Google Ends Support Of ‘Tilt Brush,’ Software Now Open Source


In an official statement released yesterday by Tim Aidley, Software Engineer, and Jon Corralejo, Program Manager for Tilt Brush , the pair stated that while the 3D painting software will remain available for purchase via major VR app stores, the team will be ending active development on the app.

The best antivirus software for 2021

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With cybercriminal activity on the rise, protect all your devices with the best antivirus software. Computing antivirus software


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Arthur Technologies Raises $2.5M for Its VR Office Collaboration Software

Road to VR

Munich, Germany-based AR/VR software company Arthur Technologies today announced it’s successful raised $2.5 The company is also launching a beta of its VR collaboration software, Arthur. for Its VR Office Collaboration Software appeared first on Road to VR.

The best free drawing software

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Check out these software options. Computing Web Best of drawing software free drawing software Gimp Guide to Free Resources Inkscape Tier 4 VectrYou don't have to spend money to create awesome drawings or edit photos.

Oculus Quest Manual Software Update Process Clarified


Facebook clarified its process for updating Oculus Quest to the latest software version. Facebook representatives reiterated in a recent forum post that “with each software update, we roll out the release gradually to ensure stability of the software.” The version “9” update to Quest brought the ability to manually update Quest software by visiting “Settings > About > Software Update to check if there is an available software update.”

New id Software VR Game Listed By Australian Classification Board

Upload VR

A new listing from the Australian Classification board may have leaked a new id Software VR game. New id Software VR Game Spotted. This wouldn’t be id Software’s first VR game.

The best photo editing software for 2021

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Whether you are prepping your photos for print or Instagram, here are our picks for the best photo editing software options. Buying Guides Computing sponsored 2021

The best free recording software

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Thanks to advances in computer software, it has never been easier to record your own music -- and for free. Computing Home Theater Music Best of free recording software recording recording music Tier 4

The best free antivirus software for 2020

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Computing Small Business antivirus Best of free antivirus software Guide to Free Resources malware Security Tier 4Malware isn't fun to find on any of your devices. These are our picks for the best free antivirus solutions.

Oculus Rift & Link Users Report Stuttering After Latest Software Update


Owners of the Oculus Rift and Rift S headsets, as well as Quest owners using Link, have been reporting stuttering and other performance issues after the v12 software update. This leaves users unable to easily solve problems introduced in software updates.

Software update adds height audio control to Sonos Arc soundbar

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Owners of Sonos' Arc Dolby Atmos soundbar can now take control over height channel volume instead of having the Sonos software set the levels automatically. Home Theater News dolby atmos software update Sonos Sonos Arc soundbars

ThirdEye Announces Investment Fund for AR Software Providers


Enterprise AR/MR hardware provider ThirdEye recently announced an investment fund for AR/MR software providers. Of course, software providers don’t only receive financial support. The Hardware/Software Provider Relationship.

Highlights From VIVECON 2021 Include New Headsets, Software Offerings


Software Releases. Their software announcements definitely reflected that shift. The content ecosystem will also be advanced through VIVE’s new Independent Software Vendor Program. HTC VIVE held VIVECON virtually this week.

The best data recovery software for 2020

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We rounded up the best data recovery software to help you recover what's lost. Is your drive starting to fail? Are files suddenly missing? You need to act fast. Computing Small Business backup Best of data recovery Security Tier 4

Data 97

Magic Leap Software Update Adds Hand Occlusion, Shared Space Multiplayer


A major software update for the Magic Leap One adds support for hand occlusion and shared space multiplayer. The post Magic Leap Software Update Adds Hand Occlusion, Shared Space Multiplayer appeared first on UploadVR. Hand Occlusion. The last update to Magic Leap One added skeletal hand tracking, meaning developers can retrieve the position of each joint in space. Today’s update adds a full hand mesh.

SideQuest Sideloads Oculus Quest Software Without Facebook’s Approval


Some developers, like Virtual Desktop’s Guy Godin, turned to SideQuest to distribute software updates which won’t be approved by Facebook’s leadership. Included on the distribution system is a version of Godin’s Virtual Desktop utility that essentially patches the software so it passes through PC-based SteamVR apps to the completely standalone wireless headset. For software on the VR console, prices range from $10 up to $40 with most top games $20 to $30.

Oculus Quest Software Improvements Could Aim VR For Chromebook Market

Upload VR

Oculus Quest’s Year Of Software. Another section of the talk refers to a “year of software” updates meant to deliver “a rolling thunder of product improvements for the Quest 2,” as Bosworth put it.

Oculus Software Designers Tease ‘Game Changing’ Reveal For OC6


We’re a day out from Oculus Connect 6 and a group of software designers are teasing big things. Each of these designers has been working specifically in VR software, not hardware. Krivoruchko worked on software for hand-tracking at Leap Motion and Pinchon worked on a WebVR creation platform named Hologram. The post Oculus Software Designers Tease ‘Game Changing’ Reveal For OC6 appeared first on UploadVR.

Envision Accepting Pre-Orders for Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 with AI Software to Assist the Visually Impaired

Next Reality AR

The company has now adapted its software for operation within the hardware framework of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which it will sell bundled with the Envision app as "Envision Glasses."

