Israel Rejected Ukrainian Plea for Pegasus Hacking Software Fearing Russian Retaliation

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Apple Reportedly Could Have Over 1,000 Engineers Working on AR in Israel

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According to UBS analyst Steven Milunovich , Apple could have over 1,000 engineers working on Augmented Reality technology in Israel, mostly at its major R&D centre in Herzliya. Within a research note from UBS analyst Steven Milunovich, he states “According to some industry sources, the company may have over 1,000 engineers working on a project in Israel that could be related to AR”.

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Altair Semiconductor Renames to Sony Semiconductor Israel

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Today, after more than four years of being acquired by Sony, Altair Semiconductor is renaming itself as Sony Semiconductor Israel.

Mystery Israel Oil Spill Is Its Worst Environmental Disaster in Years

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Israel is scrambling to clean up black tar that has washed ashore on its beaches following an oil spill that officials are calling one of the worst environmental disasters in years.

Israel Says Delta Variant Better at Breaking Through Immunity, but Vaccine Protection Still Strong

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The Delta variant of the coronavirus may be substantially better than past strains at infecting fully vaccinated people, officials in Israel warned Monday.

3-Foot-Long Sword Discovered Off Israel’s Coast Dates Back to the Crusades

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An amateur scuba diver out for a weekend swim has found an impressive iron sword dating back to the time of the Crusades. Read more. sword nir distelfeld longsword shlomi katzin kobi sharvit marvel comics characters crusader military history weapons chateau pelerin blade weapons atlit

Drone Makes It Rain Weed in Tel Aviv

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green drone israel marijuana drugs weed drones technologyA drone over Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square dropped hundreds of bags of weed on Thursday, setting off a mad scramble by onlookers to stock up, the Jerusalem Post reported. Read more.

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Archaeologists Find Evidence That a Massive Tsunami Hit Ancient Levantine Coast

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tsunamis science israel earthquakesWhen Gilad Shtienberg began digging on an Israeli beach in August 2018, the last thing he expected to find were seashells.

Texas Legislature May Introduce Bill to Blacklist Businesses That Don't Love Fossil Fuels

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carbon neutrality ethical investment fossil fuel sustainable energy anti zionism boycotts of israel articles fossil fuel divestment nature physical sciences boycott divestment and sanctions greg abbottTexas Lt.

Texas 99

L.A. Records No New Covid Deaths for First Time in Over a Year as Life Gets More Normal

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health medical pharma variants of sars cov 2 covid 19 vaccination in bulgaria life sciences covid 19 vaccination in israel vaccine narendra modi biotechnology barbara ferrer medicine medical research medical specialties vaccination

Snapchat Showcases Its Creative Chops at Cannes Lion with Marker Tracking & Landmarker AR Lens

Next Reality AR

On Monday, Snap did just that by opening an augmented reality exhibit at the La Malmaison art gallery featuring the digital creations of innovative Los Angeles-based artist Alex Israel. Inside the La Malmaison, Snap and Israel have installed five "Snap-Portraits" that are brought to life via Snapchat's Marker Tracking. Influenced by Israel's passion for his hometown, the portraits host virtual palm trees.

Israel 216

Join us Wednesday, September 9 to watch Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator demo day live

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Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Maxar Technologies, SAIC, Israel Aerospace Industries North America and The Aerospace Corporation. The 2020 class of Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator is graduating with an official demo day on Wednesday at 10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m.

AR Software Startup Multinarity Emerges from Stealth with $28M Seed Round

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Multinarity, an Israel-based startup working on AR software, announced it’s raised $28 million in the company’s initial seed round. As reported in an exclusive by Calcalist , funding was led by Israeli investors VC Aleph and U.S. investors Corner Ventures.

Transit Navigation App Moovit Adds Augmented Reality Way Finder Feature to Challenge Google Maps Live View

Next Reality AR

This week, Israel-based startup Moovit introduced a new AR navigation feature called Way Finder for its eponymous navigation app for public transit and ridesharing services. As helpful as it is, Google Maps isn't the only mapping app with augmented reality walking navigation anymore.

How to sustainably turn salt water into drinking water

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Places like Israel already use desalination technology to provide potable water for their population. Companies across the world have been putting efforts to provide fresh water to drought-facing regions.

Not to Alarm Anyone, but Scientists Taught Goldfish to Drive

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A bizarre experiment from Israel suggests goldfish are capable of navigating environments far removed from their natural habitats. Read more.

Another Secretive Spyware Firm Has Been Hacking iPhones

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As surveillance controversies have raged in connection with Israeli spyware vendor NSO Group, another, lesser known spyware firm from Israel has also apparently been hacking iPhones all over the world.

CDC Warns Doctors to Look Out for Mystery Liver Illness in Children

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Officials in Europe and Israel have reported similar… Read more. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning doctors to keep an eye out for mysterious cases of hepatitis that are affecting young kids in the U.S. and elsewhere. Two children in the U.S.

