Peter Thiel-Backed Startup Turns VR Head Tracking Into Data For Advertisers


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HoloLens Inside-out Tracking Is Game Changing for AR & VR, and No One Is Talking about It

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But immersive head-mounted AR for consumers has had one major hurdle that Microsoft may have just solved. When accuracy and latency isn’t low enough, the augmented objects swing around with your head and your brain doesn’t consider them part of the world.

Eonite Claims to Have Solved Inside-out Positional Tracking for VR and AR

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Lots of companies have made this claim actually, but Eonite specifically says they have the “world’s most accurate, lowest latency, lowest power consuming software to democratize inside-out positional tracking for VR and AR.” ” But it isn’t just for tracking.

uSens raises $20 million for mobile AR and VR hand-and-head tracking

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uSens has raised $20 million to develop natural hand and head tracking for augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

How Does VR Create the Illusion of Reality?


Most attempts to answer it fall back on technical aspects, such as stereoscopy, head tracking, etc., 4:36 — Handling user movement, or: why head tracking is necessary. 5:45 — Embedded (real) video showing head tracking in action.

Oculus Announces $300 Commercial ‘Go for Business’ Bundle, Pre-orders Now Available

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Featuring 3 DOF head tracking and a single 3 DOF controller, the headset has a few clever design changes from the smartphone-driven Gear VR, including stereo speakers and both more space and dedicated spacer brackets for glasses wearers.

‘EVE: Valkyrie’ Winter Update Adds Custom Matches, Spectator Mode & New Map

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The studio also added support for Tobii and TrackIR head-tracking cameras, letting gamers with traditional monitors use head gestures to look around the battlefield in what promises to inch somewhat closer the benefits of actual VR headsets.

Disney Movies VR Experience


Videos are 360-degrees spherical video without head tracking. So if you move your head, it is disorientating. With the recent success of Disney's latest Star Wars movie The Last Jedi. Disney brings us Disney Movies VR , but is it any good? The Disney Movies VR experience is a short collection of experiences highlighting some of most popular Disney movies, such as: Jungle Book. Captain America. Star Wars. Disney Movies VR - The GOOD. It is FREE. 3D Menus are cool.

Magic Leap Shows Prototype Headset Progress Since 2014

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SEE ALSO Magic Leap Launches Developer SDK, Confirms Eye-tracking, Room-scanning, and More. Schwab continues, introducing a technically ‘wearable’, albeit very uncomfortable looking prototype from 2015 (below), “This thing is called Cheese Head. Eye tracking.

Magic Leap Launches Developer SDK, Confirms Eye-tracking, Room-scanning, and More

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The release of the Lumin SDK confirms that the Magic Leap One will include eye-tracking, as Unreal points out among the various headset capabilities supported by the engine: Head tracking. Eye tracking. Gesture and hand tracking.

Lenovo Mirage Solo Standalone VR Headset Reportedly Launching May 11th for $400

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The Mirage Solo will have to compete with the soon-to-launch Oculus Go standalone headset, which lacks positional head tracking, but is also half the cost of the Solo’s purported $400 price point.

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Lenovo Mirage Solo Review: Positional Tracking Comes to Mobile VR (sort of)

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The headset promises to bring one of the top features of high-end VR headsets—positional tracking—to Google’s casual Daydream VR ecosystem. Everyone has a differently shaped head, but I’ve not come into contact with another major headset that fit so poorly.

Toward Truly Glasses-sized AR: First Look at DigiLens’ AR HUD Reference Headset

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DigiLens , a developer of transparent waveguide display technology, is creating a reference headset aimed at wide FOV AR with hand-tracking, dubbed AR HUD.

Watch Amazon’s VR Kiosks Transform The Future Of Shopping


Viewed through an Oculus Rift with full head tracking, the ride lets the shopper briefly see some of the brands and promotions Amazon is featuring before landing in a serene park.

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Sony London Dev: VR Will Invent ‘One New Genre Of Game’ In Next 5 Years


Hampden thinks it will be to do with creating an experience that provides presence, surround audio, distinctive input methods, and head tracking. Today’s VR games are fantastic, immersive experiences, but they’re largely built upon the foundations of traditional gaming. We have tons of shooters, puzzle games and platformers for example, but not much that feels truly unique to VR. A developer at Blood And Truth creator, Sony London Studio, thinks that will change soon.

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StarBlood Arena announced for PSVR during Playstation Experience 2016

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360 degrees of freedom – Battle pods can strafe, roll, and boost in any direction while independently aiming weapons using the PlayStation VR head tracking. StarBlood Arena is a futuristic flight combat shooter developed for use with the PlayStation VR headset.

DreamGlass is an interesting Augmented Reality glass that costs only $399

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With regard to HoloLens, instead, this device is far cheaper, but it lacks the Windows 10 ecosystem and especially the environmental tracking features and the standalone form factor. Furthermore, it is ultralight: it weighs only 240g and this means that it is ultra-comfortable on the head.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 VRDK to Offer Ultrasonic 6DOF Controller Tracking

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Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 VRDK , a VR headset reference design for hardware and software developers, is now offering 6DOF controller input with ultrasonic tracking. The post Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 VRDK to Offer Ultrasonic 6DOF Controller Tracking appeared first on Road to VR.

Mummy Day Celebration Gets VR Motion Chair Treatment


The VR experience is enhanced by Positron’s Voyager platform, featuring guided 360-degree motion control, head-tracked 3D audio and haptic integration—allowing you to experience the world of The Mummy in an entirely new way. “We’re

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PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode Apparently Works on Xbox One & Wii U


That means no Motion controller support, no head-tracking and a slightly-noticeable drop in picture quality. The latest VR headset on the market can connect to major consoles via HDMI. Yes, you heard correctly.

