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Why These States Just Opened An Investigation Against TikTok


States' attorneys general from California, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Vermont are now investigating TikTok.

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Two Scary Deer Illnesses Are Spreading in the U.S.

GizModo VR

Meanwhile, in Vermont, wildlife officials today announced the… Read more. On Monday, Minnesota officials enacted an emergency order to stop the local travel and importation of farmed deer, in hopes of slowing down the spread of a universally fatal prion disease among wild deer.

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GlobalFoundries to Receive $1.5 Billion In Funding from U.S. CHIPS Act

Anand Tech

The latest domestic chip fab to receive money under the act, GlobalFoundries's funding will be spent to upgrade company's New York and Vermont fabs as well as build a brand-new fab module. The United States Department of Commerce and GlobalFoundires announced on Monday that the US will be awarding GlobalFoundries with $1.5

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OVR Technology Creates First-of-Its-Kind Virtual Reality Experiences With Scents


The University of Vermont Medical Center is also studying how olfaction influences pain, stress, and anxiety in their clinical psychiatry patients. In the next iteration of the program, he will add Architecture of Scent. By layering visceral scents, the platform can help treat veterans by recreating war scenarios under a safe environment.

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Olfactory Engineering: The Future Of Multisensory VR Could Be Scent-Based


Sampling in Vermont, where the forest has a sweeter, sappier scent. . Accurately capturing scents often means going to the place of origin, sampling the air and ingredients, teasing out its different components, and then replicating scents in the lab; one geographical area could mean dozens to hundreds of tests.

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Taking the Bus into VR


Arn Chorn-Pond had also survived the Killing Fields and he survived the tortuous journey to the Thai refugee camp, where he was cared for and adopted by an American who took him away, to Vermont. By the time Arn finished high school and college, the Khmer Rouge were out of power and Cambodia was slowly starting to breath again.

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Our favorite games of 2022 so far, from 'Elden Ring' to things not called 'Elden Ring'

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Developed by Vermont-based indie Sundae Month and published by Kitfox Games (yup, the folks behind Boyfriend Dungeon ) comes Pupperazzi , a game in which your rather pressing objective is to photograph all the dogs to earn widespread acclaim and personal validation on social media. Pupperazzi. Say 'milkbones'!". Credit: Kitfox Games.

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