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Sony Reveals AR Headset Prototype in New Ghostbusters Location-based Attraction

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Ginza Sony Park, the Japanese tech giant’s Tokyo-based hub for Sony brand promotion, is now playing host to a new Ghostbusters -themed multiplayer experience using a newly revealed Sony AR headset prototype.

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‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Dev: “we will try our darnedest to make VR support happen”

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Microsoft Flight Simulator seemed like the ideal candidate for VR support when it was unveiled back at E3 2019 in June, however word got out at E3 that the studio hadn’t fully committed to supporting VR headsets at launch.

‘Asgard’s Wrath’ Review – VR’s Epic Norse Saga of Godlike Proportions

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Sanzaru Games made some pretty big claims about Asgard’s Wrath when it was first revealed earlier this year, calling it their “deepest title yet” and promising 30+ hours of first-person combat, dungeoning, and all of the RPG goodness you could hope for.

Colorado State University Has Deployed a 100 Headset VR Lab for Biomedical Education

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Colorado State University has deployed a new VR lab; designed to accommodate up to 100 students simultaneously, the lab’s headsets run custom software which allow students to visualize life-sized virtual cadavers and medical imagery in a shared virtual space.

PlayStation VR’s 3rd Anniversary Sale Brings Big Discounts to Top VR Titles

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PlayStation VR is now officially three years old, and to celebrate Sony has slashed prices on many of the platform’s highest profile VR titles while offering up to 70% off a wide selection of games. The sale is already live, and goes until October 22nd in the US. Check out the full list below.

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Report: Apple Acquires Motion Capture Firm IKinema

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According to a MacRumor report and regulatory filings with the UK government, Apple may have quietly acquired UK-based motion capture firm IKinema.

Google Releases Highly-polished VR Tour of Versailles for Free

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Google Arts & Culture partnered with Château de Versailles to create an extremely detailed VR tour of the iconic French palace, aptly named VersaillesVR – the palace is yours (2019).

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Our Vive Cosmos Review is Postponed Until HTC Shines Light on a Potentially Glaring Issue

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HTC’s latest headset, Vive Cosmos, officially launches today.

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Graffiti Simulator ‘Kingspray’ Coming to Oculus Quest This Week, Trailer Here

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Infectious Ape, the studio behind Kingspray (2016), today announced that the graffiti simulator is headed to Oculus Quest on October 17th.

VRNGRY Power Pack Adds Extra Battery Life and Counterweight to Oculus Quest

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The VRNRGY Power Pack, an auxiliary battery pack designed specifically to fit on the back of an Oculus Quest, is now available for order on the company’s website.

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Oculus Reveals New VR Headset Prototypes with Major Advances in Optics Form-factor

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On stage at Oculus Connect today, Facebook Reality Labs Chief Scientist Michael Abrash revealed two new prototype VR headsets from the company, Half Dome 2 and Half Dome 3. Both headsets offer improvements over the original Half Dome prototype showed off last year.

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‘Iron Man VR’ Confirmed for February Launch on PSVR, New Trailer Here

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Camouflaj, the studio behind PlayStation VR exclusive Marvel’s Iron Man VR , recently confirmed that the high-flying super hero adventure is coming to PSVR on February 28th, 2020.

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7invensun Announces $150 Eye-tracking Module Supporting All HTC Headsets

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Facebook Reveals Hand-tracking Update for Quest, Coming Early 2020

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Oculus Connect 6 is starting today, and ahead of the festivities Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg teased a video showing off some pretty nuanced hand interaction, something he says will be apart of his talk today. Now, we know that Quest will soon include optical hand-tracking.

‘The Room VR’ Coming to All Major VR Headsets Early 2020, Trailer Here

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Fireproof Games, the studio behind VR game Omega Agent (2016) and critically-acclaimed The Room series of puzzle games, recently unveiled its next VR game called The Room VR: A Dark Matter.

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Tile Five Launches Kickstarter for Tabletop Gaming AR Headset Starting at $300

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Tilt Five took to Kickstarter today seeking $450,000 in funding to bring its AR headset to life. The headset, which uses a unique projection display method, is heavily focused on tabletop gaming applications.

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Google Discontinues Daydream View Headset, the Final Nail in the Coffin for its Android VR Ambitions

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VR Fitness Startup YUR Secures $1.1M Investment, Releases Calorie-counting Software for Quest

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YUR, a VR fitness company, today announced it’s secured $1.1

Verizon Acquires Jaunt XR’s Augmented Reality Tech

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Jaunt, the cinematic VR company that pivoted to AR last year, today announced it has sold its software, technology, and “certain other assets” to American telecom Verizon.

