‘ARKTIKA.1’ Behind-the-scenes – Insights & Artwork from 4A Games

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isn’t part of the Metro universe, and despite the fact that the company’s main headquarters moved to Malta in 2014, the studio is sticking to its guns for their first VR game, building out a new universe, but one which still very much influenced by the region.

Leap Of Faith: Behind The Making Of The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie VR Experience


While the Spanish Inquisition scene in the big budget film was shot on location in Malta, the VR experience was shot in Los Angeles.

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Watch: 17 Mins of ‘Arktika.1? Oculus Touch Gameplay

Road to VR

Their Malta studio has been dedicated to building a new made-for-VR title which was unveiled for the first time at Oculus Connect 3. Arktika.1 is the VR debut for 4A Games, the developers bind teh Metro series of first person shooters.

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‘MetaWorld’ Wants You to Buy Virtual Land for Real Money, and It’s Not Clear Why

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For reference, MetaWorld is planning to cover an area about as large as the island of Malta.

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Hands-on: ‘ARKTIKA.1’ is Gun-Centric, Highly Detailed and Ready to Impress

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Among them was an entirely new level of ARTIKA.1, a sci-fi shooter from 4A Games ‘ Malta-based studio that aims to get gun freaks excited as you plug away at human raiders and horrific creatures alike with an arsenal of customizeable futuristic weapons.

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