An Amazon A.I. scientist wants to transform downtown Jackson, Mississippi

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researcher plans to turn seven buildings and about 500,000 square feet of downtown Jackson, Mississippi, into a technology park and incubator. News Amazon Artificial intelligence Black History Month MississippiAn Amazon A.I.

The Water Crisis in Mississippi America Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Like all residents of Jackson, Mississippi, she’s also been on a boil-water… Read more. Right now, Calandra Davis’ water pressure is too low to take a shower. When she turns on her sinks, the water comes out at a slow trickle.


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Hurricane Ida Reversed the Course of the Mississippi River

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The incredible power of Hurricane Ida was on display on Sunday as the storm reversed the course of the mighty Mississippi River. Read more. hurricane ida ida disaster accident environment tropical cyclones us geological survey storm surge weather atlantic hurricane season

Jackson, Mississippi, Embraces the Surveillance State

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Police in Jackson, Mississippi are reportedly asking resident owners of internet-connected security cameras, like Amazon’s Ring devices, to give them unfettered access to their live video feeds for use in a “Real Time Crime Center.”

Two Bull Sharks Swam Up the Mississippi River All the Way to St. Louis

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Louis by swimming up the Mississippi River, according to a team of researchers who looked at the shark’s fossil record and reported sightings over the years. Bull sharks are coastal creatures, but at least two of the animals were able to make it as far inland as St.

Mississippi lawmakers vote to (finally) remove Confederate symbol in state flag

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On Sunday, Mississippi lawmakers voted to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag. Before Sunday's vote, Mississippi's state flag was the only state banner remaining in the country that still depicted an overt Confederate symbol, according to the New York Times.

NCAA presses Mississippi to remove Confederate symbolism from its flag

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The NCAA's new championship policy applies to every state, but actually just Mississippi. More about Ncaa , Racism , Mississippi , Confederate Flag , and Confederacy. Ncaa Racism Mississippi Confederate Flag Confederacy

After Hurricane Ida, the Map of Louisiana May Never Look the Same Again

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EON Reality and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Inaugurate Brand New Interactive Digital Center


EON Reality, the global leader in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, announces the inauguration of a new Interactive Digital Center in Mississippi alongside its partner, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC).

Health VR?—?University of Mississippi Medical Center Uses VR to Innovate Concussion Care


University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) selected Groove Jones to build a VR tool for a research project, led by Dr. Jennifer C… Continue reading on AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine ».

Dick Wilde Is A VR Shooter In Which You Clear Out Mississippi’s Swamps


Cast as the titular character, you’re tasked with heading out into the swamps of Mississippi to take on dangerous hordes of animals threatening the local residents. Kittypocaylpse might be one of VR’s most guilt-ridden games, getting you to blow up scores of aliens disguised as adorable kittens. For its second game, Dick Wilde, developer Bolverk Games is going with a slightly more acceptable form of animal slaughter.

Amazon's Former Security Chief Is Now Guarding the Line 3 Oil Pipeline

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Line 3 Pipeline Construction Damaged a Sensitive Wetland, State Says

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said Thursday that it was ordering Enbridge Energy to pay $3.3 million for damaging a sensitive aquifer during the construction of the controversial Line 3 pipeline. It turns out the water protectors’ opposing the pipeline may have been onto something.

The Reason Right-Wing States Are Cracking Down on Indigenous Climate Protesters

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Cops Are Using Facebook to Target Line 3 Pipeline Protest Leaders, New Documents Reveal

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Protests against Enbridge’s Line 3 have been ramping up in Minnesota—and so has the response from authorities. A video went viral this week of a Department of Homeland Security helicopter sandblasting protesters following mass arrests.

Flying a Drone Near a Pipeline Could Soon Cost You $4,000 in Louisiana

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Louisiana’s looking out to protect its pipelines and chemical plants from drone, raising the specter of nefarious climate protesters to pass the legislation. But the main pilots they’ve busted so far appear to be literal children. Read more.

'Sometimes the Good Guys Win': Company Cancels Plans for Oil Pipeline Through Black Neighborhoods in Memphis

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It’s hard to find good climate news these days–but there’s some out of Tennessee. A company that was set to build a hotly contested oil pipeline through Black neighborhoods in Memphis said on Friday that the project is off. Read more.

Hurricane Ida Shuts Down More Than 90% of Oil and Gas Production in the Gulf of Mexico

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As if reversing the course of the Mississippi River, forcing hospitals to hunker down with patients that couldn’t be moved, and nearly shutting off the power and internet in New Orleans wasn’t enough, Hurricane Ida has also disrupted oil and gas production.

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Joe Biden’s Justice Department Won’t Stop Defending Fossil Fuel Projects

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The Biden administration has been outspoken about its commitments to climate action and environmental justice. But, in the legal arena, it keeps falling down on the job.