Oculus CTO: ‘Rift S Still Worthwhile Even After Quest Gets PC-tether Feature’

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Oculus CTO and legendary programmer John Carmack took to Twitter recently to explain his reasoning behind why Rift S is still worth buying even though Oculus Quest will soon get the ability to play Rift games via Oculus Link.

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Hands-on: Oculus Link Makes Quest Feel Like a Native PC VR Headset

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Announced yesterday, Oculus Link will allow Quest to play Rift games by connecting to any VR-capable PC. In our hands-on at Oculus Connect, the feature really does seem to deliver an experience that feels like a native PC VR headset.

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Report: Facebook Strikes Deal with Ray-Ban Parent Company to Design “AR glasses”

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Facebook is building augmented reality headsets with the intent of eventually bringing one to market, this much is clear from its many job postings, research projects, and forward-looking statements from company execs.

Holoride to Offer Immersive in-car VR Experience to the Public This Month

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Holoride, the Munich-based startup co-founded by Audi that looks to change everyday travel by injecting VR into the passenger’s experience, is offering free rides in Los Angeles starting this week to demonstrate the technology to the public.

Watch Oculus Connect 6 Day Two Keynote Livestream Here @10 AM PT

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There was a massive haul of announcements yesterday (believe us, just look at our front page), and while today’s keynote may not have any specific product reveals, where else can you watch legendary programmer and Oculus CTO John Carmack talk about VR until they pull his mic?

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Upcoming SteamVR Update Aims to Fix the Platform’s Irksome Audio Issues

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An upcoming update to SteamVR brings an audio overhaul which aims to fix one of the most frustrating parts of the platform: audio not always going to your headset on the first try.

Hands-on: Vive Cosmos Aims to Reboot the Vive Experience

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HTC’s latest VR headset, Vive Cosmos, is just around the corner. This week Road to VR got a preview of the headset ahead of its October 3rd launch. In a meeting at HTC’s Vive office in San Francisco this week, I got to go hands-on with the Vive Cosmos headset.

Varjo Launches VR-2 Headset with SteamVR Support, Improved ‘Bionic Display’, and Hand-tracking Option

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Announced and launched today, Varjo’s enterprise-focused VR-2 brings support for SteamVR content and improves on the headset’s ‘bionic display’, which delivers ‘retina’ resolution at the center of the field of view.

‘Asgard’s Wrath’ Boasts Massive 121 GB File Size Thanks to High-res Textures

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Asgard’s Wrath is launching exclusively on Rift October 10th, so you know exactly how much time you’ll need to either clear out space on your SSD, or buy a new one for what appears to be one of, if not the largest game by file size to land on the Oculus Store.

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Facebook Acquires BCI Startup CTRL-Labs to Develop Neural Input Device

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Facebook announced today plans to acquire CTRL-Labs, a brain-computer interface startup developing hardware and software for decoding electrical activity from the brain to be used for computer input.

Cosmos Will Support Vive Wireless Adapter with Additional $50 Add-on

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Vive Cosmos, HTC’s latest PC VR headset and replacement for the original Vive, launches today for $700.

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How to Watch Oculus Connect 6 Keynotes Live in VR

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Oculus Connect 6 is fast approaching, and while today is technically the last day for registration , you can still follow along with the company’s annual developer conference next week both in and outside of VR.

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PC Tethering on Quest is a Huge Upgrade, Making Rift S an Even More Questionable Purchase

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Oculus today announced an upcoming PC tethering feature coming to Quest headsets in November. Oculus Link, as it’s called, will let users plug into VR ready PCs and play games originally designed for Rift.

HTC Vive Cosmos Pre-orders to Start September 12th

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HTC Vive Cosmos, the company’s upcoming PC VR headset, is officially going into pre-order starting September 12th. HTC announced the news via Twitter, saying that more information, including specs, price, and special offers will be made public at the time when pre-orders go live.

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Digital Frontier: Where Brain-computer Interfaces & AR/VR Could One Day Meet

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Whenever I used to think about brain-computer interfaces (BCI), I typically imagined a world where the Internet was served up directly to my mind through cyborg-style neural implants—or basically how it’s portrayed in Ghost in the Shell.

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Google Releases Real-time Mobile Hand Tracking to R&D Community

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Google has released to researchers and developers its own mobile device-based hand tracking method using machine learning, something Google R esearch engineers Valentin Bazarevsky and Fan Zhang call a “new approach to hand perception.”