Parasitic Worms Found in Toilet of 2,700-Year-Old Mansion

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A team of researchers found 2,700-year-old eggs of parasitic intestinal worms under a stone toilet in what is now Israel. The team suspects the worms may have been responsible for poor health of some of the residents of the palatial complex. Read more.

This Country Vaccinated Nearly Every Adult in Two Weeks

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Israel, and a few other countries have done a decent job in rapidly vaccinating their residents against covid-19—but none hold a candle to the small Asian nation of Bhutan. The U.S.,

Israel 103

Venmo Stops Payments for Palestinian Relief Funds, Citing 'Security Concerns'

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We’re officially entering the second week in a row of fighting between Israel and Palestine, which means we probably haven’t seen the last of the hundreds of deaths and countless injuries inflicted on Gaza residents thus far.

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Grow Glide Launches AR Tool For Cannabis Farmers


“From our headquarters in California, to exciting markets like Colombia, England and Israel this software will connect the world of cultivators to our best-in-class cannabis racking solutions,” said Grow Glide CEO Travis Schwartz.

Tools 355

New Study Confirms It's Much Safer to Get Vaccinated Than to Catch Covid-19

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New research from Israel offers some unsurprising but reassuring news on the safety of covid-19 vaccines. The study found that the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine was not associated with a higher risk of most potential adverse events.

The Middle East Is Blanketed in Rare Snowfall

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It snowed in the Middle East on Wednesday, covering parts of Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and Israel in rare white blanket.

‘Racket: Nx’ Update Brings New Level Editor, Now Live on Quest & PC VR

Road to VR

The Israel-based studio has been teasing the update since late May, although fans have been asking for a level editor since it was released in Early Access on PC VR headsets back in 2017.

Israel 249

Gullible OpenSea Users Were Vulnerable to 'Malicious NFT' Attacks, Researchers Say

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The flaws were brought to the market’s attention by researchers with Check Point, a cybersecurity company based in Israel, which says that fraudsters… Read more.

LoginVR Creates VR Gaming Community for Native Hebrew Speakers

VR Fitness

When three gamers inadvertently met online last year and discovered that they were all from Israel, it led to the formation of a gaming community that provides support, encouragement, and opportunities for native Hebrew speakers.

The Real-World Covid-19 Vaccine Data Is Looking Really Good

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New reports from the UK and Israel this week suggest that these vaccines… Read more. Covid-19 vaccines have been available to the general public for about two months now, though far too few people have been vaccinated.

Instagram to Change Stories Algorithm After Staff Raised Concerns About Reach of Pro-Palestinian Content

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Instagram is making a change to its algorithm after employees raised concerns over the reach of pro-Palestinian content in light of the recent deadly confrontation between Israel and Palestine.

You're Far Less Likely to Spread Covid-19 If You Get the Vaccine, Real-World Data Suggests

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The findings, based on research from Israel and elsewhere, are good news for containing the pandemic… Read more.

AR Drone Technology That Can Help Save Lives


in funding) via HCL’s ETO Open Innovation Program in partnership with Consulate General of Israel to South India. Its First Response command and control system for professional drone users in emergency response organizations is already operational in over 70 organizations throughout the US, Australia, Europe, and Israel. First responders will be able to use drones equipped with augmented reality technology to better deal with emergency situations. .

There’s No Reason to Freak Out About the Latest Pfizer Vaccine Study

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The study, based on real-world data from Israel, found that the vaccine wasn’t as effective against B.1351, the variant first found in South Africa, as it was against other… Read more.

XRHealth Secures $7M Investment to Expand Its AR/VR Telehealth Platform

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The company announced the funding via a press statement today, stating that the new funding round was led by Bridges Israel, Flint Capital, and 20/20 HealthCare Partners.

Israel 213

Son of Stuxnet?

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It certainly looks like Israel just cyber attacked Iran again.

Iran 87

Intel Continues to Rehire Veterans: At Some Point They’ll Run Out

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News on the wire today is that Intel has rehired 28-year veteran Shlomit Weiss into the position of Senior VP and Co-General Manager of Intel’s Design Engineering Group (DEG), a position recently vacated by Uri Frank who left to head up Google’s SoC development.

Varjo Raises $54M Financing to Support Its Retina-Quality VR/AR Headsets for Enterprise

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Since its founding in 2016, Varjo has expanded its global operations and reseller network to over 40 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, with the launch of sales and direct shipping to markets such as Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Resolution Games Secures $25M Series C Funding, ‘Demeo’ Surpasses “multi-million dollars” in Revenue

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Boaz Peer, Senior Investment Director of Europe and Israel at Qualcomm, will join the studio’s board of directors. Resolution Games, the studio behind popular multiplayer VR titles Demeo (2021) and Blaston (2020), today announced it has secured a Series C funding round of $25 million.

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