Google Ends Support Of ‘Tilt Brush,’ Software Now Open Source


In an official statement released yesterday by Tim Aidley, Software Engineer, and Jon Corralejo, Program Manager for Tilt Brush , the pair stated that while the 3D painting software will remain available for purchase via major VR app stores, the team will be ending active development on the app.

The best CPU benchmarking software for 2022

Digital Trends

Here are some of the best CPU benchmarking software tools that you can use to test the performance capabilities of your PC. Computing Products benchmark benchmarking software CPU cpu benchmark Geekbench


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Best tax software for crypto

Digital Trends

Here's the best tax software for crypto. Computing crypto Koinly tax software TaxBit Turbotax ZenLedgerNew to crypto? Need some help figuring out how to file your taxes?

The best tax software for self-employed

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These are the best tax software tools in 2022 for the self-employed, including freelancers, contractors, and small business owners! Deals Small Business small business small business deals Software Tax Software 2022 tax software deals Taxes 2022 TurboTax 2022

The best GPU benchmarking software

Digital Trends

When you're ready to test your GPU performance and compare it to other optimization results, you need powerful benchmarking software. Computing Gaming best GPU benchmarking tests GPU GPU benchmarking software graphics benchmarking graphics card

How to update your Roku device software

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Updating your Roku streaming device's software keeps it in tip-top shape and delivers its latest features. Roku software update Streaming devicesIt's as easy as a few clicks. Here's how to do it! Home Theater Movies & TV Roku Roku OS roku os 10.5

Arthur Technologies Raises $2.5M for Its VR Office Collaboration Software

Road to VR

Munich, Germany-based AR/VR software company Arthur Technologies today announced it’s successful raised $2.5 The company is also launching a beta of its VR collaboration software, Arthur. for Its VR Office Collaboration Software appeared first on Road to VR.

The best free drawing software

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Check out these software options. Computing Web Best of drawing software free drawing software Gimp Guide to Free Resources Inkscape Tier 4 VectrYou don't have to spend money to create awesome drawings or edit photos.

The best antivirus software for 2021

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With cybercriminal activity on the rise, protect all your devices with the best antivirus software. Computing antivirus software

How to update software on a Samsung smart TV

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Keeping your Samsung smart TV software up to date ensures you're getting the best performance from your set. Home Theater 2021 TVs Samsung Samsung Smart TV Smart TV software update

The best video-editing software for 2021

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Need the best video-editing software for a serious project? Computing adobe Adobe Premiere ED-H2-21 final cut pro video editing softwarePick up one of these robust suites and you'll have all the tools you need.

Call of Duty: Warzone studio Raven Software unionizes

Digital Trends

Unionization efforts at Raven Software seemingly stem from a mass layoff of QA testers early last December. Gaming News Activision Blizzard Raven Software

Oculus Quest Pro Reference Hidden in Latest Software, Mentions Face & Eye Tracking

Road to VR

The post Oculus Quest Pro Reference Hidden in Latest Software, Mentions Face & Eye Tracking appeared first on Road to VR. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the idea of a ‘Quest Pro’ headset back in May, saying that it could include sensors for both face and eye tracking.

The best eSignature software tools and apps for 2022

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Deals Adobe Sign DocuSign eSign eSignature Tools saas signnow small business deals Smart Business Software sponsored Virtual Document SoftwareThese are the best esignature tools for signing documents digitally, whether in-person or remotely online! Check them out.

Tools 83

The best free recording software

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Thanks to advances in computer software, it has never been easier to record your own music -- and for free. Computing Home Theater Music Best of free recording software recording recording music Tier 4

AR Software Startup Multinarity Emerges from Stealth with $28M Seed Round

Road to VR

Multinarity, an Israel-based startup working on AR software, announced it’s raised $28 million in the company’s initial seed round. ” Although now out of stealth, Multinarity’s software is still behind closed doors.

Oculus Go unlock software released for hardware freedom


After a prolonged period of time and a whole lot of work in securing the rights to release the software, Carmack and crew made this build a reality. Archive Developers Facebook oculus Oculus Go Software Virtual reality VR VR headsets

The best free antivirus software for 2020

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Computing Small Business antivirus Best of free antivirus software Guide to Free Resources malware Security Tier 4Malware isn't fun to find on any of your devices. These are our picks for the best free antivirus solutions.

