Massachusetts Lawmakers Voted To Ban Police From Using Facial Recognition Tech

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Massachusetts lawmakers voted on Monday to pass a police reform bill that would outlaw the use of facial recognition technology by police departments and other public agencies in the state.

Hackers Now Ruining Summer With Ransomware Attack on Martha's Vineyard Ferry

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marthas vineyard ransomware martha nantucket massachusetts geography of massachusetts massachusetts counties paddle steamers nantucket steamship authority dukes county massachusetts conti


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We could soon be coughing into our phones to see if we have COVID

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Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an algorithm that can tell if you have COVID simply by analyzing the sound of your cough. Mobile News breaking twitter Coronavirus COVID COVID-19 massachusetts institute of technology MIT

Former Employer of Memestock King 'RoaringKitty' Gets Hit With $4 Million Fine

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President Joe Biden Approves Nation's First Major Offshore Wind Farm

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It’s slated to be installed off the coast of Massachusetts and is the first step in President Joe Biden’s ambitious push to finally get the U.S. On Tuesday, the Biden administration officially green-lit the country’s largest offshore wind farm.

New York Legalizes Weed in Crackdown on the Racist Cop Epidemic

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drugs in the united states andrew cuomo cannabis michael sisitzky drugs rosalie liccardo pacula cannabis in massachusetts social issues law crime kassandra frederiqueAndrew Cuomo has just legalized recreational weed in New York. Read more.

A Solar Company Is Suing to Stop the U.S.’s First Big Offshore Wind Project

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People Who Had Allergic Reaction to First Covid-19 Shot May Tolerate the Second Just Fine, Study Suggests

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People who experienced a rare allergic reaction to the mRNA covid-19 vaccines may have less to worry about than feared, new research out Monday suggests. The study, which included several U.S.

Study 87

Disney Sets Its Eyes on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for a Prequel

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Marlon Wayans is teaming up with Cry Wolf ’s Jeff Wadlow for a new Netflix horror project. Death Dealer strikes in even more footage from Marvel’s Shang-Chi. Motherland: Fort Salem will return for a third and final season.

Crank up the Savings With $20 off Marshall's Acton Bluetooth Speaker

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bluetooth crank acton ontario consumer electronics marshall acton technology internet loudspeakers science and technology telecommunications engineering acton massachusetts wireless speaker acton london technologyMarshall Acton II | $230 | Best Buy Read more.

Robinhood Will Pay $65 Million to Settle SEC Claim That It Duped Investors

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rob from the poor give to the rich robinhood sec massachusetts lawsuit charges settlementThe bloom is off the rose for Robinhood’s self-styled image as a champion of the little guy.

Updates From John Wick: Chapter 4, Black Widow, and More

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Fangoria sets its sights on Malay horror for a new remake. Get a brutal look at the next chapter of Fear Street. Kevin Feige continues to hype up Black Widow. Plus, a look at the Addams Family’s return, more Jungle Cruise footage, and what’s next for Fort Salem. Spoilers, away! Read more.

The Knight Foundation launches $750,000 initiative for immersive technology for the arts

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ConcertCue – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology. Project lead: Eran Egozy | Cambridge, Massachusetts | @EEgozy , @MIT , @ArtsatMIT , @MIT_SHASS. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is looking for pitches on how to enhance and augment traditional creative arts through immersive technologies.

Watch Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots strut their stuff

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Watch seven Spot robots perform a beautifully choreographed dance in celebration of Hyundai’s recent acquisition of the Massachusetts-based tech firm.

Facebook steps into cloud gaming — and another feud with Apple

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Facebook is rolling out access to the new service, which is free, this week across a handful of states in America, including California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C.,

Robot specialist Boston Dynamics offers rare look inside its workshop

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In a rare move, robot specialist Boston Dynamics recently allowed a film crew inside its Massachusetts workshop and even showed off a new robot. News boston dynamics Robotics Robots

Where Do We Go From Here?

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Ed Markey won his primary in Massachusetts earlier this month, he had a message : “The age of incrementalism is over.” After Sen. Read more. wildfire season is year round now california oregon washington forest

Former eBay Manager Caught In Deranged Cyberstalking Scandal Gets 18 Months in Prison

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A former eBay security manager has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after helping to orchestrate a batshit insane plot to terrorize a Massachusetts couple who occasionally criticized the company in their newsletter.

VR Training Program Teaches Underserved Population Soft Skills to Increase Their Employment Chances


However, an initiative by Viability, funded by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), promises to make things easier for the underserved, thanks to an innovative VR training program. Navigating the employment world is a challenge for people with disabilities.

