St. Louis Mayor Says Sorry for Doxing Protesters During Livestreamed Q&A

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The mayor of St. Louis is being put on blast for reading out the full names and street addresses of demonstrators who want to defund the police during a Friday briefing on Facebook Live.

How to watch MLB: Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals online

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The three-game series between the Cubs and the Cardinals starts tonight. Here's how to stream it live online. Deals How-To Movies & TV Commerce How-To ESPN how to watch MLB


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The Mandalorian and Lovecraft Country Nominated for Best TV Series at the Golden Globes

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Virtual Aquarium Brings Children’s Aquatic Art To Life


Louis Children’s Museum) – St. Visitors can design custom sea creatures and feed their digital creations. Next-generation art collective teamLab is on a mission to blend the worlds of technology, art, science, design, and nature.

Gun-toting Karen and Ken spawn a thousand memes after pointing weapons at peaceful protesters

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A middle-aged white couple in St. Louis thought it prudent to point guns at unarmed, peaceful protesters. According to the Associated Press , at least 500 protesters in St. As a wise sage, once said: " Each day on twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it."

Uber adds option to send packages just in time for the holidays

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It'll be available in cities including Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, Columbus, Detroit, Fort Myers-Naples, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, Richmond, Portland, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, and Tucson.

Bigscreen Adds 14 Free Movies As Part Of Black History Month

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Here are the 14 movies being added: St. Louis Superman. Bigscreen has updated its catalog of free movies with a whole new category called “Black Cinema”, adding 14 movies in honor of Black History Month.

iPhone-based VR Arcade Passes Kickstarter Goal


The project based in St. Louis, Missouri, doesn’t mention the Apple device on its page. A Kickstarter project promising VR arcades powered by iPhones surpassed its funding goal. The project was launched on March 4 and ends on April 3. Just recently about 49 backers — most of them backing their first project — recently pushed the effort past its $5,000 funding goal. A PR person contacted us to tell us about the project.

'Cocaine' Trends on Twitter During Republican National Convention

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The Republican National Convention kicked off on Monday , with a star-studded line-up including a fossil fuels distributor, the St. Louis couple that pointed their guns at civil rights protesters, and the father of a shooting victim who says the way to stop school shootings is to arm teachers.

Watch John Oliver's stark, furious breakdown of the links between the RNC and Kenosha violence

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John Oliver often spends a good chunk of Last Week Tonight's runtime taking a deep dive into a single issue that's making the news, or should be but isn't. On Sunday night, he dove right into a week that was very unusual, even by his standards.

Intel Cuts 3-Year Deal With MLB For VR Broadcast Content


Louis Cardinals vs. Arizona Diamondbacks on June 27 at 9:40 p.m. The NBA, NFL, and NCAA have all been tapped for virtual content on a regular basis and will likely continue to forge relationships with immersive content producers as the quality of the hardware and streams continue to increase. Now the MLB is making a big immersive splash with a 3-year partnership with Intel that will be delivered to baseball fans for free.

All the Ways Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Shaping Sports


Already in 2019, after the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup, the hockey team partnered with Bud Light to create an AR-based experience for fans, commemorating the Stanley Cup champions at there favorite bar. Fans were able to visit bars around St.

Where Do AR and Art Converge?

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Previous ones occurred in Moscow, Geneva, Perth, Miami, St Louis, San Diego, San Francisco — quite literally, “All the World’s a Stage” and we draw our quill via Unity3D. This article is the latest in AR Insider’s editorial contributor program.

How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Revolutionizing Healthcare


A great example of a firm in this space is SentiAR , based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Intel & Major League Baseball Partnership Will Bring Free Weekly Games Streamed in VR

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Louis Cardinals vs. Arizona Diamondbacks. Live VR broadcasts from the world’s biggest sporting leagues are steadily becoming easier to find. A major new three year partnership between Intel and MLB, America’s leading baseball league, will bring weekly live baseball games streamed in VR for free to Gear VR via Intel’s ‘True VR’ tech.

VRguy podcast: Dr. Daniel Laby discusses Sports and Performance Vision


He has also been responsible for the visual performance of the New York Mets and St Louis Cardinals, and currently works with the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago Cubs. My guest today is Dr. Daniel Laby, of Sports Vision. Dr Laby began his work in sports vision more than two decades ago with the MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers.

On Art & Reality, II


Previous ones occurred in Moscow, Geneva, Perth, Miami, St Louis, San Diego, San Francisco?—?quite This is a continuation from On Art & Reality I, found here. Reality is our canvas; digital is our brush.” This is a new mantra we’re trying on for our team. What does it mean?

Virtual Reality is Here, and Events Will Never Be the Same


In 2016, Anheuser-Busch gave SXSW attendees a VR tour of their St. Louis brewery that involved seeing, hearing, and even smelling different parts of the facility. In 2017, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took 250 people on a wingsuit flight over Moab, Utah. After landing on the desert floor, the flyers were quickly shuttled to Vietnam where they took in the sights of the Ban Gioc waterfall.

The Coming Wave of Virtual Reality Creation Tools


Kane is a developer (web, apps, XR), writer and musician out of St. Louis who’s working to win hearts and minds for VR and AR. I’ve always prized creativity. As a developer, writer and musician, it’s what drives me. But as much as I value creativity in my work and free time, I have to confess I’ve never really felt compelled to make visual art.

Top 9 Creative Cases Where Universities Use Virtual Reality to Recruit Students and Assure Investors


It provides undergraduate instruction in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering and offers joint undergraduate programs with Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and Washington University in St. Louis. Virtual reality is creating new ways for universities to recruit students by integrating virtual tours into their admission marketing campaigns.

Dissecting Virtual Frogs with VictoryXR's Steve Grubbs

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And at the NSTA -- which is in St. Louis, is the National Science Teachers Association; I think it's in about four weeks -- we will be rolling out our augmented reality products, and they are so amazing right now. These days, more and more students can -- and do -- opt out of animal dissection in science classes, and not just because formaldehyde smells awful.

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