Deadly Floods in Tennessee Continue Our Summer of Extreme Rain

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At least 22 people have died and more than 20 are missing in Tennessee after torrential, record-breaking rain pounded the state this weekend, causing massive floods through rural towns that left a wake of destruction.

Tennessee Woman Killed by Rising Floodwaters as She Streamed Live on Facebook

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Rising floodwaters swept a Tennessee woman to her death on Saturday as she live streamed the harrowing ordeal on Facebook. Linda Almond, 55, can be heard narrating as several feet of murky brown water rush past the window of her home that sat at the epicenter of Tennessee’s biggest… Read more.


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Tennessee Faces Dangerous Floods for the Second Time in a Week as Ida Moves North

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Skies are clearing in the Gulf Coast as now-Tropical Storm Ida moves inland, but the danger from the storm is far from over. All eyes are rightfully on Louisiana and Mississippi, where more than 1 million are without power and the impacts of Ida are still becoming clear.

Infrastructure Bleak: Vital Memphis Bridge Closed Over Massive Crack

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Deadly Floods Sweep Through Nashville

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Flash flooding over the weekend in Tennessee killed four people and prompted dozens of rescues after record-breaking rain fell on the state capital of Nashville.

The Halo Pringles That Taste Like a Fictional Bird: A Review

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halo pringles microsoft games parabolas master chief halo infinite mario video gaming jackson tennessee human interest video games galactic halo creative works halo 5 guardians hospitality recreation first person shooters halomonsterHalo Moa Burger Pringles | $1 | Walmart Read more.

Amazon’s Scout delivery bots are rolling out in two new cities

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The autonomous robots are coming to Franklin, Tennessee, and Atlanta. News Amazon Amazon Scout delivery robots

Backpage Peoria City , Chat with singles

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Peoria, Tennessee is a perfect location to look for a personal Craigslist ad. The 2nd most… The post Backpage Peoria City , Chat with singles appeared first on Trezi.

An Iceberg Wall Collapsing at the Titanic Museum Feels Like a Metaphor, But for What?

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A large iceberg wall at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, collapsed on Monday, which sure seems it might be an allegory for current circumstances that happen to be eluding our minds at the moment.

Bonnaroo Music Festival Cancelled Due to Flooding From Ida

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The Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee has been cancelled due to flooding from Hurricane Ida, which was Tropical Depression Ida by the time it hit the state on Tuesday.

Teens' Scheme to Takeover Twitter Handles Ends With Tragic Death in Swatting Incident

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According to the station, an underage extortionist going after the “@Tennessee” Twitter account placed a false 9-11 report (“swatting”) of a shooting at the home of 60-year-old handle owner Mark… Read more.

Jack Daniels Turns Their Whiskey Bottle Into An AR Pop-Up Book


Jack Daniels has been offering thirsty patrons their immensely popular brand of Tennessee whiskey for over 150 years, during which time they’ve become the most successful American whiskey distillery in the world. The first augmented scene converts the bottle into a model of the actual Jack Daniels distillery located in Lynchburg, Tennessee. AR brings the history of the 150-year old whiskey brand to life.

Read the Fine-Print on Verizon's New 4G Home Internet

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Verizon announced today that it has launched a brand new 4G LTE home internet option for residents in parts of Savannah, Georgia, Springfield, Missouri, and the Tri-Cities of both Tennessee and Virginia.

Bonnaroo Music Festival to Require Covid-19 Vaccination or Negative Test

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The Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee will require all attendees to either provide proof they’ve been vaccinated against covid-19 or show a recent negative test for coronavirus in order to enter, according to a new notice on the festival’s website.

Nashville Bombing Suspect Was Anti-Government Extremist, Believed in Lizard People: Report

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In the early hours of Christmas Day in 2020, an RV in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, began broadcasting the sounds of gunfire and warnings for anyone in earshot to immediately evacuate.

'Sometimes the Good Guys Win': Company Cancels Plans for Oil Pipeline Through Black Neighborhoods in Memphis

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It’s hard to find good climate news these days–but there’s some out of Tennessee. A company that was set to build a hotly contested oil pipeline through Black neighborhoods in Memphis said on Friday that the project is off. Read more.

Jack Daniel’s AR App Turns Whiskey Bottles Into Little 3D Dioramas


Developed by Tactic, the company’s AR Experience app turns the classic black-and-white front label of any Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey bottle into a matching pop-up book, educating consumers about the company and brand. Next is a wider-format look at the company’s Lynchburg, Tennessee distillery, complete with its own barrel cooperage and cave spring — all rendered to a surprising level of detail.

Cadillac's first electric SUV will arrive early for just under $60,000

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The car will be made at GM's Spring Hill, Tennessee factory, which is undergoing a transition to be a plant for EVs.

Apple closes a bunch of stores yet again because of COVID-19

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It's not just California All stores in Tennessee (there are four there), Utah (three), and Minnesota (four) are closed or or will close in the coming week, ahead of the Christmas holiday.

BitChute welcomes the dangerous hate speech that YouTube bans

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Ben Horne, an assistant professor of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, recently co-authored a study that examined BitChute videos, metadata, and comments from June 2019 to December 2019.

