BeBop Sensors to Showcase Oculus Quest Compatible Forte Data Glove at CES 2020

Peter Graham

BeBop Sensors has been demonstrating its latest Forte Data Glove iteration at technology show CES for the past several years and next week’s event is no different. What has changed is the addition of greater hardware support including Oculus Quest and glove features, with haptics now available. The company actually revealed the addition of Oculus Quest a couple of months back but CES 2020 will be used to officially announced the haptic feedback Forte Data Glove version.

BeBop Sensors Forte Data Gloves: A Big Name for a Big Idea

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Their current product, the Forte Data Gloves, offers a complete way to have hand presence in VR. Instead of using controllers like the Oculus Quest/Rift S and the Valve Index, the Forte Data Gloves are… well gloves, that respond one to one with your hand’s movements. The most important feature for BeBop’s Forte Data Gloves is that it will be compatible with the Oculus Quest. The Forte Data Gloves allow for finger tracking, but not hand tracking.

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HaptX Scores New Capital and Strategic Partner To Commercialize Haptic Data Gloves

Charlie Fink

The fund will be used to finance production and marketing of the company's high-end XR gloves

Hands-on: HaptX Glove Delivers Impressively Detailed Micro-pneumatic Haptics, Force Feedback

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The company formerly known as AxonVR , which has raised more than $5 million in venture capital, is rebranding to HaptX, and revealing a feature prototype of a VR glove which uses micro-pneumatics for detailed haptics and force feedback to the fingers. Meeting with HaptX co-founder Jake Rubin in Silicon Valley earlier this month, I got to try the latest prototype of the company’s wild-looking haptic VR glove—a monstrous piece of equipment hooked up to some massive cabling.

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Smart Fabric Technology Brings Touch Haptics To The Oculus Quest


The glove-like accessory allows standalone VR users to feel virtual objects. In January of 2018, BeBop Sensors debuted its Forte Data Glove at the annual Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada, during which the company showcased its “smart fabric” technology simuating the sensation of touch while in a virtual space; put simply, the high-tech gloves allow users to “feel” virtual objects while immersed in a VR experience.

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CES 2020 Interview: Bebop Sensors has got the Touch

Peter Graham

If you’ve been following VRFocus’ previous coverage of CES 2020 then you’ll know that hands and more specifically gloves had a definite presence during this year’s show. Teslasuit announced its new force-feedback glove and HaptX was there to demonstrate its microfluidic technology. Another was Bebop Sensors, showcasing its latest Forte Date Glove, which had built-in haptics and Oculus Quest compatibility.

Manus VR Introduces New Prime Series With Haptic Feedback


I originally tried out the Manus VR gloves almost three years ago. According to a company representative via email, the differences are as follows: The Prime One is the core of our product line, an all-round wireless data glove that tracks individual fingers on two joints, and that can stream the data directly into Unity, Unreal, Motionbuilder or one of the large enterprise software platforms such as IC.IDO or Vizard.

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Manus Brings Your Entire Body Into VR With its Polygon System

Peter Graham

Manus VR , the company which makes enterprise-grade data gloves, is almost ready to release its solution to this challenge, Manus Polygon. Compatible with Manus’ range of Prime gloves, Polygon supports multiple users either locally or via an existing network so colleagues can share a virtual workspace. The new range of Manus Prime gloves arrived in 2019, with three models for tracking users hand gestures.

The Fathers Of Virtual Reality-a post about VR on Fathers Day.

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In any case, before then, he had set up VPL Research – an organization which spearheaded research into virtual reality and 3D illustrations which likewise sold the intitail virtual reality apparatus, for example, virtual reality glasses, data gloves and later, the full data suit. It is hard to state with any assurance who the father of virtual reality is, as like any new creation it draws upon a wide range of sources and impacts, including several women innovators.

Augmented Reality May Be The Future, But It Still Has Major Limitations


Underkoffler has been trying to make the vision of the 2002 film Minority Report , where actor Tom Cruise uses “data gloves” and gestures to control a transparent computer, into a reality. Augmented reality may be the future of games, but there are some huge problems that stand in its way. So we decided to gather three of the biggest AR visionaries and product makers to show us the path to the future at our GamesBeat Summit 2017 event last week.

Hands-On: Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Is A Serious Improvement, Pre-Orders Now Shipping


When talking with Sullivan, he informed me that the HoloLens 2 does have the capability of giving users a digital haptic experience through third-party devices such as BeBops Sensors Forte Data Glove. . Just one afternoon with the mixed reality headset and I’m already in love. It’s finally here! Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 has officially begun shipping to pre-order customers at the cost of $3,500.

Oculus Quest’s Hand Tracking Could be its New Killer Feature

Peter Graham

Hand tracking has always been one of those options that sound nice in principle, but would you actually pay for it, adding a Leap Motion device or something a little more extravagant like a data glove? There were several announcements at Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) this year that could have taken the top spot.

