Kid Friendly VR Games For HTC VIVE


If you’re looking for a game for holiday family gatherings, Crovax Studios just released a candy shooter for the HTC VIVE today as well. Discovr Egypt: King Tut’s Tomb – And when it comes to travel, who doesn’t want to see King Tut’s tomb.

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51 Free VR Downloads for the HTC Vive


It’s been a few months since the HTC Vive began shipping to consumers and already content available on Steam VR is approaching 350 titles, excluding Steam Greenlight content. Discovr Egypt: King Tut’s Tomb.

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New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 05/28/17


This week’s collection of new releases for the HTC Vive is quite dense and includes a solid handful of titles for you to consider adding to your library. We also have a top list of the absolute best HTC Vive games — which is updated every few months with the latest and greatest options.

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Photorealistic VR Tour ‘Nefertari: Journey to Eternity’ Takes You Deep into a 3,000 Year-old Egyptian Tomb

Road to VR

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Classic ‘Serious Sam’ Gets “Full Locomotion” VR Version ‘The First Encounter’, Next Week

Road to VR

Old School, New Engine – Hordes of enemies and non-stop action set against the expansive and visually stunning backdrop of ancient Egypt.

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Wevr’s theBlu Lets Dubai Aquarium Visitors Go Beyond The Glass


The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo now lets visitors go beyond the glass and having an astonishingly intimate encounter with sea life thanks to the HTC Vive. In addition to the CG experience, live action, 360 degree footage will also showcase life both above and below the ocean in Uganda, South Africa, Maldives, Egypt, Australia and Mafia Island.

5 Killer Markets for Your Virtual Reality Startup


The recent introduction of high-tech viewers, such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the Samsung Gear VR make it possible for innovative developers to reinvent gaming. Field trips to museums may still be popular with primary school children, but they will soon have to compete with trips to Egypt to explore the great pyramids, or with visits to the barren surface of Mars. Virtual Reality is set to reach a market value of $30 billion by 2020, according to estimates from Digi-Capital.

Staking Claim to a Digital Plot in AR, with SuperWorld's Hrish Lotlikar

XR for Business Podcast

I think I have a piece of the Taj Mahal, and the pyramids in Egypt, and some places in Manhattan, but I definitely want to keep a lot of stuff for our users to buy. So we've launched Crowe: The Drowned Armory on Oculus and HTC. HTC is also one of our investors. Imagine owning the digital real estate surrounding the Taj Mahal. Well, to be real with you, you can't have all of it - today's guest, SuperWorld co-founder Hrish Lotlikar, already has a piece.

100 Voices of AR and VR in Education


Alvin Wang Graylin China President - HTC Vive @agraylin VR promised to engulf the viewers and revolutionize the way information is perceived - and it did. HTC Focus is next! Just over a year and a half ago I set up this website with two specific goals - 1.

Best VR Apps You Must Have in 2018


You can either browse, walk around or even fly to visit these tourist attractions on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you don’t have Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, don’t worry. It can be used with VR devices such as Oculus Rift , HTC Vive and Monitor.

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How Nokia Broke Into Virtual Reality With Its Ozo Camera


If something goes crazy and the pyramids in Egypt are destroyed, we’ll never see them again. We started seeing the first Oculus and HTC headsets this year. Nokia has been searching for new businesses to break into ever since it retreated from the smartphone business. And after a few years of research, the Finnish company decided to move into virtual reality 360-degree capture cameras.

High Fidelity Takes Us Dancing In A Virtual Reality Club


We’ll start going on virtual trips with tour guides, so the teacher can take you through the pyramids in Egypt. High Fidelity brought in a half-dozen dancers and equipped them with HTC Vive VR headsets.