RealWear Raises $17M For Industrial-Grade Wearable AR Device


RealWear has raised $17 million for its AR wearable device aimed at workers in construction and other heavy industries. We have architected a wearable computer that fits into different protective equipment, like snapping into a hard helmet. Above: RealWear’s AR wearable device.

Leap Motion ‘Virtual Wearable’ AR Prototype is a Potent Glimpse at the Future of Your Smartphone

Road to VR

Matsuda calls this prototype the ‘virtual wearable’: Introducing Virtual Wearables The post Leap Motion ‘Virtual Wearable’ AR Prototype is a Potent Glimpse at the Future of Your Smartphone appeared first on Road to VR.

Where are the simple but effective wearables?


Remote collaboration via smart glasses, Virtual Reality training, design visualization with HoloLens…These are incredible applications of wearable technologies in enterprise today. But where are such simple wearables? […]. The post Where are the simple but effective wearables?

Apple Files Augmented Reality Patent for a ‘Wearable Information System’


The patent is for a “wearable information system having at least one camera.” In these early months of 2017 just about every major tech company has some sort of virtual or augmented reality product either on store shelves or coming in the future. Every company except one.

18 women leading the way in wearable tech and VR in 2016In no.


18 women leading the way in wearable tech and VR in 2016 In no particular order, and with contributions from across the editorial team, here’s Wearable’s 2016 list of the women to watch in wearable tech and virtual reality. women international women's day wearable tech vr 2016

Wearable Tech Company Thalmic Labs Raises $120 Million

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The Canada-based wearable technology company Thalmic Labs has raised a fund of $120 (USD) million contributed by the popular brands like Amazon Alexa Fund, and Fidelity Investments Canada. Wearables Myo Armband Stephen Lake Thalmic Labs

CES: LUCI shows off immersion-on-demand wearable and VR headset


Entertainment experience company LUCI has unveiled their immersion-on-demand wearable and VR headset products at this week’s CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Dubbed “LUCI immers” and “LUCI alyx,” respectively, the company appears to be looking to be a transformative player in the burgeoning wearable and VR sectors. While at CES, the company is also previewing its second product line, “alyx,” an all-in-one virtual reality wearable.

Tap Strap – An Upcoming Wearable Bluetooth keyboard

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Yes that’s right in future you will be able to use a wearable technology called Tap Strap, which is nothing but a Bluetooth keyboard that can be worn by users on their fingers. Wearables Bluetooth keyboard Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard wearables

Wearable Technologies 2017: Year in Review, from Glass Enterprise Edition to ARKit


Worker safety wearables cropped up on job sites while exoskeletons pulled […]. The post Wearable Technologies 2017: Year in Review, from Glass Enterprise Edition to ARKit appeared first on BrainXchange.

Rio 2016: Olympic Games of the wearable devices

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There is nearly no athlete who did not use a wearable device during the preparation training for the Games and you can see a lot of the sportspeople wearing a wearable fitness device even in the Olympic village. Training with wearables. But wearables are far more than giveaways.

Gear VR Ranked In Amazon’s Top Three Best-Selling Wearables Over Holidays


Gear VR makes it in as the third entry in the Wearable Technology category. Amazon has revealed its best-selling products for the holiday season, and Samsung and Oculus’ Gear VR has come out on top for our budding new industry. Earlier this week the online retailing giant revealed the top three products sold in the different categories featured on its site. The company did not reveal exact sales figures for the product, though no other VR headsets or games feature in the list.

Amazon 179

A Study Claims To Power Wearable Devices Through Body Heat

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At time, when wearable technology remains the talk of the town, researchers from the North Carolina State University or NCSU have come up with a stunning new wearable prototype which uses body heat to generate electricity. In addition to that, thermoelectric generators or TEGs were also used when it comes to powering wearable devices and flashlights. Wearable that harvest energy from body heat increases the productivity as far as electricity generation is concerned.

YodelUp Is Truly A Perfect Wearable Device For Winters!

