce a lot the perceived latency. There is a bit of latency (80ms) and it can be perceived.

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HTC Vive announces 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and teases hand tracking for Vive Pro

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This is cool because without having to add external hardware like Leap Motion , all Vive Pro users will be able to use their hands inside VR experiences to interact with the VR environment.

An In-depth Look at Microsoft’s HoloLens & Mixed Reality Ecosystem

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We cover a lot of the high-level mixed reality strategies as well as the low-level details for developers, as well as a wide range of topics from AI integrations with Microsoft Cognitive Services to the technical details of their new motion-tracked controllers.

The High-end VR Room of the Future Looks Like This


Imagine the same touch and motion-based actions we’re used to on mobile phones, only happening in the air with our hands while we’re in VR. Those interactions can be mapped to brainwaves and translated into action with almost no latency.

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