Tennessee Faces Dangerous Floods for the Second Time in a Week as Ida Moves North

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All eyes are rightfully on Louisiana and Mississippi, where more than 1 million are without power and the impacts of Ida are still becoming clear. Skies are clearing in the Gulf Coast as now-Tropical Storm Ida moves inland, but the danger from the storm is far from over.

The Beer of the Future Tastes Like Ass

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My first legally purchased beer was Fat Tire, at the time only available west of the Mississippi. When I turned 21, I was living in New Mexico. As someone raised in Massachusetts and in an era before the explosion of craft breweries, it was the peak of novelty at the time. Read more.

EON-XR 9.0 Launch Event


This live-streaming event will also feature: New Use Cases from some of our top partners, such as Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College , Baker College , Babe?-Bolyai Join us for the EON-XR 9.0 release on June 15, 2021. EON-XR 9.0 Launch Event. June 15th, 2021 – 8:00 AM PST.

EON Reality Brings New Interactive Digital Center to Hinds Community College


The Mississippi-based Interactive Digital Center will continue EON-XR’s growth in the area. As the largest community college in Mississippi, Hinds boasts over 12,000 students focusing on a variety of subjects.

Trump’s Unfinished Border Wall Could Worsen Texas Flooding

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Texas 94

XR EdTech Experience – Episode 003


8:15 Interview with Guest: Dr. Mary Graham , President of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. XR EdTech Experience. A weekly webinar series exploring the future of education and training technology. May 27th at 8 am Pacific Time.

XR EdTech Experience – Episode 003


8:15 Interview with Guest: Dr. Mary Graham , President of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. XR EdTech Experience. A weekly webinar series exploring the future of education and training technology. May 27th at 8 am Pacific Time.

Very annoyed FDA begs people to stop taking horse drugs to treat COVID

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In Mississippi, for example, some people are ingesting ivermectin, resulting in a worrying spike in poison control calls. "At The FDA is fed up.

Weather experts warn of imminent brutal storms, violent tornadoes in the South

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Weather Twitter is abuzz with storm warnings.

NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission rocket test ends prematurely

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In what should have been a roughly eight-minute hot fire test on Saturday at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, the rockets that will be responsible for carrying NASA's Artemis 1 mission to the moon and back stopped after just one minute.

XR Education in 2021


Lobaki and Kemper County Mississippi. Through a recent grant from the State of Mississippi, the Kemper County School District is partnering with Lobaki and Pico Interactive. VR is for games and AR is for industry, right?

Weed watch: Results from every state voting to legalize marijuana

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In Mississippi, voters will decide on a medical marijuana initiative that would allow doctors to recommend cannabis for medicinal use to treat a variety of conditions. Americans are making progress toward a greener future. Weed-wise, at least. As of Nov.

NASA's completed Artemis 1 rocket test could be a greenlight to the moon

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The rocket meant to blast NASA’s Artemis 1 mission to the moon completed a final hot fire test at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi on Thursday.

This video of dancing Philadelphia voters will make you believe in democracy

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A group of Philadelphia voters decided to pass the time while dancing on line to " Mississippi Cha Cha Slide." It is not a partisan statement in the year of our lord 2020 to say that the ongoing U.S. Election is a mess.

Everything coming to Disney+ in October

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As we head into the spookiest season of the year, Disney+ is adding more originals to its catalog. Some of the new titles coming our way include anthology series Just Beyond and NASA documentary Among the Stars. Disney+ will continue dropping episodes of its ongoing shows like What If.?

How to help communities affected by Hurricane Ida

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Hurricane Ida, a category 4 storm when it made landfall near Port Fourchon, Louisiana on Sunday, wreaked devastation as it tore through Louisiana and Mississippi. Ida has now weakened to a tropical storm and is expected to move through Mississippi and further north throughout the evening.

AR Meditation App Helps Calm Veterans Suffering From Trauma


Steve Mills, a commander in the US Navy, uses the app 3-4 times a week at his favorite spot near the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee, using his Apple Watch to track his heart rate as he attempts to illuminate an AR solar system via his breathing. . Healium AR’s use of neurofeedback technology could revolutionize anxiety management. After nearly 20 years of hard reporting, television journalist Sarah Hill was at the end of her rope.

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Interestingly named VR swamp shooter Dick Wilde launches on PSVR with Aim Support

Cats and VR

Take to the swamps of Mississippi as Dick Wilde, the ultimate outdoorsman and “Exterminator Extraordinaire”, armed to the teeth with an arsenal of saw-blade rifles, nail guns and an electrified bow and arrow. Set in the swamplands of Mississippi and the surrounding area, players can pit themselves against exterminators from all over the world with the online global leaderboard.