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Samsung Files Patent For Galaxy Ring And AR Glasses


It’s been rumored that Samsung is working on a smart ring that can be used in tandem with a pair of custom augmented reality (AR) glasses, and based on a recently uncovered trademark filing by Samsung registering the names “Galaxy Ring” and “Galaxy Glasses,” it appears as though the gossip could be true.

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Can Wearables Set the Stage for AR Glasses? Part II

AR Insider

This thinking holds up, but a less-discussed product class could have a greater impact in priming consumers for AR glasses: wearables. Meanwhile, tech giants are motivated toward wearables. For example, Apple’s wearables offset iPhone sales declines. Wearables: Paving the Way for AR Glasses. Touchpoint.

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Begun, The Wearables Wars Have

AR Insider

The wearables sector is approaching an inflection point. But before going into the AR implications, let’s step back and look at the activity in the broader wearables sector. Wearables sales this year are projected to hit $41 billion, up 28 percent from $32 billion last year. Follow the Money .

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Samsung Enters XR Device Marketplace, MWC 2024

XR Today - Mixed Reality tag

Today at MWC 2024, Samsung unveiled an upcoming XR headset the firm created alongside partners Google and Qualcomm, with a scheduled release window coming in 2025. At the event, Samsung unveiled several innovative tech products, including the immersive device, a smart ring, and an assistive mobility robotics device.

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How kids and seniors prompted Qualcomm to heavily invest in wearables

Digital Trends

Google and Samsung aren't the only ones wanting to change wearables for the better. Qualcomm has opened a forum to drive innovation and plans a new Wear chip.

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Is Samsung Debuting Smart Glasses in 2024?

XR Today - Augmented Reality tag

This month, Samsung continued its recent history of leaking details on an upcoming XR wearable when it filed for a “Samsung Glasses” trademark in the UK. Reports suggest that Samsung plans to unveil a new device at its Unpack event next year, with initial production quantities expected to be around 30,000 units.

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The Bizarre Samsung Smart Belt That Monitored Your Waist Line


We've seen some weird wearables throughout the years, but some are stranger than others. Here's the story of Samsung's truly bizarre smart belt.

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