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AR at Google: Software Up, Hardware Down

AR Insider

Google continues to retreat from AR hardware while doubling down on software. Google Lens is propelled by the latter, as shown in the latest moves to plant it in prominent places. This post appeared first on AR Insider.

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ThirdEye Announces Investment Fund for AR Software Providers


Enterprise AR/MR hardware provider ThirdEye recently announced an investment fund for AR/MR software providers. Once an application is submitted, ThirdEye’s internal advisory board, consisting of tech experts and business development professionals, reviews the application and follows up with the software provider. This is a small fund.

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Meta Now Lets You Manually Update Your Quest System Software Via PC Or Android

Upload VR

Meta released a web tool letting you manually update your Quest headset to the latest system software version. By default Quest system software automatically "rolls out" to headsets gradually over days or even weeks. Finally, you connect the headset to a PC or Android phone and the tool will install the latest software update.

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Google Ends Support Of ‘Tilt Brush,’ Software Now Open Source


In an official statement released yesterday by Tim Aidley, Software Engineer, and Jon Corralejo, Program Manager for Tilt Brush , the pair stated that while the 3D painting software will remain available for purchase via major VR app stores, the team will be ending active development on the app. .”

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Metaverse and Investing – Opportunities for Retail Investors Part 2: Software and Infrastructure


This implies an enormous variety of software that will be used for its construction and for its application in our lives. In the first part , I dealt with investing possibilities in hardware that will take us to the metaverse. Today I will delve into other opportunities. The metaverse is going to be made of many souls.

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Hands-on: Quest 3 is an Impressive Leap That’s Still Held Back by Software Struggles

Road to VR

Quest 3 is an impressive leap in hardware, especially in the visual department, but it continues Meta’s tradition of building great hardware that feels held back by its software. Update (September 27th, 2023): Fixed the link to the second page at the bottom of this page.

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TikTok Parent ByteDance Partners with Qualcomm on XR Hardware and Software

Road to VR

To that effect, Qualcomm says its collaborating with ByteDance on XR hardware, software, developer tools, and technology road maps—specifically targeted at Pico Interactive, which was acquired by ByteDance in August 2021.

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