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YodelUp’s huge rocker buttons, which help in controlling the music and its push-to-talk button which helps in converting it into a walkie-talkie are typically designed for gloved fingers, and that’s what makes it a perfect wearable for winters. Wearables walkie-talkie Wearable Device YodelUp

Ditching the robot, training manual, pills and stock room for XR & wearables


4 Recent Use Cases of Wearable Technologies in Enterprise When a worker in a robotic suit is better than a robot – Boeing Industrial enterprises have been experimenting with robotics to replace humans in physically strenuous and repetitive tasks, but there are certain complex tasks that cannot be automated. The post Ditching the robot, training manual, pills and stock room for XR & wearables appeared first on BrainXchange.

Sleepman: A Wearable Device That Takes Care Of Your Sleep

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If not, then you must know about Sleepman, which is a kind of fitness tracking wearable device that comes with sleep-optimization as well as enhancement functions, which help in taking care of your sleep. Wearables Sleepman Wearable

UBC Doctor Prescribes Wearable Tech For ‘Game Boy Disease’

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Dr. Shahiholnasab is among the group of entrepreneurs in British Columbia who are developing innovative gadgets that can be worn, and this technology is known as “ wearable technology ”. His company is called Medical Wearable Solutions where he is using this technology for his patients.

Zebra Technologies Announces A New Line Of Wearables

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At a time when technological innovations are surprising the people across the world, Zebra Technologies a Lincolnshire-based company that deals with the development of tracking technology and solutions has announced a new line of wearables recently.

A Wearable Microscope That Can Measure Fluorescent Dyes Through Skin

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Most of them turned out to be expensive enough to be used in a cost-effective wearable imaging system. The researchers measured the fluorescent dye with the help of the wearable microscope using a laser to hit the skin at an angle, that was created by Ozcan and his team. Also, they can monitor all these embedded sensors under the skin in parallel and can understand the misalignments of the wearable imager and correct it to continuously quantify a panel of biomarkers.

Would you like to review AR, VR & Wearables games, apps and products?


If you would like to review AR, VR & Wearables games, apps and products, Infinityleap is THE place to share your experience with the community. Total: 0 Average: 0/5] You must sign to vote The post Would you like to review AR, VR & Wearables games, apps and products? Virtual Reality Augemented Reality virtual reality wearables

Wearable Technology: Skin Track Converts Your Arm Into A Touchscreen

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In the last few years, wearable technology has come a long way, wherein developments in the field of smartwatches are quite notable. Wearables Future Interfaces Group Skin Track wearables

VR Wearables Set to Steal the Show in Chi-Town


The hottest in VR wearables is about to blow into the Windy City. Uproar PR, in partnership with We Are Wearables and. The post VR Wearables Set to Steal the Show in Chi-Town appeared first on VRJournal. Featured VR Industry and Technology Chicago VR Wearables

VR Stands to Benefit from Wearable Camera Trend


Of the myriad of market trends accelerating growth in the VR space today, the boom in wearable cameras is playing a considerable. The post VR Stands to Benefit from Wearable Camera Trend appeared first on VRJournal. VR Industry and Technology Tractica Wearable Cameras

In the Wearable Tech Market, VR ‘Is the Next Big Thing’


Virtual reality has not worn out its welcome in the thriving wearable technology market. With the worldwide wearable technology market projected to. The post In the Wearable Tech Market, VR ‘Is the Next Big Thing’ appeared first on VRJournal. Featured VR Industry and Technology VR wearables

Making Your Next Flight Safer and Smoother with Wearable AR+VR


From building the actual plane to the in-flight experience, wearable XR (AR, VR, MR) devices have a role to play in multiple professions within the commercial aviation industry. Employees whose jobs affect every aspect of one’s trip, including aircraft maintenance workers and flight crew can make use of wearable XR technologies to ensure the end goal: A safe and satisfied traveler.

AR+VR Weekly: ARKit apps hit 13M downloads, Leap Motion’s “virtual wearables” and Ready Player One hits theaters

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In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: ARKit apps hit 13 million downloads , Leap Motion’s virtual wearable concept , and will the debut of Ready Player One increase VR sales ?

