Hands-on review: Apple’s head-tracking for music is one weird trip

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What happens when you add head-tracking to the already immersive audio experience of Dolby Atmos Music? Apple Home Theater Music AirPods Max Apple Music Dolby Atmos Music head tracking spatial audio

Peter Thiel-Backed Startup Turns VR Head Tracking Into Data For Advertisers

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The post Peter Thiel-Backed Startup Turns VR Head Tracking Into Data For Advertisers appeared first on UploadVR. VR Industry News ads advertisements analytics head tracking peter thiel privacy retinad. The newest inductee into Pether Thiel’s entrepreneurial industrial complex is Samuel F. poirier samuel


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Head-tracking spatial audio in tvOS 15 is awesome

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Apple delivers an immersive movie experience through a set of wireless headphones, putting the Apple TV 4K ahead of Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast. Apple Home Theater

Apple's Dynamic Head Tracking Is Here. If You Have the Expensive AirPods

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However, with iOS 15's public release , Apple’s also added Dynamic Head Tracking—and for that, you’re… Read more. Back in June, Apple introduced both lossless audio and Dolby Atmos-powered spatial audio to Apple Music.

Google is bringing Apple’s best headphone features to more products

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Apple's automatic audio switching and head-tracking spatial audio are its coolest headphone technologies. Home Theater News Audio Sharing CES 2022 Google head-tracking spatial audio spatial audio

Yamaha’s new wireless headphones take aim at the AirPods Max

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Apple's $549 AirPods Max have new competition: Yamaha's $500 YH-L700A offer ANC, transparency, and built-in head-tracking sensors, just like Apple's cans. Home Theater News AirPods Max head tracking noise-canceling headphones spatial audio Yamaha

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HoloLens Inside-out Tracking Is Game Changing for AR & VR, and No One Is Talking about It

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But immersive head-mounted AR for consumers has had one major hurdle that Microsoft may have just solved. When accuracy and latency isn’t low enough, the augmented objects swing around with your head and your brain doesn’t consider them part of the world. See Also: Former Oculus VP of Engineering Demonstrates Long Range VR Tracking System. On that second check, it was confirmed: rock solid inside-out tracking.

Eonite Claims to Have Solved Inside-out Positional Tracking for VR and AR

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Lots of companies have made this claim actually, but Eonite specifically says they have the “world’s most accurate, lowest latency, lowest power consuming software to democratize inside-out positional tracking for VR and AR.” ” Inside-out positional tracking—the ability to precisely determine where an object is in space using only sensors mounted on the device itself—has been an obvious need but an elusive challenge for the VR and AR industries.

uSens raises $20 million for mobile AR and VR hand-and-head tracking

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uSens has raised $20 million to develop natural hand and head tracking for augmented reality and virtual reality applications. The company is built around the idea that once you immerse yourself in virtual reality, the next thing you want to do is interact with it using your hands and have it track your head movements accurately

Comprehension Virtual Fact and Augmented Reality


Videos ar AR future AR technology augmented reality head tracking interactive experiences video help video how to video tutorial virtual augmented reality differences Virtual Reality virtual reality vs augmented reality virtual vs augmented reality vr VR future VR technology

How Does VR Create the Illusion of Reality?


I’ve recently written a loose series of articles trying to explain certain technical aspects of virtual reality, such as what the lenses in VR headsets do , or why there is some blurriness , but I haven’t — or at least haven’t in a few years — tackled the big question: How do all the technical components of VR headsets, e.g., screens, lenses, tracking, etc., Most attempts to answer it fall back on technical aspects, such as stereoscopy, head tracking, etc.,

A HoloArticle


the position of the screen(s) is fixed and precisely measured during installation, and the viewer’s eye positions are provided via real-time head tracking. To extract eye positions, HoloLamp uses an additional set of cameras looking upwards to identify and track the viewer’s face, probably using off-the-shelf face tracking algorithms such as the Viola-Jones filter. VR Hardware 3d displays augmented reality Head tracking HMD hologram projection mapping

Lighthouse tracking examined


This is great news: it will allow me to port Vrui and all Vrui applications to the Vive headset and its tracked controllers in one fell swoop. But before diving into developing a Lighthouse tracking driver plug-in for Vrui’s input device abstraction layer, I decided to cobble together a small testing utility to get a feel for OpenVR’s internal driver interface, and for the Lighthouse tracking system’s overall tracking quality.

