‘HOLOSCOPE’ Headset Claims to Solve AR Display Hurdle with True Holography

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RealView claims to be using real holography to solve a major problem inherent to AR and VR headsets of today, the vergence-accommodation conflict. Details remain to be seen, but any advancements to computer-generated holography would be highly welcome. Holo-this, holo-that.

Akonia Uses Holography To Create Transparent Augmented Reality Display


The company now plans to use holography to make inexpensive transparent displays for augmented reality smartglasses. We’ve used lenses for hundreds of years, and we hope holography will give us a new way to manipulate light.”. Akonia is not unique in its attempt to use holography in this manner. Because holography has one huge benefit: It can manipulate light while being perfectly invisible, which is exactly what is needed in an eyepiece. AR hardware akonia holograph

Holography – A New Frontier in Augmented Reality

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Holography – A New Frontier in Augmented Reality. Once firmly rooted in the realm of science fiction, recent technological breakthroughs have turned holography into a viable option for a wide range of augmented reality applications. Holography has become quite the buzzword of late that is liberally attached to a wide range of devices and experiences. The word ‘holography’ originally comes from the Greek words holos (whole) and graphe?

Here Come The Holograms


News AR AR Holograms Holograms Holography Mixed RealityIt won’t be long before 3D holograms are part of everyday life. In virtual reality, the more realistic the digital world, the greater the demand for fidelity. The greater demand for fidelity, the greater the demand for bandwidth.

What ‘Pokémon Go’ Could Be Like if it Was Really Augmented Reality

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Apple Acquires AR Optics Startup Akonia Holographics

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Founded in 2012, Colorado-based Akonia Holographics claims to have 200 patents focused on holography, specifically pertaining to storage and optics. Apple has acquired Akonia Holographics , a startup focused on holographic display and storage technology.

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iOS 13 Code Confirms Apple AR Glasses & Spatial Interface Launcher


In 2018, Apple acquired Akonia Holographics , a startup working on novel optics for AR based on holography. Last week, MacRumors reportedly found references to iPhone-connected AR glasses and a spatial launcher interface for them. This week the final iOS 13 build was released to developers which confirms the report. The confirmation was made by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who found a ReadMe file explaining how to test AR apps on iOS. The iOS 13 GM also comes with a readme file (!)

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Frank Zappa Hologram Tour Set To Launch 2019


My father and I actively discussed 3D and ‘holography’ and it was a concept he actively engaged in. “The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa” tour will feature never-before-seen performances by Zappa.

Report: Internal Apple Code Suggests ‘Garta’ AR Device, ‘StarBoard’ Spatial Interface


In 2018, Apple acquired Akonia Holographics , a startup working on novel optics for AR based on holography. Code reportedly found by MacRumors in an internal build of iOS 13 suggests Apple is working on iPhone-connected AR glasses and a spatial launcher interface to use them. Reports that Apple is working on AR glasses first emerged in late 2017. StarBoard. iOS is the operating system of iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch.

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Analysis: Did Apple Really Cancel Its AR Headset?


Akonia was working on novel optics for AR based on holography. Taiwanese news outlet DigiTimes recently reported that Apple canceled its long rumored AR hardware project. The report cited issues making the device light enough as well as its high production cost. But is this really true?

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RED’s Hydrogen One Smartphone Is “The World’s First Holographic Media Machine”


We just added holography and stereo 3D for good measure.” What’s a billionaire named Jim Jannard to do after founding and selling Oakley’s for $2.1 billion then creating a state-of-the-art Hollywood-caliber camera manufacturer in RED Digital Camera? Create a phone that can power holograms and doesn’t need a headset for AR or VR, that’s what, apparently. Today RED announced the Hydrogen One smartphone.

Microsoft Research Reveals New, Slimmed Down AR Glasses


” The researchers methodology here is “built on the principles of Fresnel holography and double phase amplitude encoding with additional hardware, phase correction factors, and spatial light modulator encodings to achieve full color, high contrast and low noise holograms with high resolution and true per-pixel focal control.”

Dean Takahashi's GamesBeat events are the type of events you want to skip work for. You may get to talk Rick And Morty with John Underkoffler.

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Before founding Oblong, Underkoffler spent 15 years at MIT's Media Laboratory, working in holography, animation and visualization techniques, and building the I/O Bulb and Luminous Room Systems.

Apple’s AR Glasses Will Probably Be Powered And Controlled By Your iPhone


Akonia was working on novel optics for AR based on holography. An extensive patent application filed by Apple could provide insight into their plans for AR glasses. The patent describes interactions in augmented reality. The glasses in the text are described as being powered, and controlled, by a smartphone. Notorious Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also reported today that the glasses would be an iPhone accessory. He claims they will go into production as early as Q4 of this year.

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Augmented Reality May Be The Future, But It Still Has Major Limitations


Augmented reality may be the future of games, but there are some huge problems that stand in its way. So we decided to gather three of the biggest AR visionaries and product makers to show us the path to the future at our GamesBeat Summit 2017 event last week.

A HoloArticle


Here is an update on my quest to stay on top of all things “holo:” HoloLamp and RealView “Live Holography.” Details remain to be seen, but any advancements to computer-generated holography would be highly welcome.

Xbox Cofounder Seamus Blackley Takes R&D Post at AR Firm Daqri


Daqri is working with Blackley, who was originally a theoretical physicist before he started making games, and his team of physicists at Heat Engine in Southern California to explore applications of optics and holography in something that Daqri calls Software Defined Light.

Avegant Claims Newly Announced Display Tech is “a new method to create light fields”

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SEE ALSO 'HOLOSCOPE' Headset Claims to Solve AR Display Hurdle with True Holography.

Exclusive: How NVIDIA Research is Reinventing the Display Pipeline for the Future of VR, Part 1

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Our innovation on virtual experiences includes technologies that you’ve probably heard a bit about already, such as foveated rendering, varifocal optics, holography, and light fields. Virtual experiences through virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are a new frontier for computer graphics.

How to develop for Microsoft HoloLens

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Medical holography is a truly magical use case of Microsoft HoloLens. Ivan Zubritskiy. Image courtesy Program-Ace.). One of the devices that generates the greatest interest among the tech community at the moment is Microsoft HoloLens.

AWE EU 2018 Recap: Go XR or Go Extinct

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Many key tangential technologies to XR were addressed on the last day of talks, such as machine learning, edge computing, holography, 5G and webXR. From the main stage to the expo hall and everything in between: What went down at AWE EU 2019. By Emily Friedman.