DoorDash Settlement Would Pay a Paltry $130 to Workers Instead of Making Them Employees

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DoorDash is clearing a suite of class-action lawsuits from Massachusetts and California off its plate, just as it marches ahead with extended battles in those states against employee classification.

Magic Leap Highlights Award-Winning Augmented Reality Apps Revealed at Reality Virtually Hackathon

Next Reality AR

17 to 21 at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With Magic Leap One approaching six months since launch, Magic Leap is fully focused on building a content ecosystem and developer community. The company's latest endeavor in engaging developers was sponsorship of the Reality Virtually Hackathon, which took place Jan. Now, Magic Leap has released a highlight reel that gives the public a peek at the fruits of their endeavor.

Volunteers Are Racing to Save Endangered Sea Turtles Stunned by the Cold

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For decades, volunteers in Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts have spent November and December trekking up and down the area’s beaches during high tide.

The Beer of the Future Tastes Like Ass

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As someone raised in Massachusetts and in an era before the explosion of craft breweries, it was the peak of novelty at the time. When I turned 21, I was living in New Mexico. My first legally purchased beer was Fat Tire, at the time only available west of the Mississippi.

FDA Authorizes Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine for Emergency Use

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On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of a covid-19 vaccine developed by the Massachusetts-based biotech company Moderna.

Earth Scientists Are Fighting to Push Racist Place Names Off the Map

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Four graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have called for scientists to help support efforts to remove racism from the hundreds of federal place names across the country.

This Perfectly Flat Fisheye Lens Could Help Shave Down Camera Bumps

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However, engineers at MIT and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell have figured out a way to make a fisheye lens … Read more. Fisheye lenses make for some cool photos, but their most distinctive feature is that the glass is curved.

Whale Takes One Bite, Sends Man Right Back to Kitchen

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Michael Packard told CNN affiliate WBZ he was diving off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts when he unwittingly became a modern-day Jonah.

This AI Can Tell if You Have Covid-19 Just by Listening to Your Cough

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Thankfully, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have figured out a way to gauge whether a person has covid-19 just from the sound of their cough , so I may… Read more.

Onshape Partners with Magic Leap to Bring Its Collaborative Industrial 3D Design Tool to AR

Next Reality AR

On Wednesday, the Massachusetts-based company officially unveiled its partnership with Magic Leap, delivering an app that allows multiple Magic Leap One users to collaborate on 3D product designs. Departing from the long string of entertainment-focused partnerships released in recent weeks and months, a new, enterprise-focused Magic Leap app has finally emerged in the form of Onshape.

Charles Steinmetz's Predictions About 2021 From the Year 1921 Were Amazingly Accurate

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Steinmetz, the pioneering inventor and mathematician , was published in a Massachusetts newspaper predicting what the fantastical world of 2021 would look like. Back in 1921, Dr. Charles P.

'This is my weed': Yo-Yo Ma talks sexy cellos and plays 'Thong Song' with Desus and Mero

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The Bodega Boys aka Showtime's Desus & Mero headed up to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to hang with Ma for some reason, and I'm so glad they did. If you asked a random person to name a classical musician and they could only think of one, chances are it would be Yo-Yo Ma.

Too Much Licorice Stopped Man’s Heart and Killed Him, Doctors Say

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A Massachusetts man’s fateful switch to licorice candy seems to have sent him to an early grave.

Isaias Shows Our ‘Dinosaur Energy System’ Isn’t Ready for Climate Change

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In Massachusetts, National Grid estimates some may not have their utilities back on until Saturday afternoon. It’s been two days since Hurricane Isaias swept over the East Coast, but thousands of people are still without power.

Wow, Comcast Actually Did Something

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This covers customers in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York,… Read more.

Vicarious Surgical Aims to Raise $460M with $1.1B Valuation for VR Surgery Platform

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Founded in Massachusetts in 2014, Vicarious Surgical has been developing what it calls “human-like surgical robots” connected to VR headsets, which is said to transport surgeons inside a patient to perform minimally invasive surgery.

A Dangerous Toxin From Pond Scum Can Go Airborne, Study Finds

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In what’s said to be a first, the study found traces of the toxin in the air near pond water in Massachusetts. A potent toxin released by algae blooms has the potential to become airborne, recent research suggests.

MIT Media Lab Hosts 2017 VR/AR Hackathon


If you plan to be in the Boston, Massachusetts area in early October, the MIT Media Lab invites you to join the Reality Virtually Hackathon taking place October 6 – 9, 2017.