Oculus Rift DK2’s tracking update rate


I’ve been involved in some arguments about the inner workings of the Oculus Rift’s and HTC/Valve Vive’s tracking systems recently, and while I don’t want to get into any of that right now, I just did a little experiment. The tracking update rate of the Oculus Rift DK2, meaning the rate at which Oculus’ tracking driver sends different position/orientation estimates to VR applications, is 1000 Hz. VR Hardware 3D tracking Head tracking Oculus Rift

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‘Pokémon GO’ Developer Niantic Teases a See-through Headset

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If this is a proper AR headset (with head-tracking and a reasonably wide field of view) we’re almost certainly looking at some sort of waveguide display, as the kind of bird-bath optics we see in devices like Nreal’s headset would be much bulkier.

Valve papers tease eye tracking VR headset potential


In a patent application made public today, Valve showed drawings and descriptions of a new sort of VR headset.

‘Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’ Now Fully Playable In VR


Based on videos provided by BrianMp16, the VR mod appears to support 6DoF head-tracking and at least some degree of motion controls. A new mod brings the classic Nintendo 64 action-adventure game to PC VR headsets for the first time.

Ultra-Compact 5K VR Headset MeganeX Unveiled At CES


Powered by a Snapdragon® XR1 processor, the headset supports 6DoF inside-out tracking and is compatible with the SteamVR platform, allowing users access to a massive catalog of games and apps. 2022 is quickly shaping up to be the year of VR glasses.

Snapchat's New Augmented Reality Trick Is Literally for the Dogs, Lets You Turn Your Pet into a Nerd or Reindeer

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Similar to the Lenses for people and cats, the Lens for dogs recognizes when dogs appear in the camera view and affixes AR effects to their heads, tracking the dogs. First, there was SnapCat. Now, we have DogChat! Or SnapBark? In October, Snapchat took social media by storm with its Lenses for cats. But the latest addition to the camera app has given dog lovers an augmented reality Christmas gift they won't want to return.

VorpX VR Driver Adds ‘FullVR’ Support for ‘GTA V’ and ‘Red Dead Redemption II’

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While the app doesn’t add core VR functionality like hand-tracking, for many games it adds head-tracking, stereoscopy, and other tweaks that make non-VR games playable inside the headset. VorpX is a tool which adapts many non-VR games to be played with VR headsets.

Panasonic Subsidiary Shiftall Unveils Lightweight MicroOLED VR Headset for Consumers

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Panasonic subsidiary Shiftall , the makers of SteamVR-compatible body tracking system HaritoraX, announced it’s releasing a lightweight consumer VR headset this year that includes OLED microdisplays and the ability to play SteamVR content.

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Hilarious New Mod Lets Developer Play VR In ‘Minecraft’


In a video posted to Reddit this week, user classified39 shows off a custom mod that allows them to view a 360 virtual image complete with head tracking inside of Minecraft using Immersive Portals and Computercraft.

Pico Announces 2 New Versions of Its Latest 3DOF VR Headset

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Both headsets only offer 3DOF head tracking, and include a single 3DOF controller. Oculus Go’s days are numbered , however Pico Interactive seems undeterred by Facebook’s move to retire the 3DOF VR headset.

Get $150 off HP Reverb G2, Offering Class-leading Resolution & Acceptable Tracking

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As for the headset’s optical tracking skills, Lang thought room-scale head-tracking was just as solid as other WMR headsets; some software-induced stutter exists when transitioning between apps or loading screens. Tracking.

Moon VR Player returns with passthrough AR mode

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Who else remembers Moon VR Player? It was a video player for virtual reality headsets, able to play both 2D videos, 360 videos, and 360 VR videos which was quite popular back in the Gear VR days. But after a while, it kinda disappeared from my radars, without any explanations.

