Hawaii Is Getting a Blizzard (No, Seriously)

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If you’re in the Lower 48 looking for snow, may I suggest a trip to Hawaii? suffers under a snow-killing heat dome , Hawaii is in for a real-deal blizzard. hawaii geological history of earth mauna loa blizzard warning mauna kea hawaii volcanoes national park climate of hawaii national weather service volcanoes kona coffee weatherWhile a good chunk of the U.S. Read more.

Stunning Timelapse Captures Hawaii’s Newly Snow-Covered Peaks

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Hawaii has been home to the wildest weather in the U.S. hawaii environment geological history of earth mauna loa blizzard volcanoes mauna kea weather hawaii volcanoes national park dakota david ige disaster accident washingtonThe island chain saw rare blizzard warnings as a powerful storm system moved across the island chain over the weekend and into the early part of the week. Read more.


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Hawaii's K?lauea Volcano Erupts for First Time Since 2018's Destructive Rampage

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In Hawaii, this cursed year is going out with even more horror. hawaii volcanoes kilaueaThe volcano K?lauea lauea on the state’s Big Island erupted Sunday night. Read more.

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Hawaii Asks Tourists to Delay Vacations Until November as Covid-19 Cases Soar

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Hawaii Gov. Hawaii is averaging about 650 new cases a day, a troubling uptick from a month ago when the state was averaging just 138 cases per day. david ige united states health medical pharma sars cov 2 delta variant passports covid 19 pandemic in hawaii covid 19 pandemic in india

Hawaii's K?lauea Volcano Erupts as New Lake of Lava Forms

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On Wednesday afternoon local time, Hawaii’s K?lauea The Canary Islands have a new partner in volcanic-erupting crime. lauea volcano began to spew lava. Read more.

Why Rainbows Look Different in Hawaii

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Rain and sunlight are the key ingredients of rainbows, but many other environmental factors are required to consistently pull off this visual trick, as new research shows. Read more.

Zuckerberg Adds to Sprawling Hawaii Compound With $17 Million Land Purchase

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While the world was busy trying to fight off supply chain delays for their holiday presents, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sealed the deal on an expensive year-end purchase of his own: a $17 million plot of land in Hawaii’s Kauai island.

Vacationers With Phony Vaccination Cards Did Not Do Enough of Their Own Research, Busted In Hawaii

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A quick PSA for unvaccinated folks looking for a weekend getaway: if you try forging your records to travel, you might wind up with a hefty fine instead. Read more. vaccination health medical pharma daniela dalmazzo enzo dalmazzo ebay vaccines biotechnology daniella

Honolulu Police Department Used $150,000 in CARES Funds on Robot Dog

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honolulu geography of hawaii boston dynamics ipad joseph hawaii counties augusto e tulba mike lambert

'Road to Atlantis' Discovered on Seafloor Is Not Road to Atlantis

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atlantis oceans platonism ev nautilus papahanaumokuakea marine national monument islands of hawaii allegory continents pseudohistory environment lost city hydrothermal field mid atlantic ridgeAfter a scientific expedition released video of what looks an awful lot like a brick path on the seafloor, the New York Post asked , “Have researchers found an undersea road to the lost city of Atlantis?” No, of course they haven’t.

The Final Games Released on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U and How To Buy Them

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Top Mention: Shakedown: Hawaii | $80 | Wii U Read more. entertainment_culture technology_internet video game consoles home video game consoles seventh generation of video game consoles wii shakedown hawaii retro city rampage xbox one playstation 3 xbox 360 in video games e3

Two Tropical Cyclones Could Make Landfall in the US This Weekend

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weather is happening hurricane season hurricanes tropical storms hawaii texasJust when it feels like 2020 can’t 2020 any harder, things somehow get worse. The latest example of this year of no chill is the prospect of two tropical cyclones making landfall in the U.S.

VR for Good Documentary ‘On The Morning You Wake’ Brings Nuclear Awareness to Quest 2


million people across Hawai’i received an SMS from the state’s Emergency Management Agency: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. On January 13, 2018, 1.4

AR App Lets You Play ‘Space Invaders’ On A Beer Can Because Why Not?


The company states that it’s already collaborated with a variety of private brands on a number of original experiences, including brewers such as Paulaner in Germany, and smaller ones in Hawaii, Philadelphia, New Jersey, North Carolina, New Zealand, and Australia.

Zuckerberg: It Rubs the Lotion On Its Skin or Else It Gets Paparazzo'd Again

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Mark Zuckerberg was merely wearing a clever, creamy disguise when he was photographed last year slathered in ungodly amounts of sunscreen while surfing in Hawaii, at least according to Mark Zuckerberg.

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: Flagship SoC for 2022 Devices

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At this year’s Tech Summit from Hawaii, it’s time again for Qualcomm to unveil and detail the company’s most important launch of the year, and to showcase the newest Snapdragon flagship SoCs that will be powering our upcoming 2022 devices.

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Report: Ezra Miller’s Projects at Warner Bros. Put on Pause After Arrest

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This meeting came after Miller ’s recent arrest in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment after they yelled at karaoke singers, lunged at a man… Read more. DC and Warner Bros.

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What Do You need to Play Battlefield 1


AMD Breaking Game Reviews Gaming Graphics Nvidia Reviews VR World Battlefield Battlefield 1 DICE DirectX DX11 DX12 EA Electronic Arts Frostbite Frostbite Engine Fury X Hawaii R9 390X RX 480In the eternal battle of Battlefield vs. Call of Duty, Electronic Arts once more pulled the trigger first and released Battlefield 1 on October 21th (to be followed by Call of Duty on November 4th).

