VR-optimized Forward Renderer Comes to Unreal Engine 4.14, Said to Be 22% Faster

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Now the tech is available to all Unreal Engine developers in version 4.14 Unreal Engine 4.14 This means you can opt in to running at a higher framerate to minimize latency and reprojection artifacts. News VR Development epic games unreal engine unreal engine 4.14

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Oculus Launches ASW 2.0 with Positional Timewarp to Reduce Latency, Improve Performance

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an upgrade to the company’s ‘Asynchronous Spacewarp’ technology which is designed to smooth out the visuals inside the headset to compensate for performance fluctuations and to keep latency low for a comfortable experience. Oculus today released ASW 2.0,

Zero Latency Shoots For Multiplayer VR Arcade Network With 24 Locations In 2017


Over the past three years, Melbourne, Australia-based startup Zero Latency has been refining its multiplayer virtual reality arcade platform, which currently has three playable games for up to six players with plans to add eight-player support by the end of this year. Arcades Zero Latency

Inside Zero Latency’s Las Vegas VR Arena At The MGM Grand


Melbourne, Australia-based VR company Zero Latency has partnered with the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino to launch its latest eight-player virtual reality gaming location in the U.S. And it’s one of 20 Zero Latency arenas in operation around the globe, including locations in Orlando, Boston, Philadelphia, Wisconsin and the Poconos. Zero Latency is building its brand in the location-based VR arcade business through this new partnership with the established MGM brand.

OSVR Roadmap: Creating an Ecosystem of Interoperable VR Hardware and Software


Below, I describe my personal perspective on the road ahead for the OSVR software along several paths: interfaces and devices, game engines, low-latency rendering, operating systems, utilities, and high-level processing. game engine latency open source operation systems OSVR roadmap

Asynchronous Spacewarp 2.0 Released For Rift, Promising Greatly Reduced ASW Artifacts


also reduces headset latency because timewarp itself is now positional. Both Unity and Unreal Engine, which together power the vast majority of VR apps, now submit depth by default when using their Oculus integrations. Facebook finally released Asynchronous Spacewarp 2.0

Unity Rolls Google Daydream VR Support Ahead of Launch


To get optimal performance and latency from the platform we have done a deep integration with the Daydream SDK to leverage the platform’s asynchronous reprojection and VR performance mode. Augmented Reality (AR) Breaking Business Gaming Google Mobile News Smartphones startups Virtual Reality (VR) Wearables Android Android 7 Android Nougat Daydream Epic Games GOOG Google VR Nexus 6P Unity Unreal Engine VR performance

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Timewarp, Spacewarp, Reprojection, And Motion Smoothing Explained


It was made to lower the perceived latency of VR. VR before the Oculus DK1 had much higher latency than today- mostly due to software rather than hardware. Timewarp is one of the multiple software techniques Oculus used to get latency low enough to not be noticeable.

Virtual Desktop Is Coming To Oculus Go & Gear VR This Thursday


Godin claims that this achieves better performance and longer battery life than if he had used a game engine like Unity or Unreal Engine, because those have unnecessary overhead. A reliable, high quality and low latency desktop streaming app has felt missing from the Oculus Store. Virtual Desktop , the app which lets you view your PC’s monitor inside VR, is launching for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR this Thursday. The app will be priced at $9.99

Plexus Unveils VR/AR Gloves Compatible With Major VR Controllers


Wireless: 2.4GHz Custom Low Latency Protocol. Compatibility: Unity, Unreal Engine, C++, C#, Python. SDK: Unity and Unreal Engine haptic rapid application development toolkit, including drop in haptic hand rigs and interactive objects ready to use with developer artwork assets.

Google Daydream SDK Launches Out of Beta, Adds Unity Integration

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In addition to the Unreal Engine Daydream integration which has been improving since its launch alongside the Daydream announcement, the promised Unity integration has finally arrived in the form of a ‘technical preview’ which developers can download today.

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Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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The Occipital sensor is good to experiment with AR room scale, but Noah told that since it has a 25ms latency, it can’t be efficient for a final implementation of the product. To develop for the Leap Motion North Star, you can use Unity or Unreal Engine.

Plexus is a VR Glove With Finger Haptics & Multiple Tracking Standards, $250 Dev Kit Pre-orders Now Live

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Dev kits, which are slated to start shipping in August this year, will arrive with free SDKs for both Unreal and Unity. Wireless : 2.4GHz Custom Low Latency Protocol. Compatibility : Unity, Unreal Engine, C++, C#, Python.

