A Daring Giraffe Rescue Is Underway in Kenya

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Conservationists, government officials, and local community members are banding together to pull off a rescue of eight giraffes stranded on a shrinking island in Kenya.

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VR headsets hit retail shelves in Kenya

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Virtual reality is now a global phenomena and devices are slowly becoming available to more retail shops — including here, in Nairobi, Kenya, where I am based. This Saturday, I walked over to my... Columns VR & AR Jumia Kenya OLX Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Gear VR VRARLE

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Alphabet's Internet-Beaming Loon Balloons Now Providing Service in Kenya

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Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has deployed a fleet of internet-delivering, high-altitude balloons in Kenya, an initiative that the company’s CEO said will be “the first of many” future commercial deployments in other parts of the world.

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Virry Happy is Set to Take You on a Nature-Filled Trip to Kenya on July 2

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While utilizing virtual reality for physical fitness has become a great tool in recent years, using the platform to promote mental health is often just as important. As of next week, a new application will be released that should help many around the globe unwind even further at the end of each day.

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The Trailer for The Witches Remake Will Terrify a Whole New Generation

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the witches hbo max anne hathaway warner bros robert zemeckis streaming books roald dahl octavia spencer chris rock stanley tucci guillermo del toro kristin chenoweth jahzir kadeem bruno kenya barrisIt looks like Halloween 2020 plans are covered.

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Japanese Police Arrest Three People for Uploading 'Fast Movies' on YouTube

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youtube toho co ltd takayuki suga nana shimoda entertainment culture digital millennium copyright act websites copyright infringement kenya nikkatsu corporation articles content overseas distribution association file sharing torrentfreak bittorrent digital media law crime alphabet inc

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The Last Two Giraffes Have Been Rescued From a Vanishing Kenyan Island

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A mother and calf are the last of nine endangered giraffes to be transported to Kenya’s mainland as rising waters threaten their home island in Lake Baringo.

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Netflix Is Testing Out a New Free Streaming Plan, but You Can't Have It

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Netflix rolled out a new free mobile plan to users in Kenya on Monday, part of a larger effort by the streaming giant to lure in new African subscribers.

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WWF Partners With Oculus On VR Nature Documentary Series Shot In Cinematic 5.7k


Narrated by Emmy Award winning actress Anna Friel, the three-part series guides users through the savannahs of Kenya in East Africa, the jungles of Borneo in Malaysia, and the vibrant coral reefs of Raja Ampat in Indonesia.

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Alphabet gives up on balloon-powered internet

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In a blog post on Friday, the company said it made some "groundbreaking technical achievements," even managing to launch commercially in Kenya in 2020. Alphabet's Loon is no more.

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Ecosphere Brings A VR Safari To Oculus Quest Next Week


Ecosphere takes to you the jungles of Borneo, the savannahs of Kenya and the coral reefs of Raja. Get ready for a VR safari on your Oculus Quest when Ecosphere launches next week. This series of VR videos, recorded in 180 degrees 3D, comes from Phoria.

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Felix & Paul Studios Brings More Great 360-Degree Films To Oculus Quest


a 3-part series with directors’ commentary, following some of the last Nomadic cultures in the world; Yak Herders in the Mongolian steppes, Masaai in Kenya and Sea Gypsies living off the coast of Borneo.

Virry VR Is PSVR’s First Paid-For 360 Video


Filmed in Lewa Downs, a UNESCO heritage site in Northern Kenya, the video offers the chance to meet elephants, rhinos, Grevy’s zebras and leopards among others. Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) has embraced 360 video with surprising readiness since launch last October with a suite of free apps and, more recently, support for YouTube 360 content. This month, though, the platform gets its first premium 360 app.

RYOT Bringing VR News and Comedy Shows to Hulu


The host of the show will be RYOT’s co-founder, Bryn Mooser, with one featured report in the first episode transporting you to the Dadaab refugge camp in Northern Kenya. The two made for VR series will be coming to the Hulu VR app this Fall. HuffPost RYOT has created a new slate of VR shows, set to launch this fall on the Hulu VR app for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets.

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African Americans in virtual reality

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Narrated by Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyongo, My Africa shines a light on a wildlife conservatory and its connection with the people of Northern Kenya. Simplistic yet sublime My Africa will have viewers not only fall in love with the subjects but with the beauty of Kenya as well. As a person of color and a woman, I’ve become aware with the lack of representation expressed outside of the entertainment or sports world.

Celebrate Earth Day With These Nature Themed VR Experiences


Narrated by Lupita Nyong’o, My Africa is an eye-opening 360-degree documentary short that covers the courageous efforts of Northern Kenya tribes to protect African wildlife from animal poachers. Immersive experiences that highlight the importance of environmental protection. There’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day than hitting the streets with a garbage bag and cleaning up random litter scattered around your local area.

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NewImages, Cannes, Tribeca Join Forces In Unprecedented Collab


Cultural institutions in France are in a unique position to receive public funding for projects, but Swierczynski is also going where no festival has gone before, creating relationships with institutions in Ecuador, Kenya, Sudan, Morocco, and South Africa, just to name a few.

Analysis: Using VR/AR in education during the pandemic

Virtual Perceptions

So it is worrying that the start of school is far away for many countries, with Kenya restarting education in January, the Philippines closing schools until a vaccine is found, and select US states offering only remote learning for the foreseeable future.

This VR Game Doubles As A Clean Water Educational Tool


Non-profit organization Water is Life, known for creative campaigns including Hashtag Killer and Kenya Bucket List, has taken activism VR to new heights with brand new game, Hidden Dangers. Pollutants become monsters in this HTC Vive clean water educational game. It seems like there’s been a surge in environmental awareness VR Content recently, but it’s never been done quite like this.

