Hollywood Automotive Exhibit Brings Famous Vehicles To Life In Mixed Reality


Today marks the grand opening of The Petersen Automotive Museum’s “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” exhibit, an automotive-themed showcase that shines a spotlight on some of the most iconic dream cars from cinema and video games.

DigiLens raises $25 million For Automotive Holographic Display


DigiLens of Sunnyvale, California announced today that it has raised $25 million from Continental, a German technology company interested in the automotive application of the startup’s holographic display technology. The deal will give Continental an 18 percent stake in DigiLens. The two companies are now jointly developing “a waveguide head-up display” (HUD) for cars. The waveguide technology also has potential for aviation and motorcycle helmets, the companies said in a press release.

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Automotive Research VR and AR app, RelayCars, Announces Updates


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Interview: Automotive Specialist Zerolight on Finessing Software Through Eye Tracking

Peter Graham

With its headquarters in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, Zerolight is at the forefront of immersive visualisation techniques for the automotive industry, regularly showcasing its virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) developments.

uSens Automotive Infotainment Gesture Tracking – The Wave of the Future


Market size for automotive gesture recognition is worth well over $800M and demand is estimated to surpass over 43% compound. The post uSens Automotive Infotainment Gesture Tracking – The Wave of the Future appeared first on Usens Inc. AR Aritificial Intelligence Augmented Reality car Machine Learning self-driving car Technology automotive hand gesture infotainment

Continental Increases Stake in Waveguide Display Company DigiLens, Raising $25M Series C

Road to VR

Continental , a leading German automotive manufacturing company, is increasing its investment in Silicon Valley-based waveguiide company DigiLens , bringing a $25 million Series C financing round to the company.

Delphi Automotive Creates New Company – Aptiv


Delphi Automotive decided to transform itself from a traditional automotive parts supplier into a tech company focused on autonomous driving. Also, the company is capable of complying with the strict automotive regulations, pertaining to lowering of the CO2 and other toxic emissions from combustion engines by a considerable amount ,”the company announced. The post Delphi Automotive Creates New Company – Aptiv appeared first on VR World.

HaptX Gloves Will Help Transform VR Training and Design


In addition to the whimsical demo I tried of the farm house, HaptX has also created hands-on demos for training firefighters and a glimpse into how automotive companies could use the gloves to showcase design in a more immersive environment. Reach out and touch a rain cloud.

The Future of Augmented Reality in Autonomous Driving Technology


Everyone in the automotive industry is racing to advance autonomous driving technologies and deploy driverless cars. See Also: Augmented Reality’s Surprising First Frontier: The Automotive Industry.

VR Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Launches in Early Access

Road to VR

A quick glance at the creations on the front page of the Gravity Sketch website suggests that industrial designers, particularly in the automotive and product sectors, could have a very capable tool to add to their workflow.

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Jaguar Just Showed Us The Future of Car Launches


A competitor to the Tesla Model X, the I-PACE is a major foray for Jaguar into electric automotive transportation. So when it came to launching a future facing vehicle like the I-PACE, Jaguar needed a car launch that went above the normal conventions of previous automotive launches.

Report: Apple Using VR to Test Self-Driving System


Many of the engineers working Canada were hired over the past year, with dozens coming from Blackberry’s QNX, a leading automotive software provider. News Apple AutomotiveVirtual reality is being used to test Apple’s self-driving vehicle.

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Driving Ahead: Car Companies Using XR to Adapt in a Post-Uber World


Less obvious is Uber’s impact in the automotive sector, where the app is creating waves for car manufacturers. In fact, some industry observers believe automotive is about to […]. My last blog post built upon Uber’s wrecking ball-style entrance into the cab industry.

Argon Transform: An AR Technology HUD Attachment for Motorcyclists


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Volkswagen Will Train 10,000 Employees Using VR This Year


News Automotive Cars HTC Vive Training VolkswagenThe Volkswagen Group will use an augmented reality hub to train employees across the globe. ????????????In In 2013, Volkswagen demonstrated a new process by which service workers could use augmented reality to service a vehicle.

BMW’s magical gesture control finally makes sense as touchscreens take over cars

TechCrunch VR

The automotive world was different. Automotive Gadgets automotive industry BMW driver Ford RAM Tesla Touchscreens Virtual reality volvoBMW has been equipping its cars with in-air gesture control for several years and I never paid attention to it. It seemed redundant. Why wave your hand in the air when there are dials, buttons and touchscreens to do the same thing? Until this week, that is, when I took delivery of a BMW 850i loaner equipped with the tech.

Honda Mixed Reality Race Pits Pro Driver Against Pro YouTuber


News Automotive Honda Honda Mixed Reality Mixed Reality Mixed Reality Racing MR MR Racing RacingReal and virtual go head-to-head in this first-of-a-kind high speed duel.

“GeoPose Evangelist” Talks Spatial Computing and Autonomous Vehicles


See Also: Augmented Reality’s Surprising First Frontier: The Automotive Industry. “ Spatial Computing Automotive & Transportation Editor's Pick Extended Reality Interview autonomous vehicles featured spatial computingWhen many casual users think of extended reality, they think about big glasses and funny controllers. However, one application of this technology – autonomous vehicles – requires neither of those tools.

Formula E Releases Racing Highlights in True Virtual Reality


News Automotive HTC Vive RacingThis is as close to being on the track as you’re going to get. City street racing series Formula E and VR sports entertainment company Virtually Live have teamed up to bring high-paced racing action to virtual reality using some seriously cool spectator modes.