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CES 2019: I Streamed PC VR Games To An Oculus Go With TPCast Air


So the demos I tried were TheBlu, a classic VR showpiece that’s entirely passive as you watch fish swim all around you, and a walkthrough demo of an apartment complex rendered in a game engine (I think it was Unity or Unreal). Since the two apps I tried were entirely passive and had next to zero interaction it’s hard to say whether there was any input lag or latency. When I passed the booth for TPCast during CES 2019 I didn’t initially pay it very much attention.

Apple Adds VR Rendering Essentials to MacOS via Metal 2

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Because VR demands high-powered graphics and extremely low latency, specially tuning the rendering pipeline between the GPU and the headset is crucial to maintaining a comfortable and performant VR experience.

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NOLO Phone-based SteamVR Project Fully Funded on Kickstarter


The solution isn’t just for SteamVR, though, as it can also be used with native mobile VR games that are developed with the setup in mind, and LYRobotix says it is preparing an SDK that’s compatible with both Unreal and Unity Engines.

PanguVR mixes virtual reality and artificial intelligence to revolutionize interior design

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The aim in developing the PanguVR engine was to equip content producers to create immersive and interactive content, in UE4 (Unreal VR Engine), automatically meaning without any learning curve.

Henry for Oculus Go review: a step forward for VR videos playback

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Henry for Oculus Rift is a little masterpiece of graphical optimizations : this short movie has an amazing quality and is all rendered in real time by Unreal Engine. Vsync locked frame release + low latency fast-path Audio 360 spatialization.

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Emteq Aims to Humanize VR by Capturing Your Facial Expressions

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As researchers and VR start-ups make great strides in increasing the sense of presence such as larger field of view, lower latency and more natural input, a Brighton based start-up has just announced a new technology that can track a user’s facial expressions without markers.

Magic Leap One Will Ship This Summer With Nvidia Tegra X2 Processor


Unity support is already running, and Unreal Engine 4 support is coming. But with the launch of its high-speed, low-latency 5G network on the horizon , AT&T hinted that its “5G leadership position” would “open up new opportunities and experiences” for Magic Leap.

Improbable Raises Over $500 Million To Create The Tools That Will Build The Metaverse


According to the Improbable website, SpatialOS “gives you the power to seamlessly stitch together multiple servers and game engines like Unreal and Unity to power massive, persistent worlds with more players than ever before.”

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Got new or custom HMD? Need direct render, time warping, distortion correction and game engine integration?


Get low-latency rendering for your HMD; correct distortion in one of several possible ways; support for many game engines; debug and demonstration software. Google Concept from Sensics Let's assume you built a new HMD.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Using the Unreal Engine 4, NASA has created an extremely detailed and realistic VR model of the interior of the ISS, and astronauts use the Manus gloves in the model for training simulations.

Accommodation and Vergence in Head-mounted Displays


They might not be able to focus very well, or the real world might look oddly unreal, or they might have slight double vision. Why do virtual objects close to my face appear blurry when wearing a VR headset? My vision is fine!

How Survios Crafted A Creative Music VR Experience With Electronauts


He said you get a sensation of playing the song at the right tempo, thanks to the quantization and a little mind trick that helps you deal with latencies in music headsets. What that means is that you can perform an action in VR, and with a certain amount of latency that’s added, we then play a sound. The latency trick we’re doing fools the brain into thinking it’s played a note at the right tempo, even though it hasn’t, because we delay it slightly.

What every VR game engine needs


When game engines are used for VR, they have to include many new capabilities: stereo rendering, higher frame rate, distortion correction, latency control and more.

OSVR - a Look Ahead


Many game engines – such as Unity, Unreal and SteamVR- immediately support it. Reducing Latency is Becoming Complex Trends Presence in VR requires low latency, and reducing latency is not easy. Low latency is also not the result of one single technique. Predictive tracking lowers perceived latency by estimating future orientation. OSVR makes these latency-reduction methods available to everyone.

Grids close year with record active numbers

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The service also records historical data, and it can be used to figured out whether latency problems are due to the user’s connection, or is on the grid’s end.

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NVIDIA GeForce Experience Now Supports OpenGL and Vulkan


This extended support means that all the screenshots, videos, and broadcast functions are now supported when running native OpenGL and Vulkan apps such as DOOM, Unreal Engine 4 titles and many more.