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Oculus Story Studio Alumni Form New Studio to Push Boundaries of VR Storytelling & Affordability

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Oculus Story Studio, the company’s internal production studio tasked with creating ridiculously polished cinematic experiences, first announced they’d be winding down production last summer.

‘VRChat’ Blasts Past 1 Million Installs Amidst a Skyrocketing Meme Economy

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VRChat , the social chatroom for VR and non-VR users, is doing booming business. According to SteamSpy , the app has seen a mind-boggling 1.2 million fresh installs since Christmas – putting it currently at 1.5 million users globally.

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4 Most Important Stories From CES and What They Mean for VR in 2018

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CES 2018 has come and gone, and with it, a pace has been set for what we can expect to see in VR in the next six months or so. If you weren’t following the day-to-day news, here’s a look at the top stories and what they mean going forward. HTC Vive Pro. Photo by Road to VR.

Magic Leap Researchers Reveal “Deep SLAM” Tracking Algorithm

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‘Google Earth VR’ Lets You Experience the Total Solar Eclipse Right Now

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Apple’s Job Listings Seek ‘VR File Format Engineer’, ‘VR Pipeline Engineer’, & More

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Now that Apple is being open about their interest in VR the company is publicly listing new job postings for a number of roles seeking candidates with VR expertise. Two of the latest listings suggest the company is exploring VR video codecs and file formats.

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Samsung’s New VR Display Has Nearly 3.5x More Pixels Than Rift & Vive

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At last week’s Display Week 2017 conference, Samsung showed off a new ultra-high resolution display for VR headsets that more than triples the pixel count of the displays in the Oculus Rift and Vive.

Apple Embraces VR: Every Virtual Reality Announcement From Today’s WWDC Keynote

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At Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference today, the company made a major shift in their embrace of virtual reality with several new VR announcements during the event’s opening keynote.

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New Procedural Speech Animation From Disney Research Could Make for More Realistic VR Avatars

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A new paper authored by researchers from Disney Research and several universities describes a new approach to procedural speech animation based on deep learning. The system samples audio recordings of human speech and uses it to automatically generate matching mouth animation.

WePlayVR is a Modular VR Attraction in-a-box Made for Family Venues

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AI Solve is creating a modular VR attraction that’s designed as a low-cost pathway for family entertainment centers to bring VR experiences to their customers.

Oculus Research Reveals “Groundbreaking” Focal Surface Display

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Oculus Research, the VR and AR R&D division of the company, today announced a new display technology that they’re calling the “Focal Surface Display.” ” The display aims to improve the vergence-accommodation conflict that plagues today’s VR headsets.

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Lenovo Reveals AR Headset DaystAR

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Today’s Firefox Update Brings Rift and Vive WebVR Support to Everyone

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Today is a big day for WebVR as the latest public update to Firefox adds support for the Rift and Vive, making it easy to step into VR experiences that are served directly from the web. WebVR is a in-development web standard that makes it possible to create VR content that lives on the web.

VR Headsets Based on Kopin’s 2K Display Expected by End of 2018

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After we went hands-on with Kopin’s prototype headset featuring their 2K VR micro display last week, people are curious to know when the screens might actually hit the market.

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When Is It Okay To Be Critical Of Startup Founders? The Walkie-Talkie Magic Matrix Can Help

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Written by Anand Sanwal ( @asanwal ), co-founder and CEO of CB Insights. When a startup fails or hits a rough patch and there are publicly critical comments of the startup (or in some cases the founder), a debate on whether this type of critical commentary is warranted or acceptable often emerges.

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Here’s What Could Be in HTC’s ‘Vive 1.5’

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HTC made a not so subtle tease today that a new version of the HTC Vive is on the way with improved resolution. While it doesn’t look like this will be positioned as a ‘Vive 2’, here’s what we could see from a ‘Vive 1.5’

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Oculus’ New ‘Stereo Shading Reprojection’ Brings Big Performance Gains to Certain VR Scenes

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Oculus is calling its latest rendering tech ‘Stereo Shading Reprojection’, and says that for scenes which are heavy in pixel shading, the approach can save upwards of 20% on GPU performance.

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Google Confirms Glass Team is Not Working With AR/VR Team

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Disney Invests in VR Arcade The VOID, Epic Games in 2017 Accelerator

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The Walt Disney Company has announced participants in its 2017 incubator Disney Accelerator , a program intended for early and venture-backed tech startups working in media and entertainment.

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Oculus: ‘Multiple VR titles have made more than $1M in the Oculus store alone’

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For VR to succeed in the consumer space, an ecosystem of developers making content that users want to buy is an absolute must. Oculus for its part has attempted to kickstart that ecosystem by investing hefty sums in content developers, and now the company says it’s starting to pay off.

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Google Tests Interactive Learning with VR Espresso Machine, “People learned faster and better in VR”

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The team behind Daydream, Google’s mobile VR platform, is currently conducting experiments with the aim of broadening virtual reality’s usecase to include more interactive learning.

