Watch World Cup 2018 Matches for Free in ‘Oculus Venues’ Starting This Weekend

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June 24 : England vs. Panama – 5:00 am PT ( local time ).

How To Watch The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Live In VR


June 24: 2018 FIFA World Cup (England vs. Panama) from FOX Sports – 5:00 am PT. UK users will enjoy the comprehensive coverage in their own private hospitality box as they soak in every bit of action from England’s Group G games against Tunisia and Panama, to the final from Moscow.

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Watch: Harmonix Reveals ‘Rock Band VR’ Gameplay, Scoring System & First Setlist

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Van Halen – “Panama”. Harmonix has revealed the music setlist you’ll be able to choose from and a new video which breaks down how to play the VR exclusive version of the game which the developer claims has been “designed from the ground up for VR.”

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Pokemon Go Meets Catholicism In This Bizarre AR Mobile Game


Of course, the marketing team behind the app knew to release the AR game right before the 2019 World Youth Day in Panama, a massive holy event organized by the Catholic Church to bring young people together.

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Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains And More Headline Rock Band VR Setlist


Van Halen – “Panama”. A lot of our Rock Band VR coverage thus far has been focused on how the series plays with the Oculus Rift. But, now that the game’s nearly here, we’re wondering exactly what are we going to play too.

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InWorldz merchants concerned about future

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Of the top managers, owner Reischl moved to Panama and founder and CTO David Daeschler has mostly moved on to other projects.