This Restaurant Will Let You Paint With Sauces in VR


29 – South Carolina vs. Tennessee. 19 – Tennessee vs. Missouri. Zaxby’s is taking an interactive HTC VIVE experience on tour to tailgaters across the country. With over 700 locations across 17 states, quick service chicken restaurant Zaxby’s is giving college football fans a taste of something new while tailgating this season.

ImmersaCAD Rolls Out New vCAD Virtual Reality System


VRJournal learned this week that ImmersaCAD — a virtual reality startup headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee — introduced vCAD, an “intuitive, view-sharing” CAD. The post ImmersaCAD Rolls Out New vCAD Virtual Reality System appeared first on VRJournal. Featured VR Industry and Technology vCAD

Amazon rolls out little delivery robot to more cities

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Now, Amazon will extend that trial to select customers in Atlanta, Georgia, and Franklin, Tennessee. Amazon is rolling out its robot delivery trial to more cities.

Oculus Launchpad winning VR experience "I Am A Man" is a historical walk in the shoes of those who struggled for our civil rights.

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I Am a Man - Diorama of Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike - National Civil Rights Museum - Downtown Memphis - Tennessee - USA. I Am A Man VR Experience Trailer from Derek Ham on Vimeo. I Am a Man! is a declaration of civil rights used as a personal statement and as a declaration of independence against oppression. During the Civil Rights Movement at the Memphis sanitation strike in 1968, "I AM A MAN!" signs were used as part of the protests for equal treatment.

AR Meditation App Helps Calm Veterans Suffering From Trauma


Steve Mills, a commander in the US Navy, uses the app 3-4 times a week at his favorite spot near the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee, using his Apple Watch to track his heart rate as he attempts to illuminate an AR solar system via his breathing. . Healium AR’s use of neurofeedback technology could revolutionize anxiety management. After nearly 20 years of hard reporting, television journalist Sarah Hill was at the end of her rope.

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'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' returns with a spiffy HD remake in early 2021

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Apparently, Ubisoft decided that a white guy from Tennessee is good enough for a Persian prince. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was a revelation in 2003.

EON Reality Presents at Nordic VR Forum

EON Reality

At the 2018 edition of the Nordic VR Forum, EON Reality Norway didn’t just attend Hamar’s distinguished virtual reality conference but also presented the “ Jesper on Wheels ” project to an eager crowd. With hundreds of attendees from 10 different nations and even more viewers following along with the event’s livestreams online, the annual event proved successful in every way.

Microsoft Now Hosts Free HoloLens Demos Across US & Canada

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Tennessee. Haven’t been able to make it to any of the big gaming expos (or you don’t know anyone with the $3,000 AR headset)? Microsoft Stores across the US and Canada are now hosting free HoloLens demos, so you can finally see what the hubbub is all about.

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10 best people to follow if you want to learn how to be a farmer

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They moved to a homestead in Tennessee, where Brigantti documents their new life, and serves as an inspiration to young farmers. If you've recently fantasized about quitting your desk job and living on a farm, you're not alone. Farming has growing appeal.

36 states sue Google for abusing Play Store power

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states, including New York, Utah, North Carolina, and Tennessee, are suing Google over anticompetitive tactics in the company's Google Play Store. Google is in a pickle again, and this time it's not the EU that's after the company — it's the United States, or at least a big chunk of it.

‘Google Earth VR’ Lets You Experience the Total Solar Eclipse Right Now

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Released in an August 12th update, Google has added a new menu function that lets you activate Monday’s total solar eclipse, which can be seen as it passed through 14 US states: Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

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Scale Learning and Teaching for the Online Classroom

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At EON Reality, we are working at lightning speed to help classrooms around the world transition safely and effectively to an online classroom. As we shift towards preparing for tomorrow it is now more important than ever to build resilience into our online classrooms.

Preview: ‘I AM A MAN’ Puts You at the Heart of the Civil Rights Struggle

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I AM A MAN transports you to 1968 Memphis, Tennessee, where you, a sanitation worker, are put at the heart of the struggle for equality. I AM A MAN is an upcoming interactive VR experience that lets you participate in the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike and the events leading up to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ’s assassination.

Smart Nations Powered By Augmented Virtual Reality

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Advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are reshaping the way we learn and interact with our world. Workers with access to real-time contextual information, displayed when and where they need it will reshape the workplace and dramatically improve the efficiency, productivity, and safety of the average worker. The future is here, with EON Reality’s Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) technology. CONTACT US. Name *. First. Job Title * Email *.

The XR Week Peek (2020.03.09): New Half-Life: Alyx videos and details, coronavirus makes events go virtual and much more!

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Our fellow VR community member Bob Fine is raising money to benefit Nashville Rescue Mission , that seeks to help the hurting of Middle Tennessee by offering food, clothing, and shelter to the homeless and recovery programs to those enslaved in life degrading problems.

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Hands-On: Kung Fu: Shadow Fist Is A VR Brawler Inspired By Streets of Rage


When discussing games with a fellow member of the Memphis Game Developer group in Tennessee, they pondered how cool it would be if they had a fighting game in VR. The VR controllers of the HTC Vive easily translate to a lot of movements that come naturally to us, but there’s something special about throwing a punch.

The AVR Platform and Classroom 3.0 Showcased at EduTECH Asia 2018

EON Reality

At EduTECH Asia 2018 this week in Singapore, EON Reality spent two full days speaking, promoting, and demonstrating the latest updates to the AVR Platform to the thousands of education and technology professionals in attendance.

Asia 81