How Teachers In Poland Used Half-Life: Alyx And VR For Remote Teaching During A Global Pandemic

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western Poland. Poland went into an early lockdown in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the virus, with schools closing on March 11th, 2020. The post How Teachers In Poland Used Half-Life: Alyx And VR For Remote Teaching During A Global Pandemic appeared first on UploadVR.

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16th-Century Child Skeletons With Coins in Their Mouths Found at Construction Site in Poland

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Road crews in Poland stumbled upon a lost 16th-century cemetery, in which the vast majority of graves belong to children. Incredibly, some of the skeletons still have coins in their mouths, a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Read more. anthropology skeletons mass graves death rituals history science


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Microsoft to Expand Azure Kinect’s Computer Vision Tech to Commercial Market

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” Microsoft has also recently expanded HoloLens 2’s availability to Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Mixed reality studio with gesture recognition launched in Europe

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VR VISIO, a Poland-based indie virtual reality studio, has opened a mixed reality studio — the first of its kind in Europe to be able to record live videos in virtual 3D spaces during... Features VR & AR VR VISIO

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What a WWII Typhus Outbreak Can Teach Us About Stopping Coronavirus

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More than 70 years ago, an imprisoned community in Nazi-occupied Poland banded together to contain a deadly epidemic of typhus, largely without the aid of vaccines or effective medicines.

Carbon Studio Unveils VR Exclusive Warhammer game

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Today, the Poland-based Carbon Studio unveilied its new game, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall, a VR-only Warhammer action-adventure RPG game Set in the Age of Sigmar universe, Tempestfall begins following the Necroquake.

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This Magical VR Adventure Will Have You Exploring The Mysterious Cosmos


Created by the Poland based indie developers Played with Fire , Stargaze spares no details in gameplay. Search the cosmos and unlock mysteries that will open doors to even more mysteries.

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Jungle Survival Horror Game Green Hell Is Getting VR Support


Developed by Poland-based Creepy Jar, Green Hell pits players in an Amazonian rainforest and tasks them with staying alive. Get ready to sweat; gruelling jungle survival game Green Hell is getting VR support at some point in the future. You’ll have to hunt for food, build shelters and avoid natural hazards, including some pretty aggressive and gross-looking wildlife.

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The VR Job Hub: Anshar Studios, Gearbox Software & Improbable

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Katowice, Poland. Katowice, Poland. Katowice, Poland. Katowice, Poland. Katowice, Poland. Do you work up to 80 soul-crushing hours a week? Wonder what your wife/husband, kids, friends, family, even the dog looks like? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that, jobs can be enjoyable and fun when you find the right one. That’s why every Sunday VRFocus publishes its weekly VR Job Hub to help you on that journey. Location. Company. Anshar Studios. Animator.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum Is Using VR To Put People In WWII


The Warsaw Uprising Museum in Poland’s capital, which is dedicated to the 1944 conflict of the same name, recently added a new VR installation simply named Scenes From World War II. One of the world’s most comprehensive World War II museums is using VR to bring its visitors a bit closer to its subject matter.

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Hyundai Surprises Troops With Super Bowl Livestream They’ll Never Forget


military personnel stationed on base in Zagan, Poland got a Super Sunday surprise of their own. Footage from Houston and Poland was edited and produced in a production trailer outside the stadium during the game. Watching the Super Bowl is one thing, but watching it with loved ones is better. As millions of fans watched the Super Bowl with friends and family, U.S.

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The VR Job Hub: Amazon, Anshar Studios & VNTANA

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Katowice, Poland. Katowice, Poland. Katowice, Poland. Katowice, Poland. Katowice, Poland. Katowice, Poland. The virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) industries are wonderfully diverse when it comes to the job roles available, always looking to hire the best talent to work on exciting projects.

Demonic Horror Game Agony Is Getting A VR Version

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Poland-based Ignibit this month confirmed that it is working with original developer Madmind Studio on a “brand new virtual reality” version of the game. Here’s one to fuel your nightmares; an Agony VR version is on the way.

