Ohio University Launches Virtual Reality and Game Development Major


Starting this fall, Ohio University is offering a Virtual Reality and Game Development (VRGD) undergraduate major. Ohio University – Leading Transformation in the Educational Field.

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Ohio Utility Agrees to Pay $230 Million for Role in Massive Bribery Scandal

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FirstEnergy, a powerful Ohio-based utility company, has agreed to pay a $230 million fine for its role in a truly wild corruption scandal. Read more.

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Two Worrying Coronavirus Variants Local to U.S. Flagged by Researchers in Ohio

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Researchers in Ohio say they’ve discovered two new variants of the coronavirus local to the U.S. coronavirus covid 19 mutations infectious diseases pandemic ohio sciencethat may be of concern.

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Five Ohio Residents to Get $1 Million Each Just for Getting Vaccinated in New Lottery

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Five lucky people in Ohio will win $1 million each just for getting vaccinated for covid-19, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced on Wednesday.

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FBI Arrests Ohio Republicans in Alleged $60 Million Bribery Case for Coal and Nuclear Bailout

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The FBI arrested Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and a number of Republicans on Tuesday on charges of bribery tied to the state’s passage of a nuclear and coal bailout bill last year. locked up ohio larry householder corruption nuclear

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Two Ohio Republicans Plead Guilty in Alleged $60 Million Bribery Scandal for Coal and Nuclear Bailout

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Two of the five Republicans arrested on corruption charges involving former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder pleaded guilty on Thursday to racketeering. locked up corruption larry householder ohio firstenergy nuclear nuclear power

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Ohio Governor Bravely Says Shady Coal and Nuclear Bailout Bill Should Be Repealed

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A year ago to the day, Ohio Gov. smh republicans ohio clean energyMike DeWine signed HB 6, a gift of a bill to bail out coal and nuclear power.

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Intel Announces Ohio Fab Complex: 2 New Fabs For $20B, And Space For More

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With fab expansions on tap across the entire semiconductor industry, Intel today is laying out their own plans for significantly increasing their production capacity by announcing their intention to build a new $20 billion fab complex in Ohio.

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Intel Plans $20 Billion Factory in Ohio to Accelerate Domestic Chip Manufacturing

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Intel will invest $20 billion in a sprawling new processor manufacturing facility outside Columbus, Ohio, according to an announcement from the tech giant early Friday.

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Ohio Hands Out First $1 Million Lottery Prize to Vaccinated Resident

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The state of Ohio has announced the first winner of the state’s $1 million prizes for residents who received the covid-19 vaccine. ohio jena powell states of the united states lotteries in the united states health medical pharma joseph costello ge aviation lotteries mike dewine bill veeck mega millionsAnyone 18 and older who gets vaccinated in the state can win, and there’s even a special college scholarship prize available for 12 to 17-year-olds who get the shot. Read more.

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3 New VR Arcades Hit Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC

Road to VR

That’s the idea behind three new VR Arcades that have opened in Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC, which are leveraging the HTC Vive as the go-to ‘out-of-home’ VR platform for such activities. ” Scene75 Entertainment Center – Dayton, Ohio. Based in Ohio, Scene75 Dayton is adding a VR arcade to their existing entertainment center which opens on August 12th. The post 3 New VR Arcades Hit Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC appeared first on Road to VR.

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A School in Ohio Assigned YouTube Videos From Fake Right-Wing University PragerU for Extra Credit

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According to a report in the Huffington Post on Tuesday, students in a 10th-grade history class at Maumee High School in Ohio were offered extra credit to do a little of the latter by watching videos produced by Prager University (PragerU). There’s learning and then there’s “learning.”

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Hospital Can't Be Forced to Treat Covid-19 Patient With Ivermectin, Ohio Judge Rules

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An Ohio judge’s decision last month to require a hospital to give a seriously ill man an unproven treatment for covid-19 has been set aside for the time being.

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Virtual musician moves to Ohio to perform live

Hypergrid Business

” Asp has already held a dozen real-life concerts since moving from Denmark, to Cincinnati, Ohio, a few months ago. Torben Asp at a live performance. Image courtesy Avination.). If you’re a fan of Torben Asp — and you probably are, as he’s one of OpenSim’s favorite performers — and you live or visit the US east coast, you might now be able to catch him performing live, in person.

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Police Tried to Take a Protester's Prosthetic Legs After Macing Him, Witnesses Say

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black lives matter columbus ohio hargus police brutality double amputee

Insurrectionists Reportedly Used Walkie-Talkie App Zello To Storm the Capitol

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militia members zello jessica watkins app company ohio state regular contentMembers of a violent and deadly mob that stormed the U.S.

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Amazon is planning to open its largest retail stores to date, report

Digital Trends

Amazon is reportedly planning to open its largest retail stores yet, with sites in Ohio and California apparently coming first. News Amazon department store retail

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Utility That Funded a Racist Ad Campaign Tweets How It Remains ‘Committed’ to Antiracism

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kaz sato larry householder corporate crime software joe biden anti chinese sentiment twitter firstenergy dave anderson computing ohio operating systems social issues

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FBI Says It Uncovered Terror Plot to Kill George W. Bush Through WhatsApp Messages

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Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Ohio announced Tuesday that Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab, an Iraqi citizen living in Columbus, Ohio, was charged with participating in a conspiracy to murder former President George W. The U.S.

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Filling Your Entire Backyard With a Giant K'nex Roller Coaster Beats Waiting in Line at an Amusement Park

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cedar point steel roller coaster roller coasters amusement parks magnum xl 200 togo ohio hospitality recreationThe original 2,400-piece K’nex roller coaster is one of the holy grails of ‘90s toys. And for some, it inspired a lifetime obsession with building scale model thrill rides. YouTube’s CoasterWriter has taken the hobby to its extreme, building a backyard-sized K’nex coaster featuring a towering 10-foot tall main drop. Read more.

