Practice Your Carving Skills On This AR Turkey


The Washington Post is here to make carving your Thanksgiving turkey easy this holiday season. Whether it be the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, or a variety of other delicious foods, many of us will no doubt find ourselves trapped in a paralyzing food coma come Black Friday. It can be an extremely daunting process preparing a Thanksgiving meal, especially the turkey. The post Practice Your Carving Skills On This AR Turkey appeared first on VRScout.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turkey Day guide

Digital Trends

If you want to get a (turkey) leg up on what to expect from this year's Turkey Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, here's a full guide on how to prepare. game guide Nintendo Turkey Day


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Ground Temperatures Reach a Blistering 127 Degrees in Turkey

GizModo VR

Wildfires are raging out of control amid blistering heat in Turkey and Greece. New data shows that ground temperatures in parts of Greece and Turkey reached more than 127 degrees Fahrenheit (53 degrees Celsius) on Tuesday.

Thousands of Flamingos in Turkey Killed in Devastating Drought

GizModo VR

A massive flamingo colony in central Turkey’s Lake Tuz has been devastated by a regional drought over the last two weeks.

Haunting Satellite Imagery Shows Turkey’s Second-Largest Lake Has Dried Up

GizModo VR

A new satellite image of Turkey’s Lake Tuz is gorgeous—and, if you know more about what it’s portraying, worrying.

Turkey's Leaders Vow to Defeat Plague of 'Sea Snot' Amid Unprecedented Outbreak

GizModo VR

Top officials in Turkey have vowed to defeat a plague of “sea snot” that has coated a shoreline near Istanbul in a slimy film of beige sludge that reeks.

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Devastating Floods Hit Turkey as Country Reels From Hundreds of Wildfires

GizModo VR

Flash floods have killed at least 27 people in northern Turkey after intense rains hit areas around the Black Sea Wednesday and caused streams and rivers to burst their banks.

Painted Skeletons of Çatalhöyük

GizModo VR

catalhoyuk catal archaeological sites anatolia body text archaeology hospitality recreation geography of turkeyRead more.

I Never Thought I’d Have Gadget Lust for a Tape Measure, but Here We Are

GizModo VR

tape measure makita home depot kickstarter technology internet istanbul province line 2 bloordanforth t1 districts of turkey geography of turkeyIt’s not often that a construction tool can elicit the same level of gadget lust as something like a new flagship smartphone does, but the T1 Tomahawk is a tape measure full of clever digital upgrades that makes me want to line up outside a Home Depot the day it goes on sale. Read more.

CEO of Turkish Crypto Platform Flees Country as Users Say They're Locked Out

GizModo VR

Federal police in Turkey are investigating Thodex, a cryptocurrency trading platform that handles hundred of millions of dollars in trades every day, after users complained they’d been locked out of their accounts, according to new reports from Reuters and Turkey’s TRT World news service.

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The Myth of ‘Clean Coal’ Might Finally Die

GizModo VR

coal disaster accident fidelity investments capital one energy coal power in the united states refined coal jpmorgan chase goldman sachs articles brian prest economic geology duke energy environment physical sciences arthur j gallagher co emissions reduction fuels coal in turkey

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PSVR Gaming Bundle ‘HeroCade’ Available This Month in Europe, Australia & New Zealand

Road to VR

Turkey Hunt (shooting gallery). turkey hunt z-strikeHeroCade is a compilation of nine VR games for PlayStationVR, and while it’s already been out in North America since earlier this year, European countries will finally able to buy the cheap and cheerful game pack this month, which features a number of VR favorites previously available only Samsung Gear VR and PC VR platforms.

Black Friday Deals: Score Savings on Oculus Quest Games


Now that the turkey and pumpkin pie have settled, we’re excited to share that the Black Friday Sale starts now on the Oculus Store

The Meta Quest Black Friday Sale Starts Now!


As Thanksgiving comes to a close and the turkey digests, we’re thankful for how far VR has come over the past several years. Whether you’re

This iOS Game Secretly Turns Into a Gambling App

GizModo VR

He found a game called Jungle Run—basically a 2D coin running game —that turns into a cryptocurrency-funded casino in Turkey. Entrepreneur Kosta Eleftheriou has made it his life’s mission to expose scammy iOS apps, and his latest discovery is a doozie.

One of the World's Most Iconic Salt Lakes Has Dried Up

GizModo VR

One of Turkey’s most famous lakes has completely receded this year. The transformation of an entire lake into a few puddles is based on satellite data shows , and experts say it’s driven by both climate change and human overuse. Read more.

Reminder: Zoom Will Lift Its 40-Minute Cap on Thanksgiving

GizModo VR

Cooking a giant turkey plus what feels like a million sides. The holidays are stressful enough during a normal year. Traveling for hours in atrocious freeway traffic, or battling TSA lines at the airport.

Facebook Will Clarify Its ‘Satire Exception’ for Moderating Content

GizModo VR

The change was made in response to a recent decision by its Oversight Board that required it to reinstate a comment with an adaption of the “two buttons” meme commenting on Turkey’s… Read more.

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Twitter’s New Reactions Are Too Friendly for Twitter

GizModo VR

In yet another example of Twitter cribbing features from its direct competitors, the company announced it would be trying out emoji reactions for users across Turkey over the coming weeks with a possible wider rollout if all goes well.

Rare and Beautiful Snow Blankets the Mediterranean Coast

GizModo VR

A major snowstorm blanketed parts of Greece and Turkey this weekend, causing havoc in an area not accustomed to winter weather. It’s a winter wonderland in parts of the Mediterranean—a rare sight in a region of the world known for its azure seas and beautiful beaches.