Shelved 'black-ish' episode criticizing Trump is now available on Hulu

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Show creator Kenya Barris shared the news on social media Monday. — kenya barris (@funnyblackdude) August 10, 2020 Read more. black-ish Season 4's previously shelved "Please, Baby, Please" is now available on Hulu.

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9D Virtual Reality Cinema: VR Multiplayer Entertainment Solution

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Factory price, factory shipment. Virtual reality cinema equipment. Owatch's new product has a cool UFO appearance. 9D chairs with 10 seats, virtual reality theme park preferred. Small footprint and high return on investment! 360° immersive entertainment.

VR Film Studio Felix & Paul Release ‘Nomads’ 360 Documentary.


VR Film Studio Felix & Paul Release ‘Nomads’ 360 Documentary Series Studio co-founders Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël packed their 360 camera out to Mongolia, Kenya, and the seas surrounding Borneo to capture some of the planet’s last remaining nomadic tribes.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters demand climate justice across the globe amid COP26

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Elsewhere, 250 protests were simultaneously held around the world, including in South Korea, Kenya, Australia, Portugal, France, Brazil, Turkey, and Canada. COP26 is well under way — and so are the protests. The U.N.

Samsung XR and EarthX Debut Environmentally-focused 360 Short Films

Road to VR

Narrated by Academy Award-winning Actress Lupita Nyong’o, My Africa takes viewers to an elephant sanctuary in Kenya, where a community is creating a place where humans and animals can once again coexist.

GOOD NEWS! Owatch August BIG SALE, UP TO 20% OFF!

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Everyone who wants to start a business will think so. ” What is the most profitable business right now? How much does it cost to start a VR business? “ If you want to start your VR business, then you can’t miss the best discounts that Owatch will launch in August! Buy more and save more!

Huge Promotion for 9D VR Chair Cinema/Simulator and VR Park

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Wholesale High-Quality 9D VR Cinema Price Products from Owatch / 9D VR Simulator Price VR Park for sale, China Factory. Worldwide Shipping! Stock Sale! China professional 9D Virtual Reality Price Rides & VR Game Machine Suppliers Factory.

EON Reality Presents at Nordic VR Forum

EON Reality

At the 2018 edition of the Nordic VR Forum, EON Reality Norway didn’t just attend Hamar’s distinguished virtual reality conference but also presented the “ Jesper on Wheels ” project to an eager crowd. With hundreds of attendees from 10 different nations and even more viewers following along with the event’s livestreams online, the annual event proved successful in every way.

Exclusive: First-Ever Impact Reality Summit Announces 2020 Lineup


“Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and presented in stunning 360° VR, “My Africa” transports viewers to an elephant sanctuary in Kenya, where a community is reknitting the bonds that have long enabled people and wildlife to coexist.

What is 5D/7D Cinema?

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5D Cinema is a form of film art expression developed on the basis of 4D Cinema. It contains all the functions of 4D theater. 5D theater uses seat effects and environmental effects to simulate lightning and thunder, wind, frost, rain and snow, and explosion impact.

Hand interactive VR Game Simulator, the latest One-stop Arcade Unattended VR Machine

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Owatch Launched the New VR Plus Series! Hand Interactive VR Game Simulator !!! Unique Interactive VR Coin-op Game set to take the market by VR WOW! Owatch Interactive Simulator Ride.

Top 5 Best Racing Simulator or Virtual Reality Racing Equipment

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We pick the best racing simulator for different budgets and needs. This list will help you choose the racing simulator best suited to you and your equipment. Racing Simulator Games.

SIGGRAPH 2019 Conference Will Feature Four World-Premiere VR/AR Experiences


Project Jua – Project Jua is an interactive VR experience that raises awareness of the impact of not having easy access to electricity, taking the player to a rural farm in Kenya to experience firsthand the challenges of living off the grid to discover an African solar power solution that is improving lives. Magic Leap, Disney, and Epic Games are bringing their A-game to the annual tech conference.

Scale Learning and Teaching for the Online Classroom

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At EON Reality, we are working at lightning speed to help classrooms around the world transition safely and effectively to an online classroom. As we shift towards preparing for tomorrow it is now more important than ever to build resilience into our online classrooms.

How do you tell a story in VR? Nomads shows the wayVirtual.


Each Nomads episode chronicles life in a different nomadic tribe: the Maasai of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, the Bajau, who live on the waters of South East Asia, and Mongolian herders. How do you tell a story in VR? Nomads shows the way Virtual reality is more than an emerging technology. It’s redefining how filmmakers tell stories and connect with audiences.

Startups Weekly: Chinese investors double down on African startups

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Kenya’s Twiga Foods eyes West Africa after Goldman investment. Hello and welcome back to Startups Weekly, a weekend newsletter that dives into the week’s noteworthy startups and venture capital news. Before I jump into today’s topic, let’s catch up a bit.

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Smart Nations Powered By Augmented Virtual Reality

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Advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are reshaping the way we learn and interact with our world. Workers with access to real-time contextual information, displayed when and where they need it will reshape the workplace and dramatically improve the efficiency, productivity, and safety of the average worker. The future is here, with EON Reality’s Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) technology. CONTACT US. Name *. First. Job Title * Email *.

2021's most important book will change the way you see history

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The estimate keeps getting pushed back the more fossils we find ; we also appear to have arrived across all of Africa pretty much at once, not just Kenya as previously thought.)