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Airstream's Travel Trailers Now Include Tiny Offices Because You Can Never Escape Work

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business_finance labor law_crime airstream shelby county ohio streamliners marketing video trailer caravan laptop usb hardware visual artsOne of the many side effects of the pandemic is that it demonstrated to corporate America that employees can effectively work from almost anywhere. This realization could be both good and horrible, but in one case, it’s a little more the latter. Airstream is now putting miniature offices into its travel trailers so… Read more.

The Knight Foundation launches $750,000 initiative for immersive technology for the arts

TechCrunch VR

Project lead: David Hassler | Kent, Ohio | @DavidWickPoetry , @WickPoetry , @KentState , @travelingstanza. TC Amazon arkansas articles augmented reality augmented reality technology california knight foundation Marketing massachusetts Massachusetts Institute of Technology michigan Microsoft mixed reality New York Ohio rhode island San Francisco Santa Cruz smartphone Smithsonian Vice President Virtual realityThe John S. and James L.

Politician's Zoom Background Can't Hide Fact That He's Actually Driving

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Andrew Brenner, a state senator in Ohio, is getting some heat for driving while participating in a Zoom call earlier this week. The Ohio Senate is currently taking up a bill that would create additional penalties for distracted driving and a local newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch , pointed out the irony of the… Read more.

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The Worst Charlatans of the Covid-19 Pandemic

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For some people, crisis is an opportunity. More specifically, an opportunity to blow up their own profile by preying on people’s fears, making baseless claims, grabbing resources intended for others, and being generally dishonest, disingenuous, or greedy. Read more.

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Everything you need to know about the Lordstown Endurance

Digital Trends

Ohio-based Lordstown Motors hopes to beat Tesla and Rivian to the electric pickup segment with the Endurance. Cars electric cars Electric Pickup Trucks lordstown lordstown endurance pickup trucks

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Niantic Partners with City Governments to Turn Pokémon GO into a Tool for Community Engagement

Next Reality AR

Four of the studied cities — Akron, Ohio; Charlotte, North Carolina; Philadelphia. A new study published by American University demonstrates how Pokémon GO and other augmented reality games can help city governments bring communities closer together. An ongoing partnership between Pokémon GO developer Niantic and the community investment program of the John S. and James L.

Unfazed by Tread Recalls, Peloton to Build $400 Million U.S. Factory

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based factory in Troy Township, Ohio. After investing $100 million to ship delayed products by air , Peloton announced today that it’s putting down another $400 million to build its first U.S.-based Read more.

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A Huge Winter Storm Is About to Make Life Messy for Half the U.S.

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A storm could hit states from Colorado to parts of Texas to Ohio by Groundhog Day, dumping freezing rain and snow and snarling… Read more. The Northeast U.S. is still digging out from the monster snowstorm that hit over the weekend, but the rest of the country better buckle up—there’s some serious weather coming this week.

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Free-Roam VR Arcade Dreamscape Arrives On The East Coast


In addition to the latest New Jersey location, Dreamscape centers can also be found in Los Angeles, Dallas, Ohio, and Dubai, with more locations to come. The location-based VR provider is bringing three of its most popular immersive experiences to the Garden State.

In Fear Street Part 1: 1994's New Trailer, Witches Be Killing

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In each installment of Netflix’s upcoming Fear Street trilogy , different groups of teenagers from various points in time all discover how the town of Shadyside, Ohio has always been a place steeped in evil and darkness that eventually manifest in horrific ways.

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Appalachia’s Fracking Industry May Never Be Profitable Again

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Center and the Ohio River Valley Institute shows that there’s another reason companies should stop extracting shale gas in the nation’s Appalachian… Read more. It’s clear that we need to stop natural gas production to avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis.

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Judge Orders Hospital to Give Severely Ill Covid-19 Patient Ivermectin

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A judge in Ohio has issued an emergency order telling a hospital to treat a coronavirus patient with ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug being promoted widely by right-wing personalities as a covid-19 treatment and prophylactic.

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Enjoy Fourth Of July Fireworks From Home With This Free AR Experience


Ohio-based immersive technology developer Holopundits isn’t about to let the COVID-19 outbreak stop you from enjoying this year’s Fourth of July festivities. Log into the TotalAR app on July 4th for a 12-minute spectacle delivered straight to your doorstep.

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‘Men in Black’ Location-based VR Experience to Debut at Dreamscape in October

Road to VR

It’s likely we’ll see the MIB experience roll out to its other Dreamscape locations; the company currently operates four locations spread across California, Ohio, Texas and Dubai.

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‘RUNNER’ Brings Breakneck Speeds & ’80s-style Arcade Shooting Action, Trailer Here

Road to VR

The Ohio-based studio is also known for its VR football game 2MD: VR Football Evolution (2017) , which made its way onto all major VR headsets following its initial launch on SteamVR headsets in 2017.

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Dreamscapes Latest 4D VR Experience Is An 8-Person Dragon Flying Simulator


This past August, the company opened its second location at Dallas’ NorthPark Center in collaboration with AMC Theaters, with several more locations scheduled to open in Columbus, Ohio and the New York/New Jersey metro area over the next year.

Intel Opens D1X-Mod3 Fab Expansion; Moves Up Intel 18A Manufacturing to H2’2024

Anand Tech

Intel for the last few years has been undergoing a major period of manufacturing expansion for the company.