Manus VR brings full arm tracking to HTC Vive.

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The Manus is the first consumer data-glove specifically designed for virtual reality. It tracks hand movement using a combination of high-tech sensors all contained inside the glove. For now, the HTC Vive brings you the most immersive right out of the box VR experience out of any on the market HMD due to its excellent motion controls. As we are now looking at a time when a quality VR experience is achievable on a consumer level, more and more immersion is desired.

Hands-On With Valve’s Knuckles Prototype Controllers


That physicality is something you don’t get from data gloves, or vision based inputs without any device, and that feeling can then be fine-tuned with haptic feedback. Plus, you’re not passing around a sweaty data glove between your friends. There’s a possibility for gestural movements to call functions and navigate dense data; there could be an entire language built out of using your hands to manipulate paint brushes and pencils and sizes and colors.

Dream On: Aerosmith and 90’s VR


On his desk, a VR headset and glove. Donning his headset and glove, he inspects his hands and shows off the full range of functions that the glove provides. Bearing physical similarities to other 90’s data gloves, he is given full hand and finger tracking as well as gesture control of the user interface. Pegasus flying out of a giant, red, spinning asterisk. Known as the Star of Affinity, this asterisk is the iconic logo of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

VR Technology and Hand Tracking in VIVE’s Second Developer Talk


A question regarding other third-party VR technology, including data gloves, was brought up in a Q&A segment when users asked about hand tracking gloves. “ Tuesday, April 7, saw VIVE’s second weekly developer live stream, “Build for Tomorrow – VIVE Hand Tracking SDK.”. The talk, presented by HTC’s senior developer Dario Laverde, focused on how developers can integrate hand tracking into their applications. It also hinted at some developments to come in the future.

CES 2020 Hands-on: Getting to Grips With HaptX

Peter Graham

Outside of gaming companies are developing new tactile solutions giving users even greater sensory feedback, one of which is HaptX and its microfluidic gloves. On display at CES 2020 recently, the gloves showcased some of the best hand haptics VRFocus has tested yet at the same time one of the fiddliest imaginable. Getting a glimpse of the HaptX Development Kit (DK1) gloves for the first time has that certain wow factor if you’re into prototype tech with a sci-fi flair.

How Immersive Learning Empowers Students and Teachers Alike


Designers of these projects used various peripheral devices such as head-mounted display gear, data gloves, and body suits for a fully immersive learning experience. Teachers can track student understanding of the topics being taught, using analytics and the reporting of student data from within the VR environment.

#BuildYourNorthStar Workshop Brings AR to Life in 48 Hours


He had experience building homebrew data gloves and mocap systems for years before discovering Leap Motion. Building the world’s most advanced augmented reality headset isn’t exactly for beginners. But at the world’s first #BuildYourNorthStar workshop, over 20 participants built their own open-source Project North Star headsets in just 48 hours – using components now available to everyone. The workshop took place in Sunnyvale, CA, just after AWE. It was hosted by Polaris AR.

Going (Literally) Hands-on With Manus Prime Haptic Gloves

Peter Graham

One of the biggest names in the VR data glove field is Manus VR, and VRFocus recently got to test its new flagship product, Manus Prime Haptic. In its current line-up the company has four products for various use cases, starting with the entry-level Manus Prime One for basic finger tracking, the Manus Prime Xsens; designed for integration into an Xsens motion capture suit, the OptiTrack Hybrid Gloves for use with Optitrack systems and finally the Manus Prime Haptic.

China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

The Ghost Howls

So, we are not only talking about manufacturing headsets but also about innovating the technologies for what concerns chips, screens, UX, 3D modeling, motion capture, data processing, positional tracking, localization, etc… Regarding headsets, the ministry clearly sets the goals: 30 PPD (Pixels Per Degree) 100Hz+ refresh-rate Varifocal/multifocal display , to solve the vergence-accommodation issue Micro-displays (OLED or LCD) , or light-field display A thin and light device.

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A Brief History of VR


They created many VR devices including, the Data Glove, the EyePhone, and the Audio Sphere. When they licensed the data glove to Mattel to create the Power Glove, this is one of the first instances of an affordable VR device that was readily available to the general public, costing just $75 USD. . Data glove and high-resolution goggles were used to view the experience.

Dexmo force feedback gloves show the future of hands presence in VR

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One of the most interesting encounters I had in my trip to Beijing has been with Dexta Robotics , the company behind the Dexmo force-feedback glove s. So, here you are a very long deep dive into Dexmo gloves and my experience with them. Making a Chinese heart with my hands while wearing Dexta Robotics’s Dexmo Gloves. Just look at the gloves and not at my face: I seem an idiot in this photo… Dexta Robotics. Features of Dexmo gloves (Image by Dexta Robotics).

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