Daimler Transforms the Automotive Lifecycle

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How Daimler uses Unity across its automotive lifecycle. Let’s cover a few of the ways they create and deploy HoloLens applications at various stages of the automotive lifecycle. Traditional training programs use cut-section models to instruct technicians on how to service an automotive transmission. For more on Daimler’s automotive lifecycle transformation, see the presentation below. This article is the latest in AR Insider’s editorial contributor program.

Hollywood Automotive Exhibit Brings Famous Vehicles To Life In Mixed Reality


Today marks the grand opening of The Petersen Automotive Museum’s “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” exhibit, an automotive-themed showcase that shines a spotlight on some of the most iconic dream cars from cinema and video games. Image Credit: Petersen Automotive Exhibit. Karges, Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum. Microsoft HoloLens powers Back to the Future & Halo-themed MR experiences.

DigiLens raises $25 million For Automotive Holographic Display


DigiLens of Sunnyvale, California announced today that it has raised $25 million from Continental, a German technology company interested in the automotive application of the startup’s holographic display technology. The deal will give Continental an 18 percent stake in DigiLens. The two companies are now jointly developing “a waveguide head-up display” (HUD) for cars. The waveguide technology also has potential for aviation and motorcycle helmets, the companies said in a press release.

Developments of AR that will change the automotive industry


Developments of AR that will change the automotive industry New technological developments are shaping the automotive industry. In this article I will describe the realization and developments of AR that will change the automotive industry.

Automotive Research VR and AR app, RelayCars, Announces Updates


See Also: Augmented Reality’s Surprising First Frontier: The Automotive Industry. AR Apps Augmented Reality Automotive & Transportation News AR apps augmented reality automotive industry featuredBuying a car is a big decision so it makes sense to get all the help that you can get. One app giving people a little extra help is RelayCars. RelayCars is a VR and AR app that lets buyers get to know the car that they’re buying before they sign the check.

Interview: Automotive Specialist Zerolight on Finessing Software Through Eye Tracking

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With its headquarters in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, Zerolight is at the forefront of immersive visualisation techniques for the automotive industry, regularly showcasing its virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) developments. Earlier this month Develop:Brighton took place and VRFocus caught up with the Zerolight team to find out what was new.

AR Automotive Market Estimated to Reach $7.98 Billion


While many industries are beginning to embrace augmented reality, it’s really starting to come into its own in the automotive space. According to the International Trade Administration, the automotive industry accounts for roughly 3 to 3.5 The augmented reality automotive market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 30.31% during the forecast period, to reach $7.98 At CES 2017, for example, three automotive equipment makers shared augmented reality concepts with the world.

Delphi Automotive Creates New Company – Aptiv


Delphi Automotive decided to transform itself from a traditional automotive parts supplier into a tech company focused on autonomous driving. Also, the company is capable of complying with the strict automotive regulations, pertaining to lowering of the CO2 and other toxic emissions from combustion engines by a considerable amount ,”the company announced. The post Delphi Automotive Creates New Company – Aptiv appeared first on VR World.

Varjo XR-1 Compatibility with Autodesk VRED: Mixed Reality Car Design Case Study


As the XR-1 is supported by design solution Autodesk VRED , the mixed reality headset becomes an even more valuable solution for automotive companies. Automotive Design and Mixed Reality. Automotive design is a long and complicated process even with mixed reality.

Manual vs. automatic transmission

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Cars Automatic Transmission Automotive CVT Manual transmission Tier 4 versusIn the battle of automatic versus manual, which one wins? Let's look at the differences and similarities.

The best cars for teens

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Buying Guides Cars Automotive Best of Mazda teenagers teens Tier 4A first car is a rite of passage. These are the best cars for teens, balancing both safety and affordability.

HaptX Gloves Will Help Transform VR Training and Design


In addition to the whimsical demo I tried of the farm house, HaptX has also created hands-on demos for training firefighters and a glimpse into how automotive companies could use the gloves to showcase design in a more immersive environment. With HaptX Gloves, leading automotive and aerospace companies can touch and interact with their vehicles before they are built, radically reducing time and cost for design iterations,” said Jake Rubin, Founder and CEO of HaptX.

The best minivans for 2020

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Buying Guides Cars Automotive Best of best of everything Chrysler Pacifica Family Cars Honda Odyssey Kia Sedona Minivans Tier 4 Toyota SiennaAlthough a little boring, minivans are versatile cars for motorists with people, gear, or both to lug around.

The best used cars you can buy for under $15,000

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Buying Guides Cars Automotive Best of Mazda Prius Subaru Tier 4There are plenty of used cars for under $15,000, whether you’re looking for a daily driver or a luxury sedan.

Continental Increases Stake in Waveguide Display Company DigiLens, Raising $25M Series C

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Continental , a leading German automotive manufacturing company, is increasing its investment in Silicon Valley-based waveguiide company DigiLens , bringing a $25 million Series C financing round to the company. While Continental’s investment will primary concentrate on the automotive heads-up displays (HUDs), the cash injection could mean further breakthroughs for smaller waveguides like those used in AR headsets.

The best crossovers for 2020

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Buying Guides Cars Automotive Best of best of everything cars CrossoversNearly every automaker competes in the hugely popular crossover segment, so finding a good one is challenging.

Jaguar Just Showed Us The Future of Car Launches


A competitor to the Tesla Model X, the I-PACE is a major foray for Jaguar into electric automotive transportation. So when it came to launching a future facing vehicle like the I-PACE, Jaguar needed a car launch that went above the normal conventions of previous automotive launches. Let me just lead by saying that i’ve been to other car launches before, and they’re what you’d expect from an automotive reveal. News Automotive Dell HTC Vive Imagination

Every car compatible with Apple CarPlay

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Apple Cars Mobile Automotive CarPlay Other Tier 4Wondering if you can connect your iPhone to your car's infotainment center? Here is a full list of CarPlay-compatible cars.