Why Some New BMWs May Need A Software Update


BMW is one of the many companies hit by the ongoing chip shortage, and that means some drivers will have to wait for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Cars News Technology

QuickBooks vs NetSuite: Which accounting software is king?

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Considering new accounting software for your growing small business? Deals Small Business accounting software cloud-based accounting software deal NetSuite QuickBooks sponsoredHere's a look at the big two -- QuickBooks and NetSuite.

The best photo editing software for 2021

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Whether you are prepping your photos for print or Instagram, here are our picks for the best photo editing software options. Buying Guides Computing sponsored 2021

The BlackBerry Key2 shows why software updates really matter

Digital Trends

Nostalgia prompted a return to the BlackBerry Key2, and while the keyboard welcomed us, the unacceptable treatment of the software definitely didn't.

Randy Pitchford is no longer the president of Gearbox Software

Digital Trends

Gaming News gearbox software Randy Pitchford Steve JonesRandy Pitchford announced that former Chief Technical Officer Steve Jones will take over as the new President.

ONLYOFFICE is the online software suite your business needs

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ONLYOFFICE is an all-in-one cloud-based office software suite, and through April, Digital Trends readers can get an exclusive discount on the Business plan.

ThirdEye Announces Investment Fund for AR Software Providers


Enterprise AR/MR hardware provider ThirdEye recently announced an investment fund for AR/MR software providers. Of course, software providers don’t only receive financial support. The Hardware/Software Provider Relationship.

Adobe's New Software Means You Can Collaborate On Video Projects


Adobe is putting a recent acquisition to use by integrating its technology with Premiere Pro and After Effects via the company's Creative Cloud subscription. News Technology

Are smartphone software update promises worth the paper they’re printed on?

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From Google to Nokia, phone manufacturers promise years and years of software updates. Android Apple Mobile News Opinion software updatesBut can you trust them?

The best data recovery software for 2020

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We rounded up the best data recovery software to help you recover what's lost. Is your drive starting to fail? Are files suddenly missing? You need to act fast. Computing Small Business backup Best of data recovery Security Tier 4

Data 97

After Log4j, Open-Source Software Is Now a National Security Issue

GizModo VR

For years, developers of free, open-source software have been telling anyone who will listen that their projects needs better financial assistance and more oversight.

How (and why) to give software as a gift this holiday season

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That’s why this year (and beyond) we should all consider giving software as a gift. Buying Guides Computing Mobile App Store gift card gift giving Software Tech The HallsOur tradition of giving physical gifts creates an enormous amount of waste.

Download H&R Block tax software starting at only $15

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Tax season is upon us, and H&R Block’s 2021 tax software is downloadable for extremely low prices at Newegg right now. Computing Deals computing deals H&R Block Tax Software Newegg 2022 newegg deals

Medical Software Maker Medivis Closes $2.3 Million in Funding to Bring HoloLens to Surgical Platform

Next Reality AR

On Tuesday, along with closing its seed funding round, the company unveiled its SurgicalAR software for HoloLens at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Orlando, Florida. Using the HoloLens, the SurgicalAR software precisely maps medical imaging onto a surgeon's. The HoloLens has made enough of an impact on the healthcare industry for Microsoft technology partner Medivis to convince investors to pledge $2.3

Protect yourself from viruses and phishing with Vipre’s security software

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Vipre is offering discounts on its security software to protect you from viruses, phishing, and other intrusions. Deals Small Business antivirus software sponsored VIPRE

Rokid Announces Vision 2 Mobile MR Glasses, Apps, Software Updates


The release also included software updates to the Vision platform and a number of new Rokid-made applications expanding entertainment offerings. New Apps and Software Updates. MR glasses manufacturer Rokid announced Rokid Vision 2 at their recent Rokid Open Day virtual event.

Top 25 Virtual Reality Software Development Companies


Also notable is the fact that the technology is widely used in enterprise, through business software that improves various indicators by optimizing workflow and providing cost-effective job training.

Russia Looks at Legalizing Software Piracy to Offset Sanctions

GizModo VR

Legalize certain forms of software piracy as a potential workaround for products whose companies’ have recently cut off distribution in Russia. It sounds like Russia may be getting a little desperate to stave off economic collapse in the wake of Ukraine-related Western sanctions. The new plan?

5 VR Tools and Software to Try Today


Yet headsets and hardware are only a part of the story – VR tools and software are the essence of the virtual experience. The post 5 VR Tools and Software to Try Today appeared first on Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Technology Latest News.