Sony Unveils ‘Spatial Reality Display’ with Eye-tracking for Glasses-free 3D Viewing

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The company is also providing compatibility with Unity and Unreal Engine 4, making it easier to export 3D content using its own SDK. Light Fields News holography light fields sony sony spatial reality display spatial reality display

What ‘Pokémon Go’ Could Be Like if it Was Really Augmented Reality

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Built in Unity with the HoloLens SDK, the developers tell us that they’ve been “amazed” at how easy it was to quickly get an AR application up and running on Microsoft’s Development Kit. AR Development AR Headset Augmented Reality Augmented Reality Games Holography Microsoft HoloLens Apps Microsoft HoloLens Compatible ar apps ar games capitolavr microsoft hololens nintendo pokemon go pokemon go augmented reality pokemon go on hololens

How to develop for Microsoft HoloLens

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Development: Unity , Vuforia , Microsoft Visual Studio , Windows 10 SDK , HoloLens Emulator (if you do not have a device). When using Unity, it is extremely important to set the near clipping plane to no less than 0.85m. Unity helps developers to manipulate this HoloLens feature in many ways. Medical holography is a truly magical use case of Microsoft HoloLens. Ivan Zubritskiy. Image courtesy Program-Ace.).