Wearable Tech: Basslet Supplies Music Directly To Your Body Via Wrist

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As more and more fitness tracking watches or devices are coming into the picture, wearable technology is something that’s hitting the headlines across the globe these days for all the good reasons. Wearables Basslet Kickstarter Lofelt Wearable

VR, Wearable Tech to Prove Hot Holiday Gifts


The post VR, Wearable Tech to Prove Hot Holiday Gifts appeared first on VRJournal. Whether or not you’re counting down the days until Christmas, the clock is still ticking away. And soon it will be time. Featured VR Industry and Technology Consumer Technology Association CTA

Magic Leap CEO: That bulky prototype leak isn’t our AR wearable


Magic Leap’s CEO has denied the accuracy of the supposedly leaked hardware from the clandestine augmented reality firm, claiming it’s not a prototype of the upcoming AR glasses.

David Holz: A Quick Peek at the Future of Wearable Displays and Inputs


The post David Holz: A Quick Peek at the Future of Wearable Displays and Inputs appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. What does the future of VR technology actually look like?

VR Innovation: Samsung and Hipaax Ramp Up for Wearables in the Workplace


The post VR Innovation: Samsung and Hipaax Ramp Up for Wearables in the Workplace appeared first on VRJournal. Representatives for Samsung Electronics America confirmed to VRJournal on Tuesday that the company is teaming up with alliance partner Hipaax, a developer. Featured VR Industry and Technology Hipaax Samsung

Facebook Expands to Enable 360 Photos in News Feeds


Earlier last week, Oculus announced a handful of new changes to Gear VR , its mobile headset for Samsung phones, along with one big new Facebook feature created with virtual reality (VR) in mind: the arrival of 360-degree photo capability in Facebook’s News Feed.

HP’s New Commercial VR Backpack PC Smartly Docks to Double as VR Desktop

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Announced at SIGGRAPH 2017 this week, the system is described as “the most powerful wearable VR PC ever created”, and “the world’s first professional wearable VR PC”.

Workplace implantables–Yes, we’re going there.


Implantables are sometimes mentioned as a category of wearable technology, but is a future in which technology becomes more integrated with our biology, in which we voluntarily have technology embedded […]. Applications and Use Cases Other biohax enterprise wearables epicenter implantables wearable techAre implantables ever going to take off in the enterprise beyond healthcare? Will we ever use them at work? Are workplace implantables a future reality?

Magic Leap One Creator Edition begins shipping out today


Archive augmented reality headset Magic Leap mixed reality virtual reality WearableAfter many years of waiting, Magic Leap is finally ready to launch its flagship product, the Magic Leap One mixed reality headset.

Improving the feel of virtual and augmented reality


WEARABLE HAPTICS. Also prominently featured at CES are several developments in the area of wearable haptics.

5 VR Backpack PCs at a Glance

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VR backpack PCs feature components typically found in high-end gaming laptops, repackaged into a more practical, wearable chassis. One of the current barriers to immersion for high-end VR headsets is being tethered to a powerful PC.

Amazon 236

Lenovo Enters A Joint Venture With Kopin To Create AR Headsets


Through it all though, one bit of news went a bit under the radar, as the company announced they’ll be joining forces with wearable technology developer, Kopin Corporation, to craft cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) headsets. Tagged with: ar , CES , kopin , lenovo , wearable.

Magic Leap One Finally Makes the Jump from Fantasy to Reality, Pre-Orders Open for $2,295

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The package includes the Lightwear headset, Lightpack wearable computer, and the Control handheld controller, all of which Magic Leap showed off via a Twitch livestream in June. The day has finally come.

Horror VR Experiences Can Have Psychological Effects On Users


Virtual Reality Wearables Horror VR Experience The Kitchen virtual reality wearables

Apple smart glasses optics detailed in patent application


Archive Apple ar augmented reality patent rumor smart glasses virtual reality vr WearableApple has cooked up a new head-mounted display design that could dramatically shrink the size of a virtual reality or augmented reality headset, a newly-published patent application reveals.

Apple 102