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Altair Digital Are Bringing the Planetarium Experience to Your Face Using VR

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As existing experiences are produced in stereoscopic 3D, they’re ideal for VR viewing, and the naturally panoramic scenes can be glanced around at using head-tracking as you would expect.

Google is Bringing Daydream Compatibility to Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG’s Next Flagship Phone

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Taking the stage at I/O, Clay Bavor, the head of Google’s VR team, announced that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones will finally be receiving Daydream support via a software update this summer.

Students Hack Positional Tracking onto Gear VR with SteamVR Tracking

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In a reverse engineering exercise, two students at Utah State University have hacked positional tracking onto a Gear VR headset using SteamVR Tracking technology. Mobile VR solutions like Samsung’s Gear VR currently employ rotational tracking only.

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Xiaomi Unveils Low-Cost, Low-Latency VR Headset with Controller

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Much like Samsung Gear VR, Mi VR features a built-in dedicated motion sensor for low latency head-tracking and only works with a select number of the company’s phones.

Spatial Audio in Racket NX: Why Should We Care?


I’d be in VR and turn my head away from an audio source, the sound would cut out completely from one of my ears ignoring how real acoustics operated. This is why they created the Waves NX head tracker. Racket: NX is a VR game powered by Waves NX’s spatial audio software.

Scarlett Johansson Battles Other Celebrities In VR Pictionary On ‘Fallon’


However despite this they almost immediately began using the freedom of head-tracking to draw their assignments in three-dimensions. The VR segment returns to The Tonight Show with new A-list competitors. .

Featured 360: VR Beatboxing, Rain or Shine, and Iguana vs Snakes


“Does Not Exist drops you into the center of Reeps One’s first virtual reality Beatbox performance – exploring the latest technology for VR and head-tracked 3D spatial audio.”

‘rFactor 2’ Beta Adds Vive & Rift Support, and it Looks Intense

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He’s already taken the Rfactor 2 beta for a spin in VR with the Rift and the results he captured look nothing short of intense; you can see him in action in the video heading this article.

Oculus Store Thanksgiving Sale Now On, Up to 50% Off Rift Games

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Space Jones VR – $10 (38% off) – a compelling space shooter, with head-tracked flight controls, weapon upgrades and varied combat.

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Watch: Tobii Tease Unnervingly Effective Vive Eye-Tracked VR Demo Ahead of GDC

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This short but ingenious video snippet from eye-tracking specialists Tobii was built to tease a social VR demo they’ve been working on for GDC next week. It aptly highlights the subtle yet striking enhancements that eye tracking may being to social VR applications.

One Piece PSVR Finally Gets Western Release Date


The game seems to include a basic form of dialogue system, letting you use PSVR’s head-tracking to reply to questions with simple nods and head shakes. We’ve been following One Piece: Grand Cruise for some time.

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Google Daydream SDK Launches Out of Beta, Adds Unity Integration

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The Daydream side of the SDK is a foundation for VR developers, handling important basic functions that every VR app needs, like stereo rendering, spatial audio, head tracking, lens distortion, and asynchronous reprojection.

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‘HOLOSCOPE’ Headset Claims to Solve AR Display Hurdle with True Holography

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Fortunately, in head-mounted displays the screen is bolted to the viewer’s head, solving the problem. SEE ALSO HoloLens Inside-out Tracking Is Game Changing for AR & VR, and No One Is Talking about It. Holo-this, holo-that.

VR Presence Researcher Finds Full Embodiment to be Key Component in Plausibility

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The place illusion is largely enabled by the objective details of the VR technology with features such as 1:1 head tracking, low latency, and large field of view.

The Oculus Rift Can Now Run VR On Lower-End PC’s


That kind of frame rate, head tracking, processing power, requires a powerful system to run everything simultaneously. New Tech Allows Lower-End PC’s To Run Smooth VR Despite Low Framerates.

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Hands-on: Panasonic’s 220 Degree VR Headset Uses Crazy Fused Lenses and 4 Screens

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If I made sure the IPD and tilt were adjusted right, and viewed a VR scene without moving my head, they almost seemed to vanish, but immediately became noticeable and distracting again once I began to move my head.

Kittypocalypse now available on the Oculus Store

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The game has been designed with VR in mind, so expect smooth, fluid gameplay, head-tracking-based controls and an interface that works perfectly on the Rift. Action-packed tower defence game hits the Oculus Rift.

Jaunt VR and Facebook Are Tracking Your Head Movements For.


Jaunt VR and Facebook Are Tracking Your Head Movements For Better 360-Degree Videos Well-funded 360-degree video startup Jaunt VR recently debuted a publishing platform to rival YouTube as it continues to dabble in all aspects of reality capture.

Payday 2 Will Soon Get Official VR Support For The Entire Game


From the gameplay footage shown above, it’s clear this isn’t just a head tracking port but is instead fully articulated VR game. Guns are tracked to motion controllers, you can duck down behind cover, and even use your hands to revive downed teammates.

Online Multiplayer Racing Revs into Mobile VR with Demolition Derby VR


From there, you hop straight into an online multiplayer derby and duke it out with other drivers in thrilling PVP, or refine your skills by going head-to-head with AI racers in offline mode. The massively popular Demolition Derby franchise is entering VR in a big way.