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Top VR Media Players for Android and iOS


See Also: Best VR Hand Tracking Games for Oculus Quest in 2020. Other useful features of the app: Using head movements to select content; On-screen menu activation by looking at the exit doors; Re-centering viewport for optimal comfort; Drag and drop playlist creation.

Zeiss 129

HTC Announces Vive Flow, a Compact VR Headset Focused on Casual Entertainment & Wellbeing

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Tracking & Input. The headset supports 6DOF head-tracking and users can pair an Android phone to be used as a 3DOF controller (head-based pointing can be used as a fallback). Hand-tracking won’t be supported at launch, though it may come in a future update.

Now Anyone Can Buy HoloLens 2 Direct from Microsoft

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It packs in a number of features not present in the original 2015-era HoloLens, the most prominent of which is eye-tracking. Head tracking : 4 visible light cameras. Eye tracking : 2 IR cameras. Hand tracking : Two-handed fully articulated model, direct manipulation.

360° VR Motorcycle Ride, 3D VR High Speed Motorcycle Ride Virtual Reality Competitive Game

Steki Amusement

Super Cool Appearance Design, High Immersion Effects, Accurate motion simulation With High Quality Magnetic suspension motorcycle racing games (8 different scenes) & V-Racer games(16 racing tracks). 3, Head-tracking Selecting Game.

‘EVE: Valkyrie’ Winter Update Adds Custom Matches, Spectator Mode & New Map

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The studio also added support for Tobii and TrackIR head-tracking cameras, letting gamers with traditional monitors use head gestures to look around the battlefield in what promises to inch somewhat closer the benefits of actual VR headsets. CCP says the feature allows non-VR players to take advantage of the head-tracked ‘look-to-lock’ weapon functionality present in the VR experience of the game.

Oculus Announces Quest, The High-end Standalone Headset Starting at $400

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The headset is high-end standalone, meaning it doesn’t rely on a PC, but still manages to include the positional head and hand tracking that makes high-end headsets so immersive. First introduced back in 2016 as Project Santa Cruz, the Quest brings full head and hand tracking to world of standalone headsets, something not yet available in similar offerings like the Lenovo Mirage Solo or Vive Focus (which both offer positional head tracking but not positional hand tracking).

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5 things the rumored Pixel Buds Pro could do to catch up to AirPods

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On top of that, head tracking features give you the ability to change how the song sounds by moving your head around, so it can feel especially like you’re in a studio with your favorite artist instead of just listening to a recording.

Sony Reveals AR Headset Prototype in New Ghostbusters Location-based Attraction

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According to the demo video (linked below), the unnamed “R&D prototype” looks to include both 6DOF head-tracking as well as hand-tracking, and appear to be a standalone unit similar to Microsoft HoloLens. Ginza Sony Park, the Japanese tech giant’s Tokyo-based hub for Sony brand promotion, is now playing host to a new Ghostbusters -themed multiplayer experience using a newly revealed Sony AR headset prototype.

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Oculus Go Now Permanently Priced at $150, All Supported Countries to See Similar Drop

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Facebook slashed the price of Oculus Go for Black Friday, and kept it for the post-holiday season. Now, the company has confirmed that it’s permanently sticking with that pricing scheme, which comes to $150 for the 32GB version and $200 for the $64GB version.

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Triton Project is an affordable DIY AR headset

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Additionally, I would highly recommend buying this head padding kit from Knox Labs as it will dramatically increase comfort as you wear the headset, especially for longer periods of time as you will be immersed within the Triton. Triton works with Leap Motion (now Ultra Leap) hands tracking.

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PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode Apparently Works on Xbox One & Wii U


That means no Motion controller support, no head-tracking and a slightly-noticeable drop in picture quality. The latest VR headset on the market can connect to major consoles via HDMI. Yes, you heard correctly. According to early reports by consumers, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is capable of running on current major consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U.

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Mummy Day Celebration Gets VR Motion Chair Treatment


The VR experience is enhanced by Positron’s Voyager platform, featuring guided 360-degree motion control, head-tracked 3D audio and haptic integration—allowing you to experience the world of The Mummy in an entirely new way. “We’re Those eerie looking VR motion chairs we took for a spin during Sundance are back again, this time for a Mummy Day celebration in Hollywood over the weekend.

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