Welcome to Virtual Reality Ad Units


News Advertising Automotive Toyota USA TodayUSA Today launches branded VR news show with a 360° video ad. Gannett, the publisher of USA Today , finally release d their first episode of its weekly VR news show VRtually There on Thursday.

Audi AR App Brings Advertising Into Your Living Room


News Advertising AR ARKit Audi Augmented Reality Automotive CarsCar salesman are always trying to get you to “picture this baby at home in your driveway.” ” But who needs imagination when we have augmented reality?

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Nissan Debuts Star Wars AR Experience at Dealerships


News AR Augmented Reality Automotive HTC Vive Movies Nissan See The Unseen Star WarsWandering the Nissan showroom? Why not let R2D2 and C3P0 show you the latest advances in safety technology? Nissan can’t seem to get enough of Star Wars or immersive technology this year.

Mercedes and Magic Leap Debut Immersive Roadshow in the UK


See Also: The Rise of Virtual Reality in Automotive Retail. See Also: Augmented Reality’s Surprising First Frontier: The Automotive Industry. Augmented Reality Automotive & Transportation Immersive Technology News augmented reality immersive technology magic leap mixed reality

Recent Apple Patent Hints at a Future of Autonomous VR Cars


News Apple Apple Autonomous Car Apple Autonomous VR Car Apple VR Apple VR Patent Automotive Autonomous CarAccording to a patent filed by Apple in 2017, some very fun road trips could be on the horizon.

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Volkswagen Launches Custom VR Exhibit At Historic Brand Tower


News Automotive HTC Vive Leap Motion T-Roc Virtual Reality Experience Volkswagen Volkswagen GroupVW celebrates the world premiere of T-Roc with a VR experience for first-time users. .

Drifting champion tackles Goodwood with VR, 5G and one tiny startup’s tech

TechCrunch VR

Automotive TC Virtual Reality 5g 5g network articles Designated Driver Emerging-Technologies Internet of Things oregon Portland race roborace Samsung self-driving car technology Virtual reality vodafoneStunt driver Vaughn Gittin Jr.

VR Chuckwagon Racing Stampedes Into Canada


News Automotive Canada GMC Momentum Worldwide Oculus Rift Oculus TouchRacing a wooden wagon down a dirt road has never been so futuristic. If i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a thousand times: The world needs a virtual reality chuckwagon racing experience.

Canada 198

Hyundai Surprises Troops With Super Bowl Livestream They’ll Never Forget


News 360 Video Automotive Hyundai Military Nokia OZO Sports Super BowlWatching the Super Bowl is one thing, but watching it with loved ones is better. As millions of fans watched the Super Bowl with friends and family, U.S.

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Volkswagen Using VR For Team Member Collaboration


News Audi Automotive HTC Vive Training VolkswagenThe German automobile manufacturer dives deeper into VR with a new collaborative app. Multinational auto giant Volkswagen Group is no stranger to virtual reality.

Uber Patents VR System For Self-Driving Cars


News Automotive Paten Transport UberUber looks to VR to make your morning commute a little more interesting.

Audi Creates VR Sandbox Track You Can Shape And Drive Yourself


News Audi Automotive MediaMonksBringing out the big kid in all of us. Remember how much fun you had playing in the sandbox as a kid? With handfuls of toy cars and a wild imagination, you could create your own mini world of dunes, jumps and turns that required some serious driving skills.

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GDC 2017: Epic’s Tim Sweeney on What Unreal Engine VR Means for Non-gaming Industries


Enhanced reality devices – especially AR — will be ubiquitous in another decade or so, and used in nearly every aspect of our lives and in nearly every industry, from automotive to medical care, education to neuroscience, engineering to shopping. The ways architects and automotive companies will use VR is really healthy for us for our engine direction. Tagged with: automotive , GDC , shopping , Tim Sweeney , unreal engine 4.

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Drive Through A Battle Zone In This Nissan Star Wars VR Experience


News 360 Video Automotive Daydream Gear VR HTC Vive Nissan Oculus Rift Star WarsThe Nissan Rogue gets battle-tested in this new Star Wars-themed VR experience. . To help celebrate the blu-ray release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Nissan has teamed up with Lucasfilm Ltd.,

Virtual test drives next big trend for cars

Hypergrid Business

Nothing beats taking an actual car for an actual drive, but virtual reality can whet buyer appetites for the real thing and can also offer customers an opportunity to see a broader variety of... Features Arealities Audi automotive Cadillac Daden Volvo YouVisit

ResearchVR Episode 37 – Configuring Your Car In Virtual Reality


Therefore, high-cost product providers, such as the automotive industry, need to help a customer with making a good choice. Tagged with: automotive , car configurator , configurator , UX , VR. Podcasts automotive car configurator configurator UX VRThis week on ResearchVR we discuss in depth a highly anticipated VR application — car configuration. Also, you can meet us in person during this year’s CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, from March 20-24.

This is NVIDIA’s Project Holodeck [Release and Demo]


Archive Features Automotive Cars graphics koenigsegg nvidia virtual reality vrThis week at GTC 2017, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang revealed Project Holodeck to the masses. This system “brings visually stunning, collaborative, and shareable VR to everyone.”

Toyota Rolls Out Web-Based AR Advertising Campaign via 8th Wall

Next Reality AR

While Toyota ranks as the leading automotive brand in the world, the company is a follower when it comes to augmented reality. Nonetheless, Toyota is catching up with the competition with a web-based augmented reality advertising campaign for the 2020 Corolla.