The best videoconferencing software for small businesses

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Find the best videoconferencing software for your small business. Here's everything you need to know about options, features, and pricing for the best options. Buying Guides Small Business Web Microsoft Teams small businesses videoconference videoconferencing Zoom

RiftCat Finally Brings Its VR Streaming Software To iOS


The company this week launched the long-promised iOS version of its VRidge software. So, if you have three smartphones to hand, you could theoretically play the likes of Beat Saber with the software. Tagged with: RiftCat , streaming , VRidge Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post RiftCat Finally Brings Its VR Streaming Software To iOS appeared first on UploadVR. Streaming PC VR content to an iPhone is finally possible thanks to RiftCat.

Protect yourself from viruses and phishing with Vipre’s security software

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Vipre is offering discounts on its security software to protect you from viruses, phishing, and other intrusions. Deals Small Business antivirus software sponsored VIPRE

AMD’s Link 4 brings a massive overhaul to its remote play software

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AMD released Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.4.1, Computing News AMD AMD Link PC Gaming Radeon Software Adrenalin Editionbringing AMD Link 4 to Windows with 144 fps support, 5.1 surround sound, multiplayer streaming, and more.

Rokid Announces Vision 2 Mobile MR Glasses, Apps, Software Updates


The release also included software updates to the Vision platform and a number of new Rokid-made applications expanding entertainment offerings. New Apps and Software Updates. MR glasses manufacturer Rokid announced Rokid Vision 2 at their recent Rokid Open Day virtual event.

Oculus Quest Software Improvements Aim VR For Chromebook Market

Upload VR

Facebook is trying to increase production of Quest 2 amid a global silicon chip shortage while planning regular software updates for its $299 headset aimed at convincing buyers to pick up the standalone VR headset instead of a Chromebook or tablet. Oculus Quest’s Year Of Software.

New Humble Software Bundle Lets You Learn VR & AR Game Dev In Unity


A new Humble Software Bundle is now available offering a bunch of courses and projects that aim to teach you how to develop for VR and AR using Unity. The post New Humble Software Bundle Lets You Learn VR & AR Game Dev In Unity appeared first on UploadVR. As with all Humble Bundles, there are a variety of different tiers that unlock more content the more you pay, with the more enticing content usually locked behind the higher tiers.

Tesla Sues Ex-Staffer for Allegedly Stealing Proprietary Software Code

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cars car classifications motor vehicles wireless energy transfer zoox tesla model s nikola tesla dropbox self driving car tslaq tesla inc warp drive software autopilot system warp drive system autopilot warp drive

Dallas Police Used Face Recognition Software Without Authorization, Installed on Personal Phones

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Dallas police officers used unauthorized facial recognition software to conduct between 500 and 1,000 searches in attempts to identify people based on photographs.

Dallas 114

John Carmack: Facebook Aims For Monthly Oculus Quest Software Updates

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John Carmack, Consulting CTO at Facebook’s Oculus, is encouraging Oculus Quest users to give feedback on their experience with Quest and Quest 2 headsets, particularly the software and user experience.

Facebook Ends Samsung Gear VR Software Updates, 360 Video Downloads & Films


Facebook is ending software updates for the Samsung Gear VR. The post Facebook Ends Samsung Gear VR Software Updates, 360 Video Downloads & Films appeared first on UploadVR. Further, users will no longer be able to access films or download the Oculus Video app.

Medical Software Maker Medivis Closes $2.3 Million in Funding to Bring HoloLens to Surgical Platform

Next Reality AR

On Tuesday, along with closing its seed funding round, the company unveiled its SurgicalAR software for HoloLens at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Orlando, Florida. Using the HoloLens, the SurgicalAR software precisely maps medical imaging onto a surgeon's. The HoloLens has made enough of an impact on the healthcare industry for Microsoft technology partner Medivis to convince investors to pledge $2.3

The best videoconferencing software for Windows and MacOS

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Buying Guides Computing Small Business video-conferencing software work ZoomIf your team needs to start doing more remote work, you need a videoconferencing solution that can handle it. Our top picks are the perfect place to start.

HTC Promises Improved Vive Cosmos Tracking in October Software Update

Road to VR

There’s no telling how much HTC can actually do from the software side of things in significantly improving tracking, although we’re hoping to try the upcoming software update for ourselves in the coming days to see just how far the admittedly tepid hardware offering has come along. The post HTC Promises Improved Vive Cosmos Tracking in October Software Update appeared first on Road to VR.

Airbus Partners with Microsoft to Begin Selling HoloLens 2 Software After Successful AR Pilot Program

Next Reality AR

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is so impressed with the boost in productivity it has gained from Microsoft's HoloLens, the company will begin offering augmented reality software to its customers. On Monday at the Paris Air Show, Airbus announced that it will begin selling off-the-shelf applications, including training, remote collaboration, and maintenance solutions, that the company has built through its own experience with the AR headset.

Did VR Software Sales Inflect in 2019?

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One of the ongoing challenges in market sizing is to piece together clues to extrapolate things like unit sales and software revenues. Both exercises extrapolated hardware units based on software revenue disclosures. The post Did VR Software Sales Inflect in 2019?

Pico’s Asia-Only Neo 3 Has A Great Software Line-Up

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The Pico Neo 3 is launching with a software line-up that could have made it a genuine contender for the Oculus Quest. Sadly, the device isn’t coming to the west.

Asia 108

Hubble Space Telescope back up and running following software error

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Hubble paused its operations this week following a software issue. With the issue now resolved, the telescope has begun its scientific operations once more. News hubble space telescope NASA space