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Review: Vrizzmo offers a cool design, but few features at a high price

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the Poland-based company that makes it. I just received a review copy of the Vrizzmo headset in the mail. Disclosure: It was provided free by Vrizzmo sp. z o.o., But even though it was free, it... Maria's Worlds VR headset VR headset review VR headset reviews VR headsets Vrizzmo

Ven Is A Promising New VR Platformer Like Astro Bot Or Moss


Poland-based Monologic Games just announced a new VR adventure game named Ven, amd it looks delightful. Well, this seems to have sprung up out of nowhere. A brief teaser trailer for Ven was revealed yesterday. Similar to games like Astro Bot or Moss , it’s a platformer in which players embody one character in first-person and then control another in third-person.

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Here’s Every Country & Store Where Quest 2 is Officially Being Sold

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Jump to: Australia | Austria | Belgium | Canada | Denmark | Finland | France | Iceland | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Taiwan | United Kingdom | United States. Where to Buy Oculus Quest 2 in Poland.

Zylia’s 3D Audio Technology Could Be The Start Of Virtual Concert Halls


Philharmonic Orchestra in Poland in which the company used 30 ZYLIA ZM-1S spherical, ambisonic microphones with synchronization to capture a 360-degree soundscape of a live performance. A collaboration with the Pozna?

Intel Unveils VR Esports League; ‘Echo Arena’ Team Title


The VR esports competition will take place online and at key events with players from around the world, with the finals taking place at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Katowice, Poland, in 2018. Intel, Oculus, and ESL have unveiled a collaboration to launch the VR Challenger League.

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‘Trash Rage’ Blends VR Gaming With Environmental Education


The Poland-based company worked with companies that manage trash collection, recycling companies, environmental educators, teachers and schools, and even collaborated with a zoo in Wroclaw, Poland; all in an effort to accumulate as much data as possible for their gaming experience. Sort recyclables to save the Earth in this futuristic gamified learning experience. It’s 2049 and planet Earth is a garbage-filled dump patrolled by hostile robots.

HoloLens 2 Sales Expanding to 15 More Countries, ‘Development Edition’ Launches in the US

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Now Microsoft is expanding the regions where it will sell HoloLens 2 to 15 new countries: Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Yupitergrad Is Basically Spider-Man VR (In Space) With Gorgeous Visuals

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This gorgeous new VR game is being developed by Poland-based Gamedust and is on its way to PC VR headsets later this year. Whoever knew the insides of a Soviet-era Russian space facility could look so, well, colorful? Yupitergrad did, apparently.

Your Android device becomes a mini-Xbox on Sept. 15

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Project xCloud is almost here. Microsoft's long-hyped entry into the realm of cloud gaming is coming on Sept. 15, starting with Android devices. In practical terms, that means Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play more than 100 games on their Android smartphones or tablets.

Quest 2 Stock Starting to Slip Ahead of Black Friday

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Poland. Though it has held fairly steady since its launch in October, the stock of Oculus Quest 2 is starting to dwindle heading into the Black Friday holiday shopping season.

‘Ven VR Adventure’ is an Adorable Platformer Coming to SteamVR, Rift & PSVR

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Ven VR Adventure is an upcoming title from Poland-based indie studio Monologic Games. Built from the ground-up for VR, the plucky little platformer seems to be channeling some of its contemporaries such as Lucky’s Tale (2016) , Moss (2018), and Astro Bot Rescue Mission (2018). Much like Astro Bot, in Ven VR Adventure you’re tasked with guiding little Ven on his journey to save his fellow pals, all of whom have been scattered across the planet by space invaders.

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These Are the Countries Where You Can Still Buy Quest & Rift S Direct From Oculus

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Poland. ×. With a successful holiday season under its belt, Facebook was no doubt looking forward to resupplying its retail partners with more Oculus Quest & Rift S stock. However in a perfect storm of high demand, low supply, and on-going supply chain disruptions due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), both headsets have been largely unavailable for purchase.