Apple 76

What to pack in a car emergency kit

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Cars Automotive emergency kit first aid kit goTenna Other Tier 4Packing an emergency kit for your next road trip ensures small problems don't become an absolute disaster.

The Future of Augmented Reality in Autonomous Driving Technology


Everyone in the automotive industry is racing to advance autonomous driving technologies and deploy driverless cars. See Also: Augmented Reality’s Surprising First Frontier: The Automotive Industry. Application Augmented Reality Automotive & Transportation augmented reality automotive industry featuredThis year, we’ve seen massive strides thanks to emerging technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Report: Apple Using VR to Test Self-Driving System


Many of the engineers working Canada were hired over the past year, with dozens coming from Blackberry’s QNX, a leading automotive software provider. News Apple AutomotiveVirtual reality is being used to test Apple’s self-driving vehicle. According to a Bloomberg report on Tuesday, Apple will be able to continue to keeping their secretive plans to develop self-driving software behind closed doors thanks to virtual reality.

Apple 308

The fastest cars in the world

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Cars Automotive Bugatti cars Hennessey Other supercars Tier 4Bugatti proudly wears the top-speed crown in 2020; its 304-mph Chiron is certified as the world's fastest car.

Volkswagen Will Train 10,000 Employees Using VR This Year


News Automotive Cars HTC Vive Training VolkswagenThe Volkswagen Group will use an augmented reality hub to train employees across the globe. ????????????In In 2013, Volkswagen demonstrated a new process by which service workers could use augmented reality to service a vehicle. During the demo, attendees watched as Volkswagen technicians manipulated virtual parts that corresponded to real world actions.

Want to join the Android Army? Here are all the cars with Android Auto

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Android Cars Android Auto Automotive cars Google Other Tier 4If you're frustrated with your car's native infotainment system, Android Auto can be an excellent alternative.

The best used cars under $10,000

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Cars Automotive cars pickup Toyota used carsWhether you're looking for a pickup or a hatchback, finding a used car that's dependable and comfortable for under $10,000 is easy. These are the best options.

Argon Transform: An AR Technology HUD Attachment for Motorcyclists


See Also: Augmented Reality’s Surprising First Frontier: The Automotive Industry. Application Augmented Reality Automotive & Transportation News application augmented reality automotive industry featuredOne of the most promising and practical emerging uses for AR technology is a head-up display, or HUD. This technology allows users to access visual information while keeping their eyes on what they’re doing.

The best used car websites for 2020

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Buying Guides Cars Web Automotive autotrader cars KBB T2ESome sites stand out above the rest by making the browsing and buying process as straightforward as possible.

Honda Mixed Reality Race Pits Pro Driver Against Pro YouTuber


While many automotive manufacturers might be satisfied with a simple 30 second televised ad highlighting the best features of their latest offering, Honda saw an opportunity to show-off their new Honda Civic Type R while simultaneously blending the line between virtual and reality using what could be a game-changing technology. News Automotive Honda Honda Mixed Reality Mixed Reality Mixed Reality Racing MR MR Racing Racing

Is your check engine light on? Here are 10 possible reasons why

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Cars Automotive cars check engine light maintanence Tier 4The orange check engine light is a car's way of telling you something is wrong, so it should never be ignored.

Driving Ahead: Car Companies Using XR to Adapt in a Post-Uber World


Less obvious is Uber’s impact in the automotive sector, where the app is creating waves for car manufacturers. In fact, some industry observers believe automotive is about to […]. Applications and Use Cases Augmented Reality Automotive Devices & Applications Manufacturing Virtual Reality ARVR Atheer automotive industry Ford HoloLens Porsche Volkswagen XRMy last blog post built upon Uber’s wrecking ball-style entrance into the cab industry.

Audi AR App Brings Advertising Into Your Living Room


News Advertising AR ARKit Audi Augmented Reality Automotive CarsCar salesman are always trying to get you to “picture this baby at home in your driveway.” ” But who needs imagination when we have augmented reality? Audi has released a new AR smartphone application that is triggered by their TV commercials. The app brings the cars from the commercial out of the screen and into your living room or driveway.

How to fix a flat tire on your car

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Cars How-To Automotive cars Tires troubleshootingOur step-by-step guide walks you through the two basic ways to deal with a flat tire: Fix it or replace it.

Tesla’s wacky Cybertruck has already become a museum piece

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Cars News Cybertruck Petersen Automotive Museum TeslaThe electric pick-up, which is yet to go into production, is on show in L.A.

Researchers Find That Radar Can Be Used to Detect a Nail in a Tire Long Before It Goes Flat

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safety research carnegie mellon university radar bridgestone cars vehicles automotive ospreyYour car’s dashboard is a smorgasbord of information when it comes to the health and performance of your vehicle.

Here's What the Inside of an Exploding Tire Looks Like During a Burnout

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slow motion slomo warped perception automotive cars tires gopro burnoutsYour Netflix queue may have run dry a month ago, but thankfully there are still hundreds of YouTubers with access to high-speed cameras, tiny action cameras, and endless ideas for where to stick them.

Hyundai Surprises Troops With Super Bowl Livestream They’ll Never Forget


News 360 Video Automotive Hyundai Military Nokia OZO Sports Super BowlWatching the Super Bowl is one thing, but watching it with loved ones is better. As millions of fans watched the Super Bowl with friends and family, U.S. military personnel stationed on base in Zagan, Poland got a Super Sunday surprise of their own.

Poland 239

How to change the oil in your car

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Cars How-To Automotive car maintainence cars oil changeLearning how to change your car's oil has become something of a lost art, but it's a good way to save money.