I Will Personally Fight Whoever Is Shooting These Endangered Seals

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As if you needed another reason to be angry about the world in 2021, there’s been a spate of seal killings in Hawaii. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed this week that a young female monk seal found dead on the island of Molokai in September was shot in the head.

Novel Virus Detected in Hawaiian Dolphin Could Trigger Global Outbreaks Among Marine Mammals, Scientists Say

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Biologists in Hawaii have detected a previously unknown strain of cetacean morbillivirus, a pathogen that can cause deadly infections in marine mammals across the globe.

Woman Arrested With Fake 'Maderna' Vaccine Card Reportedly Bails on Zoom Hearing

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The 24-year-old woman who was arrested earlier this month for allegedly trying to enter Hawaii with a fake coronavirus vaccine card has skipped out on a virtual court hearing, the Associated Press reported.

Physicists Are Looking for Dark Matter in Tiny, Ancient Black Holes

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On the night of November 23, 2014, a powerful telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii was trying to pick out the enigmatic movements of a black hole traveling through space.

Island Nation of Tonga Reports First Covid-19 Case of Entire Pandemic

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Tonga, an island nation roughly 3,100 miles southwest of Hawaii, reported its first case of covid-19 since the pandemic began, according to New Zealand’s Stuff news outlet.

Tonga 90

Lost's Daniel Dae Kim Joins Netflix's Live-Action Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Daniel Dae Kim, best known for roles on Lost , Hawaii Five-0, and The Good Doctor , has joined the production as Fire Lord Ozai, leader of the Fire Nation and father to the villainous teen, Prince Zuko.

GameStop is Selling Refurbished PSVR Headsets for $99, Available 1 Day Only

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GameStop only ships the headset in the lower 48, meaning Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico residents needs not apply. Whatever your opinion on GameStop, we know a deal when we see one. For today only, on April 8th, GameStop is selling refurbished PSVR headsets for $100.

Get $150 off HP Reverb G2, Offering Class-leading Resolution & Acceptable Tracking

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The deal automatically knocks off $150 off the regular retail price, and includes free shipping (3-7 business days) within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

USA Today Premieres Season Two of ‘VRtually There’


On board one of the last flights of Goodyear’s GZ-20 model blimp or hang gliding in Hawaii, you can now experience season two of USA Today’s “VRtually There” series. For Tuesday’s premiere, three new VR segments made their debut, including hang gliding in Hawaii, a last ride of the beloved Goodyear Blimp that’s retiring after almost 50 years, and an up-close encounter with giant elephant seals in Ano Nuevo State Park, CA with UC Santa Cruz researchers.

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Robinhood rolls out Crypto Wallets for more than 2 million people

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There's a notable exception, though: Crypto Wallets isn't available in Hawaii, Nevada, and New York "due to local regulations," said Robinhood, so people there will have to wait a little longer to get access. It's been a while, but Robinhood is finally opening its Crypto Wallets to more users.

The Kung Fu Reboot's Shining Despite Its Lack of Subtlety

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Though the CW’s new Kung Fu reimagining (created by Hawaii Five-0 writer Christina Kim) doesn’t explicitly reference the 1972 series it’s loosely based on, you don’t have to look particularly hard to see how it’s actively trying to reclaim aspects of Chinese culture that the original show reduced to set dressing … Read more.

How scientists find the big asteroids that can threaten Earth

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Specialized telescopes in Hawaii, Arizona, and beyond have spotted around 95 percent of the behemoths one kilometer (0.6 Pan-STARRS, or the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System, sits atop Hawaii's dormant volcano Haleakalā at some 10,000 feet.

Award-winning Mobile Meditation App ‘Calm’ Comes to Oculus Go & Gear VR

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Once you’ve selected a meditation, which addresses a number of subjects such as grief, gratitude, and creativity, users can then choose from a few locations: a mountain lake, a redwood forest, or a white sand beach in Hawaii. “We

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Qualcomm Details The Snapdragon 888: 3rd Gen 5G & Cortex-X1 on 5nm

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This year although we’re not reporting from Hawaii, Qualcomm’s Tech Summit is still happening in digital form, representing the company’s most important launch event of the year as it showcases the new flagship products that will power next year’s smartphones.

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Get a lifetime subscription to Dollar Flight Club for as low as $49

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Past deals the DFC team found include a $129 roundtrip flight to Hawaii, an $85 roundtrip flight to Miami, and a $229 roundtrip flight to Iceland. TL;DR: As of March 8, you can get a lifetime subscription to the Dollar Flight Club for as little as $49.

Surgery Training Platform ‘Osso VR’ Now Used by 1,000 Surgeons Monthly

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The company says that leading hospitals using the platform include Brown University, Vanderbilt University, Hospital for Special Surgery, Marshall University, Newcastle Simulation Centre, The University of Hawaii, UCLA, University of Washington, Wake Forest Baptiste Health, University of Kentucky, University of Utah, and New York University.

Defense Contractors Created Fake 'Society of Young Women Scientists' to Make Illegal Political Donations

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Three former defense contractors in Hawaii have been charged with illegal donations to Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and one of her political action committees, according to a press release from the Department of Justice.

If a scary asteroid will actually strike Earth, here's how you'll know

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Credit: University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy / Rob Ratkowski via Nasa. This story, originally published in June 2021, has been republished as part of Mashable's "Space Rocks" series. On April 13, 2029 (which happens to be Friday the 13th), something unsettling will happen.

Sketchfab Hosts 1 Million Online Scenes While Matterport Posts 250K Virtual Spaces

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Matterport’s 3D camera has been used to map a vast collection of places, from a Maori village in New Zealand to a huge lava tube in Hawaii. Virtual reality’s web presence is heating up. In separate announcements, two of VR’s most prolific online companies are celebrating big milestones.

Hawaii 177