Spellcasting Sequel ‘The Wizards – Dark Times’ to Launch on PC VR Headsets in June

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Carbon Studio, the Poland-based team behind The Wizards (2018) , today announced that their upcoming sequel to the spellcaster series, The Wizards – Dark Times?, is slated to arrive on PC VR headsets June 4th. Carbon initially planned for Dark Times to be a standalone expansion when we first saw it at Gamescom 2019, however now the studio says it will be a full sequel “similar in scope to its predecessor.”

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These 12 Amazing Projects Are the Pinnacle of U.S. Brand.


Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Japan, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates all have one entry on the shortlist.) These 12 Amazing Projects Are the Pinnacle of U.S. Brand Innovation Today See the U.S. entries on the Lions Innovation shortlist at Cannes The Cannes Lions festival announced the Lions Innovation shortlist Wednesday, recognizing branded projects around the world that use data and technology in creative ways to bring game-changing products to life.

Sundance 2021 Will Host Its New Frontier Program In VR


Nightsss – Poland (Lead Artists: Weronika Lewandowska, Sandra Frydrysiak, Key Collaborators: Marcin Macuk, Piotr Apostel, Kaya Ko?odziejczyk, All 14 submissions will be available remotely via a custom-built virtual platform.

YouTube Creator Lab Returns To London


We went behind-the-scenes with Got Talent Global for a better look at the hit show Britain’s Got Talent, tasted a sample of Romanian horror with Andra Gogan , and jumped head-first into the world of fútbol with Footroll from Poland. Applications are now open for the international VR creator program.

ESL & Oculus Go Big For VR League Season 3


The competition officially kicked-off yesterday in Katowice, Poland as the top teams in Echo Arena and Onward went head-to-head in a rematch of last year’s Season 2 finals during Oculus Connect 5. VR League doubles-down with new games, more broadcasts, and bigger prizes. VR League, the first officially-recognized VR esports organizer, has once again returned for another round of pro-level competitive VR gaming.

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Here's how to beef up your chess skills online

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TL;DR: Boost your chess skills with the Complete Chess Bundle for $99.99, a savings of 92% as of Jan. Even if you watched The Queen’s Gambit mainly for the fashion, there’s a good chance you picked up on a few chess tips and tricks.

Oculus Introduces $299 Go for Business Bundle


Currently, the bundle is scheduled to release in the US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Facebook’s affordable standalone VR headset, Oculus Go, is looking to finally make the platform a mainstream hit with consumers. But it appears Go forms a big part of the Oculus for Business strategy, too.

This VR Film Lets You Experience an Unwanted Pregnancy


Growing up in Poland, the filmmaker witnessed the effect of restrictive abortion laws on her female friends and family first hand. While many countries have grown increasingly pro-choice over time, Poland continues to implement more restrictions on abortion, and lawmakers introduced an all-out ban just this week. A Polish-Canadian filmmaker is using VR to challenge assumptions about women’s right to choose.

Ven VR Adventure: Q&A Interview About The Upcoming 3D Platformer

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Poland-based Monologic Games might be newcomers to the development scene, but when they revealed their new platformer Ven VR Adventure back in February , it certainly piqued our interest. . Our team was established at the beginning of 2019 in Poland.

Oculus Go to Hit UK & European Retailers This Month, Pre-orders Now Available

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UK and European residents have (mostly) been able to order Oculus Go directly through the Oculus website since it launched early last month, with the company delivering to many countries in the EU and Schengen Zone including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

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Psychological Horror ‘Rise of Insanity’ Comes to PS4 with PSVR Support, Trailer Here

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Now, Poland-based Red Limb Studio has released its horror game on PS4, which includes support for PSVR. Rise of Insanity (2018) is a first-person psychological horror game that first came to PC and SteamVR-compatible headsets via Early Access back in summer 2017. Set in America in the ’70s, you step into the shoes of renowned psychologist Dr. Stephen Dowell; he’s dealing with a mysterious patient showing “contradictory symptoms” of some serious mental disorders.

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Keyless entry is key to stealing other people's cars for European crime ring

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Car thieves had been stealing Mercedes-Benz equipped with the KEYLESS-GO system mostly in Germany, moving them to Poland, and dismantling them to sell for parts. Convenience often comes at a cost.