The 'Sea Snot' Invasion Has Arrived

GizModo VR

Case in point: It’s responsible for a sludgy substance spreading across waters in Turkey. The climate crisis is making Earth more dangerous with increasingly severe and frequent fires , storms , and droughts. It’s also making the world grosser.

Vermeer Beta iPhone App Lets You Use Augmented Reality to Map Out Your Drone Flight

Next Reality AR

Augmented reality and drones already go together like turkey and stuffing, but a new iOS app adds some spice to the combination with a new kind of flight path automation. Available now in Apple's App Store, the Vermeer Beta app displays a 3D map of the intended drone flight area so that pilots can see the terrain from various angles. Users can then use the visualization to chart the flight path of the drone.

VR Developer Closes Russian Office Amid Invasion Of Ukraine


While speaking to UploadVR , a company spokesperson stated that the Moscow office employed 27 people, 11 of which have been relocated to a temporary office in Turkey. The developers behind Jentrix and Requisition VR show their support for the Ukraine.

Team Behind ‘ForeVR Bowling’ Announces VR Dart Game


Whereas the company’s last game had players bowling turkeys using their Touch controllers, ForeVR Darts utilizes the Quest’s hand-tracking technology to offer a more “hands-on” experience.

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Jeff Bezos Really, Really Wants to Hang Out With Pete Davidson

GizModo VR

Imagine a vulture, a sparrow, a turkey, and a pigeon all decide to hang out on the same power line. It’s odd, isn’t it?

The one where 'Sesame Street' parodies 'Friends' to celebrate Father's Day

Mashable VR

The 2-minute jam is peppered with Friends references: a creative rendition of 'Smelly Cat', a puppet donning Joey's Thanksgiving turkey hat, and a callback to Ross's " pivot!" Sesame Street is honoring both fathers and Friends , with a new parody of the '90s sitcom's theme song.

The production and transportation of goods are in progress

Steki Amusement

Due to the Black Friday promotion, our factory has been very busy recently, and the machine is stepping up production and assembly.

Check out Herocade, a $15 bundle of 9 VR games for the Playstation VR.

Cats and VR

Race on the mean streets of LA, pilot through exotic alien worlds, hunt prehistoric beasts, defend against alien invaders, solve whimsical puzzles, save civilians from zombie hoards, survive a paranormal experience, escape from a treacherous labyrinth, train for the turkey apocalypse, and solve the mystery of your past as Player One in HeroCade! Lucid Sight, Inc. has released a budget 9-in-1 collection VR collection of games for the PSVR.

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The Knowledge Metaverse Updates


Finally, do not miss our next EON Experience Fest from Oct 27, 2022 to Oct 28, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey. Since I last reached out, developments at EON Reality for the Knowledge Metaverse have been gathering pace. .

VR’s Stunning Filmmaking Makes a Big Impact at First Ever World Humanitarian Summit

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

The first ever UN World Humanitarian Summit was held in Istanbul, Turkey this week, and VR was there to help make an impact. Gear VR co-creator Samsung Electronics brought several of its mobile VR HMDs along to the event, showcasing a total of nine VR films that were made in partnership with the UN itself. The post VR’s Stunning Filmmaking Makes a Big Impact at First Ever World Humanitarian Summit appeared first on UploadVR.

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This Week’s VR Game Roundup: Self Enhancement, Drumming, and A Free Online Shooter

VR Fitness

While there aren’t that many games to show off, there are a few titles that will help you burn off some of those calories you gained eating turkey.

‘Naau: The Lost Eye’ is an Intriguing VR Action-Adventure Title Coming Next Year

Road to VR

Turkey-based indie team Studio Gamebit have been working on their debut VR title Naau: The Lost Eye for over two years, but now it appears the studio is getting closer to the finish line with the release of the game’s official teaser trailer.

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Epic Games Awarded Grants to 31 XR Projects in 2021 Through the $100M MegaGrants Fund

Road to VR

RealityArts Studio / Velarion – The Stranger (Turkey). Since 2019 Epic Games (well known as the creators of Unreal Engine & Fortnite ) has run the Epic MegaGrants program, a $100 million fund to financially support projects built with Unreal Engine.

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VR Bites

You will be traveling to a starlit beach in Turkey where you meet a Syrian family that is about to cross the dangerous sea to Greece. We Wait is a story based VR experience that takes you to the heart of the refugee crisis in Europe. In We Wait, Aardman’s experience in animation and storytelling comes together with the human stories uncovered by BBC News to make this look and feel radically different from any other documentary Virtual Reality experience to date.

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CraneMorley and SoCalGas Win Summit Award!


This year’s creative competition included companies from: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

HTC’s Thanksgiving Day Sale Offers Steep Discounts On Vive Pro, Cosmos & More


This means you can order your best bud a new Vive Cosmos right before you gobble down your second helping of turkey and gravy, or get your special ladyfriend that wireless adapter she’s been hinting about all year long without even having to put down the fork!

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Snapchat’s Latest Lens Studio Update Is A Game Changer For AR Creators


14 new landmarks and 6 AR templates make their way to the desktop app. This week Snapchat further deepened its commitment to AR technology with the release of a new update for Lens Studio, the companies official desktop app for the creation of AR ‘Lenses,’ which adds fourteen new “Landmarks,” as well as six additional Lense templates. Debuted back in April, Snapchat’s “Landmarkers” Lenses bring famous locations all around the world to life in AR.