An Amazon A.I. scientist wants to transform downtown Jackson, Mississippi

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An Amazon A.I. researcher plans to turn seven buildings and about 500,000 square feet of downtown Jackson, Mississippi, into a technology park and incubator. News Amazon Artificial intelligence Black History Month Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi, Embraces the Surveillance State

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Police in Jackson, Mississippi are reportedly asking resident owners of internet-connected security cameras, like Amazon’s Ring devices, to give them unfettered access to their live video feeds for use in a “Real Time Crime Center.” mass surveillance ring amazon

Amazon's Former Security Chief Is Now Guarding the Line 3 Oil Pipeline

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The man heading up security for the oil transport company Enbridge, which is currently facing down an Indigenuous-led protest movement against the Line 3 pipeline , formerly helped Exxon shield its operations from demonstrations in Nigeria and oversaw global security for Amazon.