When Philosophy Meets Virtual Reality


“Virtual reality encompasses virtual unreality.” Predictive representations are illusions that are unreal and counterfactual. PSM-actions”: a test subject lies in a nuclear magnetic resonance tomograph at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


The German auto manufacturer evaluates design features in virtual reality before building prototypes in actual reality, using the famous high-quality physics-based rendering power of Unreal for the game engine and using the HTC Vive for the VR hardware. Starting off with a group of 33 startups, the program focuses on enterprise, commerce, education, health, social, and esports– and the program just announced 30 additions to the program and a new location: Israel.

OpenSim year in review

Hypergrid Business

I’m not including Israel-based Eureka World on this list, which gained 593 active users last year but is primarily an educational grid. Last year was a mixed year for OpenSim grids. Active users were up, but the increase was much lower than in the previous year. The increase in registered users was also smaller, but this was mostly due to a multi-month outage on Avination, which is still down.