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Samsung Mobile VR Reference Headset Revealed With Eye-tracking

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Not to be left out of the reference design fun (with Intel, Qualcomm, and more already offering headset blueprints for others to build upon), Samsung has revealed its VR headset reference design.

Researchers Showcase Impressive New Bar for Real-time Digital Human Rendering in VR

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A broad team of graphics researchers, universities, and technology companies are showcasing the latest research into digital human representation in VR at SIGGRAPH 2017.

Vive to Get Eye-tracking Add-on with Optional Corrective Lenses

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7invensun, one of the latest companies accepted into HTC’s Vive X accelerator program, is launching an eye-tracking add-on made specially for the Vive headset.

Viveport Goes “VR First” in Largest Update Yet Including New ‘Home’ & Content Previews

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Viveport, HTC’s VR content store for Vive, just received a significant overhaul aimed at improving content discovery and consumption. The new ‘home’ area, which is based on spaceship platform, acts as a launchpad for the store’s games and experiences.

Microsoft Patents Wand-Like Augmented Reality Controller

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Microsoft’s HoloLens already has a physical input device, the HoloLens Clicker, but in a recently published patent, we may be getting a peek into what the company was initially planning before they decided to include each HoloLens with the tiny 3DoF device.

Shot on Lytro’s Light-field Camera, ‘Hallelujah’ Is a Stunning Mix of Volumetric Film and Audio

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Hallelujah is a new experience by VR film studio Within that’s captured using Lytro’s latest Immerge light-field camera which captures volumetric footage that makes for a much more immersive experience than traditional 360 video.

Facebook Unveils Two New Volumetric Video ‘Surround360’ Cameras, Coming Later this Year

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Facebook today announced two new additions to the Surround360 hardware initiative that are poised to make 360 video more immersive.

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Kopin’s Prototype VR Headset is Incredibly Thin & Light, More Than 3x the Pixels of Rift and Vive

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Kopin is touting a new prototype VR headset featuring their 4K OLED ‘Lightning’ microdisplay that they say is made specifically for VR.

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Report: Public VR Awareness Almost Doubling Annually with PSVR & Gear VR Leading the Way

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A new report from Nielsen suggests that not only is public awareness of virtual reality at record levels, it’s nearly doubled year on year.

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Understanding Pixel Density & Retinal Resolution, and Why It’s Important for AR/VR Headsets

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While most of us are used to dealing with resolution figures that describe pixel count (ie: a 1920×1080 monitor), pixel density stated as pixels per degree is a much more useful figure, especially when dealing with AR and VR headsets.

This Flexible Thermoelectric Skin Has Made Me a Believer in Thermal Haptics

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Korea-based TEGway is developing ThermoReal , a thermoelectric array which can generate heat and cold with impressively low latency. The flexible nature of ThermoReal could make it suitable for integration into VR controllers, gloves, and more.

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VR-based Treatment for Vision Disorders Shows Positive Results in Peer-reviewed Study

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Vivid Vision offers a virtual reality based treatment for lazy eye disorders. A new study published in the peer-reviewed BioMed Journal of Ophthalmology finds positive preliminary results which “indicate the potential for a new treatment for adulthood amblyopia.”

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Google’s AR/VR Team Just Keeps Growing

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Google first started its venture into virtual reality with Google Cardboard back in 2014.

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Huge Oculus Rift & Touch Sale Brings Price to $400

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Oculus is giving the Rift & Touch their biggest discount yet for a six week-long sale. 400 will get you both the Rift headset and the Touch controllers, and a slew of bundled content. At the start of 2017, the Oculus Rift + Touch controllers cost $800, the same as the HTC Vive.

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‘Lone Echo’s’ Virtual Hands Are an Unexpected VR Innovation

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Oculus had talked much about ‘Hand Presence’ with the launch of their Touch VR controllers last year, but few games have implemented the controllers in such a way that truly deliver on that promise.

Volkswagen Group, One of the World’s Largest Companies, is Building VR Apps to Help Employees Collaborate Across the Globe

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Volkswagen Group, the multi-brand automotive company, has developed VR apps to make long-distance collaboration in production and logistics an easier task.

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Lytro’s Latest VR Light-field Camera is Huge, and Hugely Improved

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In the last few years, Lytro has made a major pivot away from consumer-facing digital camera products now to high-end production cameras and tools, with a major part of the company’s focus on the ‘Immerge’ light-field camera for VR.

James Cameron: ‘If I wasn’t making Avatar [sequels] I would be experimenting with VR’

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James Camera is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors, best known for Titanic , and Avatar , two of the world’s top grossing films. He’s also been an evangelist of technological innovation in cinema production.

Google Launching WebVR Support for Android Chrome in January, Desktop to Follow

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WebVR is gaining significant momentum; last month the biggest players in the browse space came together to discuss the future of VR on the web at the W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality.

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